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  1. the corkscrew never leaves my dop bag; it goes everywhere
  2. Have you ever seen a bug in your home? Your car? Seriously
  3. Don’t make that assumption. Even with a passport; it is not unheard of for single parents to be scrutinized if taking a child out of the country.
  4. I guess you aren’t setting foot in Europe either. I’ve never seen soldiers with AR-15s on a beach in Mexico (and I am in Mexico ALOT)
  5. X is changing the “all included” offering and tips won’t be included after October 4- seems RCG is trying to level the field a bit.
  6. Unfortunately this is par for the course; they seem to stand hard by the “your age on boarding is your age for the journey” rule. One of my children turned 21 mid journey several years ago, and there was absolutely no way, no how, they would allow her to purchase a drink on board. So I bought them, and hand delivered them to her.
  7. I believe this question has too many nuances for anyone on this board to accurately advise on. Good luck, and I hope it all works out.
  8. I gave it some consideration for my March 2 Odyssey booking, and then I read about the poolside DJ. Nope, not my idea of a relaxing beach day.
  9. I thought I read somewhere that UUA balloon was being decommissioned completely
  10. Hard to feel sorry for them. Obviously procrastinators. TX let’s you renew your license 6 months in advance; why wait until the last minute? Mine expired Feb 2024, I renewed online 2 weeks ago, had new license (valid through 2032) in my hands in less than 2 weeks.
  11. And the money made is not spent in the US but in the crews home countries. You MUST take this into account if you are throwing around terms like "slave wages" Hypothetical scenario: Young TONYFSU21 is given the opportunity to go to Dubai and work as house staff for a wealthy family. They promise you at the end of your 9 month commitment, they will send you home with the same amount of money that it would take 2 years to make at home in the USA. Would you consider these slave wages, simply because the family could afford to pay you more, or are you incredibly grateful to be 12-15 months ahead financially and sign up for another contract? Judging by the vast number of returning crew members, if you are honest with yourself, the answer is the latter. You aren't staying in Dubai, so why make that your barometer?
  12. Super bowls are scheduled about 5 years in advance
  13. That is an excellent thought thread, and makes perfect sense. In America, your examples of department store worker, car salesman, and insurance agent are all commission based jobs, so in many ways there compensation is tied into performance just like a tipped position. ( I do not know if commission based salaries exist in Europe). With regard to the other positions, I am sure we have the same amount of sub par performance from certain individuals as you do. Generally speaking, firing someone in this country is a relatively easy thing to do.
  14. Hmmmmmm! First post, ridiculous unbelievable accusations.................................
  15. I was on Allure for Super Bowl this year. They showed the game in the Theater as well as the Aqua-Theater. There were small munchies around the venues.
  16. They will take home 1.5X-2X the average annual income of their home country on each contract. That's a pretty great wage
  17. If you talk frankly to any professional waitstaff here in the states, or any forward facing crew on cruise ships, they will agree with you 100%. They all do better in a cash based gratuity system (not the Royal Caribbean scam of auto daily gratuity)
  18. If gratuity is included by default on a service, there is no reason to feel awkward by not tipping any further
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