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  1. We were flying into Quebec City for a 13 Night Snowbird Migration Cruise one day early and our flight...The last flight of the day from Ottawa to Quebec had already taken off before we had taken off from Orlando. We had to rent a car at Ottawa and drive to Quebec to make the cruise. We always fly in a day early but sometimes that might not be early enough.
  2. We use to toss ours also but we have learned our local Senior Living Center will accept them and hand them out as prizes for Bingo...Supposedly its a big hit with the Seniors.
  3. Second shot date unless you got the J&J vaccine
  4. We tend to avoid Guest Services because there always seems to be long lines.
  5. Can't remember the tour but it was in Jamaica and our bus stopped at a scenic overview for pictures. An older gentleman had a split 55 gal drum he had converted into a barbeque. He had the best Jerked Chicken I've ever eaten. Got my mouth watering just thinking about it!!!
  6. Our vote is for the smaller ships. We did the Northbound Alaska & Hubbard Glacier Post Cruise Tour in June 2017 on the Radiance of the Seas from Vancouver...The best cruise we have ever taken. The Dog Sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier by Helicopter even though expensive was worth every penny and awesome way to experience the glacier. Whale watching at Icy Straight Point we got our best photo ever of a group of whales bubble feeding. We liked the land tour so much we have decided to do another land tour when we go back this June on the Serenade of the Seas except we are going to do the Canadian Rockies instead of Alaska.
  7. Thank you so much for the information. We will be on the 21st and 28th sailing and can’t wait. We have been to the https://1link.travelsafe.pr.gov and filled out our paperwork and got the our bar code. Is the travel declaration you referred to? Is the airport your local airport or the San Juan airport? Really appreciate your help.
  8. Anyone sailed on the first sailing of Explorer of the Seas? We are interested in how the cruise went and details of the check-in procedures. Any details would be greatly appreciated.
  9. We got the same notification AA. We went and downloaded the app and also didn't like the photo part...We had to take the picture then and had no option to use a saved photo. Also didn't see the need to add personnel details to an app...Deleted the app.
  10. We also declare everything but we don't list quantity purchased...We list dollar amount spent.
  11. DD Form 215 is just corrected copies of the DD Form-214. It should still have the important information on it like years served and discharge status.
  12. Sometimes we get the military discount and sometimes we don't. Our our TA knows we are retired Military and will check each cruise we book to see if he can apply it but most of the time, he can't and we get better deals with other promotions. Psycho served 28 years and keeps a copy of his DD Form 214 in his passport.
  13. If I remember right if was only about 8 bucks for six bottles of Crown Royal
  14. We use to be able to sign the waviers while doing our checkin on the Royal site
  15. We have purchased alcohol lots of times and exceeded our customs limit. We always declare it to customs but have only been charged duty one time…It was still was cheaper then buying in the US. All the other times the customs agent just looked at our paperwork and let us proceed. We were told one time by as Customs Agent that as long as we declare it and not try to hide it…It was up to the agent on if they wanted to charge a duty.
  16. We did our Puerto Rico Travel Docs yesterday. They only wanted our flight number. But, they also wanted to know where we were staying and for how long...We entered the Pier address and listed Royal Caribbean as our host...Didn't see any other option's. Hope we did it right.
  17. We are also trying to figure that out. We are flying in a day before our cruise and trying to nail down our requirements. Lets keep each other posted on what we find out.
  18. Our check-in opened up this weekend...That's always a good sign!!!
  19. Our B2B 21 Nov 2021 sailing on the Explore of the Seas registration opened up yesterday. Started in on Royals web site and uploaded pictures of our Covid cards on the app. Didn’t see anything on any restrictions.
  20. We’ve found the best way is with the ships Voom. We can send, receive texts just by using our phones texting app…Do FaceTime and even make actual calls. We can do just about anything on the ship that we can at home on our WiFi.
  21. We always pick our cabin...Location is a requirement for us. But to be fair, we mostly cruse with family and friends. Its nice to be able to get the balcony dividers opened.
  22. We are going back for our second trip...First time was 2017. We will be on the Serenade of the Seas on 26 Jun 2022 for the 13 Night Mountain Resort Experience Crisetour...Post cruise. In our 2017 cruise we also did the land tour in Alaska but this time we will be doing the land tour of the Canadian Rockies!
  23. We wore our heavy boots and jacket on the flight to save on the weight...We also put any other heavy items in our carry on since they didn't have any weight limit. They will sometimes allow you to check your carry on all the way though on your first flight...We did! We packed with clothing to dress in layers. A good luggage scale is a must to make sure you have no surprises at check-in.
  24. You know what they say…If you don’t believe or like the answer from Royal’s Rep…Just call back to another rep because it’ll be a different response.
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