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  1. Just out of curiosity, when a TA is initiating a Lift and Shift, do they have to actually call in like everyone else, or do they just use the Cruising Power site? Hoping @Matt or one of our fabulous MEI-types like @Sharla might be able to drop a quick reply if they're free (or anyone else who knows!). Trying to help a friend getting a run around. Thanks!
  2. Damn it. Now I want Geno's.
  3. Absolutely. It was a PANYNJ Spokesman. They're responsible for Cape Liberty, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and Manhattan Cruise Terminal.
  4. I won't get into specifics, but in my time in the Coast Guard I was "behind the scenes" on three different Carnival ships. That experience led me to never board one as a customer. Granted, this was nearly twenty years ago, but my decision still stands.
  5. They will, which is why they're losing roughly 47% capacity instead of closer to 94% if they lost them both. Typically 4R-22L is used for landings (it is the only runway that is Cat. III certified as I understand it) and 4L-22R is for departures. Now, 4L will handle just about all of the traffic, except for the crosswind runway. The controllers are going to have their hands full. Couldn't agree more, one of my top 5 "avoid" airports. Unfortunately, JFK & LGA are on that list, too.
  6. Bulkiest outfit? Amateur hour. Bulkiest outfitS? Now you're talking! In all seriousness though, I have a bag that is extremely similar to @sk8erguy1978's that came with packing cubes designed to fit it. It has saved me tons of money on checked baggage over the years.
  7. So, I'm well aware that the potential of summer cruises leaving from Bayonne is very much up in the air, this could pertain to many people in the community whether or not we are cruising. Newark is shutting down runway 4R-22L from early July through October for repaving, refurbishment and upgrades. That is EWR's main runway and handles almost half of the traffic for the entire airport. There will be numerous flights cancelled going in, and you can probably count on significant delays and general unpleasantness for the flights that do remain on the schedule. Just a heads-up to think about w
  8. Not sure if it is part of the reason or not, but flying through EWR is going to be a mess this summer. They're shutting down runway 4R-22L for most of the summer and part of the fall for maintenance/repaving work. That runway handles almost half the traffic for the entire airport. I'll post the information in a separate thread as it's probably relevant for others on the board (although cruising out of Bayonne this summer is still a potential no-go)... https://simpleflying.com/newark-landing-runway-refurbishment/
  9. Glad to hear it, Joe! Fingers crossed that the news continues to trend positive!
  10. My knowledge of Scottish vigilante justice is admittedly limited, but there HAS to be an acceptable loophole here. What if you purchased it with the EXPRESS intent of giving it away...to a chair hog?
  11. I haven't been on an Oasis class ship yet to compare, but Voyager class ships have been my hands-down favorites so far, and that was pre-amplification! I would love to do that itinerary on her!
  12. Exactly! How aesthetically pleasing the ship is doesn't affect your view if you're on it!
  13. Boy does this bring back memories. We were all air guns except for when we got stuck for smallpox just after 9/11. I'm extremely sad that '97 is now "far enough back." Looks like I got in just under the wire. Yay for me?
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