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  1. I agree, stay away from a connecting.
  2. Welcome aboard CJ. Feel free to ask way with any questions you may have, there's a wealth of free knowledge here. Two options for you to Google research. Nachi CoCum and Mr. Sancho's. The former is a little more laid back and quiet while the latter is party city. Both easy to get to by taxi and return. Enjoy!
  3. What.....no Kraken Lava Flows? By the way, your photos are the bomb. But, how do you get the folks on board to stay off the deck/amenity you're shooting?
  4. rjac


    Hello Emily, welcome aboard. Please give us more info like which ship, when, which islands and any particular likes/dislikes. There is an abundance of seasoned cruisers on the message board who will be more than happy to help you.
  5. Sabrina, Is this available in a spray? Would prefer that as it is faster and can cover areas that a wipe can't. How's the school year going?
  6. Oh Boy Samantha, you just dated yourself! Try Google, by the way, welcome to the blog. Tons of info and tons of fun! 😁
  7. Perhaps that is the worst part of a cruise ending. 😕
  8. Have you tried Ebay or Amazon.com?
  9. Well Bubba, you have Fayettville listed as your location on your profile, so suck it up and be PROUD! As far as Rick's, well, it was a landmark for a LONG time in downtown Fayettville. Here's a link for you: https://www.fayobserver.com/photogallery/NC/20171021/PHOTOGALLERY/312099671/PH/1. See what you missed. When I was stationed at Ft. Bragg in the 90"s, Rick was demolished, as well as many of the other bars, strip joints, etc. Bricks from Rick's were sold at various local markets, fairs, etc. for $5-$10 depending on their condition.
  10. But the grasshoppers have learned well from the master to make such an admission. 😌
  11. I've seen critters in every port we have visited. And I'm talking BIG ones. Do you think it's bad for me to consider the locals in the ports as "critters"? Is so, my bad. But Mike, you started this thread with no specifications as to what you consider what a critter is. By the way, did you live in Fayetteville when it was referred to as "FayetteNam, how about Rick's Lounge on Hay Street? 😁
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