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  1. The overage for a drink over $13 gets charged to your SeaPass card. The prices of the drinks are coded into their POS system, so there's not much getting around the overage on those. For a double it can be put into the POS as 2 separate drinks.
  2. https://www.goport.com/fly-snooze-cruise/orlando-airport
  3. Resverations are recommended for dinner. It's open seating for breakfast and lunch. Kids are allowed in the Bistro but that's the only place they are allowed in the Solarium.
  4. Cruises are tough on those who are members of the Clean Plate Club..that's for sure. I haven't gotten to partake in the food at CocoCay, but the consensus from what I've heard is the offerings at the Snack Shack are not to be missed, especially the crispy chicken sandwich.
  5. Your drink package will work on the island. I'm pretty sure the rule is you can't bring back anything that's not packaged onto the ship from the island. Take a few bites of everything and enjoy 🙂
  6. Did you use the handicap exemption personally? Just curious how it's handled with the credit card system they have in place. I know at the old lot you used to pre-pay for parking at a toll booth window with a live person working it and they exempted with the handicap placards at that time.
  7. When I click on View Boarding Pass on the website I get the option to see the luggage tags there:
  8. I guess it gives the tablet check-in folks a purpose to retake them. 🤷‍♀️ I know if you scan the passport correctly in the app and your self-taken photo looks like you are having the the worst time ever and the phase of the moon is correct you may get Expedited Boarding. Then you don't even have to talk to a tablet person and you can just go straight to boarding.
  9. Yep..they will scan them at check-in. I used the app and couldn't get mine to scan (hint: it's not the barcode that you scan but rather the page with your photo. I was too dense to realize that 😂) and they just did it again at the port. I had also done my photo in the app and they retook that at check-in also
  10. It's a beach day basically. Really depends on how long your kids can be entertained by a beach. You don't have to spend a dime at CocoCay if you don't want to. You will have access to several beaches and chairs and umbrellas are free for use. There's also a huge pool that's free. The activities staff will also run events on the island they could participate in if they wish.
  11. https://miami.cbslocal.com/2019/11/28/burglars-break-into-cars-downtown-miami-parking-garage/ I've done an offsite parking in Miami before and dealing with the shuttle to/from was just a hassle. I'd just as well park at the port for the convenience.
  12. It's not enforced but they did say in the Cruise Compass that shorts are welcome in the Main Dining Room at breakfast and lunch. Then they had a description of what the evening dress code was which was either resort casual, formal, or Caribbean depending on the day. This was on my most recent sailing on Oasis. My Allure sailing, on the other hand, didn't have any dress code information in the Cruise Compass.
  13. eDocs is the "ticket book" and the luggage tags are at the end 🙂
  14. Well they aren't wrong...now they need to start figuring out how to monetarily enrich your wallet if they keep expecting to go on all these great cultural learning experiences 😂
  15. You expected Royal IT to be able to handle prepopulating this? That's cute.. 😂😂😂 I've never put my name on the tags. I'm too lazy. The room number is what's the important part. As for the app you should be able to go in and pull up your SetSail through the app since you already checked in on the website. I don't have any upcoming cruises that use the app that are soon enough to check for sure, but if you go to the little head icon you should be able to pull up your cruise through that and the check in feature may be there. But honestly it will make no difference checking in through the app or not. The app just allows you to save time by scanning your passport information and taking a photo but they will do that at the port in two seconds anyways. Terminal A is very streamlined when it comes to the boarding process.
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