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  1. Think OP meant why would one book a cruise out of Barbados not why is Royal embarking from there. And damned if I know.
  2. IMHO, the best way to ruin a vacation is to spend time trying to maximize the value of a prepaid item. Not saying you shouldn’t look into what’s available just that you shouldn’t make yourself nuts over it!
  3. Pattycruise, you do know the at home tests are rapid antigen not PCR?
  4. Based on that link and my “sale” observations, it will be the same old same old. Hadn’t been an actual sale for any of my cruises in a very long time.
  5. Tell them “you get to go on a cruise, deal with it!!”
  6. No different than booking 4 in a hotel room really. You get sleep space for 4 not 4 separate sleep spaces.
  7. Happened to my son (not on a cruise). His son tested positive just before Xmas. My son’s company required a 14 day quarantine (ridiculous especially because son never tested positive). Gets 1 week covid pay, nothing for the second week. Goes back to work for a week and his daughter comes down with it. She is able to go back to school 5 days later but he’s out for another 2 weeks this time with no pay at all. And he still never tested positive!! Tried to apply for unemployment for the three missing weeks but was rejected. Just a mess.
  8. So sorry, you have to be so careful with your things these days. I hope you get lucky & some honest person turns it in.
  9. Suite all the way. You won’t believe how small a balcony cabin will feel by day 3!
  10. Is the Bistro open now? Was not on Harmony in March.
  11. When my daughter first moved away to Florida 10+ years ago, I would stockpile toiletries that I got on sale & bring them down to her. It was my excuse to visit! Typically would have 10-15 full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. TSA opened my bags every trip (no idea what they thought I was doing). So I stopped bothering with the TSA locks. I use heavy duty twist ties to keep the bags from popping open & leave the rest to God & the TSA.
  12. Aww I used to love reading the Unofficial Guide!! What a fun read! 20+ visits later, I feel like I could write one myself
  13. It’s actually easier to stay at a hotel near MCO then shuttle to the port in the morning. No beach but some very nice hotels with very nice pool areas.
  14. Weatherman - only job you can be wrong 90% of the time & not get fired!!
  15. Thanks! Although I’ve heard of it, we don’t have any here in CT.
  16. Do you live in the same household? Have you been in close contact? If not, you can no show the other person. Their port fees, any prepaid items/CP purchases will be refunded but the price of the cruise will not. If the affected person wants their money back, both will have to cancel.
  17. Answer yes to the very first question. High transmission rates and lack of social distancing.
  18. Funny aside, one of the first posts I ever read on the “other” cruise board was a complaint that Princess limits it’s drink package to 15 per day AND THAT INCLUDES BEER!!!! Oh the horror!!!
  19. And that is identical rooms? $527 total for 7 days? I might have to look at Princess! Although we would need a suite
  20. I think you’ll find the package price is now much closer to your $100 per day average consumption. Our next cruise is $86 including tip pppd. My limit is $70ish so unless they run a great sale, we will pay as we go.
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