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  1. I'm surprised no one mentioned this, but a lot of the bars will be open. Just sayin.
  2. Anyone else care to comment? 
  3. We were on the Odyssey this past Feb for a B2B. First week we dined in the MDR. Second week we opted for CK pretty much with the exception of the Windjammer and the Italian Rest, Giovanni's. We really liked the ambiance, service and view in the CK. The Windjammer had great views from the large windows. I would not recommend Giovanni's unless you don't mind views of the life raft hulls and folks walking through the Esplanade.
  4. What about misbehavior by supervised minors in the cabin? Can that lead to trouble also? Just asking for a friend.
  5. Ashley is correct. However, if you booked with a travel agent and requested a seating in the main dining room, you will not be able to book the MTD. This happened to me, and it was an easy fix. I emailed my TA and had her cancel my main dining room reservation. Went back into the cruise planner under dining and booked a 6:30 pm reservation for every night of the cruise.
  6. We will be at Coco Cay next April and I have booked a cabana at the thrill Waterpark. There are three areas that have the cabanas, Daredevil Tower, the Wave Pool and Splash Summit. How do I reserve a cabana at the Wave Pool or is this a first come first served? You know, be one of the first off the ship, run like hell and claim what you like. Thanks.
  7. I redeem at this website: Sign In | Bank of America MyCruise® Rewards (managerewardsonline.com).
  8. I agree with you, Marga. This fellow is NOT helping this fellow out at all, especially if alcoholics run in his family. And then to put a laughing imogi in his subject line NOT FUNNY
  9. I guess the worst part about THAT move is you can't get a decent/authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich anywhere!
  10. Just know in advance, the drink package covers drinks up to $13. You will have to pay the difference for a drink over that. I also recommend you get to the port the day before you board the ship. The majority of the members on this message board do. With the exception of those members who live in Florida, they're the lucky ones! Welcome and feel free to ask away with any questions you may have!
  11. We were in Aruba this past March. We have been to a couple of the well known beaches before and we decided to try something different. Google this one: Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant. They have loungers in the shade, ocean front with great views, a reasonable bar and restaurant and close to some shops for shopping. It's walkable but we opted doe a taxi to and from.
  12. We are booked on the Anthem next April. I booked a Thrill Waterpark Cabana and full day pass for 6 of us this past March 20th. At a great price for the package also, $699.00. Just keep checking the cruise planner.
  13. I depends on how long your ship will be in LeSpezia. 74 miles from LeSpezia to Florence. By train, about 2 hours, here's a link for you La Spezia to Florence (rome2rio.com). Understand that the Italian trains don't always stick to their schedules, maintenance problems, strikes, etc. Sorry, can't help you with the museum, perhaps someone else will chime in here. Bouon viaggio!
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