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  1. Your prepaid gratuities have nothing to do with the drink package. Those do not go to the bar staff. When you purchase the drink package, you will be charged 18% on the price. If you pay as you go for drinks, 18% will be added to each drink.
  2. Got a spacious balcony for hubby, 10 year old grandson and myself. It was anything but. So cramped I wouldn’t even let the room steward pull out the sofa bed. Never again!
  3. No harm in TRYING. Just go in with low expectations. It may work one night & not the next. If you are polite and they can accommodate you, they will.
  4. STOP!!! I’m trying to diet for my cruise & you make me want to lick my phone!!!!
  5. Can’t argue with that. Glad we have six more months before our next cruise.
  6. If it has her name, date of and type of doses administered and where she got them along with something indicating it was from the Health Dept., it should be acceptable.
  7. Nope, no one here has ever done the UDP! Sorry, couldn’t resist, just kidding.
  8. I would think 2 months out, they’re PROBABLY accurate. But menus can and do change even when things are “normal” so be flexible if you can.
  9. Matt, have you been on EVERY cruise since the restart???
  10. And she/he didn’t give you a backup agent to contact if necessary?
  11. Although I invariably find price drops before my MEI TA, she is quick to get it taken care of for me. Today for instance, found an added military discount for my Explorer cruise in October 2022. Saved $579. Mindful of the several hour time zone difference, Emily got back to me with the new invoice very quickly.
  12. On CC, several posts about not getting a refund for cancelled cruises from last year. No personal experience but many over there are very dissatisfied with them.
  13. Coffee/pastries room service is complementary. You should however tip the person delivering it. I always keep small bills near the door for this.
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