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  1. Yup, no shower curtain and the space tubes make me claustrophobic.
  2. You should have access to priority boarding although this has recently come into question. You will have access to dinner only in Coastal Kitchen. You must go there & request reservations as it is as space allows for Junior Suites. The walk in closet is great & you’ll have a tub/shower combo instead of the space tube and upgraded bath products.
  3. Switch to a cruise coming up sooner on the same ship. Click on the little torso on the home page Select a different cruise browse our ships also check all 3 dining rooms. Sometimes only 1 shows menus but it’s the same for all of them
  4. DS tried to test how unlimited the DBP really was. Spent day 3 in the cabin (with the rest of the family laughing at him). Hydration and sleeping on the balcony. Spent the rest of the cruise saying I told you so!!!
  5. Not true. It is quite easy to call & get a combination of DBP & refreshment package.
  6. I have never waited more than 10 minutes with a 6:45 MTD reservation on either of my post covid cruises. Everyone talks about long lines and waiting forever but this has not been my experience.
  7. AFAIK Coastal Kitchen menus have not changed.
  8. A little research would have given you this information. MTD starting at 6:45 has been the norm for quite some time. It was that way a year ago on our Harmony cruise and again in October on Explorer. I made MTD for our May Harmony cruise back in August & 6:45 is the earliest time available. Gotta clear early traditional dining first.
  9. So then what’s your point? People say they can’t drink enough to justify it. The other included beverages you mention can be had much cheaper with the refreshment or soda packages. So to make the DBP of value, you have to drink enough booze.
  10. Ok the DBP is not worth it for me because I can’t drink that much for the entire cruise. I don’t drink specialty coffee, don’t care about fresh squeezed OJ, find the ship’s water perfectly acceptable and bring wine with me. PSA - it’s not for everyone. Sorry to drive you nuts.
  11. Additionally, the suites concierge will email you about 5 days before your cruise. You can respond with any reservations or special requests you may have/want.
  12. You are just so darn helpful!!!
  13. Sorry one more question, will my comp internet work on Coco Cay?
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