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  1. They had the regular cups on the Radiance last month…They were not in our room waiting for us like the old days…Same thing with our last three cruises. We just had to ask for them at any bar.
  2. I can broaden my horizons and do it with a good Bourbon but when Royal has no bourbon anywhere on the ship. It’s time for management to step up and fix the dang problem.
  3. Just got off the Radiance in Alaska and we not only had no Crown Royal but no Bourbon of any kind for the first day but found some somewhere on the ship…Ran out the last night.
  4. Thats exactly what we do and unfortunately, we haven't found many good deals in a few years.
  5. Yes in the bathroom only on most ships
  6. Ordered on 26 may through a post office website. COVID Home Tests | USPS
  7. Did not know they stopped proctoring. They were never our primary plan…Got Walgreens scheduled for next Wednesday. Our Walgreens is back to scheduling a week out. Would of been a nice back up though since they were free and the proctor cost was reasonable. We have heard about another proctoring company that allows testing with multiple brands of test kits. Don’t know anyone who has used it though. https://www.totaltestingsolutions.com/individual-testing/virtual-result-verification/
  8. Have lots of gortex issued in my military days. It’s bulky and warm…Hot in nice weather though. I actually prefer lightweight frog tog type rain gear.
  9. You can also make reservations for everyone
  10. Light weight thermals and other warm items to allow you to layer as required. A good set of rain gear is a must also.
  11. Today we received 8 more of the free Government tests. Got lucky and all of them are the IHealth brand.
  12. We also purchased the passport holders with the Covid card window. When we get to the port we put our setsail passes and Covid test in the center...Makes check-in sooo much smoother and faster.
  13. We will be there on the Radiance of the Seas in 11 days. Sure hope they have Crown Royal…Sailing out of Canada but who knows. We will let everyone know.
  14. We had the same guide and bus driver the whole time and we did tip them both afterwards. They made sure our luggage was at our hotel room every night and they picked it back up in the morning.
  15. Carry on...Had more then a few checked bags not make the flight.
  16. We are luggage tag people!!! We had a paper tag get lost/torn off one of our bags getting off the ship onetime. We learned that luggage without tags go to a different part of the port...One we couldn't access due to customs. The Royal reps wouldn't/couldn't help us till all the luggage was claimed. Thankfully we had a great porter who could get into the restricted area and after several attempts he located our bag...We tipped him very well.
  17. You boarding day is your first day of your cruise…The later you board…The less time you have on your first day.
  18. Looks like you selected the Voom and soda package. Both in one package with the tips added
  19. 1. This piece of art will be worth double what your paying before the years out. 2. This Invicta watch is a quality timepiece and you can’t find it cheaper anywhere but here. 3. You can only order two lobsters on lobster night.
  20. We did the same thing but when we got our booster…They printed the booster info on the little sticky paper and gave it to us. We stuck it to our laminated Vax cards in the correct spots and just re-laminated the cards…Can’t tell if it more than one lamination. Haven’t had any problems getting them accepted for any cruises. Not getting any more booster so shouldn’t to add any more.
  21. We were told one time on a bridge tour that the Marine Pilot only advises and doesn't touch any of the ships controls...They don't have the ships specific skills to be trusted to maneuver the ship. I'm also sure there must be some insurance liability issues.
  22. Not a single savings on any of our next three cruises. Just the same old prices we’ve seen before and not as cheap as items we’ve purchased. Made me want to reply to Royals email and ask why?
  23. Don't believe its less obnoxious...With all the different flavors, some flavors just plain stink in our opinion. Seeing someone vaping in a car it looks like the car is on fire.
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