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  1. So I 100% forgot I started this thread....whoops. Thanks for the info, decided to go with the Double Tree.
  2. Richard Simms over at Cruise Radio as an article on the Carnival cancelling. All of March is cancelled, looking at April for a restart. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-cruise-line-cancels-all-march-2021-sailings/
  3. I will wear one on vacation. I do not want to, but if I want to go somewhere I have to. I have been wearing them and still ended up with covid. I do not believe they are effective at all. I will not shame anyone for wearing or not wearing a mask. We have been hoping, like most cruisers, for cruising to start again in the US to see what cruising will look like with the new protocols in place. We are booked for July, here is hoping the bugs are worked out before then, and maybe masks will be optional by that time.
  4. Just grabbed $50 UBP for our sailing next Dec. This is a good price imo and did not want to chance it going up later.
  5. Not sure how I am going to convince my wife to let us cruise in '22. Wedding in Vegas March of '22. My cousin is coming over from Ireland to get married there. Going to be epic. And a Hawaii sailing with NCL that Dec with a few friends. Maybe a summer sailing...fingers crossed
  6. i am hoping sooner than later. But, I am not going to hold my breath. With all the negative coverage cruise ships get, which is BS IMO, they will have to have to keep tighter rules longer. I hope I am wrong, but the cruise lines need to show they are taking it even more serious than other parts of the travel industry. All because of the "petri dish" comparison that is used.
  7. We did a dolphin swim in Roatan a few years ago, loved it. But, not looking to do it again so we decided on a different animal encounter. I think the order you did it in was great too. Excitement of dolphins compared to easy going of the turtles has to be so different
  8. Yes, this includes a trip to Hell as well. Good to know. It sounds like an interesting adventure.
  9. Has anyone here experienced this excursion on Grand Cayman? I know everything is subject to personal opinion, but just wondering what you thoughts on this excursion are. We grabbed it on sale and feel the price is worth checking it out. I guess I am looking for expectations compared to the description/video Royal provides.
  10. good to know, I will make sure to be on the look out for times when we are on board. The ice shows are of interest too
  11. Is this true when on board? Zero reservations for shows except for Quantum and Oasis class? We are on Indy this coming July and Grease is a must. What would be a suggestion for how soon do you get in line to make sure to get a spot for the show?
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