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  1. Never mind twisting his arm, put the squeeze on the bank account!
  2. Does his work on the Anthem? Thanks.
  3. John, too bad your cruise is coming to an end. Have enjoyed your posts and your comments. One question about the Anthem, how is she handling the open Atlantic? A lot of rocking back and forth or has it been calm? Thank!
  4. We have done three cruises out of San Juan. As mentioned above, it is expensive flying in & out of SJ and customs/baggage claim was a real disorganized fiasco. We now drive to the Florida ports and cruise from there. One nice thing about driving to the port is no weight limit on the luggage and you can bring as many s you can handle. Next year we are on the Adventure of the Seas out of Ft. Lauderdale for a 7 day Southern Caribbean trip. We will stop in Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba. Check out the Adventure cruises and consider driving to the port.
  5. Hey Robin! We did Random Wind last April. The original Random Wind was a mono hull sailboat that was destroyed by the hurricane in 2017. She was replaced by a fantastic catamaran with all the bells and whistles. We saw much of the island, under sail, anchored in a quiet cove for lunch on board, snorkeling, swimming and Tarzan Swinging (check out the photos in the following link). My grandkids (8 &12) had a blast on that swing. Also went by Maho Bay for a close up and personal view of aircraft coming in for a landing. Great crew and a lot of fun. Here's their link: https://randomwind.com/. Have a great cruise!
  6. Thanks, but not necessary. Just enjoy your cruise!
  7. Have you ventured into the MDR for dinner yet? We're on the Anthem 7/13 for a 5 day Bermuda cruise. Really enjoying your blog, thanks!
  8. Man, you keep that up along with all the stuff your genie brings AND your regular meals....you won't fit back into the state of TENNESSEE!
  9. Please let us know where The Key seats are for the other two shows (I don't remember what they are). Thanks!
  10. That's easy......Something Something of The Seas! What did I win?
  11. Have you looked at Crocs? Walmart has a selection and you can also get them on Amazon.
  12. I bet I know where your room is.....on the ship. Seriously, please take it easy so your ankle can get better.
  13. Whoa...hope nobody in your hometown is reading this blog!
  14. Welcome aboard Summer! I totally agree with Skid above. The gratuities you pay is just NOT for the MDR staff and I would not consider downgrading the prepaid gratuity unless someone didn't do their job to our satisfaction. That has only happened once in our 10+ years of cruising with Royal and that cabin attendant was not good.
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