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  1. Come on next week, I wanna see what the rest of 2021 holds for the Caribbean!
  2. I hope this goes into effect. I would like to go to the casino and try my hand at the tables, but not at the risk of my clothes, hair, etc. coming out smelling like an ashtray. I am a former smoker so I get the addiction, its a nightmare. But, I firmly believe that there needs to be a designated area away from the main attractions of the ships. Also it needs to be outside so the smoke can not permeate through the ship. The smell of cigarette/cigar smoke now gives me a terrible headache. The less it is in common areas like the casino the better. I also think that there would not be a dip in the money taken in by the casino. The potential loss of smokers playing would potentially be replaced by non-smoking payers.
  3. Will a Radiance class ship fit into the Baltimore Port? I read or heard on the podcast that larger ships can not fit into the port/harbor area.
  4. I do not have family in Rock Hill
  5. That makes sense. Try it and like it, there product is readily available for purchase. I do not see a problem with it. I never have time to make a tasting in my home town area. I might as well take advantage of the ones offered on vacation, what else do I have going on?
  6. please please please please please please please have the WOW bands. Used similar tech when we stayed at Disney and it just made everything they were able to be used for so much easier. That's what I want on vacation.
  7. OK that is good to know. I would like to attend one or two of these events when/if they are offered. I agree it would be a great chance to taste a few free offerings to possibly expand my liquor horizons.
  8. Hello! I was perusing a past cruise compass and started to wonder if events like liquor tastings, something about liquor around the world, are available to schedule in the Cruise Planner? Currently I see 4 options in my CP. I am over 400 days out so I have plenty of time to see what else populates there. I thought I would ask the community what else I might see become available as our cruise gets closer. Thank you
  9. I just tried to do a mock booking and it was having some sort of error. I guess we will have to wait a little longer.
  10. Its crazy looking at this and comparing it to the before photos. Cant wait to see the finished product!!
  11. praying for WOW bands! even if they can only be used for purchasing power. I don't care abt the doors. I think they would be so much more convent than the card every time I order a drink or go to a specialty restaurant, or buy something on board.
  12. Is there an app for Google Flights? I was recently introduced to Hopper and it seems pretty good.
  13. Will Royal provide a video of the dry dock work after she has been amped and back at sea? Like a video showing us the work that it took to amplify her?
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