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  1. My knowledge of Scottish vigilante justice is admittedly limited, but there HAS to be an acceptable loophole here. What if you purchased it with the EXPRESS intent of giving it away...to a chair hog?
  2. I haven't been on an Oasis class ship yet to compare, but Voyager class ships have been my hands-down favorites so far, and that was pre-amplification! I would love to do that itinerary on her!
  3. Exactly! How aesthetically pleasing the ship is doesn't affect your view if you're on it!
  4. Boy does this bring back memories. We were all air guns except for when we got stuck for smallpox just after 9/11. I'm extremely sad that '97 is now "far enough back." Looks like I got in just under the wire. Yay for me?
  5. Fantastic news. Also, congratulations in advance for winning the "Live Blog with most vicarious readers in the history of the site" award. Thanks for bringing us on board with you, we're probably almost as excited as you are!
  6. Hoping to be a beacon of hope: my original appointment date was April 16th until I got a text on Sunday that there were appointments available this week for me.
  7. Back on the positive side: got my 1st jab of the Pfizer yesterday. Feeling a little run down, achy and a headache, but given my autoimmune disorder, it's actually a far better outcome than I expected. I was shocked how well organized and seamless the whole thing was once I got the appointment. It was given in a "mega site" in Edison, NJ. The administrative/registration end was run by the National Guard while Robert Wood Johnson medical staff did the vaccinating and post vax observation. It was 11 minutes from door to needle. I literally spent more time in observation (15 minutes) than I
  8. I was afraid I was the only one. I would also 100% have to purchase branded cruise wear from said cruise.
  9. Fingers crossed for you, buddy, and positive energy heading your way!
  10. Thank you for the feedback, I'll reach out to the other agency and find out. If they will grant it, I plan on transferring it to an MEI agent.
  11. Okay @michelle, @Sharla & the MANY others on the board better versed in these things than I am, I have a question. What is the threshold for requesting a transfer of a booking to another agency? I book a cruise back in early 2019 for last summer with a friend of mine who worked for a fairly major regional travel agency. I "lifted & shifted" it to this August with her help. Since that time, she was furloughed, my booking was transferred to another agent, and then he was furloughed as well. I received an email from the corporate office of the agency with the name of my new agent, bu
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