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  1. They lost mine after about a week of the pandemic, but I guess some people are more trusting of "scientists" than I. Anyway, I was responding to a post that asked what their motive could be. I only speculated. I'm sure the CDC has convinced itself that they have our best interests at heart. Who knows? Maybe they do! I've just come to the conclusion that they are deluding themselves.
  2. Yes, but it might confuse the space junk gods that control such things! I think we should all make appropriate sacrifices to the space junk gods so they will have mercy on our ships. I've just ritually burned my Carnival Triumph 18ct gold...and plastic...ship on a stick!
  3. Just speculating, but I can think of a couple motives, none flattering. The scientists and/or bureaucrats at the CDC work in obscurity. Now they are in the limelight. It's simply more fun to be in the limelight. Therefore, they have a personal interest in keeping this whole thing going as long a possible. Obama had an Executive order making the primary goal of all federal departments to fight global warming. CDC might be anticipating that order will be reinstated. If so, they've already eliminated a CO2 emitter from the USA. Keeping it out would be a feather in their cap. If
  4. My personal experience on carnival isn't real promising, but your mileage may vary, so the best advice is to try it and see. Their pricing is attractive, so you really aren't risking very much by trying.
  5. Crew vaccinations have started for at least some cruise lines. 6 weeks for those early crew to be fully inoculated, so that's mid June. Since it will take some time to build up enough to crew the whole ship, I'm thinking early to mid July
  6. I think it's real progress. And given the rumors of hotels full of cruise workers in south Florida and the reports of 2 Carnival ships heading to Galveston to prep for cruises, I believe the cruise lines are committed to making it work. In other words I went from hopelessly pessimistic to an incurable optimist in about 2 nanoseconds!
  7. In my case it's just pure speculation, so I guess you can call it crazy talk. Certainly no hard evidence at this point.
  8. I've purchased excursions for my June Celebrity Millennium cruise and my July Adventure cruise. I hope we are allowed on shore without excursions (if so I'll cancel) but I don't believe that will be the case during the summer. I've got some holiday sailings and I'm treating them like any other. I think we'll be allowed to go ashore as normal by then.
  9. Not a real happy forecast! Do keep in mind that there are at least some positive signs out there for a July restart, even if they aren't overwhelming. Also, if the CSO continues, then perhaps RCI will extend Adventure's time in the Bahamas through the holidays. If they do, then I'm on it with the family!
  10. There's no real telling exactly how RCI would handle an Oct 30 sailing if the CSO is in effect until Nov 1. There's just too many unknowns. For example: Does the CSO expire earlier? (Let's hope!) If it doesn't expire early, does RCI have confidence that it won't be extended? If it does expire on Oct 31, does RCI open all cruises immediately or bring them on line over several weeks? If so, is your ship one that comes on line first? I'm totally uninformed about RCI's thinking, but these are some of the key issues.
  11. Hmmm. Is this a taste of things to come? RCG stationed older ships in some unusual ports to respond to the CSO. Are they going to make the arrangement permanent? Kinda looks like it!
  12. I've been watching cruise planner and purchasing as prices allow. Unfortunately, the prices for my cruises haven't been very attractive lately, but I'll book the items when the prices improve. (or in some cases I book them at a high price and watch for a price drop)
  13. Unless a miracle happens and the CSO disappears by the end of July, I don't see how we would sail from the US before November 1 at the earliest. Sorry to rain on everyone's parade! However, there are some indications that the cruise lines think that the CSO disappears in July. Richard Fain has said he's "never been more optimistic." Carnival is moving ships to Galveston and staffing them up. Let's hope these tea leaves actually mean something!
  14. What does everyone think of this? Cruise ships set to return to Galveston this weekend in hopes to welcome passengers this summer - ABC13 Houston I find it very surprising, but encouraging as well.
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