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  1. I agree completely. We shouldn't expect a foreign country to solve our problems for us. That's especially true since there's noting in it for Canada.
  2. A different O class would be OK too. In fact, Allure is the only one that hasn't gone through an amplification.
  3. I've heard through my travel agent that it is going to be Allure of the Seas. I'm waiting with bated breath for the official announcement, which I expect next week. I can't wait to get on the repositioning cruise and triumphantly ride Allure in to Galveston!
  4. I've actually seen cases (plural) where Air2Sea was significantly cheaper than travelocity.
  5. One other question: Tips for the concierge and genie. Can this be charged to your ship board account or does it have to be in cash?
  6. I always agree that same day flights are a bad idea. However, when I called Air2Sea, it seems like the only decent flights available were same day. If I do in fact go (I have it booked), then I probably won't feel like I have much choice. I'll book it through Air2Sea and hope for the best. Royal guarantees you'll make your cruise, so at least it would fall on them to figure something out.
  7. True, but at least it is small enough to sail under the current CDC no sail order!
  8. Check out this video: CRUISE NEWS WOWZA! Carnival CEO Predicts Full Fleet Return Date - YouTube So what do you think?
  9. It is an old thread, but was thrilled to see it come up again! I'm thinking about Star Class for a late 2022 cruise, and this is very helpful. One question that keeps running in mind mind after reading the thread. On embarkation day, are the SC room available earlier than the regular rooms? I saw someone talk about having lunch in the room.
  10. My travel agent has put together a sample itinerary with a company called Railbookers. They coordinate the trip and includes hotels and rail service. It isn't cheap, but at 9 nights it might be a good option. Still thinking it over.
  11. Now that I've had a little time to let this soak in, I'm thinking about what to do instead of my Celebrity cruise to Alaska this June. Technically, it isn't cancelled, but I don't see it actually sailing. I'm thinking about flying to Alaska and taking the train to a national park or two. This would be similar to the land portion of a cruise tour. Has anyone ever done this? What did you think of it?
  12. Or for that matter, there's even a short segment of CN railroad's main line that dips in to the USA Railway Oddities: Canada's American Rail Line - YouTube
  13. And if you're at the Space Center, continue east on NASA 1 to S.H. 146. Turn right. Cross the bridge and turn left in to the Kemah Boardwalk. It's always an interesting place. (BTW: if your hotel is in Galveston, you can continue south on 146 and it will drop you off at the Galveston causeway.)
  14. I agree we're both guessing as I haven't spent any time on the island investigating such things. However, I do know they don't have enough land, or farms, to be self sufficient on the island. Therefore, just like other islands, such as Hawaii, many things have to come in by ship or barge. That requires a freight dock somewhere. Is it big enough for this purpose? IDK. It's just a thought of how they might be planning to make all this work. That said, a combo freight dock/embarkation port is OK for a while, but not an ideal arrangement. If this is going to be a permanent thing, a
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