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  1. I believe the photo package only covers photos of people in your room. If you have family or friends in another room and they are in a photo with you...This photo will not be covered under your package and must be purchased separately.
  2. Its a great class. You get to make several types of sushi and not just the traditional sushi rolls. We made Nigiri (A topping, usually fish, served on top of sushi rice), Temaki (Sushi that has been hand-rolled into a cone shape), both Maki and Uramaki which are both rolls...Difference is the seaweed on the inside or on the outside. It was a lot of sushi and filled us up. They wouldn't let anyone in our group take their creations with them...Said health reasons.
  3. If you have a Harbor Freight store in your town, you can get them there for cheap.
  4. We always attend the Quest but we know better than to volunteer to lead a group. Our son on his honeymoon cruise got picked because of his size. The quest was for the biggest guy and he is 6'4" and just under 300 lbs...Former Division 1 Collage football offensive lineman. He ended up dressed in women's under garments and wearing lipstick...We tried to warn him. Each quest is always different and it all depends on the Cruise Director...Some CD's will ask for more risky items where others might tend to keep it to a more Mature rating but all of them are worth the attendance.
  5. We leave Sunday, 6 Oct to board the Adventure in Quebec City Canada for the 13 Night Snowbird Migration Cruise. After being in Florida for too many years...Its going to be nice to see some fall colors on the trees.
  6. We always bring more than we need but its no big deal because we just bring what we don't spend it back home.
  7. Your items will be safe...Heck...The chair hogs leave towels, books, sunglasses and whatever else they can scrounge up to hold a chair by the pool all day. They are almost never touched...LOL
  8. I've still got scars on the top of my head from them "Phantom Bites"
  9. I hate to disagree with you but quite a few of the F4's aircraft were turned into Drones and used as targets until just a few years ago...Flown out of Holloman AFB in New Mexico and Tyndall AFB Florida till they were replaced by F-16 Drones.
  10. Years ago I taught a friend how to play Craps on a cruise and he did very well. We were at Nassau and he wanted to try his luck at he called a "real casino" and I tried to talk him out of it but failed. He was back an hour later broke and playing on the ships craps table...Trying to change his luck. At that time...Both casinos were open at the same time.
  11. Depends on what you consider better. Some have less stairs to the water and some have lots of stairs to the water. Facing the water, the ones on the left have less steps to the water with easier access to the restrooms and bar.
  12. We always bring both a paper copy and the app just incase. We cant relax until we are on the ship...Lol
  13. I always bring my own gear including fins...Carry it all in a dive mesh bag that I attach to the back of my backpack. I've seen the way most rental dive gear is cleaned...Not even close to my standards and that's why I always bring my own.
  14. We are on that cruise with you!!! Can't wait!
  15. We use one of these neoprene wine carriers we got from amazon
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