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  1. I've had the same experience. Worked out great.
  2. Thanks Chris! Great video as always! A couple minor points. Having been on 3 cruises this year, each port has slightly different rules. Back in June, Barbados only allowed ship based excursions. It went so far as the beach break portion of my excursion was replaced with a catamaran sailing just to keep us isolated. Other ports have allowed vaccinated individuals to roam freely. Most, like Curacao and Roatan required masks indoors, but not outdoors. Others, like Cozumel and Costa Maya required them pretty much everywhere. YMMV. These rules change daily. Sometimes hourly! To me, the biggest takeaways are as follows: The protocols, both on board and in port, are constantly changing. If you go, be prepared for changes and roll with the punches. Plan on being vaccinated, tested, measured, poked and prodded many times. The biggest challenge pre-cruise is meeting the test requirements. For adults, a rapid antigen test is adequate. Since Royal has now approved an at home test, it isn't too hard to meet for the time being. Cruising is still awesome! It is especially awesome when the ships are so empty. Every sea day is like a port day where you remained on board. No lines for shows, meals, slides, flowrider, elevators, etc. Every port day, is like a ghost town. Terrible for Royal's bottom line, but an incredible experience for cruisers.
  3. I would fly in the day before and schedule a test for that day. CVS pharmacy takes reservations up to 2 weeks in advance. I've had good experience with them. What port are you sailing from?
  4. I use Allianz. They always send an email emphasizing it does cover covid. I get it through my travel agent, so I don't know if she has to specifically request covid coverage.
  5. FWIW: I just booked a June Alaska northbound cruise with airfare. From Houston (IAH) it came in a $610 per person. That's flying in one day early to Vancouver and staying an extra 2 days in Anchorage. I'm guessing, but based on past experience, I'd expect the round trip airfare in to Seattle to be about $400-$500. The one way cruise fare tends to be cheaper than round trip Seattle, which helps offset the cost difference. On the other hand, getting from Seward to Anchorage ($116pp in adventure class on Alaska Railroad) is going to be more than the cost of getting from the port to Seattle airport.
  6. Time to resurrect an old topic because I did it. I booked an Alaska 7 day northbound cruise for next June. I even called Air2Sea and reserved my flight. Does anyone know of any good, reasonably priced, hotels in Vancouver, Seward, and Anchorage? My plan is to fly to Vancouver the day before and pretty much just chill to adjust to the time change and long flight. Then go to the cruise port the next morning. Once in Seward, I want to spend a day checking out the national park and then take the train to Anchorage. In Anchorage, we would arrive pretty late (after 11pm), check in to our hotel, wake up the next morning for an 8:30am flight home.
  7. I've submitted as much as 3 months before sailing and as little as 14. If you buy the shares close to sailing you can send your trade confirmation.
  8. I always send in my request as an email to [email protected] Response is always quick. Royal says they prefer me to fill it out via the on line website, but I've yet to have it actually work.
  9. I'm on independence. I could not have said it better. Thanks Ashley
  10. Keep checking the app. At least some of the activities appeared a week or so before the cruise. Menus in the mdr also appeared.
  11. I'm on Indy right now. I haven't seen any mention of laser tag in the daily program, but I haven't asked either. The escape room is operating. The Sky Pad is down for maintenance. The flow rider and perfect storm water slides are operating on a pretty normal schedule
  12. On celebrity millennium at st. Maarten, it was just like always. Early walk off was an option. On adventure in Bahamas, luggage had to be outside your door the night before due to space limitations on the busses. I think early walk off was allowed, but you met your bags at the end of the pier. I think this applies only to sailings out of the Bahamas.
  13. Here are mine: 1. Usb/power strip from home depot. At $5.88 it is a bargain 2. European usb hub I bought from Walmart on clearance 3. Collapsable boxes from dollar tree 4. Several over the door hooks from dollar tree 5. Several "heavy duty" magnet clips from dollar tree
  14. Keep in mind the cruise line has to pay for every minute they are tied up. Therefore they have no incentive to arrive early. Some lines will even drive around in circles just to avoid arriving early. That said, it does occasionally happen.
  15. They are not needed, but I usually put them on anyway just in case they get lost.
  16. I'm doing my part. Indy in September, odyssey in October, explorer in November, liberty in December... What? That's only one per month!
  17. It was very festive! I like the idea of doing it again if we can solve the environmental issue.
  18. Quick question. Is a passport required for an Alaska cruise out of Seattle since it doesn't go to any foreign ports?
  19. I really enjoyed both cruises I've had and wouldn't change a thing
  20. My wife insists on a lanyard. I simply slip it in my back pocket and don't carry my wallet on ship. As many have stated, it is the size of a credit card or hotel key. Which leads to another point. On some of the newer ships, Royal has made it so you have to put your seapass card in a holder in order to keep the lights on in your room. This is inconvenient if it is on a lanyard. I haven't been on one of these ships yet, but I plan to use one of my old hotel keys when I do experience it.
  21. I had a Jr. Suite on Adventure of the Seas and never heard a thing.
  22. You could always give her a copy of my favorite calendar
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