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  1. I don't know, if you're in a situation where you need to board the lifeboats and are patient enough, getting clear of the decks is a problem that will eventually solve itself...
  2. If they even accept them, most businesses I've come across on Roatan charge a fairly massive CC fee, like 10-25%. Cash is your friend here.
  3. They seemingly do hold back quite a few "prime time" slots. The last two cruises I was on, I saw the same thing as @Leroyr55 in my Cruise Planner, and I was on it the day dining opened up (you might say I'm a *bit* compulsive about checking my Cruise Planner after I've booked!). That said, on both trips the Suite Concierge was able to get us 7:00 reservations for 4 on our choice of days. Whether these slots are held specifically for suite class guests or just held back until boarding, I don't know, but I can definitely confirm that not all of the available spots are on Cruise Planner.
  4. The answer is all dependent on what you're looking for. Are you just looking for a nice, clean place to rest and have a good night's sleep, then have an easy ride to the port the next day? Maybe GrubHub some dinner? If so, it's a pretty good choice. Are you looking to go out and eat? Maybe see some sights, take in the NYC skyline? If so, you're going to be very disappointed. All depends on what your expectations are!
  5. Break me off a slice of that humble pie as well. We've been so inundated with the drive-by bots that I have convinced this was one, too. I'm very glad you returned to follow-up @p27159, and it looks like @HeWhoWaits, @CrimsonCruiser, @CanHardlyWait and others have already provided you with some good information. Apologies for the cranky welcome wagon and hope you'll stick around in spite of our initial response!
  6. I am personally offended that you believe this heartfelt story of the trials and tribulations of the 27159 family may not be genuine.
  7. We went to Queens when we were there and really enjoyed it. The food was good, and the staff was super friendly and went over the whole menu with us. The owner was in the kitchen that day and came out to check in on all the tables. When he found out we were Yanks trying Texas BBQ for the first time, the "let's impress 'em" gene activated, and suddenly lots of little samples starting making their way out on top of the order. Really good meal.
  8. You'd be shocked how many policies can be danced around simply by being genuinely nice to people.
  9. I was about to ask the same question. As far as I'm aware, everything on the Continental breakfast menu is free.
  10. When I tried to use them from my Galveston hotel on Seawall, they wouldn't do it. Only wanted longer trips, which I totally understand. By committing to my tiny little trip, they were potentially missing out on a much more lucrative fare. I ended up using LyftXL, couldn't have been easier. Lots of drivers were available when I left, but I still pre-booked just to be safe!
  11. I honestly thought I was the only person who did this.
  12. Symphony is still unaccounted for over that time frame, so I'd guess she'll be the Oasis-class that runs the standard 7-day NJ-FLA-Bahamas route. Other than that, maybe Freedom or Liberty doing the Bermuda trips over the summer? That's purely a guess based on absolutely nothing, though!
  13. No, you're all good. I think they released the Bayonne Caribbean itineraries with all of the other ones in the past and this is a fairly new routine, but I could also be misremembering as well!
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