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  1. Does anyone know if there more onboard activities load for pre-booking? Like the flowrider or whatever else that could be booked early?
  2. Same, I saw it this morning and grabbed everything before teaching my classes. Jumped on here to help pass on the good news. I thought it was going to open 30 days prior to sailing. I am glad I have been checking as much as I have. I didnt want us to miss out on the shows.
  3. Good to know about the app giving you issues. I prefer to use a computer for most anything over an app or mobile site.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I knew this page existed, but forgot where to find it!
  5. I like this bag compared to the green and black one I saw later in this thread.
  6. Checking is coming soon! Couple of questions. When we check in on the app do we need to have pictures ready to upload when checking in? Also, does anyone know if check-in starts right at midnight when the day changes from the 4th to the 5th or is it more like 6am on the 5th? I am just trying to be ready when it is time for check-in
  7. I was thinking from what I have watched and read that the safes were more for smaller items. Thanks for the information.
  8. good idea. We have a suitcase with the same sort of lock. I might just have to follow suit. I didnt think of that , Thank you
  9. I had a similar experience with MEI. 1st vacation through them I was satisfied overall. 2nd there were issues with communication and things we asked to be booked were neglected. Response time was slow over email and I had a hard time connecting over the phone, which is my preferred method to talk when discussing plans. I had to remove vacations from them when pricing changed without explanation. I lost confidence at that point and have been booking things on my own. I considered using a TA again for an all inclusive resort we booked, but decided not to. Each their own, I am not advocating for not using a TA or even to avoid MEI. I think my experience could just come down to a difference in preferences which lead to the issues experienced.
  10. Hello, Trying to find out if an iPad will fit inside the in safe provided in each cabin? I do not think so, but was hoping someone can confirm that for me or not. Regular sized iPad, not a mini. TIA
  11. Looking into the Hawaii regulations. Thanks for posting that information.
  12. Not a condiment, but along the lines of bringing things with you...straws. I read awhile back RC changed to a new biodegradable straw, that did not wilt in your drink like a regular paper straw. I forget the name of the new straw, but how is it holding up in a drink? Does it alter the taste of your drink or get mushy? Should I bring my own metal straws?
  13. Hello, Looking at some of the excursions listed and I am seeing biodegradable sunscreen listed as "what to bring" item. Just checking with the cruising community to see if "reef safe" is the same thing. I am seeing reef safe labeling when I am checking Amazon's listings.
  14. Am I allowed to laugh at this? Cause I did find it funny. I hope you recovered from this traumatic experience.
  15. I have not used that site before, thank you for the information.
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