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  1. Wonder is a great ship to experience the Suite Class! You should get an email from the Concierge within a week of sailing. You can respond to that email and have them make your Coastal Kitchen and other dining reservations. Hope to meet you on the ship! We can have an unofficial blog meetup out on the Suite Sun deck!
  2. No, there is only a server in there during happy hour.
  3. I still would recommend dropping off your luggage at the port first and grabbing an Uber/Lyft if you park offsite. The shuttles are what most folks complain about with respect to offsite parking in Miami.
  4. One with free parking is Comfort Suites Miami Airport North. They have a shuttle to the port as well, but not back to the hotel. I prefer to do my own ride to the port and not be on the shuttle's timeline.
  5. Aww..that's always a sweet gesture. I don't mind dining solo. Being sat with others forces me to socialize and I tend to be an introvert when I'm not already part of a group. It's good practice for me
  6. They actually sat me at a table at traditional dining when I was solo. It was a table for 6, but I only had company on the last night and it was only a couple. When I booked for two and no-showed my +1, we had a table for 2.
  7. They took out the ability to upload your vaccination document into the app but they failed to remove all the reminders everywhere that tell you to do so. Just bring your proof with you to the port and you will be good to go.
  8. Usually it means they have assigned it. If your SeaPass with the bar code is available, if you scan it with a barcode reader or add it to Apple Wallet it may give you room number.
  9. Long Beach is probably the closest airport and easiest to do..25 minutes in no traffic. I believe SW flies there.
  10. Coming out of the tunnel can be a cluster..especially if drivers aren't familiar. I know to stay far right to get down to Terminal A, so usually I can avoid the mess as everyone for other terminals is trying to merge left. Never have that issue going over the bridge, but you have to be careful to not miss the turn to get over to the passenger terminals or it dumps you on the cargo side..then you'll end up staring at Oasis from the other side of the fence and have to backtrack Looking at the time stamp on your post you were stuck in the pick up mess still. It's gotten way better at Terminal A but there is about a 2 hour window where there's just so much traffic coming and going at Terminal A to get debarking passengers that you just sit and sit waiting to turn the final corner.
  11. You can use the UDP at any specialty restaurant whenever it is open and they have space for you. Playmakers gives you a $20 meal credit per person with the package each time you visit. You can dine at Johnny Rockets for lunch, hit up Izumi for sushi when it opens for dinner for a light bite, have dinner later at Chops.and hit up Plamakerd late night for bar food, all in the same day with the UDP.
  12. Yup..when you first hit prime you get it for the remainder of the current casino year (ends March 31). Then you'll have prime for the next casino year as well. Your free prime tier cruise will be awarded at the beginning of the next casino year.
  13. No where on the booking site that I'm aware of, though usually it's mentioned in the Concierge letter.
  14. No, everyone has to pay for drinks via room service, even those with a drink package and free room service!
  15. It can go either way -- sometimes they will and sometimes they'll require a reprice at the current rates and force you into a double occupancy only room. Usually you're paying a premium on guests 1 & 2 in a 3+ occupancy room already, though so you may or may not come out ahead if they do reprice.
  16. I've been on all five of the Oasis class ships and Oasis was my number one until Wonder came along. It's definitely my favorite of the five now, but only wins by a little bit. Oasis is still a fantastic ship with all the upgrades, but Wonder has a couple extra options for dining which pushes it over the edge for me since we sail a lot, so I appreciate the variety.
  17. Yes, you can change names on the reservations as long as one original person on the booking stays with the cabin. If you don't want to do that, you can call to purchase the drink package for your wife but you would have to get the Refreshment Package.
  18. Tell them to take Port Boulevard by Bayside Marketplace and the Miami Arena so they go over the bridge instead of the tunnel.
  19. Any points you earn right now is working towards getting prime for the April 1, 2023-March 31, 2024 year. Your current prime status is good through March 31, 2023.
  20. Keep an eye on the Going, Going, Gone sale to get an idea of the timeframe when the prices drop for sailings. This link gets updated weekly with the new flyer. You will see none of the 3 nighters out of PC on that list. There's high demand for those weekend cruises; they always seem to be more $$ than sailing out of Port Everglades or Port of Miami. https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Multi_Dest/Special_Offers/rci_sales_event_USD.pdf
  21. You don't have to pay for checked luggage with Southwest, so that cuts down the cost difference a little bit. Possibly, but you'd be banking on those flights having room to get all of you rebooked. I only see 2 possible later flights from DCA to MCO that would get you there in time and one of them would be cutting it SUPER close. All aboard is 90 minutes before sail away and you'll need to account for travel to Port Canaveral as well which can be 45 minutes to an hour.
  22. I'm not sure if the entertainment is considered "crew" but Darla Fox went above and beyond as a pub singer. She was engaging and entertaining and understood what her job was. She made it a point to learn requested songs for our group and would come back later in the cruise and play them for us. She made an effort to get to know her audience and interacted with them more than I've seen any other entertainer on a cruise ship ever do.
  23. If your kids like a beach day, water parks or a pool day, then yes, it's a great destination. What things did you specifically like about Oasis class? What were the spots that you made sure to go back and see on your second time on an Oasis class ship? I'm assuming you went on Symphony and Harmony since you mentioned being on both of the ships that were newest at the time. If you enjoyed the variety of live entertainment, you're not going to find that on the other ships. Oasis class dominates in that since they have the Aquatheater venue, main theater and ice skating rink for shows. Quantum class doesn't have the ice rink, but they do have 270 which has some shows. Quantum class also doesn't have water slides, but they do have bumper cars, Northstar and iFly which are fun activities. Freedom class and Voyager class are relatively similar, with Freedom being slightly larger. You'll find water slides and some other fun activities that were on Oasis class, but just not as large of a variety. They do have the ice rink on those ships as well and some have added features such as the Sky Pad. If you aren't looking to make the ship your destination and want to use it as a means of travel to ports, there's nothing wrong with the other classes of ships. They are smaller and have less to do onboard, but the Radiance class and Vision class ships are more typical of cruising in the past where there's more ocean views on the ship and less interior windowless spaces. These ships don't have ice rinks and waterslides but can still allow you to relax and get to ports that can't take a larger ship. You'll also be dealing with less people. That said, we love the Oasis class and have done them over and over again. We often don't even get off the ship at the ports since we've done them over and over again. The ship is the destination and since we cruise often, having a lot of choices when it comes to activities, entertainment and dining is important to us.
  24. This is no longer an issue, especially in the Caribbean. From the FAQ at https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/sailings-open-to-guests-who-are-not-vaccinated
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