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  1. I agree 100%, I try to be as optimistic as I possibly can. Reality, however, is creeping in now regarding July. Short of getting the injunction this week (and I am not confident), I just can not visualize a path for July.
  2. This is exactly what there will be no cruising from US ports in July
  3. Sailing zig zag VS straight line would have zero impact on the likelihood of being struck by a falling projectile. At any given time the ship's area is exactly the same, therefore chances of a strike are exactly the same.
  4. It's all a moot point because, vaccines aside; the CSO is unworkable. The shoreside quarantine agreements alone make it nearly impossible to accomplish the goal.
  5. Yeah, I am in over my head as well, good news is we will all know soon enough.
  6. I have Symphony coming up in July. Booked over a year ago. Vaccine requirement was not part of the contract i booked under. That has to be grounds for a refund. For the record, I am vaccinated, but am not interested in cruising with any of the apparent protocols.
  7. I'm thinking there will need to be a refund option for those unvaccinated
  8. And we haven't touched on the part where the cruiselines need to contract with "quarantine hotels" to dispatch all the dirty covid positive people for 14 days.
  9. Final payment date for NA bookings for July has come and gone.
  10. getting crew vaccinated Monday and Tuesday, then they will be out to sea until they return for second dose later in the month.
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