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  1. As mentioned by @RWDW1204, special needs form is the magic bullet for everything health related. Refrigerators, cpap water, shower stools, sharps containers... everything
  2. Can be used either way. I've even used it for gratuities.
  3. I've been in a cabin with a no show 3 times. Each time I received the extra points. However, I had to call on 2 of the cruises
  4. Maybe a pool table that you play from the inside?
  5. I've got a celebrity cruise in about 45 days and have tried their move up site. I enter my name and booking number and click submit. It erases my name and booking number and leaves me on the same page without explanation. I figured I'd call if it is still doing this at 30 days out.
  6. Be sure to read the blog post for day 1 Radiance of the Seas Live Blog | Royal Caribbean Blog. On that sailing they needed to have an ArriveCan form to get in to Canada and a second one to get on the ship. I haven't heard of this changing, but please let us know if it does. I'm sailing in early June and I want to make boarding as seamless as possible.
  7. Royal is planning to position Radiance in Galveston starting in January. She is offering some different itineraries including a handful to Perfect Day. If lots of people sail on these itineraries, then maybe Royal will make more of them going forward.
  8. For a 7 day cruise? That should be plenty.
  9. I've used them for others. Never made it a secret. Never had a problem.
  10. Here's a video from someone that managed to put an amazing amount of stuff in the laundry bag.
  11. Officially, you're supposed to be within 30 days of sailing. Based on my experience, sometimes they will accept your bud early, but won't do anything with it until a week or so before the cruise
  12. Yes, you do. They have a kiosk near the flowrider for that
  13. Sorry, but I've always been too cheap to pay for the boarding slot. Regardless of the number, being one of the first on board will guarantee you a good seat.
  14. Southwest has a unique boarding system. Most people log in on the website exactly 24 hours before the flight and check in. They receive a boarding number between A16 and D60. Since you purchased the priority boarding, your number should be between A1 and A15. You'll be one of the first people on board. Grab any open seat you like. Oh. And another thing. Passengers that came in on that plane and will be departing on the same aircraft will already be on board.
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