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  1. Yeah no parents on this trip just 30-40 hormonal teenagers!!
  2. I signed up for the shipmates app but find I see it days before they notify me. I check the Royal site daily.
  3. Cool, because my final payment is due prior to thanksgiving. We are already in an OS so no upgrade possible but maybe OBC.
  4. And can my TA reprice after final payment?
  5. Bummed, no savings for me this time ☹️
  6. And I think he would have spent even more time on it if the cruise had been longer but it takes him awhile to get used to new things.
  7. He was a natural on it. Told him it was the big belly that gave him such balance, even got to his knees. Unfortunately didn’t make the height requirement for surfing because I think he would have mastered that too.
  8. Sorry don’t know how to flip it but here is my grandson on Mariners flowrider
  9. The chaperones appeared to be mid-twenty something males. The whole thing was bizarre to me. Never in a million years would I have let my daughter go on such a trip. But SA culture is very different. My 10 year old grandson got quite an eyeful!
  10. Just shows how different peoples upbringings can be. PLEASE don’t misunderstand, I am not in any way criticizing here. We grew up in a 5 room apartment. My brother and I slept in the same room til he went to college and even though we moved into my grandmothers house with more bedrooms later, when he came home for a visit he still slept in my room so we could talk all night, didn’t even think about the fact he could sleep in another room now. vacationing with our kids, it would never even have occurred to me to get 2 room. The room slept 4 and that’s how many we were. Our last family trip, daughter was 24 and son was 19, still one room. Yes I am “frugal” but it truly never occurred to me! Taking them both on my retirement celebration cruise in Feb and, you guessed it, one room! Ok it’s an OS but still just one room. Looking back, maybe that extra bathroom would have been nice. Hope you have a great cruise!!
  11. Stop!!!! I’ve been closing my eyes & plugging my ears when you all talk about the larger ships. So far we have happily stayed small (Majesty, Mariner, Rhapsody in Feb). How am I supposed to do that when you show me pictures like that?!?!!
  12. Bunch of South American 15 year olds on our last cruise. That mask is WAAAY bigger than the bottoms they wore😳🙄.
  13. Took our grandson on a 4 day in February. Spent the whole trip in pool hot tub, flow rider. No interest in Adventure Ocean although I think he might have met a buddy or two. On Coco Cay, never left the wave pool. It was very short, too short for us. It took a little time for him to be comfortable and then it was over.
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