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  1. If I took every stitch of clothing I own, I couldn’t fill a 28” suitcase!
  2. I once got my watch safety chain caught in the clasp & could not get it off. I clawed my wrist bloody. Hubby had to pin my arm down to get it off! Got the zipper stuck on a ski jacket and could not get it over my head. Took a pair of scissors to it. Beyond unreasonable!!!
  3. You so need to try an open MRI. It’s like a hamburger bun with you in the middle. There’s enough space between the top & bottom that you can breathe and it's open all the way around. A life saver for me!
  4. The Maine lobster is an UPCHARGE, not ala carte pricing. Ala carte venues have prices next to every item.
  5. Why would that be wrong? It’s your cruise, do it your way. You don’t HAVE to spend a dime on board if you don’t want to. Of course Royal is going to tempt you with add-ons, they are in business to make money and they do so with the add-ons. Doesn’t mean you have to buy any of them.
  6. Nope, only on lobster night, typically the second “dress your best” night. If you have the app downloaded (and if you don’t, do it) you can view menus for pretty much every specialty restaurant and the MDR by clicking on Dining.
  7. I would never suggest drinking on anxiety meds. Really NOT a good idea. I am severely claustrophobic. Tried to put me in an MRI tube and I started screaming like a banshee before I was in past my chest. I cannot handle the feeling of being trapped, open MRI’s only. Many airports have programs for fearful flyers to introduce you to what you can expect. Then, as suggested, a short flight perhaps. I didn’t like to fly, never got sick but queasy the whole time. Then my beloved daughter moved from CT to FL and I had to fly to see her. Now I fly like a champ!
  8. Also does not make all the other assertions in the post true. Not questioning that you and others are experiencing major issues, just the rest of the rant in that FB post ie; fake CLIA numbers, hundreds of unpaid Filipino workers etc. No way to verify any of that so should it be reposted?
  9. The complementary lobster tails are NOT cold water Maine lobsters.
  10. Went to a slot machine, entered the amount of OBC I wanted, cashed the machine out (did not play, did not get charged 5%, did not pass go!). Took the ticket to the cashier machine, got my cash. AshleyDillo posted the process some time back. I’m sure she’ll pop in & post it again. Very easy.
  11. I pack everything in dry cleaner or similar bags. It cuts down on wrinkles and, when/if TSA opens your bag for inspection, they don’t actually touch your clothes. I then line the drawers with the bags before unpacking.
  12. And you should always believe posts on FB from people who’s identity you can’t confirm ranted about something. Not saying there’s not a problem but you don’t know who posted that.
  13. Windjammer bar is open for BM breakfast. Relax, you won’t go through the DT’s
  14. Why would you need to take a ferry to shop in Cozumel?
  15. Was she perhaps referring to the upcharge whole lobster and not the (not very good) tails served on “lobster night”?
  16. You should be able to see menus in the app already.
  17. If there are 3 people booked in the suite, there will be 3 robes. We had 4 in March and each had a robe in the closet. Not sure why you think there won’t be enough.
  18. No, there is tipping on ships if you so choose. You don’t have to but you can. No one expects this extra tipping from a child.
  19. Matt is a humble man of the masses! I think, cost-wise, it makes more sense to book connecting rooms with 2 in each versus one with 3 and then a solo. Then once on board you can making whatever sleeping arrangements work for you. A good TA can find rooms that meet your requirements.
  20. I think what you are asking is should kids slip the bartender a dollar for their soda as an adult might for their cocktail. The answer is no.
  21. JS are not eligible for concierge lounge/suite lounge access to my knowledge on any ship. I don’t think status gets you in until you hit Pinnacle.
  22. We were on Majesty in 2018. They had a haunted house and this little demon followed me through it, guess she thought she was scary. Finally gave her a hug and a kiss & told her to go bug someone else. Not sure it was the reaction she was looking for.
  23. I live in flip flops, not cheapo ones but like Clarks. Its all I bring unless we are planning to dress up for formal night. Then I upgrade to dressier sandals or wedges. Other than that, i wear my flip flops everywhere.
  24. And the minute he had a drink in hand! Enjoy!!
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