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  1. I don’t mind that it’s on the wall as long as it’s not the combo soap/shampoo/conditioner all in one product!
  2. And in suites, it’s not a 3 in 1 dispenser on the wall!!
  3. You pay per container. Not sure about unlimited refills in the MDR. Guessing it depends on your waiter.
  4. Ordered for us and both adult offspring (3 different addresses) planning to use them day before we do the CVS test for the cruise.
  5. So I can really skip everything & go right to selecting a time. That would be great! I might even manage that on the app & do the rest on my computer later (I have fat fingers!!). We are both in suites so could potentially get on when boarding opens if I can get this right.
  6. Ok, I have that for everyone and our reservations are linked. Thanks for the hand holding
  7. And I’ve been told that but have different answers as to how much information I need to enter to get to time selection. Can you clarify?
  8. But getting my ducks in a row to check 6 people in next week. As if I were 5, exactly what information do I need for each person? name, address, birth date, passport number, date of 2nd jab. what else? I’ll be doing this at midnight on the 27th (I can use my computer instead of the app correct?) and I’m no longer a night owl!!
  9. Ok only on this board would a couple of cruises a year be “only”!
  10. That’s a pretty big jump. I am notoriously cheap (and yet a suite snob) and that’s a lot extra to pay.
  11. I think you were warned about the allure of the suite life!!
  12. I guess I just “assumed” while looking at dining options. I thought packages gave one a $35 credit for Hibachi so the one meat option at $45 would be a $10 upcharge and the premium at $50 would be a $15. I kinda just took that for granted . But thanks for the heads up & glad you were able to get help.
  13. Right, which is why the answer to scenario #2 is yes. Any time you are with the baby, you are “unvaccinated”. Any time you are NOT with the baby, you are vaccinated.
  14. I can get it for me on the same cruise but not my brother. He’s in a JS & we’re in an OS. Would love to surprise him with a full suite.
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