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  1. I will be surprised if we sail in Dec too. I hope we do, but I really think we are going to be disappointed.
  2. The cancellations are getting dangerously close to December. I hate that so many people have been effected so far, but I am trying to be positive about our chances to cruise this Dec.
  3. We are going to hold out as long as possible too. Hopefully some good news will come soon.
  4. I am growing less and less confident that our Dec sailing is going to happen. I am really hoping to end this crap show of a year on a high note.
  5. Must find this ice cream location.....
  6. I sent an email and asked about the requirements of masks. Here is the response I was given. We are currently finalizing our protocols but do not have the answers to your questions at this time. Once we do have additional information we will be sure to share with our valued guests as soon as possible. Regards, Norwegian Cruise Line
  7. I am encouraged from what I read in this article and the one Matt posted on the blog. I pulled a quote from Matt's article that has me thinking this could mean masks without being upfront about it. "NCL will take necessary precautions and follow applicable public health guidelines to ensure guest health and safety, which is our highest priority at all times." I am hoping I am just reading too much into it. I really do not want to be forced to wear a mask anywhere. The reduced access to public areas need to be clarified for me. I am wondering how they are going to handle it. Will there be people counting who is going in and out of the pool deck? Each bar? Just a couple of points I am wondering about. I guess we will know in time.
  8. Heather Coursen is our TA from MEI and I am surprised she has not dumped us after all my emails and questions etc. I recommend her services to family and friends.
  9. I cancelled and re-booked a few items. That was on May 6th. I am still waiting on the money to come back.
  10. For the lift and shift I am pretty sure I saw that Thanksgiving is not excluded. Can anyone confirm that I did see that and its not just wishful thinking? There is a chance that we take advantage of the offer. I would like to make sure I have the proper information when laying out options to my family. I am hoping that we do not need to do this. We have already had one vacation canceled due to this virus.
  11. I cant see RC making the complimentary buffet included with the for charge dining. I just don't think that makes good business sense to me.
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