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  1. You will be absolutely fine with this Passport for your November itinerary.
  2. The 6 month validity rule is not applicable to those arriving by cruise ship
  3. Depending on the timing of ones cancellation (before or after final payment) determines cash refund or FCC; if Royal cancels the cruise, one gets to choose between refund or FCC
  4. When the area gets the “all clear” these ports will be tripping over one another to get the revenue that an Oasis class ship brings.
  5. Where would they change the itinerary too?? The whole world is on lockdown.
  6. This article was written by “Captain Obvious”, and his partner “Lieutenant Doomsday”, the industry will rebound.
  7. But you would be getting EXACTLY the same treatment from Carnival, they would not be handling your situation any differently; but I agree, it sucks on many, many levels
  8. I am perplexed by the title of this thread. It appears (mathematically) that Carnival isn’t doing anything better than Royal on the cancelled cruises. On most itineraries I bet the extra 25% FCC comes close to or surpasses $600 OBC
  9. Side note : the Allure dry dock seems to be getting greatly reduced as well, no AMP, just propulsion and other mechanics
  10. Why would anyone dispose of 60 days income when one does not know of it is necessary? There is tremendous benefit to Royal waiting 3 weeks, re-evaluating the landscape and extending the “blackout”; no harm - no foul.
  11. You can always ask for the cash refund.
  12. I’m a big fan of the Hilton Caribe
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