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  1. I never send original birth certificates. I keep those and have certified (raised seal) copies to submit for whomever might need it. Here in CT those are obtained by a 5 minute, $20 visit to the local Town Clerk. Hubby was born in New Hampshire but they have an on line request service, ordered 2 just in case. Those originals are kinda special and I would hate to have one lost.
  2. Any idea what this might mean for 2021 cruises prior to April? My Rhapsody out of Tampa is in March? Does this mean no cruise or no changes??!
  3. Without the problems associated with Covid, I would have suggested just getting a travel pass for however many days you’ll be in Bermuda. Unlimited use of all public transportation including bus and ferry. We had as much fun on the buses interacting with locals ( they all have great suggestions on where to go, bars, restaurants) and the NASCAR level bus drivers made every trip an adventure!! Passes were cheap and we went everywhere using them.
  4. No change in my rhapsody cruise, still bouncing from $61 to $46 and back again.
  5. Took our grandson on his first cruise in February- 4 day Mariner out of PC. Love the picture of him in a “Superman” pose on the flowrider!
  6. Kinda backwards but I L & S'd our March 21 Rhapsody to March 22 Harmony then rebooked the March 21 Rhapsody. We liked our original itinerary so we booked it again, same price, same room. Plus we got a half price Owners Suite on Harmony! Oh and also thanks to our MEI agent. Thank you Emily!!!
  7. The price on our cruise has risen almost 30% in the last few weeks. I am stubbornly holding onto the hope that they have reached reduced capacity and are trying to discourage further bookings. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  8. What do you think this might mean for our cruise in March 2021??? edited to add: Rhapsody out of Tampa
  9. My March 2021 Rhapsody cruise just shot up 25%. Thinking this is their way of discouraging further bookings. Maybe more room in the Solarium?!?!
  10. Fresh ricotta & eggplant pizza at Aldo’s in Memphis! Who knew?!?!!
  11. As happy as this should make me, I imagine RCCL’s agents are instructed to project optimism. I am as anxious as anyone here to get cruising started but one comment to one TA by one agent doesn’t really mean much to me. I will of course keep my fingers crossed.
  12. I know this has been discussed to death but heck, we gotta talk about something! We will be 6 adults - 3 in our mid sixties and not yet ready for walkers , 36, 33 and 30. 3 of us have been to Nachi and enjoyed it very much (only maybe 40 people there, almost felt like a private beach). I remember the food being so so and the waiter mildly disinterested but the beach was gorgeous. NC only allows 150 people per day. Looks like Mr Sanchos allows 450??? Is it that much bigger? Not sure anyone is interested in the water park and would prefer not to be overrun by children. Ok go!!!!
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