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  1. I am glad they are now offering a choice to those who were booked before the changed started. I 100% agree this is how it should have been handled to start with.
  2. @Baked Alaska I jumped on as soon as I saw the email to look at pricing for later in 2021 and nadda. I am seeing the same thing. I thought maybe I would need to sign in and still nothing. Have to love fake news....🤬
  3. I think it is just good business that RC honors the bookings that were already made. I do not see why they are just offering the $50 OBC.
  4. I looked and yes it is the same beach. I was thinking you were talking about 2 different places. My mistake
  5. That sounds awful, kind of what I was talking about with Nachi in the other thread. I appreciate you letting me know.
  6. Just to be clear South Friars Bay has the volcanic sand. Carambola beach Club has the chairs and umbrellas plus beerk buckets mix drinks, etc. Correct?
  7. I know this has probably been asked somewhere on here, but I was wondering how the beach excursions work in St. Kitts. Also, which beaches would be more recommended than others. I was wondering if the chairs that are provided come with umbrellas for shade? Fun in the sun is great, but sun burn is not something I want to be dealing with for anyone in our party. Being able to have a bit of shade while we are there would be ideal. Out of the beaches breaks being offered through RC which ones are more recommended? Carambola Beach Club or Cockleshell Bay? I am open to other suggestions as well. We have never been to St. Kitts so pro advice is always welcomed!
  8. I booked with Maya Chan already. They stated that they clean the beach each morning and if it really is that bad they will refund money spent to stay with them. That convinced me to at least try with them and see how it goes. I haven't heard that about Nachi Cocom. I don't know, see how things go. I think it would still be nice to get off the ship for the day. see-see what happens :) UPDATE: I shared this live blog with my wife and she sent me a message 3 minutes after I made this original post and said "That place looks amazeballs even with the seaweed" hahahaha! So I guess we are going
  9. Wow that seaweed was terrible. We will be there on a future sailing. I am skeptical booking now. The whole experience and limited number of guests sounds fantastic, but it kind of rules out the beach experience of being in the water and chilling up on the sand. I know there is a pool and bar etc, but I can do that on the ship and its already paid for. This is just my own personal thoughts when seeing the pics. Ive heard they are working on the seaweed issue so hopefully its resolved by the time we are sailing. Loved the hotel and saved it for when its time for us to reserve accommodations.!
  10. What website shows which ships are going to be in port on what day? I heard there are a few from on of Matt's recent podcast but do not remember the site he mentioned by name.
  11. I was looking into Roatan and I saw they are going to be doing some work at the port. Does anyone know when it will be completed? I have been looking around without any luck. https://roatantourismbureau.com/port-of-roatan There is a Master Plan Video that shows the planned project. I was there in 2017 and there wasn't any work being done that I remember.
  12. @Jolly Ogre refer to the words in bold above....😂😂
  13. I am a beer drinker on land. But, when I am at sea I like to try new stuff since I have a drink package. I am planning to try out some of the drinks I have heard about on here and other places to expand my alcohol horizons.
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