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  1. Looking at cruising the SOS next year. Has anyone here been on her in a Junior Suite (category J4), if so how many bathrooms? Just one or was there also a1/2 bathroom? Thanks!
  2. Only thing we found not so good about the Anthem's solarium was the fact that you can not open any windows and they do not retract portions of the roof. We were on the Anthem last June going to Bermuda and it So got pretty warm in there. Why you may ask? Well the Anthem was the Royal ship in 2016, if my memory serves me right, that was headed for a hurricane, changed its course and ran into another storm at sea. The roof and many windows were open in the solarium and she took on massive amounts of water with serious damage. So now it's SOP (standard operating procedure) for the Anthem to keep her solarium buttoned up.
  3. Odyssey cruises cancelled til April 2021. Next cruise? Ha, good luck..........😡
  4. Interesting. I am not finding your Important Update anywhere in my cruise planner after I log in. Did I miss something?
  5. As they say in German SCHEISSE!!!! 😡
  6. Capri, the Blue Grotto....if it is low tide. High tide the boat can't enter the grotto. Be sure to tell the boat captain/driver what your plan is (secretly of course) and he will serenade you. Italians can be VERY romantic.
  7. Hagar, It doesn't matter that you were an E-4. What's important is that you stood up, pledged the oath and served honorably. Which is A LOT more than many young Americans did nor have done......even now. Thanks for your service to our Country from one Vet to another. By the way, what type of missiles?
  8. rjac

    Corny Jokes

    Did you know that there are no canaries in the Canary Islands? And the same thing applies to the Virgin Islands. There are no canaries there either!
  9. Best wishes and happiness on your new adventure. Just remember, we will all be here for you and MEI!
  10. Yes, of course. And the Air Force has its own spirited cry which can mean anything positive. Here are some examples: Hooah - Army; Hoorah - Navy; Oorah - Marine Corps; Nice Putt - Airforce.
  11. In all my cruising history, I have never had to prove my military service (ID card or DD form 214) at check in. I doubt, too, that they would know what they ere looking at nor where to look on the ID card or form.
  12. rjac

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    Ashley, That is great! Think I'll start doing that also. Hope you don't use that on your IRS forms!
  13. rjac

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    Joe, How about "Notice Of Potential Embarrassment". After all, Ashley's location is FloriDUH........
  14. As was mentioned above, buy in as soon as you can....if it's reasonable. I booked the Odyssey for the March 26, 2021 cruise the beginning of this past May. At that time, the UDP was $89.00 pp/pd. I did not buy in, unreasonable. A couple of weeks later I check the price and it was $51.00 pp/pd, so I bought in. I routinely check the cp and if it goes lower (I doubt) I'll buy the cheaper and cancel what I have. By the way, today the price is $71.00 pp/pd.
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