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  1. My “kids” are 35 and 30 so as long as we have a sports bar, pool bar, room service for the 30 year old, we are good! The 35 year old lives in Orlando so we’d fly in the day before, stay at our favorite hotel there & drive down for the cruise. We did this a couple of years ago when we cruised just with her. We want to take both this time so our son would fly down with us.
  2. I’m sorry, you are always so generous with your thoughts and opinions but why do you like Radiance class over Vision? What are the differences? I am actually leaning toward Brilliance but my opinion doesn’t mean much given my experience. We’ve been on Empress, Majesty and Mariner. Hubby thought Mariner was kinda big without any gain over the 2 smaller. We got lost a few times & it was a long walk to our room.
  3. And why would you choose Brilliance over Rhapsody?
  4. Retiring in January, we want to take our 2 adult children on a cruise to celebrate. It’s my retirement and I want to go to Key West so that has to be part of the itinerary. We will book grand suite or above. Looking for February-April 2021. First option is a 7 day on Rhapsody out of Tampa stopping at KW, Cozumel, Costa Maya & Grand Caymans. Second option is a 5 day on Brilliance also out of Tampa stopping at KW and Cozumel. We’ve been to Costa Maya and Cozumel and have no problem going back. Looking for opinions on the ships mostly. Room/balcony differences? Suite perk differences? Which ship would you choose and why? Going stir crazy at home. Need to plan a vacation!!! Thank you all and be safe!
  5. I always tip for this service whether it’s the free continental or a full blown breakfast when we sail in a suite. Yes? No?
  6. Not sure what good a picture of your passport would be if you are left at a port. I also would be hesitant to rely on someone to get my passport from my safe and leave it with the port agent. Passport is with me whenever I leave the ship. Might be overcautious but it's what I do.
  7. $65 for us too, a ridiculous $600+ for 2 people for 4 days. I love the all inclusiveness of the DDP but no way will hubby and I drink that much!
  8. Is this something available for all cruises? Where might I find it? Doesn’t seem to be in my cruise planner.
  9. I assume so too but you know what happens when you assume!!!
  10. Sorry, female here who HATES dressing up (and all shopping in general). Somehow I didn't get that gene. I will wear a sundress or nice capris and a nice top. That's as dressed as I care to get. My husband will have a collared shirt and probably nice cargo shorts. If there is something on the MDR menu that night we want to enjoy, we will go. We will chew with our mouths closed, put napkins in our laps and keep our elbows off the table. We will speak at a reasonable volume and not intrude on your meal. Not sure why anything else should be required.
  11. Please post if you were able to go or not. My grandson will be so disappointed! We don't leave for another two weeks so hopefully the problem won't last that long!
  12. Room keys are not tied to the drink package (although the reverse is true - the drink package is tied to your SeaPass card which is also your room key). Your friend is in your room on your cruise reservation. He/she can stay in his/her parents cabin but will need to get an extra room key for the parents room to access it. BUt they will have to use their original SeaPass card (the one tied to your room) to access the drink package. Hope that makes sense.
  13. Thank you, very helpful! I know he will want to do the Skypad and the water slides, Flowrider & laser tag are maybes.
  14. So there will be a desk of some kind by the flow rider and the trampoline thing? I can/should go there on embarkation day & sign any waivers necessary AND ALSO sign up for times? There's nothing in my cruise planner or on my App to sign up for anything.
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