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  1. Also, noticed that the app still wants me to upload a photo of my vax card, which I already did on the website. Do I need to do that again, only this time on the app?
  2. Does RCCL send you an email link to this the day prior to cruise?
  3. What time does check-in start at Port Galveston?
  4. How far in advance of sailing do the suite concierges contact their assigned guests?
  5. Is Jade still part of the Windjammer on LOS?
  6. For those who have sailed on LOS in October, what was sail away time?
  7. We have a suite and a 1230 check-in time. Are we really permitted (because we have a suite) to check-in at 1130?
  8. Is Royal’s $179 price tag worth it for all day at the Mayan Princess Resort?
  9. How far in advance of embarkation day are the luggage tags available to be printed?
  10. On Thursday, 9 September the website showed “check in available” for my 7 November cruise, so I performed all of the required steps. On Tuesday, 14 September RCCL sent me an email confirming that I was checked in. Now, today, 17 September the website says “check in unavailable” and the app says “check in is available on 23 September”. This indicates a serious IT management problem at RCCL. Anyone else having this problem?
  11. Starting to think RC may be managed by former CDC government employees. The check-in process inconsistency is appalling. Also, if there is Covid-related reduced capacity, who gets involuntarily canceled and when do they get notified? I understand that the previous “normal” procedures had to be modified but it appears that management completely abandoned them with the restart.
  12. What is normal departure time at Port Galveston? Liberty OTS
  13. I’m at 80 days until embarkation and check-in still shows “unavailable “. When might I expect to actually check in? My first two cruises allowed me to check in at 90 days.
  14. Do all Oasis class ships provide WOW bands to suite guests?
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