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  1. Yeah. that SUCKS on a big level. What about Super Mario? How old is he and he still goes scuba diving! Like I said, SUCKS!
  2. Matt just posted a video on youtube about his 10 Secret Spots on the Odyssey of the Seas. Here's the link: Great job Matt, thanks!
  3. This was a GREAT interview I watched a little wile ago. Here's the link:(35) LIVE with Super Mario on Odyssey of the Seas! - YouTube. Great questions and answers. Mario's future crews plans/schedule will blow your mind. I only hope he will be on the Odyssey next February. KLA, I think he will be on your cruise this month. Have to get a selfie with him and post it here. Matt, good job!
  4. Why did the turkey cross the road? Because it was the chicken's day off.
  5. The particulars please and would appreciate your post cruise comments. Especially the covid protocols. Doing well here, just chomping at the bit for our B2B on the Odyssey next year!
  6. Hello KLA, Welcome back, you've been missing in action for awhile. Hope all is well.
  7. Hello RandK, welcome aboard! Question for you, what kind of certification/written proof do they give you showing you are covid negative? ?
  8. Where/when did you read or hear about this? Last I read from Royal, if you get off the ship on your own, not part of a Royal excursion, you will not be allowed back onboard the ship. That was a few weeks ago. Thanks.?
  9. Woz, If I were you, I would not back out of a dive in the Caribbean. Talk to the dive master, explain your ear issue and I'm sure he will take care of you. I would be very surprised if the dive site is deep (30-50'). If you try and you just can't do it, then go snorkeling. Time to get your feet wet! ?
  10. Well, you'll just HAVE to tell us all the particulars. Ship, itinerary, dates and the gang here will determine just how much of a "Beach Gal" you really are.?
  11. I love your enthusiasm, good for you! The ear squeeze is a problem that you can overcome. Practice, practice, practice. Any chance you can get in water deeper than 8'? Have you told your dive instructor about the problem? I would. Yes most of my dives were excursions with Royal. We did do a couple of dive trips to some of the Caribbean Islands and they were a blast and expensive. But, we are all very good friends and couple of us(men) spent a lot of time diving. Our wives, however, made us pay for it by jewelry shopping! When you do go on a Royal dive excursion next year, be sure to tell the dive master you're newly certified divers and he will probably assign one of his assistants to tag along with you, if he doesn't personally go with you. And you can always link up with other "newbie" divers. Just stay away from the guys with fancy camera gear, technical equipment or rebreathers. They can be a...holes. I know, I used to be one of those guys with the camera gear! By the way, Cozumel is a great place to dive, snorkel ,shop and eat. Just not sure what is going on currently with the covid. ?
  12. I do not agree with the one diver/cruiser comment about cruise ships messing up the dive sites. I have over 20 dives in the Caribbean and all were great. The dive operators are going to do their best to get you colorful dives with lots of fish/aquatic life. If they don't they get lousy tips and bad write ups which will lead to them being terminated by Royal. USVI(Tortola), the Rhone is great, Barbados has an area called "Champagne" where bubbles from deep underground/water seep up through the coral/sand, USVI (St. John,s) Dog Island, French Cap and Calf Rock were unbelievable dive sites. The ONLY bad dives I had were in Nassau the week after Hurricane Sandy had passed through. White caps, pitiful viz, wicked currents and NO fish! This was not with Royal, it was a private sail boat turned into a neat dive pllatform. Where exactly are you planning to dive??
  13. How do you get a country girls attention?.....wait for it......a tractor!?
  14. If she is not wowed, find a new dog groomer!
  15. F......ing GREAT!?
  16. Did you hear about the activity for seniors in a retirement facility that haven't had sex in quite some time? It's called "feels on wheels". ?
  17. Thanks Matt. If our cruise itinerary does not include any of the Bahamian islands, still need the PCR test? ?
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