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  1. So is that a screen shot of your original booking with price you were expecting? If do, reach out thru Twitter or FB and post it. Someone will get back to you
  2. I wish you would stop telling people that. Caribbean nations are trying to rebuild while keeping their citizens safe. Stop telling people they can just sneak out once in port!!
  3. And OP has not returned. I sense a pattern here.
  4. And, just as an intellectual exercise, how would they know? And we are linked to my brothers reservation. He and my nephew live 300 miles away. I won’t have come in contact with them for 6 months prior to the cruise. I can’t see why one of them testing positive should affect our reservation or vice versa. Or my daughter who lives 1100 miles away.
  5. Hoping on lobster night to eat in CK so hubby can have his scallops. I will be asking for lobster lobster and more lobster! My daughter wants the harissa lemon chicken from MDR. Gonna ask in advance.
  6. Our March Harmony cruise had Antigua changed to St Maarten 2 weeks ago. Still no excursions available. So it is certainly more than “a few days” for the system to update.
  7. I will take one for the team and go with you! You shouldn’t have to go it alone
  8. I believe fleet wide, the machines are manned by crew members.
  9. Say we all test prior to flying down and one of us tests positive. Can the rest of us still sail assuming we all test negative? I mean not if I test positive. If I can’t go, nobody goes!!! But if it were him?
  10. And I just have a ziplock bag that I restock after each trip!
  11. By “book it” they mean pay for it, not just put it in your cart.
  12. You’re not alone. My daughter won’t touch seafood of any kind.
  13. Just like packing a little bit of everyone’s clothes in each bag in case a bag is lost, I thought packing OTCs was Packing 101 People don’t necessarily know to do this??
  14. Check for the 2 ingredients listed on this thread. They both begin with an “O”. As long as neither is in what you purchased, you are good.
  15. My daughter is VERY prone to being seasick on smaller vessels. We can’t do any of the catamaran or snorkeling tours. That ferry is a definite no-no!!
  16. Not sure the communicate with friends part is free.
  17. For blisters on your feet. We do a LOT of walking on vacation. If you get a hot spot from footwear rubbing, moleskin works better than a bandaid. A lesson learned after MANY trips to Disney!
  18. An abject lesson in taking any OTC meds you might need. I have a small pharmacy I bring with pain relievers, cold meds, pepto, Imodium, bandaids, mole skin, sunburn cream. Ok you get the idea. You can’t rely on any of this being readily available. Not to mention the outrageous prices!
  19. Has nothing to do with sanctioned or not. It is merely a means to maintain attendees’ privacy. This “name” has been around almost from the inception of the program.
  20. Not sure how you put it out there, allow people to sign up for it then say “oh we changed our minds”
  21. Just booked our DBP. It hurt to press that purchase button at $2014 for 4 of us. Thank Goodness I’ll be able to drink my pain away on the ship!!
  22. We easily walked the length of the Malecon, had drinks & food on the beach & walked back to the taxi stand. I can’t imagine why you’d need a golf cart. Take the cheap bus or a very reasonable taxi. Walk the strip.
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