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  1. Junior Suites and above have a Lavazza machine.
  2. You can, but the casino would need to reprice it using the current casino rate on that room. Sometimes the casino rates aren't combinable with other promotions that are running or any other discounts you would be eligible for.
  3. Symphony is the only ship that I have sailed that printed receipts for the Diamond drinks. And they did have the drink count on them. None of the other ships I have been on bothered with the receipts.
  4. If the casino machines aren't going yet, drinks aren't free. Usually you get your SeaPass card by that time since the rooms open before the casino does.
  5. You pay port fees and taxes for person #4 upfront and it gets refunded post-cruise. Otherwise can't see any other issues unless the no show has some kind of discount that wouldn't be applicable if they weren't on the sailing.
  6. No. When you rebook it will be at the current rates with whatever is the current sale or promotion.
  7. Yes..they can hang out in the pick up area with everyone else waiting on rides.
  8. In your situation if they can't get you a passenger slot when onboard, they will let you cancel.
  9. It's a gamble. You also can't purchase anything else in the interim if you have other items in your cart. You would have to purchase everything.
  10. Since it's 50% off and no longer a BOGO coupon you aren't limited to it being the same drink.
  11. Yes, the dependent relationship has to be established with C&A prior to age 18.
  12. Yes. It is way easier for a single person to take the shuttle. Personally, I would skip the shuttle and catch an Uber/Lyft to the rental car place and beat everyone else there.
  13. The perks will be tied to whoever is on the booking for the room that gets the perks. You can ask at Guest Services if it's possible to completely swap rooms and the perks with them, but I'm not 100% sure it can be done. Definitely a your mileage may vary situation.
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