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  1. I’ll try. When he first logs on to the WiFi using his last name and DOB, he is offered a couple of choices. Use his free 48 hours or use his purchased 7 day package. He selects the paid 7 day package and sets up his account by entering a user name and a PIN number. Then he logs to the WiFi on to my device once again using his last name and DOB and again is offered the same two choices but this time he selects to use his 48 hours establishing a different user name and PIN number which my device saves so I can log on without having to enter his username and PIN code. He could have also logged on to his package on my phone and we could share it but only one of us could be online at one time. When you try to log on and another device is connected…It’ll tell device limit reached and ask if you want to switch devices. Now this was on the Wonder and on other ships, we alway had to go to the WiFi desk to get them to do it.
  2. - Do we have to get off the ship between cruises? On our recent Wonder B2B we had to leave the ship and go through customs and then wait in the terminal for about 20 minutes before we were brough back onboard - How does our luggage get to the new room? We had to pack up our drawers and put back into our suitcases but they transferred all our hanging stuff. We left all of our stuff in our room and they moved it to our new room...All except for our safe contents. - Do we have the same servers for dinner? No but you may be able to request them. Our second week we had several family members joining us and months before our cruise, we emailed Royal to make sure we had a big enough table to accommodate all of us. We received the reply from Royal before our cruise, so we knew what table we had for the second week and checked it out the first week to make sure it would work. First week was on the 3rd floor dining room and the second was on the 4th.
  3. On our B2B on the Wonder, the first week had them but for some reason the second week didn't.
  4. We didn't get receipts on the Wonder this month, but the bartender would tell us we had X amount of drinks left. The only time we got and had to sign receipts was when our free drinks were gone, and we had to pay for them.
  5. On our recent Wonder cruise, the only option it gave us was to select 48 hours. I'm sure you could get it divided by visiting the internet desk.
  6. We just learned how to do it ourselves on our recent Wonder sailing. Psycho always get the internet package and I use his free two days along with mine. We used to have to visit the internet desk but this time the gentleman showed us how to do it ourselves. Psycho logs into the Wi-Fi on my device with his info and then he selects his free days and enters a pin code...Which we save so my phone remembers it. I use his two days and then I will create my own account for my two days.
  7. As I stated the sea like sailing on a lake…Flat with little to no waves. Differently not the conditions
  8. Just did a B2B on the Wonder of the Seas and we thought the ship rolled a lot more than other Oasis class ships we have been on.......We have been on the Oasis, Harmony, Allure. The first week it was like sailing on a lake with perfect conditions. However, the ship had a noticeable roll feeling and Captain Rob claimed there was nothing wrong with the ship during the captain's corner. Anyone else noticed this on their sailing on the Wonder?
  9. Go. You will enjoy it no matter how much time you get to spend. We did on a tour with Royal and it was fantastic...We will difently go back again.
  10. Or we have been trying to reach you about your car insurance.
  11. We always us Park and Cruise at $10.95 a day. We arrive at the port and drop our luggage off with the porters then it's only a short drive to Park and Cruise. Park our car and head back to the port on their shuttle. When we return, one of us will hop on their shuttle and get our car...Drive back to the port and pick everyone and luggage up. They have a 10 percent discount for Military.
  12. We lose so much that now we don't even gamble...We just drop off a check with the casino host...Lol
  13. Royal needs to change the minimum bid...Allow any bid to be considered.
  14. We love to watch the pier runners but sometimes we can't believe their attitude. One Cozumel cruise, the whole ship was waiting on three people, and they were paged several times. We watched two of them running as fast as they could to get on the ship but not the third one. She refused to run or even walk fast but she did continue to enjoy her big yard of margarita. We silently hoped we would leave her at the dock, but the ship waited for her. I think just about the whole ship was giving her heck.
  15. Unfortunately, we experienced lots of the blue tooth speakers on our Nov 2021 cruise on the Explorer out of San Juan...Seemed like everyone was trying to outdo their neighbors with their choice of music and volume. The worst was a family singing at the top of their lungs in the Solarium while one of them played a tambourine on a sea day. We tried to give them some time but after over an hour, we had to get security to explain to them that the Solarium was a place for peace and quiet.
  16. Depends on if we are flying or driving. If we are flying...We fly in at least a day before. Even though we live in Florida...It's still a long drive to get on a ship...We call our part of Florida...Lower Alabama. Port Canaveral is 472 miles away and Miami is 619 miles. If we are sailing out of Port Canaveral, we will drive 236 miles to one of our sons house in Georgia and spend the night and then drive the remaining miles to the port on the same day as the cruise. If we are sailing out of Miami, it's always getting in the day before and getting a hotel room.
  17. It's been a few years since we have had to rent a car, but they did have shuttles at that time, and we assume they still do. Our one time was on a 13-night Snowbird Migration cruise that originated in Quebec City Canada and ended Fort Lauderdale. Everybody and their brother were waiting to get their rental cars. Go online and find one close the port at ask if they have shuttle service.
  18. No such thing as a bad cruise on any Oasis class ship. They are so big and the only time we ever feel crowded is after a show and everyone wants to stand outside the doors of the theater and discuss how great the show was.
  19. I have the same problem with my big ole bushy mustache not allowing a good seal on my mask. You can try the solutions offered here...Some work and some may not. I'm an old school diver who was taught to exhale through my nose and tilt the bottom of my mask out to drain the water. I now use a mask with a purge valve and when the water gets too high, I just exhale through my nose and the water drains out the mask. Go to your local dive shop as others have mentioned and get a mask with a purge valve.
  20. We have done the Alaska trip twice and both times with a balcony and loved every view and every second we spent out there. On our last trip in June 2022, the only way to get a cup of coffee before 6 am on the Radiance of the Seas was through room service. Our coffee was delivered every morning at 5 am and we loved sitting on our balcony enjoying our coffee. When we first started cruising, we only had inside cabins...Until we booked our first balcony on the Allure of the Seas. Now we won't cruise unless we have a balcony.
  21. Ours stays in the safe unless required for an excursion...Like going into Canada on an Alaska cruise tour. We do have pictures of ours on our phone but not sure of what good they would be.
  22. Will never do MTD again...Very bad experience one cruise. Now when we book, our TA knows we want Early dining and will ensure we have it.
  23. The price is so much cheaper than we can get anywhere in the states and Barb loves it for baking.
  24. Don't know about food but we would doubt you could bring back onboard. We have bought vanilla many times in Mexico and never had a problem bring it back on board.
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