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  1. Agreed, we had a toddler at the table next to us in Giovannis last week, and lots of little ones at Chops lunch.
  2. It doesn't matter, the CARES act will pay for travel testing. Check "for travel" and tell the testing site you have no insurance to file.
  3. In my experience the APP will only allow you to access one room, there does not seem to be multiple room capability.
  4. You have to go to guest services after boarding and request duplicate keys
  5. But they did embrace the mandate for the 12 and up group when their turn for vaccines came up
  6. not really a "bogus" gift card, but you do need to read the fine print before purchase
  7. Not sure of the threshold, but Windjammer opened for dinner this week on LOTS
  8. Don’t get hung up on the term “gratuity” consider it more of a “daily service fee”
  9. To echo the up thread sentiments; I am currently on LOTS, day 6. Had a GREAT week, have no concerns for safety, and with the exception of “mask on here mask off there” everything feels very normal and incredibly relaxed. We have 4 more weeks booked between now and mid February
  10. Not exactly correct. Martinique (I believe) requires a passport for cruise passengers. (Cuba did as well, but that’s a moot point currently)
  11. The last couple years the sales started Monday of Thanksgiving week, and lasted through Cyber Monday
  12. I would imagine that is a world wide number, but I have no evidence to back that up.
  13. They will sell cabins to more adult, more profitable customers that haven't cruised due to the mask requirement, than they will lose less profitable 5-12 year olds and their parents, when the mandate is put in place, and the mask requirements dropped. Ships will sail as full as allowed regardless
  14. Royal replied to a Twitter inquiry confirming the website and the contest are legitimate
  15. And even then the prices are high, no deals I can find
  16. I don't know, today Disney Cruise announced a new vaccine policy beginning Jan 13, vaccine required for all passengers 5 years and older; I doubt they will be the last.
  17. I can't imagine RCL not following suit, there is really no downside at this point. For every booking you lose, you will gain 2 new ones
  18. Unfortunately, the room you bid for may not even be available currently. Royal may just be preparing for potential cancellations, or perhaps the folks in the room you have bid on are also waiting on an upgrade bid. There are plenty of stories out there of folks not finding out they have won their bid until they are at check in.
  19. I can foresee a lot of reductions onboard "to enhance our cruise experience"
  20. Keep a pair of these in my toiletry bag, they go on every trip, no problem
  21. Everyone has to start somewhere
  22. There is no reason to include vaccinated in the study, the virus being addressed is genetically an exact clone regardless of vaccination status. Unvaccinated were the only study participants used to avoid the question "was it the pill or was it the vaccine". Pfizer plans to apply for EUA this month so they must feel the study was large enough (Merck has a similar drug already approved in several countries), and are planning for distribution before Christmas.
  23. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html
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