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  1. I was semi sarcastic. The intent of my statement was so long as they are advising against sailing the no sail order will stand
  2. I assume you are referring to cruises embarking from non-USA ports, because they can not resume from the US against CDC “advice”.
  3. What he said! I have always found the suite lounge beverages to be nice when convenient, but all too often it is way too inconvenient, and not much of a selection.
  4. That’s a great trip to make; definitely on my bucket list; a bit more of a logistical challenge from the US. I hope you make it and I hope it is amazing!
  5. I disagree with your conclusion, the total number of daily new cases in the US has remained relatively constant since peeks in late July early August timeframe. Comparing USA numbers and Singapore numbers really isn't a great idea regardless due to the sheer differences in land mass, and overall population
  6. “Skyrocketing”?? Public data just does not support this statement.
  7. I stand corrected, I thought I had read somewhere differently but obviously I was incorrect.
  8. God news for your friend but really has zero connection to Royal or any of the other ocean going lines. A fully domestic, river cruise company is not under the same CDC rulings and restrictions as the rest.
  9. Keep in mind the healthy sail panel classified “short cruises” as those less than 10 days
  10. But, but, but wait. MSC Cruises is the ONLY cruise line in the world that staffs a pediatric specialist for their customer’s benefit!!
  11. Have. Personal. Responsibility. And. Realize. Crap. Happens. Sometimes. It. Isn’t. Always. Someone’s. Fault.
  12. so correct. The fact that this poster actually believes that a medical evacuation is possible in every circumstance is laughable (add to that you need to find a pediatric capable evac option makes it even more unlikely)
  13. Well you found the end all be all authoritative article; I defer to your clinical expertise.
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