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  1. Wife and I got DBP on our 8 night Odyssey cruise first week of December for $50 per person per day. Bedsides booze we also only drank San Pelegríno water at every restaurant and specialty coffees. Needless to say, royal lost money on us.
  2. Y’all going on wonder in March keep the rest of us posted . I am scheduled on her in December, would be great to have some intel ahead of time
  3. Yup no chance college kids are on a 7 day cruise en masse. Shorter ones on smaller ships are their sweet spot. My family and I are going on symphony March 19 this year with my younger children and I am not worried in the slightest about spring breakers
  4. Bump, I know his contract is probably up, but would like an update on how Chris is doing. Hope you are well chris and back in the UK! Enjoyed meeting you on Odyssey december 4-12th
  5. Agreed Brian, it’s fools gold at this point to aim for a zero Covid policy like China and Hong Kong are attempting without draconian measures (which aren’t working). What the cruise industry has done with Mandating vaccines, pre cruise testing and strategic masking is all anyone can reasonably do. And yet cases are still occurring, though I suspect most are asymptomatic especially amongst the crew. We will get through this wave and hopefully enough population immunity will have been achieved that we will have a solid backstop against future variants, which will occur, and be endlessly mentioned by the media. As has been mentioned ad nauseam by now , you are more likely to pick up Covid on land than a ship.
  6. Great post. I’m completely agree with your assessment. I guarantee it’s due to an excess of crew cases over Multiple ships. The crew and some of these ships need a reset/ breather to end the transmission cycle. We’ll be golden by March. Happy days are here again soon!
  7. I’m doing symphony March 19 also with the whole family and kids for their spring break, can’t wait , I’m not concerned at all about omicron as I can almost guarantee the wave will have receded and we’ll be in a good place by then. Odyssey is supposedly in port at coco cay on March 25th when we’re all there, so coco will be jamming that day. Going to be a glorious time had by all.
  8. Yeah seems like alot of the cruise hitpiece articles are coming from USA Today. Those clown reporters should come on here and troll. I’m sure they wouldn’t like seeing posts in here not towing the popular narrative.
  9. Thank you for taking time to write that review. I love royal but i was just curious what celebrity was like. Their ships look really posh
  10. Speaking of celebrity, for those that have done both royal and celebrity, how do they compare . Which do you prefer ?
  11. There is no stopping this wave of omicron, it’s Ro I have read is close to 10 which is Similar measles in infectiousness. 100% vaccine policy wouldn’t do diddly squat to prevent cases onboard. Also hasn’t the overwhelming majority of positive cases been amongst the crew anyway and not passengers?
  12. We just have to get thru this omicron wave and then it’s business as usual. Some rough sailing in terms of case counts over the next 4-6 weeks but will come out the other side in much better shape from a population immunity standpoint. I feel for those that have cruises during this time. Just bad luck.
  13. Good call flow rider. So sick of MSM bagging on cruising. Such ignorance and elitism.
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