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  1. Royal isn't responsible for the entrance requirements for their customers to get to the embarkation port. Fortunately Royal has made the cancellation policies available to where you can cancel for credit towards a future cruise if you feel you can't meet the requirements for entry to Japan as a US citizen.
  2. If the difference would only be $1000 for both legs of the B2B, then 100% yes it's worth it. Otherwise, you need to take in all the considerations that have been mentioned for being Sky Class and decide if it is worth it to you. I think if you aren't likely to experience an Oasis Class ship again, then yes go ahead and make the splurge. Make sure you look into all the different available rooms in Sky/Star Class. I think the Loft Suites and the Aquatheather suites are pretty unique when it comes to Oasis Class ships. I loved being able to watch the aquatheater shows from my balcony
  3. This put a bit of a kink in my upcoming plans for my land trip to Aruba. Aruba has required a negative test to enter the country since at least October so that was expected. Aruba actually requires the PCR test and won't accept the antigen test, so there's a little more leg work to make sure you get the right test done before flying there. This new US restrictions were just announced on Jan 12 with a Jan 26 effective date, I believe. That's only a two weeks heads up. Fortunately Aruba was on the ball and they updated their visitor's informational website where you can go to get
  4. You rebook at the prevailing rates to switch from refundable to non-refundable.
  5. But they have an 8-hour port stop. They just arrive so late that they miss the entire morning and KSC usually closes around 6pm. I'm not sure it's worth the admission price x4 to only get a half a day at KSC. It might be more cost effective to rent a car for the day and explore the Cape Canaveral/Cocoa/Melbourne area if you are really itching to get out and do something at this port. It will keep you much closer than trekking all the way to Orlando. The area has a lot of public parks and river/mangrove areas that you can find a kayaking tour-- some where you may be able to see manat
  6. Normally I would suggest Kennedy Space Center as mentioned, but it seems like you have a later port stop. I feel that KSC is best done as an all-day thing. I don't know what their hours will be but arriving at the port at 1:00pm will likely get you to KSC 1:30-2:00pm with them closing around 6:00pm.
  7. I went on the Canadian site and the option was there for me when I used the you choose your room but it wasn't available if I tried to book a guarantee.
  8. Make sure to report back if you find anything. I have never seen anyone mention a park and cruise package for Cape Liberty. I would think the hotels closer to Newark airport would possibly have park and fly rates available but with them being airport hotels usually there isn't much immediately available nearby. With the cost of parking that I am seeing at the non-airport hotels, when you factor in the cost of transport to the port you might as well just pay to park at the port.
  9. Not really a scam any more than any other marketing/advertising technique out there. When all they say is 70% off, are they saying what it is off of? To me it is ambiguous and I have learned to look at and track the bottom line prices for anything I am interested in and ignore the "sale" banners. If they are touting a percentage off, it is sometimes stated as off of the onboard purchase price. The issue there is the onboard prices are not static, aren't posted anywhere, and change from cruise to cruise. It's best just to ignore the noise and focus on the bottom line price.
  10. You have to go so far as entering in the passenger's names before you see the refundable option. It's on the same page where you select pre-paid gratuities and dining time.
  11. I did a Google search: Day 1 - Saturday - Mar 16, 2019 Fort Lauderdale, United States Fort Lauderdale, United States Depart: 4:00 pm Day 2 - Sunday - Mar 17, 2019 At Sea At Sea Day 3 - Monday - Mar 18, 2019 Costa Maya, Mexico Costa Maya, Mexico Arrive: 11:00 am Depart: 7:00 pm Day 4 - Tuesday - Mar 19, 2019 Cozumel, Mexico Cozumel, Mexico Arrive: 7:00 am Depart: 6:00 pm Day 5 - Wednesday - Mar 20, 2019 At Sea At Sea Day 6 - Thursday - Mar 21, 2019 Fort Lauderdale, United States Fort Lauderdale, United States Arri
  12. I did it for the same. You get enough points for $100 OBC or $100 cash back with ANY purchase within 90 days of opening. Only reason I signed up for the card was to get the bonus. I get a better kickback on other cards that I have for travel spending. No annual fee so might as well keep it. Another feature I liked was that it doesn't have any surcharge for international spending which a lot of other cards do. Sometimes they do have special cardholder only events on special cruises like the Presidents Cruise.
  13. There are no car rental companies immediately at the port. In the past we have driven and just used the MIA airport as our rental car drop off location and then taken an Uber/Lyft to the port. I'm not sure if there's a shuttle TO the port from the airport, but I know that there is one that goes FROM the port to the airport. This blog post mentions the specific off-airport rental locations for the common rental companies at the bottom. You could reach out to them individually to see if they offer a shuttle. https://blog.autoslash.com/car-rentals-at-port-of-miami/
  14. I just read through the restrictions and I may have gotten the age limit wrong. The rules say between 5 and 11 can ride with the parent. All riders must be at least 38 inches and 54 inches to ride alone. It says you can take someone in your cart for free, so that means you wouldn't have to purchase a ticket for the passenger. It says under 16s have to be accompanied by an adult, but this is only with respect to checking in for the ride. If you are under 16 you have to have a parent present to sign the activity waiver but they don't have to physically ride with you. The ride operators onl
  15. I thought it was fun. The price difference for one ride and an all day pass usually isn't that much. It's worth doing the all-day pass in my opinion. The first time you go up you aren't sure exactly what to expect so you tend to hold back a little bit. If you get the all day pass you can be more daring on subsequent runs and even take photos and videos since you will know where to aim. There's some great shots you can get from the coaster of the ship. The age limit to ride alone is 13, so a heads up on that younger ones have to ride with someone over 13. I think I ended up riding at lea
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