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  1. That makes me thinking I will need to have 2 reservations to accommodate all of us. Thank you for the information.
  2. Hello, I am seeing Casitas available (Oasis of the Seas) to rent on the Cruise Planner. How many people do they accommodate? We have 4 people total traveling. This would be a nice place to have and not need to fight with chair hogs. Any information on this would be welcomed.
  3. Doesn't take an MBA to know cost, availability etc. have gone up/become harder in the 15 years your memory has been fading. Just look at the last 2 years as an example. Also, no, everyone in the world does not deserve a 10x raise. However, those who work for it should be rewarded. Sit on your ass and do nothing then you are not part of the conversation.
  4. Now you are expanding the issue being discussed. Focusing on the crew, its not just a nice gesture. Providing a raise across the board is something companies do to stay competitive so they can retain their workforce. Or, to match industry standards. Or, to recognize the hard work the crew are doing day in and day out. I never said the wages were so wrong, I just think they could be raised higher. I get the sense you think I am saying all staff should be on $40K/yr, Im not. Maybe I am reading too much into what you are saying, this is the internet after all. We can go back and forth all day. I appreciate your conversation on the matter. I just do not see a problem with the cruise lines raising wages a little. You do. To each their own. As for the government forcing it to happen I can agree that they should not be who makes the decision. I am for way less government involved in pretty much everything.
  5. Can anyone comment on the football helmet ice cream sundae? It looks like its a fun and yummy treat.
  6. I have heard they make some really tasty smoothies there. Any favorites?
  7. I know they are earning more compared to what they would be getting in their home country, but why is it bad to try and raise the standard for the crew that are working on the ship? I think trying to add their home country is irrelevant. We are talking about people who are working for companies that work mainly out of the US and UK. I know they work around the laws of the US and UK by being incorporated in other countries. I also know a lot of the crew are very happy and come back contract after contract, I just do not see a problem with raising their pay a little. Make them happier to come contact after contact. I fully understand your thoughts on the subject, I just have a different opinion. Normally I agree with your thoughts on cruising. Going back to what I mentioned when as my first post in this thread. I am happy to pay the gratuities and tip a little extra. Do I think I am saving them or some sort of knight in shining armor? No. I am just saying thank you for taking care of me and my family while we had an amazing vacation.
  8. I thought it was tied to your stateroom? If 2 people in the same stateroom bring wine won't that be flagged? If not, go to! More the merrier.
  9. I hope they drop it sooner than later. We have sailings with Royal and NCL booked for next year. Used FCCs to make both deposits, only out of pocket cost was $75. I am not putting any more money into either sailing until the vax requirements are dropped.
  10. First I doubt it would go that high. It could, I don't have the numbers to figure out the ins and outs of what their salaries would need to be to make the cost rise that much. Second, I am not suggesting raising annual wages to $40K/yr and $50K/yr. My understanding is that those who are not in the service part of the staff make a good deal more than what I found in that article. Bring the service staff wages up to a minimum of $20K/yr plus the tips the get each sailing. Allow for some raises and upward movement still. I guess I find it odd that it seems like a bad thing to support the idea of people that work very hard for their money to earn a little more than what they currently do.
  11. Raise their pay and keep the benefits the same. Cruise fare goes up, to help cover the increased pay for the crew.
  12. Pay the crew, they work hard for the guests to have a great vacation. The crew have a lot of expenses included with their work, room and board, medical care, meals, etc. But, this is not a living wage and why I am more than happy to pay gratuities and tip extra while I am at sea. https://www.businessinsider.com/cruise-ship-workers-reveal-how-much-money-they-make-2019-5 Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings — reported in regulatory filings the following median annual earnings for 2018: Carnival Corporation: $16,622 Royal Caribbean Cruises: $19,396 Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings: $20,101 "In addition to their salary, crew members typically receive free medical care, room and board, meals, and many other benefits that are often unavailable in their home countries," said a representative for the Cruise Lines International Association, a trade association for the cruise industry. "Crew members are very satisfied with their jobs and the opportunities for career advancement, which explains why employee retention rates in the cruise industry are upwards of 80%."
  13. Do you think the vaccine requirements will take years as a personal opinion or is this an educated guess based on information you have heard through sources or press meetings with Royal Caribbean?
  14. Thanks for the run down. I am not looking for a whole lot. arrive, eat, sleep, cruise. I will be looking at other places too. I just want something handy to get to and then to the port. We are not spending any time sightseeing in NYC.
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