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  1. From what others have been reported, all the previous check-in information was saved. The check-in was just disabled and pushed back to a later date.
  2. I just used some luggage tag holders that I had. I have the card in a Ziploc so it doesn't stick to the sides and put it in the luggage tag holder. The holders I have aren't the size specific for Royal Caribbean..they're the fatter rectangle kind. I still use them for the Royal tags but they also fit when I cheat on Royal with another cruiseline.
  3. I used that one from Walgreens. They said up to 24 hours turnaround but I had my results in 25 minutes. Royal accepts it.
  4. Done. In the future if you are the creator of a topic you can edit the subject line by editing the first post
  5. Can I just say I love how this messageboard has become the unofficial Star Class live blog/review board?
  6. They share a lobby and pool area and you have access to the Hampton breakfast options as well as Home2. Home2 is more of an extended stay hotel (full fridge, microwave, sink, etc. They're both brand new. The photos in my Allure blog show some of the lobby and pool area. It's really nice and I think we are staying there again in January but at Home2 this time maybe.
  7. Makes more sense to have check-in be closer in with all the cancellation and changes.
  8. It's not for sale yet. Folks booked on the original Allure TA were told the dates changed and the ship was changing to Wonder.
  9. It's kind of the same thing. If you are onboard for long enough the body will adapt to keep you from being unsteady on your feet. It's engaging muscles to assist with the extra balancing effort. Those muscles don't get used in the same way on land, so they can start to feel sore if you aren't used to it. It's the same thing that contributes to you still feeling like you are moving when you get back on land.
  10. Yes, it appears the one scheduled April 24 is beginning on April 20 now.
  11. I stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites Port Canaveral. It's also really close to the port and has a shuttle to the port. It's attached to Home2 so that's another option. There's also Homewood Suites that shares the same block (the parking lots do connect through in the back!). Those are all Hilton brand hotels and are clean and new and include breakfast. I would recommend getting a car rental so you can explore on your own.
  12. Ooh..I assumed he meant from Port Canaveral. That would be a big ol Uber charge for sure!
  13. If there's a ship in port, they're around and waiting!
  14. The wording used to say BOGO and is a one-time use, but worded this way makes it seem like it's a multiple use coupon. The one I have from Allure doesn't have the throughout your cruise wording.
  15. Depends on why they are no-shows. Port fees and taxes will always get refunded. If they tested positive for COVID within 14 days of sailing they can get a refund. As stated you can cancel up to 48 hours prior for an FCC. I'm sure with the timeliness of processing cancellations that we see across the board, some of those cancellations still make it on the passenger manifest.
  16. Looks like it has been moved to 45 days out. Systemwide, not just this cruise.
  17. They are still having hundreds of no-shows day of sailings, so reduced capacity it pretty much handling itself right now. In fact I think the cruiselines would happily take more passengers. Folks are canceling for the protocols, testing requirements, mask requirements, etc. Royal's letting people get refunds when the protocols are released so people are taking advantage of that if they aren't comfortable with sailing.
  18. So I accidentally bought an over-the-water cabana since it's on a fire sale right now. Not sure if I'll keep it since I'm solo, but if anyone wants to throw in, let me know
  19. Yaaaaay! I have been enjoying following along with all the blogs since I departed Allure last Sunday. You guys are going to have a blast! This helps with the post-cruise depression and the agonizing wait until the next one.
  20. The CVS in my area don't open up the rapid appointments far in advance, only a few days. My plan is always schedule PCR far in advance and then grab the rapid appointments when they open up closer to the testing date. I am also going to order the at-home tests as another contingency plan. We are fortunate to have a community testing site around the corner so I have a lot of options for close-in rapid appointments but I still have to sweat it out until I can land the appointment and then hope it's not canceled on me..then the wait for results too!
  21. You can get an Uber and Lyft in the port. Be prepared if taking one TO the port to show your ID. They do check everyone coming in and they let the drivers through solo for pick-ups but also make passengers show ID when they are with them.
  22. The issue when using FCCs is sometimes it gets applied where the FCC makes it look like your cruise fare was reduced. So if your FCC was 1000 for a 5000 cruise, they see your cruise fare as 4000. If you are pricing that cruise now as 4700, it looks as though you already had the lower price because of the FCC. I would think resolutions will get you straight.
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