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  1. On a Harmony sailing we ordered a bunch of stuff at 1am and it probably took close to 2 hours to get it. We ordered through the TV and got a call a few minutes later letting us know they were slammed and that it was going to take at least an hour and a half and asked if we still wanted to go ahead or cancel. Usually you can expect 30-45 minutes.
  2. Ooh..maybe you and @Matt could work on a podcast about working on the ships or about the casino specifically!
  3. Alamo/National/Enterprise all use the same shuttle bus from the port to the airport. I have not taken it from the airport to the port, but it is available. It is a full sized bus with luggage racks.
  4. Yes. They will usually only have one station dedicated to the nightly theme and you will find regular, non-themed items. They usually always have a grill section with various grilled proteins and grilled vegetables as well as a salad bar and prepared salads.
  5. I believe you can book under the US sales terms but you will lose some of the built-in consumer protection that comes with UK bookings.
  6. And to resurrect this..I heard a rumor that Grandeur is going to Pullmantur effective 2021.
  7. I should clarify that the food thing is a Star Class perk..didn't mean to infer that it was included with the beverage package.
  8. She is on the balcony railing. The white "wall" are just the opaque balcony dividers. The quality of the photo and zooming in makes it appear as though she is standing on a lip on the other of her balcony.
  9. Maybe it's an AmEx Travel thing when you book through their travel portal which effectively makes AmEx your TA.
  10. It includes individual alcoholic drinks up to $13 (you pay the difference for any overage). I say individual because it doesn't include flights or tastings or buckets of beer where you are served multiples at once. You also get specialty coffee, bottled water, fresh squeezed oj, smoothies and juices from the spa cafe, milkshakes at Johnny Rockets, soda..basically everything that has a normal charge and isn't complimentary for everyone will be included. You also shouldn't get charged for any food that comes with a charge like the stuff at the pub or in Vintages.
  11. Haha yep. Same with the activities that you booked. The Genie will take care of refunding you for all of that if you don't go ahead and cancel before the Cruise Planner closes. You make sure to tell the Genie that you are interested in the classes and they will definitely offer you the behind the scenes ship tour as well.
  12. Our Genie helped a little bit on Anthem. He wasn't able to get some stuff we had asked for such as some stuff similar to what would be on a Jamie's plank (meats and cheeses and the like) because he said they weren't open at that time, which is understandable but I would think there would be other ways to source something similar. He did get some fruit and I believe chicken fingers but we put in a room service order ourselves to have delivered with a lot of the finger foods on the menu. I also went and ordered in-person a Izumi to-go order since the Genie had made it seem like delivery of that wouldn't be an option since they weren't open until shortly before the Cabin Crawl. This was in 2017, though, so near the start of the Genie program and the Genie we had is no longer with them.
  13. October 11, 2020 on Brillance out of Boston. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/events
  14. Thank you for this update! The RCL Blog Freedom Group Cruisers will be pleased to hear this. This will definitely make things easier for me if things don't change back again. I much prefer to be able to pay via an app than have to deal with cash or charging in a taxi.
  15. Pretty much what @SpeedNoodles said! The group activities are optional, so I wouldn't let that keep you from doing something that you really, really want to in the ports. Fortunately the Canada/New England ports are relatively easy to navigate and excursion ideas are plentiful!
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