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  1. This! I will raise a glass with you there. 6ft away of course 😁
  2. My guess this is one way they are going to try and make up for the hiatus in sailing this year. People will pay the prices. Not everyone, but there are those that will pay it.
  3. Yup, I agree. The price of that sailing was high enough without adding various drink packages for the 3 of us.
  4. I just looked at my Nov '21 sailing on Harmony (RCBGC over Thanksgiving) and saw $84/day for the UBP. That is steep in my opinion. I know I can book it now and hold it to see if price drops. But, I am probably going to wait and see what happens with it. Plenty of time between then and now.
  5. That was my thought as well. I had to call twice, my mother called while I was on hold the 1st time. Always have to answer when mom calls 🙂. Anyway, both reps mentioned small charges. The 2nd rep was looking into the charges so I took the time to make the post while on hold. My floating beach mats, gratuities, and taste of royal lunch were applied to the flights. I was able to make the actual payments for the flights, just waiting on an updated invoice from my TA to make sure all is well now. When cruising operations are back to normal I think I am going to call again to make sure everything has been worked out correctly.
  6. Hello, I am currently on hold with the Air 2 Sea department trying to pay for my flights this December. Yes I know using a TA would save me this phone call, but I was able to find better flight prices for some reason on the Air 2 Sea site. The reason this is taking so long is that the cruise planner purchases I have made were applied to the flights. The rep listed of dates and amounts and I verified them with my cruise planner confirmation emails. Has anyone else had this happen?
  7. 100% agree, but I want my darn cruise 🙂 But, yes if we are cancelling at that time cruising will be the least of our concerns.
  8. We sail in Dec. I told my wife that if our cruise is cancelled I will actually cry.
  9. any pics of the actual ships in port?
  10. I really hope this is false. That site posted something about restrictions and rules that cruise lines enforce and it was all a load of "stuff".
  11. Wow, hopefully the cruise lines recover quickly things get back to normal soon.
  12. Hate to hear people are now losing their jobs over the current COVID-19 situation. I hope things turn around soon and they can be brought back to work. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article241094466.html
  13. I have to agree with @Zachariusthis is just a suggestion. I understand the concern people have. The media is really playing this up. We are going to the DR for a week at a resort and we are looking forward to every minute we have there.
  14. Still $79 for Oasis this coming Dec.
  15. Do we have any more information on what the Antigua beach club is going to be like? I have not heard much more about it since the announcement.
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