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  1. my wife and I just got off a cruise aboard symphony this past weekend. It was said to be a full cruise. The only time it ever felt even a little crowded was in the wind jammer. due to the neighborhoods concept people are dispersed well across the ship. we had a blast and the ship was amazing.
  2. Just got off symphony today, Maryna was the name of classic guitar player in Central Park during the evenings on our voyage
  3. My wife and I are on symphony right now and got our deluxe beverage package for 46 per day on just some random unadvertised sale in the cruise planner. You need to watch it all the time is the moral of the story.
  4. I’m on symphony right now and the WiFi is fantastic. Nearly as fast as at home.
  5. Ok, who out there is joining me on Symphony in 18 days? Name and town if you wish to opine
  6. Love the hallmark movies. Saw that one a few weeks back
  7. very well said. very little benefit to reading reviews other than to learn about stuff on the ship. Unfortunately that is thru someones else's prizm which is unreliable. Ultimately you have to take a leap of faith with these things and hope your personal experience is better than what you've read about.
  8. I didn’t until i read the attached article I found on google. It was a working vacation for them evidently. They also became the godparents for symphony around the time they were filming the movie.
  9. I was the same way, no idea what the plot was about. Just kept checking out the background vistas
  10. We will be on symphony in November, so it’s got me pumped too. I told I’d be more interested in hallmark movies if they were all filmed on royal ships
  11. So my wife was watching a Hallmark movie when she noticed a very familiar logo and as it turns out the movie she was watching was filmed on harmony of the seas. The product placement in the scenes was hilarious. The movie is called “Love at Sea” . I searched the archives but didn’t see any mention on here of this. Apparently they filming occurred during an active cruise and some passengers were sued as extras. Anyone on here on that cruise? https://heavy.com/entertainment/2018/08/where-hallmark-love-at-sea-filmed-cruise-ship/
  12. That’s the one cool thing about Disney’s app is the guest to guest text feature, royal needs to get this up and running
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