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  1. We are planning on a Sabor dinner on our Harmony sailing. It’s currently listed for $19.99 pp. it’s not an ala carte menu so I expect to be able to order whatever & as much as we care to. The rest of our party will be going to Izumi Sushi which IS an ala carte menu. In the cruise planner, it lists $35pp for a small plate (appetizers) large plate (entree) and dessert. Since their goal is sushi sushi and more sushi, I won’t book it in advance & they can just order off the menu when they get there.
  2. My cruise planner shows DBP, for our March 7 day Harmony cruise, a full price of $84. When it’s listed as 20% off ($16.80) I get a price of $66.99 basically correct. At 30% ($25.20) it’s $57.99 again mathematically correct. So for me, my cruise and the DBP, Royal math is right. YMMV
  3. Yes but the new cruise planner lists the on board price so the Royal math has actually been correct relative to that price.
  4. The suites dinner venue is normally Coastal Kitchen. Radiance does not have one.
  5. Yup I much prefer canned soda to fountain soda. The bars usually have some.
  6. That would be my son! Hubby me adult daughter & son in a Harmony Owner’s Suite. We get the bed, daughter gets the sofa & he gets the roll away. Given his anticipated drink consumption, he’d be just as comfortable on that balcony lounger
  7. And certainly with the unrest in Haiti, you can understand why that port was cancelled.
  8. My new cruise, Explorer in October 2022, went down $100 today. Just booked Monday! My MEI agent made the change for me right away. Poor thing, I do bug her!!
  9. Or maybe she meant comfy for her so mum can have the real bed to herself. Frankly I know my kids would give ME the couch!!’
  10. Wait, you’d make your mum sleep on the sofa bed?!?!?
  11. Lift & Shift option has been gone for some time now. There have been a couple of exceptions when Royal cancelled a cruise. It will most certainly not be available to you if you cancel.
  12. No indication that the vaccinated husband tested positive or that the person with whom he came in contact was vaccinated.
  13. Yes, I’m not sure I would have cancelled. I get you acted out of an abundance of caution and I applaud you for it. Just not sure he really needed to cancel. I hope Royal will do SOMETHING under the circumstances. Keep us posted.
  14. I meant did he get a rapid response test in order to be able to sail. If the test was negative I would think he could sail. Or did he just assume he couldn’t.
  15. I pack everything in dry cleaning bags. 4-5 items per bag. I don’t know why this helps with not wrinkling but it does. Also, when TSA invariably opens my checked bags (), they don’t actually touch my clothes. I used to be a manager at a major retailer & would have the stock dept save all the large plastic bags that the towels came in for me. I have tons!!
  16. Oh, that makes more sense. I would call back and ask for the resolutions dept. (someone may chime in here with a direct number). Certainly do not take the first answer from a CSR. The phone reps are notoriously uninformed. I assume your husband did not try to get a rapid results test?
  17. Booked an 8 day on Explorer to get to Diamond. My TA said lots of folks doing the C & A math!
  18. Suite snobs here. We tried a deluxe balcony cabin but it was too small and don’t get me started on the space capsule shower. And what the heck is the 3 in 1 stuff that comes out of the shower dispenser. You want me to wash my hair with soap? You want me to wash my body with shampoo? On purpose??? we have a JS booked on Explorer next October and seriously considering upgrading. Just not sure the JS will be big enough.
  19. So far the only refunds allowed are for cruises where the protocols have already been announced. Protocols for next May are a loooooong way off. If you were to cancel now under CWC, you would receive FCCs in the name of each ticketed passenger. Who actually paid is immaterial.
  20. My brother has not linked our reservations, only I did that and I was able to add them to our MTD reservations. Also had not yet added prepaid gratuities.
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