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  1. All - this thread is doing nothing but causing harsh language and hard feelings. It's accomplishing nothing. Nothing can be done to bring that little girl back, so just let it go and move on.
  2. Amen to that. Six or so years ago they were dredging small marinas on the Great Lakes because water levels were at all time lows. This year, there's so much water that some of the marinas are under water and no-wake zones are being expanded because the wakes are flooding houses. When it comes to nature the only thing consistent is change.
  3. I've been on (I think) 17 cruises, and even with all that experience I still learn new tips from people almost every time I visit this site. It's a very useful resource, and I've even made some virtual friendships along the way!
  4. Not to mention that, for the most part, the items being served in the MDR are also being served in the WJ. Plus, the food is warmer as they haven't been sitting on a covered plate along with the 23 others destined for your waiter's section.
  5. This is exactly what my family has been doing for the last few cruises, and with the same expectations regarding time. Not sure what we're going to be doing on Majesty next week; no specialty restaurants, so we'll probably ask for MTD and bounce between that and the Windjammer.
  6. Dinner in the Windjammer is nothing like the zoo at breakfast and lunch; there are times we've gone in there at dinnertime and the place is 3/4 empty. No worries about saving tables, etc.
  7. Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale? Heck I'd much rather drive that (relatively) small distance than mess around with all the nonsense at the airport, lost or overweight luggage, backups at TSA checks, parking costs, etc.
  8. I'm on Majesty's July 17 5 day sailing. They want a $700/pp minimum bid for an upgrade from a Oceanview GTY to a Jr. Suite - that's now 2x more than what the cruise cost after the Cuba cancellation refund. $1K for Grand Suite, and $1,700 for Owners.
  9. For me the hilarious bit is that they fell for buying that craptastic "artwork" they sell onboard - look at the walls behind them! LOL
  10. For those on cruises that were going to Cuba, check your planners for price drops. I just logged into mine and the Deluxe Beverage Package is now down to $44/day!
  11. Havana has been replaced with Costa Maya - that makes me happy, as I'll be able to go to Maya Chan again!
  12. Our 7/17 sailing now has Costa Maya - which means I'll be able to go to Maya Chan again! 🙂 Woot!
  13. I have to say, that 50% refund has already taken much of the sting out of this, for me anyways. Now I'm just hoping they don't turn it into another sea day.
  14. This is all my fault. I booked a Cuba cruise, and now this. My apologies.
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