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  1. I spent a week in Barcelona and I still didn't see everything I wanted to see!
  2. You could try this: https://pevvesseltraffic.broward.org/webx/ No cruises right now, of course, so I can't confirm that it will have them when the time comes.
  3. And recently the pillow guy has been under fire for something similar. anyway, as everyone said, it's best to simply look at the price. All the other numbers are just to entice you to buy. If you think the cost is acceptable, get it.
  4. Depends on the ship. I believe that only Quantum and Oasis class do reservations, and they sort of pop up when they pop up, probably around the PIF date.
  5. That is the usual terminal for the Oasis Class. There is an info board telling you what ship is where when you enter the port, just in case.
  6. I keep a whole bunch of travel shows on PVR for that reason. I like Mighty Cruise Ships, Samantha Brown's Places to Love and The Island Diaries (which is more informational than touristy). Bourdain's shows were great for this as well. My only gripe about the Mighty shows is that there is always a minor crisis where cruisers are late to get back to the ship - but make it back right before the ship casts off.
  7. Yeah this is something you learn after your first time going to one of their "seminars". Only reason to go is that they sometimes have giveaways. Personally, I'd rather do just about anything else. In the past I've read that the Port Shopping folk aren't a direct hire by the cruise lines but rather by a third party representing some of the onland shops. It seems to make sense given that I've seen the same stores pushed on Princess, DCL and Royal, but I wonder if anyone can confirm?
  8. I won't sail through Port Everglades without having my NEXUS/Global Entry card. Similar to pp, it speeds everything up in the arrivals hall and allows you to book earlier flight times. You also get TSA precheck which, if I'm being honest, hasn't provided too much in terms of time savings at FLL. At YYZ I've saved over an hour versus my colleagues when we've flown out for business.
  9. My Indy cruise was this time last year so it keeps popping up in my FB...
  10. Power nap or "American Adventure at Epcot" nap? For one of our cruises we had way too much OBC so used it for an "island tour" in Roatan. The tour was fine, but it wasn't worth the cost. So I'll be making better use of my OBC from now on.
  11. I keep saying that I'd try a DIY display. Clearly, that has yet to happen.
  12. I actually started my shot glass collection based on trying to find the cheesiest landmark image I could find (at an agreeable price). But the important thing was that I didn't overthink my purchases. And I think that if you're going to dive into the collecting hobby, that might help you get started.
  13. It's a good question. I would say "no, they are not." The casual cruiser will come back. It just won't be during this point where we're just starting to see vaccines being delivered, and probably won't be until we start being able to walk around without masks on.
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