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  1. Thanks for the insight, I just remember reading the reports of the offer.
  2. A plea deal was offered and summarily rejected by the defense.
  3. Are you serious??? the man stood there PRIOR to picking up the child and placed parts of his own body OUTSIDE through the window.
  4. Just took a glance at the web cam, still looks pretty foggy, the entire top of the ship is obscured. Surely with that much moisture in the air, some of the sport deck activities would be unsafe.
  5. Yeah, because Royal has total control over the weather, the Coast Guard, harbor pilots.......... I understand your frustration but your anger toward the cruise line is unwarranted.
  6. Plastic hasn’t existed for 450 years, so how do you know how long it takes to break down?
  7. We have had good experience at Doubletree Biscayne Bay
  8. The only time you are subject to the $25 corkage fee is if you bring the bottle to a venue (ie. MDR); and even then it is hit and miss (screw tops don't make a difference, despite the name "corkage" the fee has nothing to do with removing a cork). I have not been charged the fee in the last 6-7 cruises, but YMMV. You can always avoid the fee by pouring a glass in your room and then heading out.
  9. This is incorrect, a solo cruiser can bring 2 bottles of wine.
  10. On a Caribbean itinerary I wear tailored shorts and a button down shirt most nights to dinner: be it MDR or Specialty.
  11. And if PR law disallowed this type of surveillance video, it never would have been viewed in the preliminary discovery hearing. It WILL be part of the criminal proceedings.
  12. Curious why he wants to restrict embarkation to PC? The new Terminal in Miami is fantastic, and would allow you to open your itineraries to other Oasis Class ships.
  13. Smoke free casinos on the ships is coming, it’s already happening in certain jurisdictions. Regarding legalized cannabis, as long as it is illegal at the federal level, there will nothing for the cruise lines to deal with that they aren’t already handling.
  14. I read somewhere that, depending on the age and construction of the ship, it can be anywhere from 80 to 120 million dollars to retrofit a ship to comply with CARB requirements.
  15. This is all a moot point as Royal has already banned all indoor smoking on ships embarking from European ports, so obviously accommodating that demographic is not important
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