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  1. Curious why he wants to restrict embarkation to PC? The new Terminal in Miami is fantastic, and would allow you to open your itineraries to other Oasis Class ships.
  2. Smoke free casinos on the ships is coming, it’s already happening in certain jurisdictions. Regarding legalized cannabis, as long as it is illegal at the federal level, there will nothing for the cruise lines to deal with that they aren’t already handling.
  3. I read somewhere that, depending on the age and construction of the ship, it can be anywhere from 80 to 120 million dollars to retrofit a ship to comply with CARB requirements.
  4. This is all a moot point as Royal has already banned all indoor smoking on ships embarking from European ports, so obviously accommodating that demographic is not important
  5. Indoor smoking is already banned on Royal ships embarking from Europe and Australia, with seemingly zero effect on the bottom line". It is only a matter of time before this is seen from North American embarkation ports.
  6. Ridiculous! Why would you find Royal at fault if something happened to those girls? Royal assigned an adult to each room, the adults decided to move their children to their own room and not supervise them. These parents are just as negligent as the Grandfather in Puerto Rico. No way, no how, is Royal responsible in either case.
  7. One way car rental. Travel out to the port at your leisure when you land, have the car that evening for dinner, last minute was mart run etc.....turn the car in late that night or early the next morning and shuttle or uber to the port.
  8. The duty free explanation can not be correct because other mainstream cruise lines allow you to do exactly what the OP is inquiring about.
  9. When you book a cabana, you do not provide any guest details at the time of booking other than yourself. On the day you arrive at the cabana, you will be given ID bracelets to distribute to whomever you choose.
  10. Ahhh, just get a second cabana!!!!” 🤪🤪
  11. Yet people complain about it endlessly, as if $9.38 is highway robbery and a reason to “never cruise again!!”
  12. I am probably going to trigger your OCD, but we are “morning of” packers
  13. Currently only Harmony, Allure, and Enchantment have the chat feature active
  14. I absolutely ask, every time. For me it is part of the comparison shopping I employ before booking; and I find the answers and amounts are incredibly variable.
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