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  1. Vaping THC oil on a ship is so bush league. No one wants to smell that crap.
  2. What really chafes me is the pricing for DBP and UDP. I sailed on symphony in November 2019 and got DBP for $46/day. Those prices are long gone even on older buster ships
  3. Have you been with Royal the entire 10 years ?
  4. Watched the video Chris , enjoyed, glad you are in a better head space now. Enjoy your time at home.
  5. Some good info on here with regards to Harr travel. I’m surprised to hear the negative experiences cause as other have pointed out , based on the videos they make you’d expect white glove service. Man, those happy Hoffman travel videos are corny. I’m glad to hear they provide good service though.
  6. Pizza gate was Full of sound and fury and signaling nothing
  7. Yeah the prices across the board for everything are eye watering. Getting sick of it.
  8. Drinks on day one ? Yes please and lots!
  9. The only “deals” that were available on icon suites were when the itineraries were first released in September 2022. We got a decent rate on a junior sky suite for aug 2024 at the time. Now im sure their comical
  10. Shoot icon will be there at that time too .
  11. No doubt , but then why was Bailey compelled to bring it up at all ?
  12. Agreed. Something’s cooking in Miami for sure. My wallet senses a disturbance in the force.
  13. What is their reluctance to adding a tier between D+ and pinnacle do you all surmise ?
  14. The axe throwing was subterfuge misdirection for the real point of the survey… the Sorrentos question.
  15. Enjoy the rest Chris. It’ll be sad when you hang up your royal Caribbean sport coat for good.
  16. Insider and business insider are hot garbage websites.
  17. Awesome news Chris. I still remember how gracious you were when we met on odyssey.
  18. We stayed in a GS on wonder , 1750, was amazing , suite hood and Sun deck were the best.
  19. Utopia looks awesome. A nice difference from Wonder which is incredible.
  20. I’m assuming all these guests booking these short ones are Floridians and I guess people already on vacay in Orlando. I have zero desire to do a short one, but I guess I am in the minority.
  21. DBP prices are comical across the fleet. Royal really working hard to make up lost revenue
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