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  1. The 21st of what month? Have no experience with this but have read here that it’s about a week prior.
  2. Oops sorry, senior moment!! Yes 8 hours is a totally different story. There’s a fabulous seafood restaurant right around the corner from the port- best fish tacos EVER!! Gonna go google it & will add the name. Its Grill’s!!!
  3. I think I’m confused. Did you purchase the stuff in your cart? If so, don’t you pay immediately? If it’s still in your cart, they don’t honor the price when you put it in the cart. You are charged whatever the price is the day you check out. I don’t understand how you are going to “pay it off “ in a couple of weeks.
  4. Yes but it’s a way better choice than trying to get to Orlando (45-60 minutes away each way) when you only have 4 hours to begin with!
  5. It is what it is which is why most of us look at PRICE not sale banners. Sounds like that is difficult for you but if you want the best prices, you’re going to have to do it. Additionally it might stop you from wasting money on things you don’t really want/need just because of the sale banner.
  6. And this is VERY common in retail - % off the suggested retail price - lowest price of the season. If you are basing your purchases on wording, you are just the customer they’re looking for!! Years ago in CT, Filene’s had the state Dept of Consumer Protection all over them because their linens were always on a percentage sale. Deceptive advertising because the linens were never sold at FULL price. So we learned never to buy towels on Monday or Tuesday when they were full price! As others have pointed out, watch PRICE not SALES.
  7. Isn’t this article referring to cloth versus medical grade masks in a medical setting? I read nothing there that equates its findings to our current situation in regards to non-medical use of cloth masks. Really, if you do a google search, you can come up with articles arguing both sides of this issue (or ANY ISSUE for that matter). I choose to err on what I perceive to be the side of caution. I wear a mask.
  8. Under the Cruise with Confidence program, if you cancel, you will get your deposit in the form of a Future Cruise Credit to be used later. You also have the option to move the cruise to one next April (same general itinerary, same length, same room category) and retain your current pricing. This is called Lift & Shift. There are many threads about this program here and Matt has a blog post explaining it very clearly. The only way to get an actual refund, assuming you are booked with non-refundable deposits, is if Royal cancels the cruise.
  9. I love fridge magnets, cheap and easy to pack. But hubby has banned them from the kitchen because “ they scratch the stainless steel”. Kill joy. So I’ve switched to Xmas ornaments.
  10. Nope not making my final payment, did a lift & shift on one and cancelled the other. Not worth putting out the extra money IMO. I will apply the FCC from the cancelled cruise to the L & S one when it is issued.
  11. I am somewhat claustrophobic. Like all phobias, mine is unreasonable. I almost clawed my wrist bloody because my watch clasp got caught in the safety chain, stuck zippers can cause me to flip out and I may or may not have ripped a jacket to get it off. But the helmets look like there’s quite a bit of room in them as opposed to a full face bike helmet (you don’t want to know). For those who have done this, will I freak??
  12. Submerged scooters?!?!! Anyone here ever tried it?
  13. Well my 10 year old grandson got a cruise long eyeful of the 30-40 15 year old Latinas on their whatever it’s called celebration! He spent an inordinate amount of time in the hot tubs!! Dental floss and stilettos being the outfits of the day!!
  14. My final payment for our March 20, 2021 7 day out of Tampa is due 12/13. I do not want to float RCCL a $4700 interest free loan so I need to make a decision before then. Our first port is also scheduled to be Key West so that's out and I have not been notified of its replacement yet. We've already done a L & S to Harmony in March 2022. Wish B2B was an option for us but the family can't get that much time off.
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