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  1. I am booked with a group rate for Liberty this November, i received a price drop OBC last week; I emailed my TA and it was easily handled.
  2. Thats exciting, have never used their product, but it is a good looking ship, just did a couple mock bookings, seems a little pricey, but I guess it is what it is when you are booking the newest and shiniest.
  3. This is how internet rumors get started. There are zero indications that Royal (or any of the other players) would be cancelling cruises. From a health and safety standpoint, the restart has been, for the most part, a resounding success.
  4. I really do not see a lack of communications. It is pretty black and white on the website, if cruising from a North American port, you must be vaccinated if over 12, and have an antigen or PCR test no older than 2 days upon boarding.
  5. The company that does the proctoring is not licensed to do business outside of the US, even if you got the tests.
  6. Remember when you are talking to Optum, they have NOTHING to do with Royal Caribbean, anything they tell you regarding cruise line operations can not be relied upon.
  7. The 48 hour “advice” you were given was absolutely incorrect. It’s been stated quite clearly on the Royal website and has been unwavering, it is 2 calendar days
  8. I don’t believe they are licensed to proctor exams in any country other then the USA, I don’t know how this would come into play with the Canadian citizens.
  9. Let me try a screenshot then. I agree 100%, as a healthcare provider myself, I find this frustrating, but not all that surprising. Selfishly, I would just love the kits I have last long enough to test for my Feb Allure cruise as well as my November Liberty.
  10. I have attached the link from the email response i received. It tells a completely contradictory story. My boxes have a printed expiration of Oct 15, 21 and a Manufacture date of Feb 4, 21. The body of the response I received would lead me to believe my new expiration date is Feb 4, 22 however the PDF attached to the very same response leads one to believe the expiration is Jan 5, 22. Expiration_date_extention.pdf
  11. Evidently Covid does not spread until you cross the threshold and are actually on the ship………….
  12. And I got a completely different answer to the same exact question
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