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  1. My advice is travel in a group only during the day. You can see Pike Place Market, Space Needle, etc. Use common sense. Avoid homeless encampment as drug dealers, mentally disabled, and other's have been know to harass and rob tourists. If gas prices remain high Uber and Lyft diver's are quitting.
  2. Which local did you talk to? I never go to Seattle unless I'm packing. You can thank the Seattle city council and previous mayor for what Seattle has become. The police department by their own admission are short over 300 officer's. The staffing level is at the 1980's level. If you get robbed, car jacked or anything else that isn't life threatening the police will be out when they can, meaning expect to wait an hour or two.
  3. There's no slot card for the aqua theater suite.
  4. Okay, but it's not that either. I'll post a picture later. Do they make large economy size products? Correction: it's Malin & Goetz.
  5. More chocolate...I want the inaugural magnet from the FB. Why didn't royal come up with that!?
  6. If you are in Sky class they don't have the L'Occitane products it's some economy size body wash that's smells like it's for men and shampoo and conditioner. Bring your own stuff.
  7. The mattress isn't firm rather a bit soft.
  8. There's a lot of European plus at for level in the bedroom and living room, bring an adaptor if you want more places to plug in at.
  9. ABSOLUTELY A MUST SEE!! This is the most complete and ready show I've seen so far. Hopefully it'll stay even after the boardway show is ready.
  10. Oh yes! There's a lot of that and at times it'll wake you from a dead sleep. Bring ear plugs people.
  11. Oh! Yes, I saw maintenance fixing the water to the fire hose. Wonder (pun intended) if the repairs are covered under warranty?
  12. Not in mine...the conditioner dispenser wasn't working. Room attendant fixed it.
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