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  1. If we check in sooner than later do we get a better chance of an arrival time? I want to get as early of an arrival time as possible now that it is being enforced.
  2. OK good to know, Ive been looking earlier to see if they might have opened it sooner. I feel changes to the rules are coming every other day so it can be hard to keep up.
  3. Hello, We are just 117 days out from our sailing!! (as long as Oasis passes her test sailings) I was wondering if shows are still available to book/reserve 90 days out? Also, what is the current rule for shows with unvaccinated children in your party?
  4. Personally I just want to get on a ship. We have not been able to cruise since 2017. I do not want to wear a mask all on the ship. I know its just from point A to B. However, I am willing to deal with the restrictions so we can finally get back on a ship. Eventually all restrictions will be lifted and these kinds of discussions will be moot. Everyone has their thoughts on covid and they are entitled to their opinions. Personally, I believe the faster we as whole get used to the idea it will never go away we will get back to "normal". The vaccine, air filters, extra cleaning, etc. only help to mitigate the virus. I am not trying to downplay anyone's experience with covid. I had it, some of my family has had it. It sucks, but unfortunately its here to stay.
  5. Nope, we are sailing in Dec. The cruise lines are showing they can handle people testing positive onboard. IF the cruise lines are unfairly shutdown again, then we will find something else to do.
  6. I saw our Dec 12th sailing yesterday, but could not access the actual cruise planner. Now Dec 12th and May 6th sailings are both missing. I'm sure there is just another hiccup with the system and it will be sorted soon.
  7. praying, crossing fingers, maybe even sacrificing a goat (Im joking!) that this theory comes true!
  8. So, on July 18th the CSO becomes a recommendation. What does that mean for the cruise lines? They can start operations back as normal, still have to do test cruises, or.....???
  9. I am wondering the same thing, but I am not going to lose sleep on it. I believe when cruising is "really" back the price will jump back up.
  10. I understand the sentiment. I am encouraged by all the recent sailings. The protocols are working. I am more than ready to be back on a ship. I just hope the positive trends continue and we can wave goodbye to the cruise shutdown.
  11. Any news on Oasis being scheduled for test sailings?
  12. Good to know, just trying to see how we could make things work for everyone. Thanks for the information.
  13. Hello, I know this has been discussed before, but I am not sure if I read it here or elsewhere. We have a Thrill Waterpark Cabana reserved and 4 people in our party. I know that cabana section only allows 6 people from the cruise planner. Friends of our are thinking of joining the same cruise. They would be a party of 5. I read before that you can add people to the cabana for X amount of dollars a person. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where I can find that or if that really is true? Thanks in advance!
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