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  1. You can go and ask. Some ships are more inclined to allow it than other ships but there's no official rule.
  2. You can use your UDP any time the restaurant is open, so whatever restaurants are open on boarding day you will be able to use the package. When I went on Freedom last November I had Giovanni's Kitchen for lunch on boarding day. Playmakers was also open and I could have used the package there as well.
  3. I don't know specifically what mix they use for the bloody mary, but it's a mix and not just tomato juice. If you have the drink package, you can call your liquor brand and don't have to default to the house. Usually there's just an olive and a lime for a garnish in that ones that I've had. Some bars have the Worcestershire sauce at the bar and will throw in a dash of that and tabasco as well if you want it spicy.
  4. If you're looking at morning or midday hours to meet up, maybe Vintages? If I recall they had seating at long tables (or several small tables moved together). It won't be open for normal operations during the earlier parts of the day. Make sure to check for wine tasting schedules for conflicts, though.
  5. A standard cabin (non-suite) will have bar soap and a combo body wash/shampoo dispenser. You'll need anything else and if you're picky about hair products, definitely don't rely on the combo.
  6. Since he doesn't cruise anymore this is the next best thing.
  7. Usually it's the first sea day on any length of cruise in the 10AM timeframe.
  8. Same goes for the table that may be in the room; if it is getting in your way and will give you more space, especially with a wheelchair, you can ask your steward if they could remove the table from your cabin.
  9. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/non-united-states-citizen-travel-documentation
  10. I have an Allianz yearly plan. Only made one claim (not cruise related) but it covers any trip that I take that's more than 100 miles from my home.
  11. UDP is the ultimate dining plan. Both of those restaurants are included with the UDP.
  12. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/menus/hooked-seafood-menu-sample.pdf It's on the menu at Wonder. There's also lobster on the menu at 150 Central Park, but it doesn't specify it is Maine lobster. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/menus/one-hundred-fifty-central-park-menu-sample.pdf
  13. Yes. The drink voucher count resets at midnight. You can get a full day's worth of vouchers on disembarkation day for the first leg and then as soon as you officially reboard for the second leg, the voucher count will be reset. You can get drinks anywhere that's open for breakfast.
  14. If you ask them, they should be able to do that. It's still made to order, so you will have a little bit of a wait for them to prepare it.
  15. If you're on Wonder, lobster is on the menu at Hooked. Hooked is included in the UDP.
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