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  1. I just booked with park jockey 5 days was 35 in garaged parking. I normally used way.com but had no real parking by port. It was Mana downtown garage. They have port shuttle
  2. Me and my girlfriend are going on our first cruise next week. Have done disembarkation questions. We will keep our luggage with us since it's small and has wheels. What time do we have to be off the ship by? Is breakfast at windjammer impossible because it will be packed?
  3. My girlfriend made this. I hope it doesn't get messed up or stolen.
  4. We are packing carry on with everything we need. Just wondering if it was worth bringing our normal luggage with us. We will check it in
  5. First time cruiser. How long after I dock will it before I can go into my room?
  6. Yeah it happens to me from time to time. Then it works later
  7. Are we allowed to out something magnetic on front of door
  8. Thanks again for all your help
  9. Asking in case I want to swim at night.
  10. Are the pools and jacuzzi heated?
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