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  1. We are, or will be, on Harmony. Love me some margaritas and sangria!!
  2. Oh that just sealed the deal! Thanks!!!
  3. Would the margaritas at Sabor be included in the drink package? Would make it so much more worth it!!!
  4. Yes but an FCC by any other name is still an FCC, not a refund.
  5. Then I am truly confused. You say you got a “voucher” for a cruise Royal cancelled which was then applied to a second cruise which Royal also cancelled. This entitles you to a return of the “voucher”, what we are all referring to as an FCC NOT a refund. What am I missing?
  6. Not sure why that should be a surprise. RC is and has been very clear about your options when they cancel a cruise.
  7. So you are missing the FCC not a refund.
  8. Did OP say it was booked through a travel club? Definitely need more information here. 30+ people out the full cruise fare for over a year??
  9. And HM is my ship next March. I wish I wasn’t still crossing my fingers that it’ll sail.
  10. For those of us who will be cruising vicariously through all of you, can we beg detailed reports?!?!! I, for example, am dying to see the MDR menu (and Coastal Kitchen if there is one). I want someone to put my napkin in my lap and hover in what I used to feel was an annoying manner to be sure I was happy with my food!! I want someone to bring me drinks as I lounge by the pool. I want to sit on my balcony!!
  11. Me too, I hate living out of a suitcase. I unpack completely as soon as we get our luggage.
  12. I have a bag in my closet with sample sizes of EVERYTHING we could possibly need on a trip. I have the small plastic bottles cosmetic counters use for foundation samples, fill 2 with my foundation more than covers a week & take up no room. Pressed powder, bronzer, deodorant, when there’s only a weeks worth left they go in the bag. Take them & toss them. Take my toothbrush & toss that too, come home to a fresh clean one. My family just rolls their eyes.
  13. Thank the good Lord I did not get the hair obsession gene. Although even I won’t use whatever is in that 3 in 1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash dispenser, as long as the shampoo & conditioner are in separate bottles, I can use just about anything for a week. I have a friend who also brings an entire suitcase full of product. I don’t get it
  14. Maybe somewhere in between. I am very picky about my bacon!!!
  15. True, but I think staff would dish out faster and more efficiently.
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