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  1. Hopefully the meeting at the White House is favorable to getting cruising going again. The success in Europe is encouraging. I am hoping what is being learned there can be applied here so we can get back out on the water sooner than later.
  2. I hope the cups are still provided even if they cannot be used at the machines for the time being.
  3. I get that going on your own with excursions saves money, but right now there are these rules we need to follow. I am not going to chance being denied boarding just to save a few dollars. I am hoping we can at least walk around the port and get lunch and drinks off the ship for some local options. If the cruise line says no, only way to get off is through an excursion then more ship time.
  4. I am hoping to have plenty of leftovers too so I can snack on it later too. I already told my wife our bill might be a little steep from the grab and go sushi option. I plan to have it a few times on the ship
  5. @Pima1988I looked at the report wanting to see exactly what was stated. I am not a fan of forced mask wearing. I think what was written was to be expected, but I do not see it as a deal breaker for me. This passage is what I am referring to. "Specifically, guests should wear face coverings in any indoor, congregate setting regardless of physical distancing measures, but should not be required to wear face coverings in their own cabins. A notable exception is indoor dining. Seating in restaurants and bars/lounges should allow for physical distancing, so guests can eat and drink without
  6. I am the only one in my family that likes sushi, so I am rolling solo for the class. I might start making it for myself after the class. I have looked locally for a sushi class without any luck.
  7. Terrific point. I did not think of that. Things are going to be different for awhile. We usually pick cruise line excursions for peace of mind if we were delayed for some reason. But, now there looks like we won't have a choice of going out on our own. For now at least.
  8. I would like to try river cruising. I have looked into it and for what it is @twangster has a great point about the cost. Correct me if I am wrong I think they are all inclusive and include excursions. We talked with someone who has been on a couple and that is what she told us. They did the Mississippi. I think a European river cruise will be something we need to put on our radar. They just seem to really get you to the heart of the places you visit. So if Royal started this sort of cruising we would check it out.
  9. This is my annoyance with the whole thing. Why has it taken this long to even get to this point? I love cruising, I want to cruise. The lack of action by the CDC or government has been terrible. I am glad something is now being done, but why did it take so long? I know I am bitter about having to postpone my cruise this year. I know I am not the only one. We have another one booked on a different cruise line for this coming April. I really hope cruising is back and running before we sail so all the new kinks are worked out of the new operational procedures.
  10. I had this booked for our postponed Dec cruise. I can book it for the next cruise but it is on the last day. I personally would prefer if it was earlier in the cruise. I am still debating on signing up again. I am already doing the sushi class.
  11. I hope so, but I am not going to hold my breath on what the CDC says now and two weeks later.
  12. never had escargots, was planning to try it on our cruise we had planned for this year. I guess I am going to have to wait until next year.
  13. We have had a lot of shakeups for our cruising future. The only RC cruise we are now booked for is Dec 12-19 2021 Oasis of the Seas. All others had to be cancelled
  14. We decided to do the Lift and Shift to next year as well. Started the process today. We made the decision since time was running out on L&S and we have no idea what cruising is going to look like when it resumes. Limitations on pools/hot tubs, entertainment, etc is not the vacation we are signing up for. Seriously disappointed, but this is the right decision for us as well. The count down will be starting all over again....
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