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  1. Thanks. This is the first time I've noticed.
  2. I've successfully upgraded a couple times and would say it was a good deal. Since the ships have been sailing full though, my bids have not been accepted. So I would say it's possible but not likely at this point.
  3. I've been on many cruises, but never seen one depart before the sail away party or escorted by the coast guard until today. Is this a new thing or have I just been lucky enough to not experience this?
  4. The best price I've ever seen for the soda package was $6.49. It was a black Friday sale and only on some of my sailings.
  5. In my experience the fuzzy math is that the sale will say "save up 50% on drink packages." Sounds great, but when you look the $12.99 soda package will be $8.99. It's not a bad deal, but no cheaper than normal and definitely not 50% off.
  6. I didn't know about these rest, so thank you for posting. I've recently sailed Millennium and Infinity. I think the restaurants are gone, as I didn't see them. However, between the casino and photo gallery, they do have a space displaying some momentos from great ocean liners. Millennium has artifacts from the Olympic. Infinity has some from SS United States.
  7. As Matt frequently says, book what you want now. Check prices frequently, especially near holidays like labor day and black Friday. Then cancel and rebook if you find it cheaper. I've saved hundreds doing this. One other piece of hard won advice. If your travel agent scored an OBC, don't use it in the cruise planner. Save it for your gratuities instead. I once used mine on a shore excursion and got a great price. However, when we repriced the cruise, the OBC went away and the shore excursion automatically cancelled. It hasn't appeared at the same price since.
  8. I've sailed vision and rhapsody. Grandeur next week. They are slightly different size but same layout. I really couldn't tell the difference between them.
  9. I'm on the PDCC cruise on Radiance out of Galveston in February. PDCC is awesome and we're the only ship in port that day according to cruisemapper.com. should be nearly empty. What a deal!
  10. I went through several years ago. They had porters, although I didn't use them and getting through customs was a breeze
  11. The new terminal will have ground level parking within walking distance of the new terminal. I don't know about pricing, but I understand there are at least 2 lots and they will be priced differently because one is closer than the other
  12. These flights were through air2sea, but I don't think they're at fault. On my most recent episode, my (adult) daughter was changed and given a new reservation number. Before this happened, we were in different cabins but had the same record locator with the airline. The agent at air2sea said we had the same record locator, but different reservation numbers. Didn't make sense to me, but I guess it doesn't have to. I've flown American, delta and united. All of them have changed the flights. I usually book through air2sea. Since they don't work with southwest, I haven't flown with them lately.
  13. I think everyone flying this year has received at least one notification that their flight has changed. I've received dozens. Generally, they aren't a big deal. The plane leaves and arrives 10 minutes later and the like. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. On at least 2 occasions, I've had them split my party between 2 different flights. Since my mother in law is unable to fly alone, this can be a very big problem. Sometimes they make the change and don't even send the email. Word to the wise: verify your flights for every person in your party at least once per week leading up to your cruise!
  14. Liberty is a great ship! My favorite in fact. Bring your bathing suit in your carry on. The tidal wave slide is awesome
  15. I've never sailed enchantment, but I have sailed other vision class ships. I really like them. They're quiet, relaxing ships and the solarium pool frequently gets big waves. It can be a blast. The funnest crew I've ever had was on vision of the seas
  16. Another option is the ocean view suite (no balcony). I'm in that room with my mother in law and wife on the 19th. I'll let you know what think. It has two bedrooms, a sitting area and 2 bathrooms
  17. My 5 day aug 26, 2023 galveston sailing on adventure has changed to a 7 day ft. Lauderdale sailing on adventure. At least that's what the cruise planner currently shows.
  18. I recently stayed at the comfort suites 302 federal highway in Dania. It was nice, clean and cheap. There were restaurants and limited shopping within a long walking distance.
  19. If someone were to take a covid test prior to departure, even though it isn't required, and test positive, will royal still refund the cruise?
  20. The headliner acts rotate pretty frequently, but there are only so many of them, so you might have seen them before
  21. You might just price out a regular taxi. According to this website, Hobby to Galveston Cruise Terminal is just under $100 Taxi fare from Hobby Airport to Port Of Galveston in Houston, costs around $ 96.00 (worldtaximeter.com) BTW: I 45 has several lanes closed for construction this weekend. Traffic is a real mess and may have messed with UBER/LYFT/Taxi fares.
  22. There are a handful of hotels that offer park and cruise option. Most are pretty sketchy and I don't recommend them. If you really want to go that way, I've seen banners advertising this option on the Howard Johnson and the Galveston inn and suites. Give them a call as they may have discontinued this service
  23. Be prepared. Buccees sells nothing you need but everything you can't live without. Have fun! Btw, their soft drinks are a bargain.
  24. Hey @Steve in Orlando. I don't know if it helps but I just posted a comparison between radiance Of The Seas and Celebrity Infinity
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