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  1. @Brobbins246 I wished we would of been able to do as you were able to do...Sure would of saved us some money. We had about the same situation as you last year on the allure. Us in one room and our son, wife and grandson in room next to ours...Our reservations were linked but were two different reservations. We tried but were told we couldn't include any photos in our package if any of the pictures had my son, wife or grandson in them because they were not staying in our stateroom. They cited the disclaimer we listed above but the person we were dealing with specifically referred to "The following are not included in print and/or digital photo packages: Photos of others in your party not travelling in your stateroom" We even tried running it up the food chain but the supervisor and manager agreed with the fine print. Maybe we got bad info...Wouldn't be the first time from Royal. Hopefully the OP will have better luck on their cruise.
  2. We sure hope they don’t screw up Labadee...We like it just the way it is! More choices in food would be a great option. Use to love Cococay when it had the chickens running around the island...So small and beautiful
  3. No. The only photos covered under the package are persons in the room of the person who purchased the photo package. This is what is listed under the term and conditions of the photo package Digital and Print photo packages are sold on a per stateroom basis only and photos are linked to staterooms based on the guests travelling in that stateroom. Photos of other guests not travelling in your stateroom will be linked to their own stateroom. The following are not included in print and/or digital photo packages: Photos of others in your party not travelling in your stateroom; Group, Wedding, Quinces, Private Studio photography and other special occasion photography;
  4. 🤔🤔🤔 Does that mean the ship will be not sailing for two months? That’s a lot of time to clean and disinfect.
  5. We might look into just having someone stop by and check on them a couple of times a day. We have doggie doors so they can go in and out to the backyard to do their business...The majority of their time is spent laying around and sleeping 😴
  6. We have stayed on both decks and to be honest we can’t remember any difference or preference. As other have said we prefer a room close to the elevators now...Psycho’s knees don’t handle stairs well anymore.
  7. We always get the package to stay in contact with our kids and we’ve texted, FaceTimed made and received phone calls, FB live all in Airplane mode and have never been charged a thing. In fact if you put your phone in airplane mode at home and connect to your home WiFi...What ever you can do at home you can do on the ships WiFi. It just might be slower 😂😂😂
  8. We’ve always been lucky to leave our little fur babies with family but we are planning a family cruise in April 2021. We have four dogs and guess we need to start saving now to be able to afford their kennel cost.
  9. We sailed on Allure last April with our 16 year old grandson and he had a blast...So much fun that he busted his curfew the first night. After he got read the riot act we never had another problem. He made lots of friends and still keeps in contact with them. He’s hooked and will be cruising again with us this April on the Harmony...Wonder if he will still be hooked when sail a smaller ship 🤔🤔🤔
  10. Just wondering if the people who are quarantined on a cruise ship will receive cruise points from their respective cruise lines for being quarantined?
  11. From what we understand, the photo package only covers photos of people in your room. If you have family or friends in the photo who are not in your room in the picture...It must be purchased separately. I'm sure someone can correct us if we are mistaken. But you may also be able to work a deal for the event photos.
  12. The feeling seems to disappear the more you cruise...Our suggestion is to cruise more...Lol
  13. There is lots of other parking as has been suggested by others but they also have security problems. For the convivence and security we now only park at the port.
  14. Our passports stay locked in our safe till we get off the ship. I do have pictures of them on my iPhone...Not sure what good they do except like @wordell1 said...Makes filling out Setsail paperwork easier.
  15. We once had a luggage tag get ripped off one of our bags after we put our luggage in the hallway the night before. We sadly learned that luggage without tags are placed into a section of the luggage claim area that passengers can not go to on their own...But our porter could. When we couldn't find one suitcase our porter recognized the problem right away and asked us what the bag looked like. He bought back several wrong bags...Lots of bags look alike but he finally located our missing bag. The only help we got from the Royal people in the luggage area was we would have to wait till all luggage was claimed before they could help us. We tipped him extra for his excellent service.
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