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  1. I will be jumping on board right after you disembark. Please leave some tequila for me.
  2. Funny end note to this thread. Look what I randomly found at a second hand store for $5.
  3. Thanks to all who replied. Viking Serenade is probably the ship.
  4. During the mid nineties I took a Royal cruise out of Los Angeles headed down to San Diego and Mexico. I can’t remember the name of the ship. Does anybody have any ideas on what it might be. If my memory serves it was a smaller ship in the fleet at a time. We stopped at Avalon also, if that is any help. thanks
  5. Where does one find the links to the webcams? If you don’t mind sharing.
  6. Anyone want to share their experience of cruising during the New Year Holiday? We are booked... only 441 days to go!
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