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  1. Usually you do not find out until the first day of the tour. We skipped out on the museum as well but we opted to do this to instead take the train to Seward. One in our party wanted to do the museum still, so he took the charter bus option. @CGTLH do you have any more info about the timeline that you can recall?
  2. There's MyVEGAS, Konami, PopSlots, MyVEGAS Blackjack and MyVEGAS Bingo I think.
  3. We used WhatsApp to communicate with out Genie on my last cruise.
  4. The messaging feature for 1.99pp/day you purchase on board. All of the ships have moved to the pay messanging feature in the app now. It is no longer free.
  5. If you have internet you will be able to use any internet-based messaging services to receive and send messages. Sometimes you have to set things up to use regular cell phone text messaging to transfer via an internet connection and it doesn't automatically work in all cases.
  6. From https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/liquids-rule So he could have purchased within the international airport and be connecting through Miami to DC and be allowed to take the duty-free through TSA because of this exemption.
  7. I have an upcoming stay in Miami and I had to book by the airport to get reasonable prices. I'll have a car and be driving to the port and parking there, so it was more important for me to have free parking at the hotel than anything else, plus there are airport shuttles to the hotel for the rest of my party who are flying in.
  8. I don't think you are making a bigger deal than it is. To have that many ports affected, it definitely is a big deal, especially if you booked the cruise for the ports. I would say push it to a later date, but we can't predict when it WILL be better. You may just end up kicking the can down the road a little bit and still have the same results. You have to make the determination based on your costs whether it would be worth it for you to still take the cruise that you originally booked under these requirements. I'm sure there are travel costs to Puerto Rico to factor in as well.
  9. The room attendant has nothing to do with it really. It's all based on the luggage tag numbers that you are given. If you are carrying all your luggage off yourself it doesn't matter when you leave. If you need to get off earlier and are leaving your luggage out the night before and having them take it off the ship for you, you can go to Guest Services and ask for an earlier luggage tag number if you have a larger number.
  10. The max 7-day cruises is one of the things they rolled back with the update to the CSO.
  11. The CDC outlined requirements that Harmony can follow that will excuse them from having to do a test cruise when coming back to the US.
  12. Same as with everyone else basically. You hang out in your stateroom until they make the announcement for self-assist to start. Then you can walk off with your luggage at any point after that. Typically that's the first to be called since they're not waiting until the luggage has been put out in the collection area.
  13. Brilliance hasn't started back sailing. I don't think the app completely comes online for the ships until that happens. It probably should show up in the next few weeks or so.
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