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  1. bcarney

    Room Service not in my room

    As a side note, that depends on the ship. My recent cruises the Windjammer is closed around 9:30-10pm.
  2. bcarney

    Question about Giovanni's Table

    I second that motion. I used to dislike Italian food, then I ate there, and everything changed. But still, Giovannis > Chops 😉
  3. Has anyone managed to talk their way into getting a drinks package while onboard, with Diamond discount, without having to purchase one for their spouse? We're sailing on an 11 day, and the price for the 2 of us is about 1/3 of the total cost of the entire cruise itself. There's no way my wife would come anywhere near to breaking even, and she doesn't drink soda. I know some staff may have more flexibility than others, so I'm curious whom I should talk to and suggestions as to what I should say. Thanks!
  4. bcarney

    San Juan departure 11:06am

    When you get to the airport don't forget to go through the agricultural inspection process before going to the airport checkin section. When you enter the main airport, immediately to the right and left of the doors is some x-ray machines. Run your luggage through those, get the "inspected" sticker, then go to check in with the airline. So many people don't know to do that, and they go stand in line just to find out they have to go back and get the luggage inspected.
  5. bcarney

    St. Lucia

    I just wanted to say that is a very kind offer to make to near strangers! Blessings to you.
  6. bcarney

    Best Off Menu Request?

    This isn't off-menu, but on our last cruise (Adventure Nov '17) our waiter left a little bit to be desired so we hit the Windjammer two nights. One night they had an Indian food section that was solid, and the butter chicken was the best I've ever had. Another evening was "Caribbean Night" that was to die for. The jerk chicken was moist, spicy... great stuff!
  7. bcarney

    Best Off Menu Request?

    OMG. I'm sooo doing this on my next cruise. Brilliant!
  8. bcarney

    Comparing Nachi Cocom with Maya Chan

    I recall a Periscope where Michael Poole got there early - 9ish as they were setting up - and had free reign of the place. So if you heart is set on a palapa, be the first in line. 🙂
  9. bcarney

    Voom Price Reductions

    I'm on an 11 day on Serenade in November and booked it yesterday at that same price. I figure that's as good as it's going to get. No drink packages this time around though!
  10. bcarney

    San Juan Debarkation

    @zamboni03 - upon entering the airport after the cruise, immediately go to your right and/or left and you'll see the agriculture inspection station. Make sure to go there first, before heading to check in, to have your luggage tagged as inspected. There's no one at the door to make sure you do this, so some people pass through and go to check their luggage with the airline only to find out they have to go back and get the tags.
  11. This is literally the first time I've logged in in months, and this is the first "live" notification I get?!?!? Good grief! LOL Your "Oasis Class Denier" tag has me LOLing, @JLMoran!
  12. Soooo... how much was the drugs package, and did they get the 20% early booking discount? 🙂
  13. bcarney

    Adventure OTS With No Blog

    Adventure has the round, hard plastic doors and not shower curtains. I hate those skin-sucking curtains.
  14. bcarney

    When is your next cruise?

    Nov. 19, 2018 Serenade of the Seas
  15. bcarney


    I wouldn't mind Hooked replacing Chops on a couple of ships! (let the flames begin!)