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  1. Any chance you can share your source for this news? I like to think it is true, but I'd also like to read the source material. Thanks!
  2. I live 30 minutes from Galveston, so driving is a no brainer. I'd like to try Miami as a cruise port, but that seems silly at the moment.
  3. Here's hoping for my Liberty of the Seas cruise in January too!
  4. My guess on how the booting will happen: Royal announces itineraries in mid October. They are different than currently scheduled so everyone is canceled. When people rebook, Royal can shut down the process when they get the desired results. I hope this is wrong, but it's what I expect
  5. We are getting close to sailing, so let's start speculating on what ships will be first!
  6. I don't begin to know what infrastructure is required, but if Puerto Rico can, then there must be others. (Yes, I do know that Puerto Rico is in the USA and doesn't count)
  7. I still don't understand why the cruise lines can't sail out of non USA ports. I'm sure there are some logistical issues with departing a Caribbean port, but it would get them sailing again. If they don't dock in the USA then what can the CDC Say or do about it?
  8. back to the original question, I've had a June 2021 Norwegian Fjords/Arctic circle cruise booked since late last year. 35th anniversary. Really looking forward to it!!!
  9. The CDC may never declare cruising safe, because nothing in the world is completely risk free. Therefore the bureaucratic mindset says "don't declare it safe because someone somewhere will get hurt or sick" Of course cdc only controls us ports...anyone up for a cruise OUT of the Bahamas?
  10. My crystal ball hasn't been real reliable lately, but it says Galveston really wants to become the 3rd largest cruise port in the United states. They need the terminal to do it.
  11. I was too young to have paid attention to the news at the time. I mostly referenced iconic events of the time. Next time I talk to my aunt, I'll ask her though. Certainly, the 1968/1969 is not known for the pandemic that occurred, so it probably wasn't a big news story like Covid.
  12. As I understand it, the Hong Kong flu, the Spanish flu, SARS, MERS and most others are still with us and are part of our regular annual flu season. They come back, but we've worked up enough immunity (or they've mutated to be less dangerous) so they are no big deal. Eventually, Covid will probably do the same. It's interesting to theorize why we are treating this one so different and if we'll ever get over it (from a medical perspective, we will. From a social/economic perspective?). I'm convinced we will and quicker than most think. I just hope we don't lose too many more people betwe
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