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  1. Have you met the Royal app?? It can be a Royal pain. You run the very real risk of missing the exploring part with your head buried in your phone. IMHO much easier to spend 10-15 minutes booking everything with a live person, stick your phone in your pocket and then enjoy exploring the ship.
  2. I also put in a bid for an OS. Suites have been sold out for months but 2 OS appeared about a week ago & are still available. I am crossing every appendage I have!
  3. My grandson was a natural at it. Told him the big belly was a good stabilizer . Alas I am too old but I’d be happy to come cheer you on!
  4. We are flying into FLL and staying at the Springhill Suites (free airport shuttle & breakfast) in Dania Beach in 3 weeks. SAS Shuttle to POM $15 each then they are returning us to that hotel at the end of the cruise as we are staying one more night. Three nights at the hotel with AAA discount $500.
  5. If it’s a dealbreaker then I wouldn’t book. What if you get on board and they still say no?
  6. Nope, still no notification. If you don’t look, you won’t see a new message.
  7. Luggage tags are included in your EDocs at approx 30 days out. Set Sail pass SHOULD be available as soon as you complete check in around 45 days. There have been issues reported lately with both documents but that is the NORMAL timeframe.
  8. Never hurts to ask. Be prepared for no, be happy if it’s yes.
  9. I agree having the king bed split into twins give you more usable space.
  10. Glad it turned out for you but a TA wouldn’t have let you make that mistake in the first place.
  11. Helps that we are both low maintenance for toiletries too. One gallon size ziplock bag holds everything we need, including a couple cans of sunscreen.
  12. My mama did not raise a fashionista although back in her day she was one! Must skip a generation cuz DD is one too. I plan for bathing suits & cover ups during the day & capris/nice tops & wrinkle free brushed cotton dresses at night. Just made my annual pilgrim the outlets in Kittery Maine (the only place I can stand shopping) & grabbed a few new outfits. Hubby & I agreed to forego formal nights this time around so that saves space too. One 25” and one 21” for the 2 of us with space for all the stuff I’ll buy the grandkids.
  13. If I took every stitch of clothing I own, I couldn’t fill a 28” suitcase!
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