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  1. I never heard any noises in 10724 -- never even heard the neighbors! I have read plenty of complaints about the noise from 270 from those on Deck 8 but haven't ever experienced that one myself.
  2. Agreed! It keeps Royal holding the money they need right now and keeps the customers happy. Will increase demand on other sailings which could inflate prices for new bookings as well.
  3. The 125% is calculated based on what you paid out of pocket. You'll lose the OBC unless you're gonna L&S and it's the kind of OBC that can be transferred,
  4. I'm not convinced that they knew 100% for sure. But when the shipyard released their public message about all of their issues and the fire, I guess they finally felt it was best to make a decision on it.
  5. We have done 4..2 parents and 2 adult children. They use a single rollaway bed and the pull-out couch is a shared double bed. As long as you have 2 that could handle being on the pull-out couch together I think you'd be fine. As for pricing, unless you did a Kids Sail Free promo, the additional cost will be what the cost of the 3rd passenger was to add someone.
  6. i wouldn't read too much into it like that. Odyssey is still being built and they're having issues at the shipyard with manpower due to COVID, fires, etc. Plus I think if this is a delay that was agreed upon between Royal and the shipyard, it delays when Royal has to pony up the money to the shipyard.
  7. My understanding of my Allianz policy is that if I had a trip planned and the cruise portion was canceled by Royal, it doesn't matter why it was canceled; it should qualify as a cancellation by a common carrier.
  8. VRBO is typically full rentals, not shared spaces. AirBNB has both.
  9. @JeffB hit it spot on. Depending on what you want from your south Florida experience you may want to consider doing your beachfront stay in Ft. Lauderdale. It can be cheaper and not as a crazy as Miami.
  10. I tried to trace it back to how it became that the CDC is even able to declare a no sail order but couldn't really dig anything up directly. All the government agencies tie into each other. The CDC is responsible for the health, sanitation, and environmental inspections that are required to operate, but I got lost trying to find out what would actually happen if a cruise line decided to operate under the no sail order. I'm guessing they couldn't port anywhere in the US since Department of Homeland Security would see to that.
  11. It appears that the ordinance was enacted on June 17, 2020, so pretty recent. Most likely because of the lovely surge in cases we have in Florida. I'm up in the panhandle and we haven't seen much from it, but now that they back to nearly everything open (at reduced capacity and no mandatory masks) there are businesses closing down left and right as employees are contracting it.
  12. Even if the cruiselines don't require a mask, don't forget to bring one if your itinerary includes Key West! Not wearing one can result in a civil citation. If you read the ordinance this is through June 1, 2021. From the County Commissioners official website: https://www.monroecounty-fl.gov/1169/COVID-19-Coronavirus
  13. You get 100% refund of the cash you paid for the cruise, which would be the taxes and fees, prepaid gratuities, travel protection, and cruisefare amount in excess of the FCC that you applied. The FCC gets reissued or reinstated.
  14. I would hope that's what they did. That would be a good foresight, and would be one of the first times I've seen them actively take proactive steps when they do something like this. Usually they load everything into the site and then when an OOPS happens, they never take the proactive measures to help the situation.
  15. Love all those suggestions, and the one from @rjac too. All very appropriate. NOPE is my standard answer on forms when they make a field mandatory and I don't want to answer it 😆
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