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  1. bcarney

    Tipping for Large families

    Anyone who's cleaned up after my kids after lunch in the Windjammer deserves every penny of that tip, and then some (it takes quite a while to get into those hazmat suits). Kids make a much bigger mess than adults do; frankly, the mandatory gratuity for them should be more than those for adults.
  2. bcarney

    Favorite food in the MDR

    Thank you! I did a Bing image search, and it sure looked like callos. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to having it again someday.
  3. bcarney

    So, About That MyVEGAS Thing...

    I cashed in 50,000 points for an OBC, but when I submitted it to RC it was rejected because there was some sort of "discount code" already applied to the room. Fortunately they provided instructions on how to get the points back into your account.
  4. bcarney

    Favorite food in the MDR

    One night I had butter chicken at the Windjammer and it was the best I've ever had. Not kidding. @4ensic on my last cruise there was a lot a crew from the Philippines, so I asked for that style of food one evening. They brought out adobo chicken, and also a dish made from tripe. It was nice and sticky from the collagen, and a tiny bit spicy. I didn't catch the name of it - I don't suppose you'd have any idea what it was?
  5. bcarney

    WindJammer Hamburgers

    They had those on my recent Serenade cruise, along with chicken and turkey sausages at breakfast. Now, to me, a chicken 'sausage' is an abomination and perhaps a crime against humanity, but it's there for those that want to partake in such lunacy. šŸ˜‰
  6. bcarney

    Diamond and up 3 drinks

    Yeah, but good luck finding any bar service in the MDR. You'll have a better chance of finding a leprechaun riding a unicorn through the MDR than finding bar service.
  7. If anyone has the opportunity to sail with @RatedPG, please do so. He's a great person, with a perpetual smile on his face. I had the opportunity to shake his hand, and frankly that may have been the highlight of my cruise. He's a great human being, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to have met him. Blessings to you, RatedPG. I hope we cross paths again someday.
  8. Iā€™m here with my rum group, and since the Don Q rum distillery is closed for the weekend to give the workers some time off, they graciously flew in someone from their European operations to give us a seminar and some tastings. Itā€™s great that a big company would do that for a small tour group. Being the holiday, Ponce was dead, but we managed to see the sights and have a good time nonetheless. Tomorrow we dock in St. Kitts and take a ferry to Nevis for another tour of a spiced rum place run by a friend of many of us. Iā€™m loving the ship and crew. Literally my only complaint is that the Diamond Lounge is way too small for the number of people on this particular cruise. Other than that, this is a great cruise and great crew. Hope your vacation is going as good as mine!
  9. bcarney

    Serenade secrets?

    Thank you, and I'm from Michigan - we already have snow, about an inch on the ground today.
  10. Killing the hours until I sail on Serenade on Monday... Was wondering if those that have sailed on her in the past have any secret "must do or see" things on the ship that aren't really popularized? Thanks for any intel you can give me. Bill
  11. bcarney

    Thanksgiving Sailings

    We usually just eat in the MDR for Thanksgiving. On our upcoming Serenade cruise, Giovanni's Table was booked up for Thanksgiving over a month ago.
  12. bcarney

    Formal nights on an 11 night

    I liked them better when I didn't have to pay an additional $50 to haul an extra piece of luggage down with me... I'm kind of in the middle of the argument - I wouldn't mind if Formal Nights went away, but I also don't want to see things devolve into people wearing shorts and flip-flops to the MDR. Khakis and a polo or collared shirt are OK with me.
  13. JLMoran, thanks for this post! I just booked Chef's Table for my next cruise, and I can't wait!!! šŸ™‚