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  1. I was at PDCC this week. There's some construction past the crew quarters. I don't know what it is, but I doubt it's a lazy river since it's so far from the guest areas.
  2. I've got a cruise in November that hits Puerto Rico, st. Thomas, st. Croix and st. Kitts. No word yet, but I think it's only a matter of time.
  3. Another option is to stay on the mainland instead of the island. You can take an uber to the pier. There are several decent, mid priced hotels on i45 in Webster or league city. (I would avoid anything close to either airport though)
  4. The last time they showed caution it was to cancel a major ship design and build in 2008. (I think it was called project pinnacle). Resulted in royal owning the giant cruise ship market for more than a decade. Since then they've thrown caution to the wind. The result has been a lot of the covid debacle plus Carnival triumph, Costa Concordia and a few more. I sometimes wonder how they are received at industry meetings.
  5. I'm probably in the minority, but I think it is possible that the amp is going forward. Consider: Liberty has been in drydock for quite a while. In fact it's a week late getting to Galveston All of the stuff has been purchased and sitting in storage. Therefore, it can't be that much more money to go forward with the amp According to the earnings call, bookings are stronger than expected, so royal may feel they can afford it Royal might feel it's cheaper just to knock it out now rather than continuing to pay storage on the amp equipment and taking Liberty out of service in a year or two. None of this says it is happening, just that it could. I'm really looking forward to seeing her when she arrives!
  6. That's an interesting question. If you're sailing out of terminal 2, then walking is doable. It's about 5 blocks. If you're planning to sail after the new terminal is complete, then it will be about a mile or so.
  7. Interested in my November sailing. It leaves san juan, hits st. Croix and st. Thomas. And st. Kitts. I appreciate Matt publishing the whole story, but rather disturbing
  8. You can extend the stay before and/or after your cruise. I'm not familiar with the Panama City airport, but I'd suggest calling Air2Sea and find out from them. My guess is they can and will accommodate you, but it might cost more money.
  9. I'm on the October 3 cruise and they have yet to inform me about the change. In fact, they are still selling it as Ft. Lauderdale, Falmouth, Labadee and Nassau. However, my cruise planner shows ports on a Western Caribbean itinerary, so it is only a matter of time before everything switches over. I sympathize with anyone that bought this cruise for the itinerary. The only solace I can give is that all cruising is in a major state of flux. We have only two choices: go with the flow or cancel our cruise. I choose to go with the flow, but it is rather annoying to have this moving target. I don't blame Royal for this. They have to deal with a rapidly changing environment. This is the unfortunate result.
  10. My thinking is undoubtedly biased by my distrust of the CDC, so take it with a giant rock of salt. If the CDC loses the court case with Florida (and I think they will), then they renew the CSO as a guideline and use their mandatory health inspections as a club to bring the cruise lines in compliance. If they win, then they not only extend the CSO, but add additional requirements. Will the new requirements be so onerous as to shut down cruising once again? Time will tell.
  11. If memory serves, the sale started on Thanksgiving and went for the whole weekend. YMMV. My memory isn't what it once was!
  12. Interesting. I haven't received any emails about my October 3 sailing on Odyssey, but I just logged in to cruise planner and looked at the excursions. It shows a very similar itinerary to #Atricks (Although no Cozumel yet).
  13. I don't see Odyssey protocols on the Royal website. for mine, it says "For cruises departing Nassau before August 1, 2021..." Therefore, I believe at least for the July 31 sailing of Adventure, we'll use July protocols.
  14. I'm on the July 31 Adventure sailing, and I haven't seen anything that would make me believe that it won't follow July's protocols. I'd expect Odyssey to do the same.
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