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  1. That sounds like a good event to go to, something different that I am not sure we would go to with all the activities we usually have going when we are home. School, work, practices, etc. I am going to have to investigate this a little more. Thanks for the info.
  2. Anyone go to this on the Oasis of the Seas? Sounds like it could be a good time. Are era appropriate outfits required? Im sure they make it more entertaining, but I dont want to pack any extra and that would fall into the extra category for me. I guess while I am at it, what about the other themed parties? Any insight on those too?
  3. I hope the drinks are better. I like wings just as the next person, but I dont see the point of having them for a fee when there is so much food included during the stay on the island.
  4. I am not from there but both places seem like a great places to visit!
  5. Not a wine fan. Had a few that were alright. My wife likes a few wines that our friend have introduced. We want to go to a wine tasting, but never seem to find time to fit it in our schedules. So, we are making sure we go while on the our cruise. Nowhere to be for 7 days I think we can find the time to go!
  6. Just clarifying about the 10% off beer, wine or soda a one time thing like the BOGO? Looking at the Gold status
  7. On our NCL Escape sailing the my time dining seemed to take a long time. Now I do not remember the seating situation, but we were not sat near empty tables. The food came out when it did. I just figured it was normal and they were letting us enjoy our drinks with our appetizers. The one glaring issue that I had was on our last night and the dessert, vanilla ice cream sandwich cookie thing, that was melted into a puddle of vanilla. it was sat down in front of me and I was told to "enjoy". I looked back dumbfounded. How was that actually served?? Anyway i asked for it to be taken away and just went to the self serve station in the Garden Cafe. The overall dinner was not ruined for me. The food was amazing all week. But, I just couldn't/can't believe the server tried to leave that mess for me to eat.
  8. valid point. I am not going to waste my time with Cats on our sailing. What is on Symphony? I forget Edit: Never mind if I actually READ @AshleyDillo's post then I would have known it was Hairspray lol
  9. I will be interested on what others have to say on this. We sail Oasis later this year, but Symphony sounds like an amazing ship as well.
  10. My wife and I are considering a central park balcony to help reduce cost for a NYE sailing in the next couple of years. We want to have the fresh air coming in, but we can bring ourselves to pay for the ocean view prices. I will say that we did not look right when the sailings were released. I am hoping to find a better price when they first open up and can allow myself to book the ocean view balcony. We both do not want to have a room on the boardwalk as we feel it would be nosier. The chance to see the aqua show is a great bonus to those who do book the boardwalk rooms.
  11. @AshleyDillo @Lovetocruise2002 100% missed that thread, whoops! I just looked at it and wow lots of cruising going on!! super cool!
  12. Just wondering is there a master list of sailings that are being/have been cataloged?
  13. My wife and I think it is a fun idea. I do not think we would be so adventurous at home. When I am on vacation I am up for new experiences and with a dining package sure lets give different a chance. Besides, there are so many options to go and eat at if we don't like it. Since telling my wife the good news on being able to request no seafood she is back on board with trying it out 🙂
  14. I thought the point of the pier was to avoid the tendering requirement? I get more ships means more money for RC, but over packing the place like a theme park sounds like overkill.
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