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  1. On ships that have Coastal Kitchen they do not have a breakfast in Chops. It's for a limited time and a limited menu. I believe this happens in the Concierge Lounge which is on Deck 12 Aft. Coastal Kitchen doesn't share the space with the Suite Lounge on Ovation. You can coordinate with the Concierge on board to schedule your onboard activities. This can be done onboard in the Concierge Lounge. They also should send you a welcome email a week before your sailing that you can respond to and make your dinner and activity reservations. If you did not prepay your gratuities then it will be charged daily to your onboard account. This daily service charge includes your room attendant and the service staff involved with your meals. It is customary to tip the Concierge if they happen to do something above and beyond in helping you, but it is not a requirement. If you purchase drinks or eat in a specialty restaurant an 18% service charge will be added. I would recommend tipping for the free drinks in the Concierge Lounge.
  2. It is per person for the first 2 people in the cabin only. And that is a one-time charge for the ENTIRE cruise, not per day!
  3. Just ask..they will get you a room service cover for your plate and you can leave with it. The food comes out of the kitchen with covers on which are removed at the waiter's station before serving at the table, so they have them easily available. Yes, you can take bottled water off the ship. Sometimes they are picky about you bringing them back onto the ship, but that's more them looking for liquor purchased in port that you are taking back to the ship.
  4. With the Deluxe plan the Kraken is included...you're just specifying the type of rum to be used in the Lava Flow. If you have the Refreshment package then order a virgin Lava Flow with the Kraken on the side and it will be charged as a single shot rather than a frozen alcoholic drink.
  5. Covers up to $13 on most ships. You just have to pay the overage plus 18% of the overage beyond that. There are a handful of wines in each category that fit within the limit, but many of the wines are $$$. If you can find out the wines to be sampled ahead of time it can make your decision to partake easier.
  6. This..gives you the flexibility to do what you want to kill the time and a place to store your bags.
  7. If you really are flexible with dates, look into Oasis or Allure for the first 2 weeks of December. Prices are very low and since it's an off season time flights will be more reasonable as well.
  8. I will be on that cruise as well...excited to see all the AMPed changes!
  9. Star Class will only be on Oasis and Quantum class ships..so start there. Star Class is the only one that includes everything.
  10. Not sure what your other ports are but Nassau is not the best one for all inclusive resort for a day...the British Colonial Hilton is walkable from the port, so that's a plus in my opinion..even if it's not an all inclusive.
  11. Yes. Some ships also have the self-service Freestyle machines, but you need the souvenir cup that comes with the package to use them.
  12. Ah yes..I try to avoid mixing business with pleasure..but at least you know now for the next time! A travel agent should always work for you..and there's no obligation to retain them if you don't mesh well.
  13. The porters can do the luggage tags for you at the port if yours don't get updated in time.
  14. You get your SeaPass either at check-in or when you get to your room it will be at your door. Depends on which ship. If you don't get the SeaPass until you get to your room, then you will use your SetSail pass (boarding pass) to get drinks until the rooms are open.
  15. I would do OBC and free grats for the kids.
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