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  1. And Nachi has a limited on people they allow in everyday where other beach clubs pack in as many as they can. We love Nachi.
  2. Unfortunately, this port seems to always have lots of seaweed no matter where you go…It’s been there every time we’ve been there. Most the resorts have a small army of people constantly raking the seaweed.
  3. I’m sorry, but if we ever earn Pinnacle…I’m wearing that dang tag! Think about what it takes to earn that honor…We would wear it with pride. Just bring honest
  4. I would be happy to hear if they have it or not after your cruise
  5. We call the big tee shirt sales…Walmart at Sea !
  6. Psycho sticks it in one of his ball caps…Barb never wears hers.
  7. You can Goggle any of these to check them out. Puerto Costa Maya...Maya Chan Beach Resort...All inclusive Roatan, Honduras...Infinity Bay Beach Excursion...All inclusive Cozumel, Mexico...Nachi Cocom...All inclusive Coco Cay...Chill Island...No reservations required
  8. Park at the terminal...It's a very short walk to the ship
  9. On our June Alaska cruise. We were surprised to receive an unexpected and very large refundable OBC from our TA...First time ever, we didn't spend all of our OBC and on an Alaska cruise to boot! Our Un-refundable OBC was used first and the rest was put back our CC.
  10. During our June inside passage, we sometimes got better service using land towers then the Radiance Wi-Fi in several areas on the inside passage. We have Verizon and our plan includes roaming and Canada...We would switched it off Airplane and as long as we didn't see the dreaded cellular at sea we were good to go. Didn't have any cost added to our Verizon bill.
  11. Not an option we use. We always select our room...We like being on a certain side of the ship and close to elevators.
  12. We got our last one after the start up on the Explore of the Seas
  13. We just ask the loyalty ambassador for it on the ship we earn it...Find it sitting in our room waiting on us
  14. We sometimes wonder...If this was posted by a real cruiser or someone just wanting to slam a cruise line or ship...Their only post and why post something like this and not come back to answer any questions?
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