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  1. The Pan American pier doesn't have a lot nearby. If you take a taxi/Uber down to Old San Juan, Barrachina Restaurant (claims the Pina colada) stores luggage.
  2. Oscar has been killing it with the mini menagerie.. Matches the theme of the little choking hazard I found yesterday..remote for scale. And got my B2B letter!
  3. Same...sometimes I board before it's even open and there's never a rush when they open the doors.
  4. The full ship charters are usually booked through outside companies. The charters I have done have all been on NCL through Sixthman. Royal has a list of some here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/plan-a-cruise/themed-cruises
  5. Proof I got off the ship today! Then got right back on My first visit to Grand Turk... I guess it's convenient to have the beach *right* there at the pier, but you have to want to do the beach. There's also a pool at Margaritaville. They offered some tour the island and snorkel trips and rum tasting excursions but I didn't venture out of the port area so I couldn't tell you what the rest of the place is like. The water was very pretty and you could see lots of colorful fish by the pier and an occasional ray swim by. I'd imagine snorkeling here would be decent. This was a replacement stop for Labadee which does not have Effy, Harley Davidson, Ron Jon, or Pirhana Joe's so it's up to you to decide if it's a worthy substitution.
  6. Some of the crew get really excited about these cruises. I'm on Independence of the Seas right now and my room steward was telling me all about one that just happened where Quiet Riot played. It's his favorite band and he was able to work his schedule to catch them play.
  7. Not all sailings qualify and DP340 isn't combinable with everything...just to make it even more confusing
  8. Any other Prime or above casino folks just order a drink from every roaming waiter that walks by to up the chances of actually receiving said drink and then ends up accidentally double fisting or is it just me?
  9. There were these two ladies a couple tables down from me who were alllllll about it. Everyone else scurried away.
  10. I think that's all that's available on that ship unfortunately when WJ is closed. @WAAAYTOOO is also on Explorer now..maybe she knows of somewhere else? I'm trying to recall my Voyager class experiences but can't think of anything.
  11. Despite dining solo..I can't manage to make it out of the MDR before they start the singing and dancing. Coming 15 mins early doesn't help anything..ughhhh. I didn't even order an entree this time!
  12. I used the Facebook group's slot pull as an excuse to take a break from my work and leave my room. But I got there too late and they had already started so I played a little video poker instead and I'm up $25 for the cruise and have 28 casino points despite not wearing red undergarments Since it was 2:30 and I have 5:30 early seating in MDR, of course I went to the WJ before it closes at 3:00. They had shrimp pad thai...burger bun for reference.
  13. Maybe on Sunday since that's the next Sea Day and I don't have to work, so won't feel guilty for having fun.
  14. For those of you who Facebook, the official Royal Caribbean Blog Facebook page was taken down by Meta. @Matt has had no luck getting the page restored, so a new Facebook page has been created. Please visit the new page and like and follow it. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/royalcaribbeanblogcom
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