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  1. Id like to see a more updated Oasis MDR menu after the Amped drydock
  2. I don't sail until the end of 2020 so there is still time for me. But, yes changing sooner than later would be the best news. Until its changed to something everyone else does like very much hahahaha!
  3. Cats staying on the ship has to be the most disappointing aspect to the Amped news. I won't be wasting my time dealing with it that's for sure.
  4. I forgot about Hooked, I would have liked to have eaten there too. My wife and I are both BBQ fans so we are going to hit up the new BBQ joint a few times on our sailing. Also, I'm not sold on the idea of the Bionic Bar. A friend of mine was on a sailing with it and it was a side show that ran its course quickly. I want to get a drink from it since its going to be there just to say I did. I read about Wonderland and I just did not get excited about it so I guess its a good thing, but maybe a bummer for those who were hoping it was coming to the ship. Overall I am happy with the news and I am even more excited for our cruise!
  5. Very happy about the news coming out, looks great! I hope we get a few more details in the coming months to give is an in depth look at everything!
  6. Any word on what we can expect for South Beach cabanas? Im liking the look of the Chill Island and Oasis Lagoon cabanas. I am guessing something similar to them.
  7. Come on RC spill the beans! Inquiring minds want to know what the upgrades will be!
  8. Ahhhh dang this had me excited for a minute. I wouldn't normally go for a golf simulator, but on a cruise I would give it a go just for something else to do while on the ship. Oh well just means more time for all the other activities!
  9. 2 accidents of the same nature on the same activity (I don't think same ship) is not a good reputation to have. I think the overall idea is great but I can see how people might shy away from it for awhile.
  10. That's a great tool will be saving that to keep checking for updates
  11. We want to see the island make the best use of our time as well. Our other stop is going to be St Thomas. Do we spend beach time at Kitts or Thomas? Or does it matter?
  12. looking at it now, that's a really good option too. thanks!
  13. I was looking at this and wondering if anyone on here has been on this excursion offered by RC? Any insight to share?
  14. Keeping this little nugget of information for later, thanks for sharing.
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