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  1. I’m scheduled on jewel in December. How is she ? It’ll be my first radiance class.
  2. The dang suite lounge is so intoxicating. It’s hard to imagine now not having it.
  3. Must’ve been a Nole. I kid , I kid.
  4. Question for those who’ve sailed harmony , does the suite lounge have a dedicated bar like wonder ? Going to be on her in 2 weeks and was curious what to expect.
  5. On our Wonder sailing in December 10, 2022, we received the exact same concierge email for the suite lounge that had the stipulations of complementary beverages (beer, wine ,spirits) during the hours of 5 to 8 PM. However, once the board the bartender in the suite lounge, said that beer and wine were complementary from 11 to 11.
  6. Mercy did you look at that guest list for the current cruise. Some major trek actors on that ship
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