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  1. Evidently, according to the email i just received, Celebrity has not cancelled ALL of Europe.
  2. J&J is expected to submit for EUA approval in the next couple weeks and have plans for 1 billion doses this year (and this is a single dose vaccine)
  3. Have you checked out the French Polynesia travel restrictions?
  4. Holy “cut and paste” Batman!!
  5. You were given bad information. Plenty of posts out there about people not making final payment and they are screwed.
  6. A $141 difference is not enough incentive for me to take a guaranteed room, I would call and switch
  7. The real estate transaction was finalized, but that’s it. The property needs to be completely leveled and rebuilt and has been postponed indefinitely
  8. For American citizens they can take a cruise that begins and ends at the same American port (with few exceptions) carrying only a birth certificate and photo ID.
  9. In my experience one only need to look at CBP upon return from a cruise; the line for US citizens returning with birth certificate alone is quite long. For the record the state department states 42% of Americans have a passport. I can’t find anything that breaks it down by cruise aficionados alone. Make no mistake, the government is making it impossible to cruise from the US, they could easily make it very difficult for an American citizen to do it from elsewhere. Never underestimate the vindictive nature of the a federal agency.
  10. This really isn’t a viable option; I’m my opinion. 1. A large percentage of cruisers do not have a passport, this would preclude them flying to an international port for embarkation. 2. The CDC, under the guise of public health, could mandate quarantine measures on anyone returning from these cruises.
  11. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine will be single shot
  12. Perhaps they will, I would imagine there will be a fair amount of information distributed; but there will be none anytime soon. RCG doesn't even know what the new normal is yet, and until the final plans are submitted, approved, test journeys made, mitigation protocols evaluated, and certificates issued-there is no news to tell.
  13. The CDC order being discussed in this thread applies to north American embarkations only; I have not heard anything from the reciprocal agencies in Europe about their resumption plans
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