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  1. That is exactly what I was thinking we would do! Though, the teens aren't really keen on getting their pictures taken with any of us
  2. They have no expectation for getting any suite perks. I probably wasn’t clear, I was just talking about boarding.
  3. We have the 4 bedroom villa booked on the Liberty, 13 guests booked for this room. There are three other guests in our party but they are booked in a near-by interior stateroom. It’s my SIL’s husband and their teen sons. My MIL is adamant that RC will be allowing them to board with us when we all get to the port. They are Diamond and we have the same check-in time. I’ve done my best to set expectations regarding receiving suite perks as a non-suite guest (as in, they don’t get suite perks) to the entire family but I was wondering if anybody had any first hand experience with this? The boys will be on the ship quickly either way, I’m sure of it. It’s just my MIL that is in a state about our group not being together for everything. We fully plan on taking advantage of the rest of the suite perks we purchased either way, the boys are going to be fine lol
  4. Found this tonight on the Grand Cayman visitcaymanislands.com: Effective August 24, 2022, all travelers—vaccinated and unvaccinated—are permitted to enter the Cayman Islands without the need of any additional documents or health-related steps due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Travelers are NOT required to: Apply for a Travel Declaration or Travel Request via Travel Cayman Present a negative COVID-19 test Show proof of vaccination Wear masks If you are traveling to the Cayman Islands before August 24th, please visit www.exploregov.ky/travel for exisiting protocols. Guess we will be booking excursions on our October Galveston cruise!
  5. The ultra spacious interior/oceanview/balcony room has two bunks and a pretty large stateroom that holds "upto 6" with the couch that sleeps more, which is great for families. They are pricier than the regular stateroom, but they aren't suite expensive. We have that category room booked for two upcoming cruises with our three "littles" on the allure and the wonder.
  6. This ship/port/itinerary was the first cruise my husband and I took together, after knowing each other for 8 weeks and having been engaged for 4 weeks. We’ve sailed on the Liberty a few more times since then and always loved this ship. We will be on this sailing with our kids this time, can’t wait!
  7. We plan to do the exact same on the Liberty (Oct 23rd) when we port in Grand Cayman! Happy to stay on board and play in the water park and eat until we nap lol Just happy to cruise again!
  8. We are booked on the Liberty out of Galveston in October, in the 4 bedroom villa (presidential suite). Pricing is not at all like oasis class in the Florida ports, I know, but it was $9,900 for 7 adults and 6 kids. We booked with “kids sail free”. We actually have 8 kids (two are over 12) and my in-laws and SIL are staying in the suite with us because we were able to get this particular suite. Otherwise, we would have been paying more to get rooms that could have fit the 10 of us into two rooms and my in-laws always stay in suites. If they had booked the grand suite for themselves and we were able to find rooms that fit 5 next to each other (ya right), it would have been more expensive. The $9,900 felt like an economical vacation with that many people/kids.
  9. Thank you! Unfortunately I’m in Iowa so this chain doesn’t exist near me. Guess I’ll have to call RC and see what they recommend in options.
  10. I haven’t found anything that says they’ll do PCR or NAAT testing for kids under 3. Just at-home tests which isn’t allowed for unvaccinated guests.
  11. Has anyone had their 2 yr old get their pre cruise testing done at Walgreens or CVS? If not, and you got a 2 yr old tested, where did you go? I am looking at the pharmacy websites (and local pharmacy websites) and their PCR tests are all “rated” for 3+. The at-home tests are only accepted for vaccinated, so I’m kind of worried about how I’m to get my 2 yr old the accepted test before embarkation day. (With my first child, I would never have considered getting a PCR test done because he just wouldn’t have been able to stand it at 2. My second kid, however, acts like shoving things into her nasal cavity a sport so she’d take a test like a champ to go on vacation).
  12. That is exactly why we booked the liberty out of Galveston. We live in Iowa so we would drive. If we test positive we can just drive home (disappointing but better than airplanes)
  13. We went ahead and booked ourselves and our 8 kids in the presidential suite on the liberty in October. The hope is that they change the percentage for vaxxed and approve our exemption requests (4 of us are over 12). We booked in October hoping there would be less kids booked, therefor more room for exemptions. Wish RC would be more transparent about that while booking but we booked anyway. My husband’s parents are in the room with us and they are vaxxed. We will either get to cruise with RC in October or we will get a refund, I’m just done waiting to cruise. If they don’t approve us we are immediately booking Princess on a sailing that has room for our medical/religious status. We tested to go to Beaches in 2021 and it was a beautiful vacation so we are fine testing this time. We already canceled other sailings and booked Hawaii and another Disney trip in the winter. We decided to avoid international flights for the same reasons everybody else on this thread have. Fingers crossed!
  14. My MIL has a cruise booked for Galveston in Oct and she just reserved a preferred parking spot in the port parking ramp. Refund policy is she has until 24 hours before reservation to cancel and receive refund.
  15. Also, I am not asking about vouchers to try and get more alcohol lol My kids would like shirley temples on vacation
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