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  1. Check this link out: https://swappa.com/cameras. I've purchased a couple of smart phones for my wife and I. Very reputable website, great place to sell phones, cameras, etc.
  2. Yes definitely. Pretty sure Twangster used a polarizing lens on his daytime shots, based on the depth of color in the clouds, water, flowers, etc. I always use one when shooting outside, especially oceans shots.
  3. Has to be a nutmeg seed and a nutmeg grater. None of this already ground up crap in a glass/plastic shake bottle. It's all about the flavor.
  4. Yep, that's a sign of aging, impatience. At least that's what my wife tells me!
  5. You're welcome. Please let me know how it went, especially with Kareem. Hope he's still there, wonderful guy.
  6. Oh dear, could it be old age setting in at an early age or practicing for cruising when you are old?
  7. Hi Sunny, Welcome to the message boards. Feel free to ask away with any questions you may have. We have been to S. Thomas many times and we really like the excursion that Royal offers called "The Secret Sands Beach Exclusive and Skyline Drive". Really nice beach, not crowded and clean. The beach is in a state park and has a clean bath house with restrooms. The open air bus will take you right to the beach and drops you off. You will be greeted by a young entrepreneur whose name is Kareem. He will have loungers all set up on the beach some in the shade and some in full sun. He also has snorkeling gear, sodas, beer, rum punch and many snacks which is free. All he asks is for a tip when you leave. He is also very good at taking photos with your camera/smart phone, he knows them all! We have done this excursion three times. Last year we had our grand kids with us (8 and 12) and I taught them how to snorkel. About 50' from the shore line there is a nice sea grass covered and coral covered reef that's 8' deep. I took the grands out to the reef and we saw a couple of green sea turtles munching away o the sea grass and a multitude of tropical fish. On the swim back to the beach the water dropped down to maybe 20' and we had a large Southern Sting Ray swim under us (he was down on the sandy bottom). Needless to say we had a great swim/snorkel experience and, of course, they keep asking to go back! Hope this helps and enjoy your trip!
  8. Welcome to the message boards. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Drinks served at the bars around the pools, hot tubs, etc are served in plastic "glasses" not cups. Inside bars serve in glassware. I have never seen any cheap liquor on board ant of the ships we have cruised on. There are many quality brands from which to choose. The unlimited drink package pays for drinks that costs up to $13.00, so if you order a special drink that costs $15.00 you pay the difference ($2.00) with your sea pass card.
  9. Hey grandpa.......think you for the kitchen sink!😲
  10. Just to add to what JL said above. gives you time to check out your seating in the MDR and request a change if you don't like it.
  11. Sorry Travis, but, why? Dragging a suit case though the check in process will slow you and folks behind you down. Give your baggage to the porter and a couple of dollars, keep you important stuff in a backpack, get on board and start your vacation.
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