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  1. My wife and I booked the train through the railroad. It was fantastic. A highlight of the trip. However, it leaves Seward at 6pm and arrives Anchorage about 11. That's great in June, but late season it would be dark
  2. I have seen major airlines offering special tours of the aircraft and facilities to try and allow nervous flyers to calm down. This is based on the knowledge is power theory. If this sounds helpful, you might contact an airline and ask.
  3. I leave for a 13 night cruise on Sunday. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Welcome to the thread. You raise a good question, but there's no way to know the answer at this time. I hope you enjoy your cruise and discover a little more about Texas
  5. I'm not sure where you are in Florida, but we're all wishing you the best as you prepare your property for this storm. May it avoid your home and allow you to take your cruise
  6. Our explorer sailing hits both. Departs Miami on oct 23.
  7. The inside passage is an odd place as far as cell phone. Generally speaking, the ship will not turn on its cell tower when you are close to land. Since you are surrounded by land in the inside passage, it is possible they would never turn it on and you would never have a problem. That said, I wouldn't take the chance. If the ship heads out to international waters, then you could rack up tremendous bill.
  8. I usually sail in a cabin I have chosen, but not always. As far as location, I've had some bad cabins, but they were always ones that I chose. So be aware that you can get a bad GTY cabin, but it isn't necessarily the case. The reasons we usually pick our cabins is that my wife has knee problems, so we usually try to get an accessible cabin. These aren't available as a GTY. Also, if you are sailing with another party, your cabins will not be close to each other.
  9. I also notice what appears to be an infinite veranda mock up.
  10. Hey @Matt. Where do you find James' videos?
  11. Some years ago a hurricane was threatening Galveston on debark day for Liberty. They sent Liberty to Florida to debark passengers that wanted of the went back to Galveston
  12. The precision of these models is astounding.
  13. Depending on how close you want to be with your kids, there is an ultra spacious family balcony class 1A with room for 6. The downside is only 1 bathroom.
  14. I've really enjoyed the following: Wilde & James El Gaucho What a Night Tribute Band The Long Run I also saw an incredible magician on a Carnival ship, but don't remember his name.
  15. I keep a manilla envelope with all of my documents printed. That way it's all together. I realize I don't need printed copies, but I do it anyway. A paper copy doesn't run out of battery just when I reach the agent
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