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  1. If you are booked under the CWC program, there is language that allows for price drops up to 48 hours prior to embarkation.
  2. Although a very generous offer, this is not allowed. At least one person must remain from the original booking.
  3. Just call your creator card company and tell them you are being denied access to a credit, let them fight it out.
  4. I live in Dallas, work in healthcare, many of our hospitals almost went under siting empty for 2 months
  5. Embarking from one of the islands would put an end to the "do i need a passport?" debate; that alone makes it worth a shot
  6. You need an airport that can handle a couple hundred thousand extra people a few times a week Hotel capacity Terminal to handle all the passengers, luggage, food and beverage Distribution for food and beverage. The list goes on and on.
  7. Name a Caribbean island with the infrastructure to embark a cruise ship.
  8. In February we had a private car (Escalade) transport us (4 adults) from FLL to Downtown Miami for $75.
  9. Because there is no benefit to be gained by anyone higher up to apply pressure.
  10. We fly into MIA or FLL, whoever has the best rated at the time, transportation from FLL to Miami is reasonably priced. We generally stay near the port, we are very fond of the Doubletree Biscayne Bay.
  11. I believe it would be difficult to get stuck, but just to clarify, The Abyss is not a waterslide, it is dry. i always get a "rug burn" on my elbow coming down but never came close to slowing down or getting stuck.
  12. The CDC has jurisdiction over American embarkation points, not the ships per se
  13. Do you have the Deluxe drink package? If so I just walk away from those receipts, no need to sign them.
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