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  1. Have received, literally, hundreds of price drops over the years. A few in just the last month.
  2. Thee have been reports of some ships not allowing sea pass purchases until muster has been completed
  3. They should have left a few out of service for awhile longer and increased staffing on the rest to match with passenger loads
  4. There are no religious exemptions, sorry
  5. I guess we will never know..........................
  6. My experience exactly. The staff in specialty restaurants have begun stumping for the survey (even at JR Breakfast)!
  7. With a refreshment package you have no limitations and you can order any drink that does not include alcohol. There is no price restriction As there is with the deluxe package, I assume mainly because nonalcoholic drinks are nowhere near as expensive as alcoholic drinks. as there is with the deluxe package, I assume mainly because the nonalcoholic drinks are nowhere near as expensive as alcoholic drinks. Mocktails (or virgin cocktails) are included in your package, you will not be charged.
  8. several hundred days at sea, have never had a bag lost; it is almost unheard of
  9. 1. The MDR is not open for lunch on embarkation say, unless you have purchased "The Key" 2. You can, at your discretion, carry your bags on the ship, or check them with the porters. They will need to go through the x-ray machine if you carry them on, but if they fit throughout he machine at the airport, they will fit at the pier. 3.There are Walgreens, CVS, and Publix (as well as a Total Wine) on 17 th street, very near to the port and your hotel.
  10. Are you booking under North American rules? If so, then you have been given bad advice. I always pay in full at booking, often years in advance. I have repriced my cabins numerous times (up until the scheduled final payment date)
  11. Over 500 nights at sea with Royal (56 since Covid restart) I have NEVER been charged a corkage fee, and we bring on 2 bottles minimum every time, and drink it everywhere including MDR and specialty restaurants
  12. Your assessment of the wine consumption is incorrect. Wine and soft drinks brought onboard can be freely consumed anywhere.
  13. You are 100% OK with your current passport for this trip.
  14. You are 100% right, that is the balcony divider locking housing. I agree, I have never seen a carpeted balcony on Royal
  15. No longer accurate; plenty of first hand accounts of folks using the iHealth “government” test to board the ship after paying for the proctor appointment
  16. Fellow Texan here. No, the short form will not work. Go to the county clerk’s office and they will hook you up with the appropriate document.
  17. Perfectly fine to drink: it’s the same water you would get served anywhere else in the ship.
  18. Can’t ever remember being charged sales tax on a Royal sailing
  19. Do NOT forget your test results
  20. No, you can only access your in room VM, from the phone in your room.
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