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  1. Love Freedom/Voyager class but best cruise we ever did was on Odyssey.
  2. Hawaii to Seattle with no foreign stop (Canada) would be a violation. The itinerary as you laid out would not violate the PVSA.
  3. First, look at a past cruise compass for your ship/itinerary to see what the showtimes have been. Not a guarantee but they usually don't reinvent the wheel. We make a list of the show times we want to see and form a game plan for specialty dining reservations. Shows are usually timed to coincide with traditional dining times. ie 5:30 Early and 8:00 late. The Main Theater shows are scheduled to accommodate the traditional dining times. Once you get on board, show times should be posted and there usually is a flyer. Bring the list/flyer with you to any specialty restaurant on Day 1 and make all your dining reservations at that time. Some shows require reservations, so reserve those shows first, then dining.
  4. I left out Freedom. Giovanni's Kitchen replaced Table with the amplification.
  5. As far as I know, Giovanni's Kitchen is only on Odyssey and Wonder . Most others have Giovanni's Table or Jaime's Italian. Menu's and theme are different for all three restaurants. Different but delicious just the same.
  6. Once on board , go directly to a specialty restaurant ie. Chops, and make all your specialty dining reservations for your cruise. If you are staying in a Grand suite or higher, the concierge should reach out 5-7 days before cruise via email. They can make your reservations for you. (usually)
  7. Important details and advisements Not valid for premium experiences including: Wine Pairings Dinners, Taste of Royal, Mystery Dinner Theater and Holiday Celebration Dinners. Child pricing applies to children between the ages of 6-12. Children ages 0-5 are complimentary. Children must order from the kids menu. All additional reservations or changes to your courtesy reservation must be made once onboard at any specialty restaurant. A courtesy reservation will be made for Day 1 or 2 of your sailing.
  8. Had lunch at Giovanni's Kitchen on Odyssey this past March. WORTH every penny. Pizza's are 12" pies. The chicken parm was fantastic. We did not take away any pizza's (too full). The pistachio pannacotta was out of this world.....
  9. Thanks for info but the telephone number is incorrect: Rewards # is 1-888-305-4626. They will apply sooner if you ask nicely
  10. Did a mock booking yesterday. Enchantment replacement cruises for Oct/Nov finally show on website. There are only GTY Suite and balcony available. Current price for GTY is much higher than the 1 Br GS I booked a while ago. I'm afraid that since Enchantment has fewer 1 Br GS than Brilliance, the likelihood of ending up in a lesser SR at the same price is high. With the current inflated price my original price protected rate is less than the lower category cabins. Royal changed a 4nt cruise to a 3nt on us recently. our "price protected cruise" fare resulted in Royal raising fare for the 3nt so I ended up paying my original 4nt fare for a 3nt cruise. I use a travel agent for all our cruises but no luck so far. Based on above, we are going to take option 2 and re-book a different cruise. I'm not going to incur the cost of International flights, hotel and cruise for a ship I'd rather not sail on in a room I didn't choose. Maybe will take the travel budget for this cruise and splurge on a CLS ...Deck 17 here we come!
  11. Check your email or speak to your travel advisor. Brilliance OTS has been replaced by Enchantment OTS for the 2023/24 Mediterranean season as of 28 July 2022. You should have been contacted by now.
  12. The heading of post is a little misleading... Starting July 28th 2022 they are shifting the reservations to adventure for 2023-2024 season.
  13. Yes, the letter states (near the bottom) "any cruise planner purchases will be canceled and refunded to original form of payment" Hopefully you'll be able to get same deals. Will have to be patient waiting for "new" reservation to show up in cruise planner.
  14. I'm in the same boat..though mirror image. Was on Brilliance now may end up on Enchantment. Deciding factor will be what best available category of stateroom Royal selects for us. The letter we received states: "While we're confident you'll have an amazing time onboard Enchantment and enjoy many of the same features as Brilliance offers, the stateroom you'll be re-booked in will be the best available stateroom but may be different than the original stateroom you reserved because Enchantment has less staterooms in that category. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by this change."
  15. I rushed to check mine...nothing showing yet. Keeping fingers crossed but won't be surprised if the "sale" price is more than current...lol
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