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  1. I have had great success in calling the customer service line to have them expedite the OBC into my Cruise Planner. After calling, it's never been more than 48 hours before it showed up.
  2. Not to be a wet blanket here, but your milage may vary on that Symphony cruise. That's the Bayonne departure, and she arrives in Port Canaveral pretty late in the day, generally around 1:00 PM. Because of that, the KSC tours are usually either very truncated or they're not available through the cruise planner at all. Hope I'm wrong in your case (especially since I'll be on Symphony next July as well!), but just want you to temper expectations. You can still try to go on your own, but I think it closes around 5 or 6.
  3. While others have accurately explained why they do, I'd like to add that the fact that they do is a huge selling point for me. Being able to go anywhere on the island without a single thought of being late for all aboard is extremely freeing, and going into Hamilton at night is awesome. Pro-tip: always follow the crew's advice if you're looking for the best places for nightlife. They know where to go!
  4. July 13, 2025 - Symphony of the Seas out of Bayonne. Joining #TeamDeck17 for the first time.
  5. This is it right here. In the grand scheme of things, recovering the cost of a vacation is important, but if I couldn't it's not devastating. Having an event that required getting Medivaced back to the US could potentially bankrupt us.
  6. My feedback largely mirrors @ScottD's experience. It's a bit dated, but here's the blog post from when I visited in 2022:
  7. I have an account over there and entered my data, but my prices haven't updated since the first week in April (and they've definitely changed a few times). Anyone having issues?
  8. You have clearly never worked in a casino.
  9. Do you happen to be staying in a suite? If so, the concierge can almost certainly make it happen. If not, I'd probably just book the specific nights to be sure, but I'm a fairly risk-adverse type person!
  10. Won my bid going from a Suite Guarantee to 1 BR AquaSuite in July 2022. Can't remember the exact bid amount, but it was $20 over minimum. Was notified over 40 days out!
  11. Sadly I have nothing to contribute about Azamara, but I do have to say that getting the chance to see the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo would be pretty amazing!
  12. This has been my experience. More to the point, many of the waiters in specialty restaurants actively encouraged my adventurous 11 year old eater to try things off of the adult menu!
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