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  1. Did you hear about the activity for seniors in a retirement facility that haven't had sex in quite some time? It's called "feels on wheels".
  2. Thanks Matt. If our cruise itinerary does not include any of the Bahamian islands, still need the PCR test?
  3. What type of reservation were you looking at? A refundable or non refundable? There will be a price difference.
  4. Hope he's on the Odyssey Next Feb & March, would love to meet him.
  5. You forgot to mention the firm handshake by the Captain when you first board the ship.
  6. Ok, Matt, how are the boarding times assigned? I thought diamond and above got priority boarding?
  7. I'll never piss of the ship's captain nor his officers.
  8. I would recommend you Goggle Harmony's deck plans and study those before you board the ship. That way you will have a good idea of where the features that interest you are as well as your cabins. That way, you will not waste time once you are on board trying to find places. Also, have fun and welcome to the blog!
  9. Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!
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