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  1. Escargot in butter sauce is, well, meh. Add a bunch of garlic to the mix and you have insanity! We go nuts for the escargot on board also!
  2. Just check your daily Cruise Compass. It will let you know what time zone you will be in.
  3. Welcome to the message boards! Feel free to ask away with any questions you may have. There are a bunch of well seasoned cruisers here that will be glad to help you out. If you're on board the ship poolside, leave them in a beach/towel bag. Off the ship, a small carry bag or back pack. Don'y worry about someone stealing it on board the ship. It will be useless to them. Every time your card is swiped at a purchase point, your photo pops up on the monitor screen that the salesperson, bartender, etc. can see. If that's not you in the photo the sale is cancelled, the gendarmes are summoned and the "thief" spends the rest of the cruise in the brig dining on stale bread and lukewarm water. And gets visited daily and is spoken to very harsh.
  4. Kind of funny not seeing any slides on the top deck. I guess they're trying to start a new trend with the OMG orange thingy.
  5. Those beach towels do not look as thick and fluffy as pool towels. I would imagine the beach towels don't get as sandy as a pool towel and won't mess up the washing machine process.
  6. Twangster, have you though about/considered changing your title from "Twangster" to "Royal Solo"?
  7. Hey Linda, Symphony has a zip line, but, your daughter may not meet the height/weight requirements. Hope she does! Have a GREAT cruise and let us know how much fun you are having, if you have time!
  8. So, our first cruise with my brother and sister in law on the Navigator. One cruise day after a morning by the pool, screwdrivers, bloody marys, beer, etc my wife says "let's get changed and have lunch in the MDR" to which we all concur. We get to the MDR and were seated with a group of folks from Missouri. Table conversations continues (my brother in law is a TALKER, he could be a politician) our lunch arrives and I chow down. My wife asks "so where in Missouri are you folks from"? One of the gentlemen replied " just south of Platte, just across the river from Leavenworth, KS". At that point in time, I quietly sit back, wipe my mouth and said "Leavenworth, yeah, I spent some time there." Conversations ended, there was a total silence and the Missouri folks started looking out the window, their plates and anything except us. Of course, after I explained to them that I spent a year at the US Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth when I was on active duty they livened up and we were all friends again. We still get a chuckle out of that.
  9. That's what I always do. Why wait until the last minute?
  10. In the Caribbean, a turtle neck?😲
  11. Funny thing about this topic. We were at a condo in St.Augustine, FL last week. I didn't realize there were that many cruise ship folks also there. Usually by 9:30 am everyday, most of the loungers by the pools had towels on them with no occupants!
  12. Just checked and I'm not seeing that, getting the normal web page display. Have you tired clearing your cache, decluttering your broom closet and then restarting your computer? If that doesn't work, it's probably time to either get a new computer or start cruising with a different cruise line.
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