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  1. Asked for a mattress topper based on recommendations here on our Majesty sailing by email prior to departure. It was on the bed when we got on and I thought the bed was extremely comfortable.
  2. We were told “go sit there!” by a gentleman who appeared to be a manager/supervisor of some kind. Demanded an immediate drink order. Maybe we didn’t look “suite-ish” enough?? Perhaps it was just me but it was not a welcoming atmosphere.
  3. Yeah, looked like he was sitting with an upper level ship’s officer who did not intervene. Just sat there & watched. My guess was the guest was up there on the C&A chart but no excuse. Rude is rude.
  4. Watched a cruiser rip into a waiter for having the audacity to pick up his glass with half a swallow left in it, insufferable ass!!!
  5. But, to your point I think, you got a point for every night including the land portion. Thank you!
  6. Were you in a Suite? Double points for that so 20 should be correct.
  7. We found this event disappointing. Hors d’ouerves tasteless & skimpy. Staff less than friendly and cruisers pretty snooty. We attended the first night for about 30 minutes & never went back.
  8. Yeah, you liked my last TA too so not sure I trust your judgement!!! 😉
  9. Oh, so we have 18 points each currently and this cruise will give us 20 (10 days JR Suite) so what does 32 points get me? Probably not a pineapple yet!!
  10. OP here, i was assigned a new TA, Danette. She has been in constant contact with me. I have still had to do some of my own legwork but at least she is responsive! Much better than I had.
  11. Thank you, that was my instinct.
  12. Ok so southbound cruise, port or starboard?
  13. I believe the tour we are looking at (2B) buses us through Anchorage on the way to Seward. Not sure about the timing but I will ask Dannette to check it out.
  14. so we'd get a little of the train experience. Thank you for all your help.
  15. Thank you, I will keep that in mind. Although it looks like a dome train of some kind is included (Wilderness Express?) for the trip to Danali.
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