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  1. That's where I am with booking flights right now...hesistant to use my free change in case plans get scrapped and I'm stuck with a flight I can't change or use. It's a gamble you are going to have to be willing to take. If I was in your situation, I would almost say pay out of pocket for the new flight. If things get pushed out even further with the airline's change policies you would still be able to change the new flight. And if the airlines don't relax it and the cruise is canceled, travel insurance should cover the new flight if you can't get an airline credit. Then you would still have the original flight credit to use for something else.
  2. This is an option..I forgot that the cruise cycles for Canada/New England and Bermuda run 9/5 nights..9 days will have the time needed to hit other ports. Just a matter of juggling the schedules I imagine.
  3. They can't go to New England without visiting Canada which is closed until July 1st, so you have more of a chance of going to Bermuda at this point!
  4. We have a donut shop here that makes donuts like this..more of a brioche donut than a typical yeast or cake donut.
  5. I interpret that as you were in the 75% cancellation penalty phase and normal circumstances you would have been expected to give up that 75% The end of the email says : I would expect that total figure of $1858.00 will be refunded to you. It may come in two pieces if they refund the port expenses portion separately.
  6. The issue is that whenever the idea of repealing the PVSA comes up we are thinking about it from the limited scope of cruiselines. PVSA affects any vessels that operate in US waters. Repealing it entirely I don't see would ever happen. It's a very pro-USA economy act that covers fishing vessels, ferries, casino boats, etc as well as cruiseships. Rewriting it to provide an exclusion for cruiselines is a possibility, but I don't know that the cruiselines ever thought it was worth it to fight that fight. I could see perhaps an Executive Order at the Federal level that would halt the Customs Border Patrol from fining the cruiseships for not visiting their foreign ports due to the COVID-19 situation.
  7. I've recommended the Fairfield Inn & Suites Melbourne Viera Town Center before. It's not on the beach, same as Titusville, but it's roughly the same distance, just south of the port instead of north. @raahc can vouch it's a nice hotel/value! It's about a 30 minute drive to the port but it's a brand new hotel and tends to be cheaper than some of the Cocoa Beach offerings. Then you can rent from one of the rental car companies from the airport and drop it off the day of the cruise at the rental car agency. Enterprise is actually located at the port and is probably the closest rental agency, but most of them are really close.
  8. Unfortunately Royal has taken a hard stance that if you canceled before the cruiseline did, then you don't qualify for the payment refund option. I'm not sure the other cruiselines are handling that part any better.
  9. I'm a big believer that this greatly exacerbates the stock market decline in the hard hit sectors. Investors often do this when they see something they know will impact a certain segment of the market. Here it's a lot of travel companies that are taking a bit hit. This increases the trading volume (flow) of a company and other investors that are paying attention to those trends will also jump in and sell. It lessens the demand for the stock even more and lowers the price.
  10. Interesting! I have never expanded this Credits & eCertificates section before. Still from the Note: it appears that it's manually added later.
  11. Pretty sure from what I've seen and heard from the others who have used FCC and from travel agents..but I have been wrong before. My FCC simply states it can only be redeemable on cruisefare. I would assume that there are separate accounting buckets for the cruisefare and port fees, taxes, prepaid gratuities, and travel protection. The FCC gets applied as payment towards the cruisefare up to the total amount of the cruisefare and then the remaining deposit can be used to cover those other cash-only pieces. Again, don't know 100% for sure and nothing on my FCC mentions any effects on a deposit.
  12. Freedom made it into Miami this morning,
  13. I see that you applied the deposit, but the deposit is a credit towards total amount of funds owed, but it doesn't reduce the cruisefare when calculating how much FCC can be used. The cruisefare is still the cruisefare regardless of how much the deposit is. A deposit can be used to cover the port fees and taxes or prepaid gratuities while the FCC can't, so Royal will shift the deposit over to cover those costs to allow the FCC to be applied to the actual cruisefare. When issuing the FCC, they issue it based on the cruisefare. It doesn't matter if someone had a $100 deposit or a $1000 deposit on their cruise.
  14. They changed the Cruise with Confidence policy shortly after they announced it to where you could either get the 100% FCC or take the 50% penalty and get the rest refunded in cash like before the Cruise with Confidence policy existed. Prior to the change they stated you would be an FCC equal to the penalty amount if you canceled, thus a 50% refund and a 50% FCC.
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