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  1. Hey waaaytooo, been on 7 cruises out of Bayonne and have never been asked for ck in time. Usually get 11:00 in case I get delayed on my 4+ hour drive to port but with no delays I'm there by 10:30. So far, no problem checking in then.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I'll CK out cruise critic.
  3. I agree with you totally, Pattycruise. I will not spend more than $25 either. I have had just as much fun at the other swim up bar, for no extra cost.
  4. Doing my first celeb cruise on May 26 out of NJ. Trying to find info like the RC blog but haven't had much luck. Anything out there?
  5. Hey RCL fan I was at CoCo Cay the same time as you and I used the really good pricing from Black Friday to go to the new Hideaway beach. The heated pool was almost too warm. It was fantastic. I realize with children you don't have that option. But if anyone is afraid of it being too cold that is an excellent option. I didn't even attempt to go in the ocean because I knew it would be too cold. There was also actually more vintages at Hideaway than I thought there would be. And the music was only loud right near the speakers and it wasn't bad at all as you moved away from there. I thought the food was good and you don't need to bring your own towels they have a towel station right there.
  6. I always do MTD because I like 7:30 dining time. Last week on anthem I went just about every night and would arrive at 7:15 and basically there was no line and no waiting and I got the same table every night but it might be easier because I get a two person because I'm solo.
  7. Just because the food is not the best I've ever had doesn't mean I'm not going to eat it. Lol. I'll end up with a couple more pounds too before this is over. I just have to be a little more selective. Other than that everything is fantastic on this cruise.
  8. Should have proof read my reply before I sent it. A choice cut of meat. One broccoli floret.
  9. I am a prime example of why you should take food reviews with a grain of salt. I am also on anthem and this is my fourth time. I also love this ship and will miss her. I do not know what happened at the terminal but I got there at 10:15 and it took a half hour to get to the parking garage so at 10:45 I finally got into the terminal and everyone had to wait till around 11:30 to board. I didn't hear what happened. I also had Jamie's for lunch and was very disappointed. It was definitely the worst calamari I've ever had. It was way over done and way too crispy and like someone else said the garlic aioli is just mayonnaise with some garlic in it. I got the prime rib in the MDR that that night and it wasn't even a choice cup of me. Of course it was overcooked and dry and just not very good. With it you got maybe a quarter cup at the most of mashed potato and one broccoli for it and two sliced pieces of carrot. I am really disappointed so far. I just went to the dog house and got a chicken apple sausage that wasn't even warm. I took one bite and threw it away. The only thing I have had that is acceptable is the windjammer breakfast. I am not a picky eater either and appreciate it when other people make food for me. For what we are paying for these cruises nowadays we should have better food. And no I don't expect it to be five star.
  10. I will be on my first Diamond cruise Sunday on anthem. Just wondering if the crown Lounge has good old regular decaf coffee because sometimes I get up early in the morning and the coffee at the Cafe Promenade is usually not that hot. It has usually been sitting quite a while. I get the room service coffee at 6:00 but lots of times they don't show up till 6:30 and sometimes I get up around 5:00. And yes I am a vintage.
  11. I'm on this cruise, also. Hoping for nice snowless weather like now. 4 1/2 hr drive from cny. Also 1st diamond cruise. Can't wait.
  12. Just got paperwork and tags for anthem out of NJ today, 30 days out.
  13. Hey gatorcruiser, I'm a 73yo solo old man cruiser who sails at least twice a year, maybe 3 this year. I get the same exact feeling as you stepping on the ship. My next cruise is Feb. 25 out of NJ and will be my first diamond cruise so even more excited. Only 37 days to go.
  14. I'm on the same cruise and just checked app and it shows. There was an update 1 or 2 days ago. Have you updated? I also have paper copy just in case.
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