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  1. All of them which we have cruised on. Each was unique in their own right (loved all the art on Jewel) and of course the itineraries were great. Best part to use about cruising is you get on board, unpack your bags and chill out. Biggest decisions are what to eat and where. Unlike a trip on land.....check in check out of a hotel and all that happy horse crap. We will gladly cruise any ship Royal has, if the itinerary is of interest to us.
  2. We were in Bonaire a few years ago on the Serenade. Bonaire will not allow any of the large cruise ships in port as the port is very small. And I don't think they will allow large cruise ships to anchor and shuttle passengers in because they consider their coastline to be a marine sanctuary. They are VERY serious about their coast. Once you have been their and snorkeled/scuba you can understand why.
  3. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I left a bunch of money there the last time She Who Must Be Obeyed and I were there.
  4. I was in Cinque Terra many, many years ago. They have their own white wine that is excellent and you will not find it anywhere else in the world. If you like white wine I recommend you buy some.
  5. Jealous, jealous, jealous! 144 days for our Odyssey B2B in February.
  6. Vlad, When your turn off the road and are heading toward the terminal STAY in the right lane. The left lane puts gets you into a parking lot for picking up passengers. The right lane takes you to the front of the terminal and porters are standing by to take your luggage. From there head to the parking garage. It's not a very far walk back to the terminal either. Hope you have a GREAT cruise!
  7. Yes to all above. Pretty sure your big suitcases will get to your room before dinner. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. Au contraire mon ami, the manufacturers think this is VERY smart for their bottom line. I, myself, am happy with the dumb ass stuff out of the faucet.
  9. Good or her! Obviously she didn't say it loud enough for the group of 8ish to hear her.
  10. Yeah. that SUCKS on a big level. What about Super Mario? How old is he and he still goes scuba diving! Like I said, SUCKS!
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