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  1. The Trevi Fountain is awesome at nighttime. Just be prepared for a boat load of folks trying to sell you junk souvenirs and pick pockets.
  2. We did the Beach Club this past March. Had very good weather, but, in our opinion it is not worth what we paid (over $300.00). The steak and lobster was excellent and you still have to pay for any alcoholic beverages. There are lounge chairs and shade umbrellas all over the island that don't cost a thing. That's where we will go the next time.
  3. This one is for all the Military Retirees here:
  4. Hey Joe, Glad to hear you're alive and well! Your time in Rome is not long enough, I know from personal experience. But here's a link I think will help you with your ttransportation: Private tours, Transfers & Shore Excursions - RomeCabs Have a GREAT cruise and enjoy every moment of it!
  5. If there is lightening ANYWHERE around stay out of the water!
  6. Got to think positive here. Good chance you will not get sunburned. However, you may get waterlogged. `
  7. Hello Heather, Actually, the Water Park has cabanas for up to six folks that you can rent. Price also includes admission for six to the water park. I booked it last month for $699, the price is $799 now. Here's a link for you: Thrill Waterpark — Cabana And Full Day Pass (royalcaribbean.com).
  8. Tip of The Day.....
  9. I thought it was pronounced "that really crowded place where you get pushed around a lot near the buffet lines".
  10. Twangster, is this across the fleet? MTD starts at 6:45 pm? Thanks.
  11. Sorry, but the price is per person per day. For a 7 night cruise, you are paying for 7 nights.
  12. San Miguel de Cozumel Climate, Weather By Month, Average Temperature (Mexico) - Weather Spark
  13. Self guided guests are also known as "pier runners" and provide some entertainment to folks on the upper decks who place bets on who makes it back to the ship and those who don't.
  14. And the famous rum.....BBD, Big Black "Richard".
  15. Yes! One of the things we LOVE about cruising. Once we get back home my wife starts a daily campaign every night after dinner that goes like this, "honey, it would be so nice if we had coffee and a croissant or bagel on our deck tomorrow morning". My reply is "a donut or croissant from Duncan Donuts can't compare to those on Royal and, we are not looking at the ocean, we are looking at some wetlands a a golf course fairway".
  16. Yep, $90.00 pppd for our 7 day cruise next year on the Anthem. Glad we're now diamond and we will have lots of on board credit thanks to the Royal BOA credit card! Not sure if the sales will get that price down to the $50-$60 price range, but there is always hope!
  17. We like Emerald Isle during the week. Not as crowded on the weekend. We really like the beach where the old iron steamer fishing pier used to be just past the stop light to the aquarium. Only 36 parking spaces and not a very long walk to the beach.
  18. If there is a lifeguard, you would have to erect it so that it is not blocking the guards view of the water/swimmers/shark bait. That's the way it is here in NC. Just be sure to bring plenty of the shibumi business cards to hand out to the folks that ask questions. And yeah, Gator, they are awesome!
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