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  1. WRT #3: Are you cruising alone? If there is someone else cruising with you, purchase the daybed (if price drops) under the other person's name to ensure you get it, then cancel yours. Only one person on a reservation needs to purchase a cabana or daybed.
  2. you just had to be standing close...I believe there were a lot of complaints when she first came out.. I did notice that not every floor would light up this past cruise as had in the past.
  3. It was Matt's printer...It is becoming self-aware and is seeking revenge for being left on the floor....
  4. Are you able to print your cruise documents? Luggage tags would be there as well ...
  5. We have it booked for our November 2024 cruise. Excursions for 2025 cruises will slowly filter into the cruise planner as the sailing date gets closer. Just keep checking periodically.
  6. I have been on Odyssey twice. When she first came out, you just had to be within close proximity to have the buttons light up. I was on the same sailing as @jeffmw, It seemed that the sensitivity had been adjusted from 2 years ago to reduce the number of false button pushes. When the elevator gets packed, there seemed to be a lot of people that accidentally leaned against the buttons. I don't know which was a brighter red -the buttons or the faces of those who realized what they had done BTW Odyssey is one of our favorite ships for what we look for in a cruise.
  7. Quantum and Quantum class ships have a "secret door" to the Solarium on deck 13. It is rarely used except by those staying on deck 13. It is not a primary means of accessing the Solarium. Deck 14 is the primary entrance to the Solarium. You should not have excessive noise.
  8. As already stated mats are at the beach club. I stopped booking the jet ski excursion because the 4 previous times it was canceled due to wind/seas. I would hate to have you not book the beach club and miss out only to have the jet ski excursion canceled. Just make your lunch reservation for when you think you will return.
  9. Where are you seeing Labadee excursions are being refunded as O.B.C.. Our email for our upcoming 3/24 cruise states "excursions will be refunded to original form of payment..." up to 14 days blah, blah blah"
  10. We sail OY on 3/24 and got our email last night, after the April sailings were notified. When I saw the change I felt like Charlie Brown at Halloween..Instead of getting a rock we got Nassau. They re-arranged our DR port stop as well . Oh well, will treat Nassau like a Sea day. No updates provided in the CP for Nassau excursions or the swapping of sea day to port day. CP availability will be closing soon. I feel bad for Guest services on embarkation day
  11. If it makes you feel better my January 2025 does not have excursions posted yet.
  12. Royal has No sailings out of Amsterdam in summer 2025. The deployment schedule was released last November for Europe. What you see is what's available. Very disappointing for sure. Celebrity would be your best bet if you want to stay in the RCL family.
  13. Look at the dates on the deployment release schedule @Doug_Texas posted above. That schedule is typical for RCCL releases the past few years-give or take a month. Keep checking periodically, changes can happen.
  14. I think you'll have to be very patient. Historically the rest of 2026(May-December) will not be released until November/December of 2024.
  15. I checked with my TA because there was a price drop after an OBC promotion. She confirmed I would lose the OBC. In your scenario of using the OBC right away so it would be a hassle to take it away I offer this: How many stories have we heard of a cruise being canceled after final payment because of a balance due in the CP, even when it shows zero balance due. I wouldn't want to risk it. JMHO.
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