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  1. It has always been my experience that towels are assigned to the folio number, not necessarily the individual sea pass card; just to say, all individuals I am financially responsible for have all the towels on one list.
  2. "find their ways"?? If it was past final payment, then that is policy; no price match.
  3. Two different policies (even pre covid). "Best Price" and "Lowest Price" cover two different scenarios.
  4. You do not upload these documents, only indicate that you will be using them. You will present the actual documents at boarding.
  5. This is standard policy, no price match after final payment. Wr all got a little spoiled with the relaxed “Covid Policies”, but alas; they are gone
  6. If connected rooms are important, I would have paid the extra $200, I think the odds of it happening with GTY rate are very slim. fingers crossed
  7. We just trade out our used for new at the end of each day’s activities.
  8. Yes Sir, no proctor regardless of length from NA
  9. I don’t believe this information is correct. There is no Proctoring requirement, regardless of cruise length, for North American embarkation.
  10. We always check in as early as possible, deposit the bags, and then go out to experience OSJ. It’s a unique opportunity
  11. None of these facts change the fact that boarding in Orlando would violate PVSA, and would not be allowed.
  12. My lovely wife will also get a shot of Baileys on our way to the room for the night if she has a voucher left. It goes into the cooler and makes a nice coffee in the morning.
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