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  1. We have a deer camp in the woods of Alabama with no cell service or internet. We just recently had HughesNet satellite internet installed for $60 per month for 10GB per month with no hard data limits. 10MG is not much but we don't watch videos or play games...We only use it for test messages, WIFI calling and have one Ring security cam. So far we are very happy with it and haven't had any problems with our limits.
  2. On Sea days...Start the day off with regular free coffee and head upstairs to watch the sunrise. After breakfast...Or sometimes with breakfast a spicy bloody marry or two. After laying out in the sun for a few hours it'll be time for a Mudslide or some other iced drink. Diamond Lounge for a few before dinner and usually two Crown and Cokes at dinner. May have a couple more Crown and Cokes at what ever show we attend.
  3. Not according to our new President Biden and his plan to distribute 100 million vaccine shots in his first 100 days in office. Its a nice goal but I don't believe it to be realistic.
  4. We call it...Royal's Fuzzy Math! We have learned a long time ago to not believe in their so called sales. We constantly check on the items we are interested in from the day we book till we cruise...We learn what the basic price is. If we find it at a lower price, we know if it's a good deal and we buy it. If we find it lower again...We cancel the first one and re-buy. Takes a bit of work on our part to check our cruise planner several times a week but it has payed off in the end.
  5. Are you thinking of the SS Azure Seas? That was our first ever cruise...Out of Cali. Here is an old link to some discussion on it. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/177415-ss-azure-seas/
  6. Labadee is one of our favorite beach ports. We will attempt to be the first ones off the ship and hurry to Nellie's Beach and snag our favorite spot...Close to the bar but under one of the few palm trees that provide a little shade...Not that that we sit much but spend most of the day in the water. However, close to a bar is important.
  7. Buy meds on the ship. Psycho had a head cold one trip and had to purchase medicine from the ship's store at about the double our home price. Lesson learned and we now cruise full stocked.
  8. We are also in Florida...North West Florida and its being given by our county.
  9. I believe its actually 2.1 Mil have been vaccinated and 11.4 Mil doses have been distributed according to the Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/health/covid-vaccine-states-distribution-doses/
  10. Barb got her Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shot yesterday...She's a RN at our local hospital. She was not scheduled to receive it yet but she was assisting in giving it to other Doctors and Nurses. A couple of people scheduled failed to show up. After the Moderna is removed from the cold storage, it must be used in a few hours or it goes to waste...So she got it a little early. No side effects so far.
  11. Sorry to say but the strangest thing we've seen is one of them things we will never be able to forget. On the Oasis of the Seas in the Solarium pool. An intoxicated elderly gentlemen was...Less just say...He was enjoying the water pressure jets on the center fountain way to much and didn't care what the other guests thought. A pool attendant was called and arrived just as the gentleman was...Done. Pool was closed, drained and cleaned.
  12. We are sort of in the same boat for our 18 Apr 2021 cruise out of Puerto Rico on Freedom of the Seas. We have seen some great deals on airfare but we are very hesitant to buy not knowing if that cruise will sail or not. We lost quite a bit on two tickets to California for my Mom's 80th Birthday. That was just as the Covid was kicking off and all Delta would give us was one year extension and no change fee.
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