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  1. From what I can see, lamb shank is night 7!! Also a favorite of my brother.
  2. I’ve been checking MDR menus from different sailings. Right now Adventure and Oasis are on the App (probably more). The MDR menu is pretty much the same at least between those 2. Days 2 & 3 seem to be flip flopped but are otherwise identical.
  3. If everything goes smoothly and you are all booked, maybe not. But if things don’t, a good TA can shoulder a lot of the heavy lifting for you. They will make the phone calls & get your problems fixed. Additionally, a good TA will also watch for price drops and get your fares adjusted. I really like mine and I used to be an uberplanner (ok still am). I figure out a couple of options, email her & she goes to work!
  4. Moot point (sorry, this one drives me crazy) Mute means silent
  5. Any suggestions? I need something to plan!!!!
  6. My brother & nephew are in a JS. We are in an Owners Suite so, yes, I do have access to the concierge.
  7. I have MTD reservations for every night for the 6 of us (2 in a JS only). I would like to reserve CK for all of us for night 1. If the concierge can’t do that, I’ll get it for 4 and then try to add the other 2 on board. One night I am treating my son brother & nephew to Izumi so will probably do CK that night for hubby daughter & me. The rest will be a crap shoot.
  8. Thanks ConstantCruiser & WAAAYTOO, I’ve had the lobster tails and they are decent. Looks like it would make sense to just eat in the MDR that night. Follow up question, can we request a CK entree be sent to the MDR?
  9. Yes, a New Englander here too. Used to fresh cold water Maine lobsters.
  10. Can I ask about the butter poached lobster in CK? Trying to decide between MDR & CK on lobster night. Is one better than the other? Can you ask for more in CK?
  11. Ok you can’t leave me hanging. Where do I find insanely good crab cakes???
  12. Thank you but we are not cruising. Flying in for a few days for some baseball & sightseeing. I believe the light rail suggestion with suit us nicely.
  13. Last time we went (long time ago) the stands were pretty empty. Bought mid priced tickets & by the third inning, moved down to field level. Planning on buying the cheap seats this time & again moving around as we are able. this is a midweek series so maybe a better chance
  14. Also want to see Poe’s grave!
  15. Nice!! I expect we’ll find plenty to do. Love the aquarium. Never been to the fort so that’s high on my list!
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