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  1. We are staying at a hotel near MCO for a couple of days prior to the cruise to visit our daughter. I will check out cortrans shuttle. Thanks!
  2. Taking my grandson on a short 4 day cruise on Mariner in February. My daughter will not be able to do taxi duty so what are my options? RC looks like $70 each, not necessarily cheap but probably the most reliable? Any and all suggestions welcome!!
  3. Did some more research here for my next question. How do I find Royal Class(Sea, Sky. Star) sailings? Not sure I asked that correctly. My hubby is a suite snob & I think maybe the value of the complementary gratuities, drink package and specialty dining might be right up his alley!
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  5. Thanks, I have reached out to an MEI agent but was given almost no direction. I can look on RCCL's website and see itineraries and dates myself. I need help deciding which ship and why, which ports, what does each have to offer? I've gotten none of this from the agent (and this is my second try with MEI) Also I don't see Explorer of the Seas on any Caribbean itinerary for late 2020.
  6. We have only sailed twice and only on RCCL's smallest ships (Majesty and Empress). I was thinking about Cuba next year but guess that isn't happening. So now I'm looking at eastern or southern Caribbean. I want to sail out of Florida to make it easy for my daughter to join us. She has been to the Bahamas several times and has no desire to return (although my husband and I have not been). I'm iffy about Perfect Day at Coco Cay. But it looks like one of these would almost have to be in the itinerary. I suppose nothing says we have to go ashore if we are not inclined. We would like better entertainment options than our previous 2 cruises and perhaps more dining choices than MDR and Windjammer. My husband is spoiled and will only sail in a suite. I am trying not to break the bank. Ok - GO!!!!
  7. We sailed her (the Nordic Empress back then) to Bermuda from NYC back in 2002. Docked at the Naval Yard then moved to Hamilton. It was a wonderful cruise!
  8. But the buses are so much fun!!! We got a three day transit pass when we were there a hundred years ago (ok it was 2002) and used the bus to get to the aquarium, Crystal Caves and back from St George (took the ferry there). What an adventure!!! Narrow, winding roads and Nascar drivers behind the wheel. On the way back from St George we had a bus full of children on their way home from school. I think half of them were sitting in my lap! So friendly and curious. I highly recommend the bus as a great way to meet and interact with the locals.
  9. For an item to be advertised as "on sale", at some point it has to be "off sale" i.e. full price. In the retail world (25 years with Macys) this usually happens on Monday and/or Tuesday.
  10. Vague and lacks details, what a surprise!!! Thank you Twangster. Hubby, daughter and I want to do Key West and Cuba for our next cruise. Guess I will just have to wait.
  11. Any idea when these will be released to book? Looking at Feb-Mar 2020. Does RCCL cruise to Cuba during that time frame?
  12. Asked for a mattress topper based on recommendations here on our Majesty sailing by email prior to departure. It was on the bed when we got on and I thought the bed was extremely comfortable.
  13. We were told “go sit there!” by a gentleman who appeared to be a manager/supervisor of some kind. Demanded an immediate drink order. Maybe we didn’t look “suite-ish” enough?? Perhaps it was just me but it was not a welcoming atmosphere.
  14. Yeah, looked like he was sitting with an upper level ship’s officer who did not intervene. Just sat there & watched. My guess was the guest was up there on the C&A chart but no excuse. Rude is rude.
  15. Watched a cruiser rip into a waiter for having the audacity to pick up his glass with half a swallow left in it, insufferable ass!!!
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