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  1. That is what we are wanting. I told my wife that there are other cabana options available, but she told me she would prefer to be on the beach. This looks heavenly!
  2. That looks like a great spot for some relaxation. We have a cabana booked on South Beach when we make it there. Im wondering if these will be what we get or if they are doing something different?
  3. I have yet to be to Perfect Day at CocoCay but this pic is my desktop background. I have high hopes of the time we get to spend on the island. I invite others who have been there to share their favorite memories there here. I hope this doesn't sound too corny.
  4. I think it is worth it for the peace of mind I will have when ordering drinks. I don't want to be thinking of the cost per drink while on vacation. Order and enjoy simple as that. Ive bought mine for next year already. I am hoping to get it cheaper when a cruise planner sale comes up for our sailing. My credit card said "what are ya doing?!?!" While I said "challenge accepted!"
  5. Does that happen often when cruising? That hast to be a major hassle for everyone involved. I am also wondering if there is some kind of discipline imposed on the individual that causes the problem?
  6. @Matt said it was staying awhile back. I will not be watching it. But, that just means there will be a spot for someone who wants to watch it.
  7. Are they going to amp the Radiance class ships as well? Any news about that?
  8. can adults go and play Xbox too????? Inquiring minds want to know :)
  9. I saw ocean view balcony for 2 adults 1 child at $4117. I didn't do a full mock booking just the initial info for picking own state room
  10. uggh so tempting, we are planning a cruise with friends for the end of 2021 and we already have a sailing for April of 2021. Plus its around St Paddy's Day and our daughter is involved with Irish dancing. Not sure we can take her away or leave during such a big weekend for her. I would love to celebrate Paddy's Day on a cruise though!
  11. Thank you for posting so many pictures. They are keeping me entertained while I am at work.
  12. took freaking jealous, have a great cruise! I am hoping the next group cruise is when we are able to join!
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