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  1. Not just river cruises in NA - I once looked up that train tour through the Rockies and wow that's pricey. Wouldn't mind doing it but I gotta win the lottery first.
  2. When my daughter and I did this we weren't allowed to take leftovers out of Izumi.
  3. But anyway, I did a 3 Gorges Dam river cruise. And outside of an understandably partisan narrative during tours (mainland China, what are you gonna do?), it was a pretty enjoyable time, although it took a while to adjust to the idea of mostly sitting down and enjoying the trip.
  4. I read the first four words out of context and had a good laugh. But outside of that, you make a good point.
  5. Sounds dangerous. Sake is the most dangerous thing you can have at a sushi restaurant. Unless they serve fugu. id be in.
  6. Agreed with this. Everyone does their part, and the cumulative efforts will help minimize the chances of getting sick from COVID or other viruses.
  7. Yeah agreed. If It's just Royal-offered excursions, this is a moo point
  8. With the market I found it best to keep walking and give calm but firm "no thank yous" from time to time. Some of the vendors DO feel aggressive but they will back off if they see that you're just passing through. Forgot to note that there is a walking trail in Labadee. Was planning to go along it on my canceled August cruise. Falmouth is kind of tricky, since there isn't enough in the surrounding area to interest me. I've done Dunns Falls a couple of times (only once while cruising), and it's fine, but it does take some time to do because of the distance. Mostly we stayed in the por
  9. I think some of the best (also worst) experiences have come from randomly going "hey let's try this place." We've found places such as Pho Xyclo in Niagara Falls, a street festival in Sand City, CA, and Pie in Barrie, ON. But we've also found some pretty meh places like some pub in Stratford-upon-Avon and a paella place in Barcelona. No regrets though - nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  10. For Grand Cayman I'd look at doing a stingray excursion. Hopefully you'll have options on picking an operator in June.
  11. In the current environment I think folks would be more comfortable with less people around. So if we only go by this criteria, the choice is clear. but, if people are still looking for more amenities, then you'll likely need to look at Sanchos.
  12. I believe there are a couple of companies that have "port of Miami" locations that provide shuttles to the terminal?
  13. I wonder if they're taking measures to prevent the usual "kid soup" situation in the pools.
  14. I think I like this idea. Barcelona is a lovely city (unless you're Lionel Messi in 2020), lots to explore in and around that you might not get to on a cruise. I've not been to Rome, but it's on my list.
  15. I just realized that RBC is effectively using "Royal Bank of Canada Royal Bank" in Canada...
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