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  1. Even if you can get out of the port, the islands that you will be visiting may not allow cruise ships to dock.
  2. Hate to tell you this, but check out my posting in the News and Rumors heading:
  3. I just saw this on line. Nothing from Royal yet. https://www.kinyradio.com/news/news-of-the-north/report-port-of-seattle-suspends-2020-alaska-cruise-season-indefinitely/?fbclid=IwAR2juJIAgumKv4wVP1aRBGZDiwNDe29RUXbAl3i8bokI3ruVi0uGkPCyHo4. ☹️
  4. Ahh, Mike....you're just not right. Perhaps that air in Fayetteville has done something to your way of thinking?
  5. The new suspension date knocked us out of our B2B on the Adventure in April and that was going to be our first cruise as Diamond level. ☹️ At least we have an Alaskan cruise tour scheduled in August on the Radiance.
  6. So, I thought you folks from North Jersey were tough. Oh but wait, your an IT guy.....now I understand.....and you know I'm joking. Happy for the good news, but, please don't over do that two year recovery. Still looking forward to a cruise where we can meet each other. Stay safe, stay healthy and WASH YOUR HANDS!!😷
  7. I felt the same on our first cruise back in 2006 on the Navigator of The Seas. We were with my brother & sister in law, who were seasoned cruisers and taught us some lessons and prepped us on what to expect. Even with that my wife & I were blown away. It was a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise. The biggest lesson my wife and I learned on that cruise was that 7 days is not long enough. So after that we only booked 11 or 14 day or two 7 days back to back and we now drive to the port. Trying to convince to try a two week side to side or a three week back to back. So far she doesn't want to discuss it. But we're young and still got many cruises ahead of us to enjoy, especially, now that we are diamond level.
  8. In today's VLOG, day 5, Chris wraps it up saying he as well as many other staff members are being sent home in six days. He doesn't understand why nor when he will return. He would much rather stay put on the Oasis where everything is safe and healthy. If he can fly back to the UK, his home, how will he get back to the ship? Hopefully he'll have more info tomorrow.
  9. We had a JS last year on the Anthem. It had a full bathroom with tub & shower and it also had a 1/2 bathroom. Nice surprise for us!
  10. Me too! I'm over 70, so I'm going to cancel my three cruises this year, take my ball and go home. I'll show the bastards........
  11. I would imagine that after areas have been thoroughly sanitized they will be off limits. Kind of sucks for the staff and crew, but, health is paramount. Can you imagine the ships staying at Labadee and Coco Cay. Hopefully they can get off the ship there.
  12. So, for those Royal ships that are anchored off shore do the staff and crew have to stay in their bunk room style cabins? Or does the ship Captains have pity on them and move them up to balcony cabins and let them enjoy the MDR, Windjammer and bars? Or, do they come into port and disembark? I'm sure they all spend the better part of the day wearing out their arms with the "wax on wax off" routines of disinfecting everything and anything that does not move. And the entertainment performers????Curious.
  13. You know it's getting bad when the homeless folks don't for spare change anymore and ask for spare toilet paper instead.
  14. You can download the form on this page: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates. It is in subparagraph "a" under the CORONOVIRIS (COVID-19) HEALTH PROTOCOLS heading. And I agree with you regarding the busy doctors at this time.
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