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  1. I fear that people will just stay within the compound, and not venture out to the island and contribute to the island's economy.
  2. My son is allergic to peanuts. In the MDR the head waiter comes over the night before with the following day's menu and goes over it with us, noting what dishes may have peanuts (very few, of course). We're on our own in the Windjammer, but basically just avoid the cookies and desserts and you'll be safe. The soft serve ice cream comes out of the machine and into the cone or bowl, so you don't have to worry about cross-contamination there either. RC takes allergies very seriously. You need not worry.
  3. THANK YOU for not saying "Ron Zacapa 23 YEAR OLD". That phrase is like nails on a chalkboard to me, because it isn't. It's just marketing - it used have a teeny, tiny portion of a possibly 23 year old rum in it years ago, maybe a full molecule or two, but nowadays it does not. It's like "Pilar 24" rum - how can a 5 year old company have a 24 year old rum? It's not, it's just the number 24 slapped on the label. Everyone assumes "year old" when they see a number. Zacapa also has 45 g/liter of sugar added, and also glycerine to make it "smooth". I have no real preference for spiced rums, by the time you add it to a frozen drink you've covered up a lot of what makes rum, rum. I haven't seen Mt. Gay silver in a long time. I've toured the distillery (not the visitors center) twice, they make a proper, no stuff added (unless it was aged in a used barrel) rum.
  4. How nerdy can I get? 😉 I'm a traditionalist, so it's Goslings for me (the standard bottle, not the 151). Goslings only has 11 grams/liter of added sugar, whereas Kracken has 43 gpl, if that is a concern for you. Goslings is also the more traditional 40 proof vs 47 for Kracken. "Groupthink" rates them about equally https://www.rumratings.com/brands/482-kraken-black-spiced https://www.rumratings.com/brands/420-gosling-s-black-seal Kracken uses a younger rum base as well, IIRC (hence the added sugar and caramel colorings), so personally I'd be sticking with Goslings. But all that said, keep in mind these are SPICED rums, not regular rums, so you might want to make room in your cabinet for a traditional rum like Appleton or Mt. Gay (both easily accessible) for recipes that require a non-spiced rum.
  5. I have the final statement in front of me. $700 was refunded. It paid for 2 Deluxe Beverage packages, all gratuities, $20 on t-shirts, my wife decided she wanted a drink in a pineapple so there was a $10.62 surcharge for that, and she also bought $61 worth of perfume. Our final bill was $94.17.
  6. I was on one of the impacted cruises last week. I think the Company handled it well - they gave us 50% of our fare back as refundable OBC, and we in turn spent every penny of it onboard. We're happy, and Royal still managed to keep our money (on high profits items like the drink package), so everybody wins.
  7. We just got off Majesty on Monday. It was one of the Cuba-cancelled cruises where we received 50% of our fare back as a refundable OBC. Upon boarding we ordered a drink, and there was a guy there pitching BOGOHO drink packages. After doing the math it was a $47.50/pp per day plus tip - which is a far cry from the $66/day last spring. Normally my wife wouldn't get the package, but we were cruising without the kids, and to be honest the money was already "spent" mentally, so with a little bit of arm twisting she relented and we purchased the package. On a side note, the refunded money covered drink packages for two, all the gratuities, and some other miscellaneous spending. We walked off the ship with a final bill of only $94, after living large all week. It was most definitely a great cruise. 🙂
  8. All - this thread is doing nothing but causing harsh language and hard feelings. It's accomplishing nothing. Nothing can be done to bring that little girl back, so just let it go and move on.
  9. Amen to that. Six or so years ago they were dredging small marinas on the Great Lakes because water levels were at all time lows. This year, there's so much water that some of the marinas are under water and no-wake zones are being expanded because the wakes are flooding houses. When it comes to nature the only thing consistent is change.
  10. I've been on (I think) 17 cruises, and even with all that experience I still learn new tips from people almost every time I visit this site. It's a very useful resource, and I've even made some virtual friendships along the way!
  11. Not to mention that, for the most part, the items being served in the MDR are also being served in the WJ. Plus, the food is warmer as they haven't been sitting on a covered plate along with the 23 others destined for your waiter's section.
  12. This is exactly what my family has been doing for the last few cruises, and with the same expectations regarding time. Not sure what we're going to be doing on Majesty next week; no specialty restaurants, so we'll probably ask for MTD and bounce between that and the Windjammer.
  13. Dinner in the Windjammer is nothing like the zoo at breakfast and lunch; there are times we've gone in there at dinnertime and the place is 3/4 empty. No worries about saving tables, etc.
  14. Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale? Heck I'd much rather drive that (relatively) small distance than mess around with all the nonsense at the airport, lost or overweight luggage, backups at TSA checks, parking costs, etc.
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