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  1. Scan the barcode with a barcode scanner app or try to add it to your Apple wallet. It should show numbers at the end which will be the assigned room number. If you can't figure how to scan it, shoot me a private message on here and I will try to help!
  2. It's written in their FAQ that the drinks must be in a carry-on. Withholding luggage for the naughty room can happen for anything. One of the culprits is often liquids. Sometimes they will flag it, sometimes they let it pass.
  3. I haven't seen alcoholic milkshakes there. Only place I've seen those are Mason Jar on Wonder of the Seas.
  4. If the restaurant has a bar you can order the drinks with the beverage package without dining there. Wonderland has a bar on Oasis class ships but not Quantum class.
  5. You have to cancel the entire cabin to take advantage of CWC. If one person can't go you just no show them and taxes and port fees get refunded for the missing party but no cruisefare will be refunded.
  6. Unless Quantum converted the Noodle Shop into teppenyaki, the only Izumi option on that ship is sushi. You will want to make reservations to guarantee you can eat there. They will accept walk-ins, but reservations will take priority so space may be very limited.
  7. If it's not an allergy then eating around it should be fine. Everything kind of melts in a gooey mess since it gets hit with hot caramel. It's so rich that a few bites is enough for anyone anyways!
  8. My theory is the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. The disconnect between shoreside and the ships constantly baffles me. I wouldn't be surprised if they never stopped to reconcile the list of folks who were downgraded but were still to retain the SC amenities. Fortunately once you are on the ship you will have a Genie to advocate for you, but there are a lot of moving parts that may get missed.
  9. @Stelkp They are included with the cabana. The cabana attendant will get you as many as you need.
  10. I know the cabin stewards definitely do know, so I would imagine dining staff would know as well.
  11. They will put Star class paper sticker tags on when you arrive and load all your bags onto a cart and off to your room, so I wouldn't worry about the printed tags being incorrect. Enjoy the upgrade!
  12. Regular drip coffee is complimentary for everyone. Only espresso-based drinks have the upcharge.
  13. If they're actually using Squeeze as a juice bar, you would be able to order any juices with the package. I think that location on the pool deck likely serves as a bar annex more than a dedicated juice bar at this point. Really the only place it can't be used for an extra cost non-alcoholic beverage is going to be a branded Starbucks location which I don't believe Liberty has. When you eat in the main dining room, you can order cappuccino or espresso at the end of your meal and it will be included with the Refreshment Package.
  14. @CNA Jacksonville You are correct that Jewel doesn't have the water slides and Flowrider. Jewel is more of the old style traditional cruising, where ships have an atrium and lots of glass with great ocean views. If you need to be entertained with physical activities all the time, then it may not be the best ship for you.
  15. Choosing the time when purchasing the dining packages is irrelevant to anything. They speak of a "courtesy" reservation that they make on your behalf for the first evening at that time, but I haven't ever seen that in practice. What you do is visit the dining kiosk in the promenade or visit one of the specialty restaurants as soon as you board and make the dining reservations for your entire party at that time. Whether you have a dining package or not doesn't come into play until you actually eat at the restaurant and they need to figure it out when settling the bill. If you're going to do hibachi, they charge $10 additional for each person with a dining package, so keep that in mind when considering if the child price point for the package is worth it.
  16. My preference is as early as possible so I have time to squeeze in a later meal, too.
  17. It depends on the cost of the package for the kids. I believe 12 and under you can pay $10 per meal for them to join you. The 14 year would be considered an adult at every meal, so if you don't think they would eat enough meals with the dining plan for it to make financial sense, then pay out of pocket for her or purchase one of the smaller dining packages for 3 meals or Chops +1. Remember the package includes lunch when the specialty restaurants are open and also the ala carte dining places that may be on your ship such as Playmakers, Portside BBQ and Izumi sushi. Those give a per meal stipend with the dining packages, so you'd only have to be for anything ala carte over and above that stipend when dining with the children.
  18. You're welcome. If you haven't sailed and are interested in the photo session still and it is available online at a price you're willing to be, I would say book it. If they try to insist onboard that it's only for one person, then you can ask for a refund at Guest Services. I'm pretty sure as others have mentioned in this thread, that it's a charge per session. I've seen full multi-generational families book these and take tons of photos with different groupings for one session fee.
  19. Just be aware that the chat isn't included in VOOM, so if you're expecting to use it to communicate with your daughter, then at least you or your wife also need to purchase the chat.
  20. I rented from Avis on a land stay there. They have the major rental companies represented at the airport so you should be able to search for your favorite one and find it in Aruba. Most of them rent from the airport, so if you're looking to rent on a cruise stop you'll have to get a cab down to the airport (or take the city bus Arubus). The car we rented served its purpose, but the vehicle condition is far from what you are used to renting in the US.
  21. I think the age limit is for the app which you need to use the additional cost chat feature. You don't need to use the app for the VOOM accounts.
  22. You should be able to go back and edit your bid. You can also try going through this link for any future reservations to check eligibility, even if you don't get an email: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade
  23. Yes. If you are awarded the RoyalUp and still can cancel in the Cruise Planner you can do that and it will be refunded to your method of payment. If it's too late for the Cruise Planner, just visit the Suite Concierge or Guest Services onboard and they can refund it from there.
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