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  1. I get that but somehow have a deep phobia with that option. Irrational, yes, but nonetheless I have it. Thinking at worst we can use the hotel shuttle back to the airport & get a shuttle from there. I have 8 solid months to obsess over it. But you are both right, prices are pretty much lower than a shared service and of course you aren’t sharing. I might have to get over it! How would this work in reverse? Is it hard to schedule for what would be a Sunday morning?
  2. Yup, I was not a happy camper.
  3. Dania Beach hotel to POM & back to FLL. Looking for a shared shuttle maybe. SAS left us high & dry last year so I need another option. Thanks
  4. Thanks, yes we are Diamond now. Last EX cruise we were earning status so no Crown Lounge then. Will I fit in in my fluffy bathrobe and bunny slippers?
  5. Looks like we are just opposite the Concierge Club. Are we eligible to go in? Thinking morning coffee.
  6. Yeah, my techie brother had me clear cookies/cache & it works now.
  7. Now if I could only access my cruise through the website. The mobile app accepts my login information but the website won’t. Soooo frustrating!!!
  8. Thank you my friend . Putting the deposit down tomorrow. See you in March!!!
  9. Thank you! We are or will be in a JS. I was just wondering how noisy that cabin might be. Can you tell we haven’t cruised in FOREVER!!!!!
  10. @WAAAYTOOO quick opinion? Deck 9 midship but very near an elevator bank or; Deck 10 about 8 rooms further aft not near the elevators. never been in an aft room
  11. Probably 80% sure right now. I so need to sail!
  12. Hi Raye! leaning more & more toward booking the cruise, just wondering if you & Dan are still going? Gail
  13. Does that mean we can “share” in March. Lowly Diamond so I only get 4
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