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  1. Typically speaking, yes. In the past, we've usually got our refunds in a couple days. There have been mixed reports on this lately. To the OP, I've seen really dynamic pricing lately. Our Freedom sailing for February had UBP priced @ $41 per day just over a week ago. I didn't jump on it and it's now up around $60. We'll just wait and see. As is often recommended on here, buy at a price you're comfortable with. If it drops, you can always cancel and rebook. But do realize that you won't have that money to use immediately unless it's OBC.
  2. I agree with @twangster. In this day and age of contactless payment, I would love to see them implement something where you just touch your wow band or seapass card to a reader. I know Royal isn't Disney, but as former Disney passholders, being able to just use our magic bands touchless was so simple and absolutely speeded up the process. I get there's the whole adding a tip thing but there are ways to do it. Now, while I'm sure they're looking into all this right now, a timeline for implementation of something like this fleetwide who knows?!?
  3. Pretty sure there hasn't been a definitive plan announced yet. However, if I were a betting man, I don't believe we'll be serving ourselves anytime soon. What that will look like or form the WJ will take is anyone's guess. I've heard suggestions of a modified food court style eatery which I'd be interested in.
  4. I had an ex back in high school who worked at an ice cream shop and could do something close to that, it was impressive! Sadly, as others have mentioned I don't find that the machines onboard hold up to that sort of engineering marvelry.
  5. codyh21


    We used the UDP on Navigator back in November at Playmakers as soon as we boarded. There were a few people getting drinks in there, but almost no one getting food. Other than our server being a little unfamiliar with the UDP it was a very pleasant experience and the food was good.
  6. We really enjoy Playmakers. On our last Navigator sailing we had UDP so used that instead of somewhere like WJ upon boarding. Fair amount getting a drink there but very few ordering food so service was very quick. I think many either assumed it was just a bar or didn't realize they could get food right away.
  7. Bearded Clam is our favorite but Pirate Republic is very good as well. Both are fairly close to each other so try them both!
  8. Drink package works the same on the island as it does onboard. Things like drinks over the price limit or in things like a coconut or souvenir glass will incur an additional charge but I've so far never paid above and beyond. Chairs are everywhere, and as mentioned above, unless you want a cabana or day bed you won't be expected to pay any extra.
  9. I honestly think there would be an uproar if they charged for whatever model they put in that venue. With that or the MDR as primary free options I really can't see them going with any sort of paid model in the space and having it work.
  10. We've done 3 B2Bs in the last three years and love them. We've actually never had the same room twice, and hasn't been difficult. We just packed up our suitcase and left everything that was hanging in the closet as is. They moved everything to the new room and it was waiting for us. They will typically hold a brief meet-up for those doing b2b the last day to cover procedures and hand out new seapass cards. On the day of turnaround you're usually instructed to meet somewhere like a lounge later in the morning. Once everyone else has disembarked, you'll be escorted into the terminal, we've
  11. I agree if you're talking about refreshment. I always get it for my wife, and I think the highest I ever paid was maybe $21-22 per day. You should be able to get it for the low-mid $20 range just keep checking as you get closer to your sailing date.
  12. My wife and I have the cheap white board w/markers in our room. Easy to put where you are and when as we often split up during sea days. Has always worked well for us, and we establish meeting times for things like meals or events we want to do together.
  13. Still waiting on the front half of my Navigator b2b, but got a full refund to my CC last night for our 3 night sailing. Wasn't a large amount as it was a cheap cruise, but it's progress and it only took Royal 14 days! I utilized the online form and it was so easy. Hoping to get my other sailing soon along with my cruise planner purchases, but at least in this instance Royal moved quickly and I'm not complaining!
  14. I think as previously mentioned, it appears everything is changing so frequently it's hard to keep up. If what you mentioned is the case, I hadn't heard that. We ended up taking the 100% refund vs the 125% FCC as we're drydocked due to my work until early next year and I'm just not sure what our year will look like. Either way, hope you get re-booked and get to sail again soon!
  15. I agree 100%. We got an email from our TA that laid out our options very clearly, to include a link to apply for refund of cruise fare instead of taking the FCC (we did do this). There was no pressure from him to rebook right away, nor should there be. Any good TA will not push you towards a choice you don't want to make and also will be willing to do the work to contact Royal if required.
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