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  1. Funny cuz, as well as being a fountain of useless knowledge, I happen to be a terrific singer. Sang Dust in the Wind in the Schooner Bar with the classical guitarist on Harmony. But kinda too old for the karaoke crowd I saw.
  2. Wow, congratulations!! I can’t get past 20. It’s a constant struggle. That’s why I book cruises. X months to lose X pounds! And you look like a teddy bear with a GREAT A stache!!
  3. I hope to meet you on a cruise one day. I did meet Twangster very briefly in March. Maybe I should try a Blog group cruise some time. Although my daughter thinks this is a cult! BTW, your avatar is pretty scary.
  4. Thank you, that makes sense (cuz it saves me money!). Really sad she isn’t coming but I guess I can’t expect her to hang with the old folks every time. But if you hear someone got thrown off Explorer on Halloween,
  5. I’ve never been given a receipt to sign with the drink package
  6. Hubby loves to watch people make horses patooties of themselves on the pool deck. Bores me to tears. I usually plop my butt in a lounger & read. I have to say though, I have trouble going to activities. I don’t know why. I love trivia and am a fountain of useless knowledge so you want me on your team! But I can’t seem to get up the nerve to go alone. I imagine myself being that solo player at the back table by myself (although I’d still win!!!). I used to be social and don’t know what happened.
  7. Easy, obvious to find? We used public transportation in Bermuda and found it very convenient.
  8. I hope when the time comes to make the change, RC doesn’t change their answer! I’m keeping the email from my TA as reference. It will make the airline fares somewhat more palatable.
  9. I thought if we canceled our third guest, RC would reprice the cruise & there would be very little difference AND they might move us to a J2 cabin. BUT my TA called & they told her no reprice, just a refund of my daughter’s portion of the total and no cabin move. We have til final payment to decide. What a nice surprise!
  10. Mine too but there’s no indication there that $31 is a sale price.
  11. No menu that I know of. My daughter mentioned she loved Indian food and it magically appeared every night for her. Sometimes it was a special appetizer, sometimes it was a main course but something every night.
  12. Didn’t think the coffee cards went on sale even precruise?
  13. Our filet on Harmony in March was pretty awful. We didn’t find the food in CK to be appreciably better than MDR and frankly our server was kinda snooty. I really wanted to enjoy it more than I did.
  14. I did everyone’s on my phone while we were driving to the port. Ditto the safety briefing.
  15. May be what we should expect but not what seems to happen with Royal. As you seemed to have done, after a couple of weeks, I would have disputed the charge with my CC company and let them deal with it.
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