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  1. If anyone reading this can please upload the cruise compass for any of the Mediterranean cruises that Started on Aug 15th to today. We would Really appreciate it, please and thank you.....
  2. John can you please if you can upload the Cruise Compass for your cruise on this site under cruise compass at the top please. know one from previous cruises have downloaded one yet?
  3. Thank you so much for your sharing your experience. With Cruising changing day by day this gives us an opportunity to see how it was for you on the ship. For Everyone still going on Harmony if you can share your experiences for the rest of us that would be amazing. For the rest of us who have not gone on Harmony yet, and our concerned about the Covid test we receive before you get onboard you might want to check out this link below, a friend of mine who works in a Covid unit uses this everyday and swears by it. I ordered it myself but has not gotten here yet. In my mind every little bit of protection cant hurt. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086Q8V26P?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details
  4. 10 Reasons Why Cruise Ships Are Not Floating Petri Dishes https://www.cruisehive.com/10-reasons-why-cruise-ships-are-not-floating-petri-dishes/41882
  5. I see so many people talking about their cruise leaving from the U.S. We want to know who is going to the Mediterranean this Summer and Fall on Harmony of the Seas. If you have already gone on your cruise, we would love to here about your experience.
  6. We have read tons of stuff online but want to get your advise from all of you salty experienced cruisers. What do you take on a 7 day Western Mediterranean cruise, in the Fall, so you do not overpack?
  7. I agree with Jason Oasis, I had Covid bad, back in December, I had the Moderna Vaccine and I am finding a way to coexist. I am so done living In fear. The only way I am not going on my cruise to the Mediterranean mid October is if country's shut down and we can't go. Spain's numbers were horrific at the beginning of July, and now their in the down turn. Infection rate will continue to fluctuate for a long time. Until we get to some kind of heard immunity we will continue to see delta foxtrot golf India Lima or any other variant they can name with the phonetic alphabet until we get to where we need to be to stop the spread. It is what it is. Long story short I just need a vacation.....
  8. All of you that posted our amazing people, thank you so much for your help. This being my first cruise we booked it in January for the October 17th cruise, because the prices were amazing, and of course i am thinking quote "The Pandemic will surly be over By October" end quote... LOL....Once again Thank You Everyone.
  9. So if we have already paid for the unlimited dining and picked a time lets say between 6pm and 8pm. Once we get onboard and book specialty dining am i already guaranteed a reservation or is it still first come first serve? FYI I Have never cruised before, our first cruise is on Harmony of the Seas Oct 17th, fingers crossed. So please excuse my ignorance on this.
  10. Hello Fellow Cruisers, We Called Royal Caribbean Customer Service yesterday, and they informed us, that booking entertainment or dining reservations has to now be done once you board the ship. Once you are onboard you can use your Royal Caribbean App to book all of your reservations. Has anyone else experience this that have already cruised, or were you able to book reservation on the app before you were onboard? I know Pre-Covid, once you were checked in you could book your dining and entertainment. All we have been able to book is of course excursions, spa ,dining/drink packages ect. just curious if everyone else is experiencing this?
  11. i was Stationed at Coast Guard Station Juneau years back. one of the tours people do not think about is all of the mining this town in known for. AJ Mine Gastineau Mill Tours
  12. It all comes down to your comfort zone. My whole family had Covid months back and the moderna Vaccine. where we live when you donate blood they give you free antibody test's and our whole family had the Covid and the vaccine antibody. We are also going to mask up 2 weeks prior to our vacation just to be sure. As long as the countries do not shut down or the cruise ships cancel our cruise, I am not going to allow this pandemic to dictate my vacation.... I am done living in fear of this new Unvaccinated Pandemic.... I AM DONE.....
  13. You can buy dining packages and excursions way in advance of your cruise but you cannot book dining and entertainment reservations until your check in is available online. They will send you an email when check in is available 90 days before your cruise,but do to covid that has not been consistent. So I would recommend checking your email often after 90 days have passed. Hope this information helps.
  14. Any excursions, dinner or entertainment reservations will show up on the app as well as online.
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