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  1. I'm glad my wife can expense Voom since she actually does work whilst on the ship. Drink packages... at this point there will simply need to be a substantial discount if I'm ever going to get one of these, especially on my preferred 7 night cruises. I've no issue with drinking in moderation on board, and then getting some cheaper stuff while on shore.
  2. Johnny Rockets in the morning. It's quiet and relaxing and a stark contrast to how busy the Boardwalk normally is. Food isn't as good as the MDR or WJ but still, it's such a pleasant spot to eat breakfast.
  3. He was posting his vlog on a 1 day delay while they had the suspension. Based on that timeline he would've left on the 23rd or 24th, arriving home on the 24th or 25th. My presumption is that he's in self-isolation now. Also, that shot of the sandwich section at Boots was very sad. I've never seen one that empty...
  4. As someone who has been laid off twice in the last 12 months, I can tell you it sucks, but people are resilient (especially us Wongs) and that Chris (no relation) will bounce back from this.
  5. And if the government didn't do this the general population would probably be unhappy with them.
  6. Well, if it's something you like to do, then it's worth it. if you're finding it a chore to pack stuff, I would dress it down a bit, maybe sports jacket and slacks instead of the tux, and see how that works for you.
  7. My thoughts exactly. I don't cruise until August, but it's good to have clarity on the situation.
  8. I've found that there's usually one table in the non-smoking area that does hand shuffling, but with a higher minimum. And it's usually busy.
  9. I did. It was something like $550 USD round pp from BUF to SEA with 1 stop. That's not including getting from SEA to Vancouver. I've seen good deals on SW before. This was not one of them.
  10. I actually just priced it out on google flights. The sticking point is that it's an open jaw flight, going cross-border. BUF-YVR/SEA-BUF is around $540CAD pp. This includes a 2 stop, 13 hour flight to Vancouver, and a 1 stop 7 hour flight back through ORD. Might be able to finagle something better with a discount airline. YYZ-YVR/SEA-YVR is around $680CAD pp. Direct flight to Vancouver, 1 stop 7 hour flight back through YVR. If I'm being honest, I could live with the price difference because of the time and stops, plus I don't have to travel an extra 2 hours to Buffalo. But either way, the cost of one person's flight is almost the same as the cost of an OV balcony for 2. So even if I could finagle the time off, it's probably not worth it.
  11. I am sad that I live on the other side of the country. And that I've used up my WestJet companion pass for the year. Otherwise the wife and I might be ditching the kids for this after May two-four weekend.
  12. To be perfectly honest, I was being semi-facetious. I figured the self-deprecating nature of the post would be indicative of that. Also, explaining a joke is the fastest way to kill a joke. To your point, while I do play basic strategy, I know that this does not guarantee winning every time out. I do tend to come out in the black when I play, as I'm generally smart enough to quit while I'm ahead. Not huge victories - $50 here, $100 there - but it's enough for me. And it helps take care of the gratuities. Where I went wrong here is that I did not quit while I was behind. It is true that there was a player that was making generally accepted "bad plays", and frankly it did create more losses than wins for the table, but I was the one who engaged in a bit of gambler's fallacy and kept going. I could not accept the loss, kept playing and it cost me. Tangent: I've started getting "$50 in free play if you book your cruise now" emails, so I'm thinking I should maybe cut down on the penny ante table games. I need good offers or none at all.
  13. Last cruise I was too dumb to leave the table when the person beside me was standing on 14 vs a 10. I deserved to lose my money.
  14. KWong is obviously a first initial-last name. But normally I go by "starvenger" or "starvenger88" on message boards, and I've used it since the Usenet days. If you're on the DIS or CC, you'll find me using that handle. But as to what that means: 88 is lucky in Chinese. That's the easy part to explain. Starvengers is a late 70s/early 80s American adaptation of an anime called "Getter Robo G". Basically 3 jet-like vehicles could combine to form various robots. Don't know if this will help, but here's an image:
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