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  1. Yes, a passport trumps all other forms of ID
  2. We check the Going Going Gone sales flyer every Tuesday and score some pretty good bargains from Galveston.
  3. It looks like you booked on Sept 22 and sail on Nov 28?? You are within final payment date, and that is an exclusion for price matches
  4. If they always plan on cruising together, then, the same person should always be booked in the “solo room” when this situation arises.
  5. It doesn’t matter, spouse’s share status regardless of points.
  6. Definitely book you or your wife solo in the JS; and cash in on the extra 7 points. Assuming you both have the se number of points now, it doesn’t matter who is listed in the JS. Once onboard just get an extra key card for whomever was booked in Mom’s cabin (of course under this plan you are stealing 7 points from Mom)
  7. Do everyone in line behind you a favor, and print your set sail pass
  8. Not cancelling cruises, just port stops in Bermuda
  9. I would have asked for the head waiter, this is in direct violation of the rules of the program
  10. We always stay at the Hilton Caribe, FANTASTIC
  11. On Harmony this past July, every room had a blank sea pass card “pre installed” in the slots and they were never removed.
  12. If you have 24 hour complimentary room service, then I assume you are in a Star Class suite; in this case anything you order is complimentary. If you aren't in a suite, I would like to know the origins of your complimentary room service.
  13. generally speaking travel protection is never refundable Could you imagine calling Allstate 8 months in to a 12 month auto policy and asking fro your money back?
  14. I have over 300 days at sea (and am Catholic). I have never seen a Catholic mass on board. I have heard that if a priest happens to be on board that they can perform a mass if they are inclined, but Royal does not provide a priest and mass as a matter of course.
  15. I’ve had retailers in the US outright refuse to accept them
  16. Interesting, I can go to my bank (in the US) and get currency from any major economy worldwide. This isn’t possible in Europe? I am almost certain I have utilized currency exchanges on my visits there.
  17. Heck, you will even find some places in the USA hesitant to take $2 bills.
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