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  1. So funny!! Every time I went to play at the tables it was busy. Thanks for the information!
  2. Don’t have a recommendation for where to stay, don’t stay at the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel. We did and my usb battery pack grew legs. Management was no help either. We tried La Bamba it was really good especially the crab nachos!!! https://labamba123.com/locations/ If you want pizza try Manhattan NY pizza get it by the slice or whole pie. http://manhattanrestaurantpizza.com/
  3. Thank you for the information. How do you earn 1 point for slot play and table games?
  4. Well, thanks for investing in the amplifications!! Someone has to pay for it! Haha!! Don't think people really win big on the ships. I'll play a small amount for amusement.
  5. How much does one have to gamble to get a free cruise?
  6. @CHRIS WONG are casino host able to offer some sort of comps or anything to guess? For example here the casino host gives me free hotel stays, food, concert tickets, special events tickets etc.
  7. Here's what Royal says is offered with the program: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-key-program
  8. Anyone know what the VPN is for Verizon wireless? That's what we have. Tried on Allure and it worked the entire time.
  9. Condolences to the family. He must have been proud to what his company has become.
  10. No way!! No teasing!! We really loved the Allure! Spill it! How do you know that @mpoole3
  11. Can you provide your source of information please?
  12. Took my first Royal cruise this year. When the decision was made to do this overtime became my life. All extra pay went into a separate account opened just for vacation. This helped motivate me to keep working 7 days a week for 6 months a few weekends off due to exhaustion. But having a separate bank account just for vacation was very helpful. I don't get anywhere near what many others get for vacation time. So when we vacation it's the best we can afford at the time. Next year we are doing the group cruise and Alaska cruise. Being final payment is months a way it allows for us to save for months. The nice thing is if you stay below Grand suite (maybe wrong) you only need a small deposit. The further out you can plan a cruise the more time you have to pay, thus you can get multiple cruises booked at the lowest fare. Since supply and demand really is a factor in cruising. Use a travel agent because if there's a problem the t/a can help and do the leg work. MEI is a sponsor for this blog but use whatever agent you are comfortable with. If you are willing to keep checking the price of your cruise you can try Costco travel they give a portion of the commission back to you in the form of Costco gift card. But you don't get a dedicated t/a you ARE the t/a so to speak. As I found out the hard way.
  13. It's not a Rumor because I read it on the internet!! 😂😂
  14. So agencies can take blocks of cabins early at very low prices which drives up the price I see on Royal's website, then after they don't sell the cabins are released to the general public? I wouldn't be happy if I found out my cruise had that happening. It's mentioned all the time the cruise lines increase cabin fares as inventory for that particular category diminishes. So when I see those ads about ridiculous prices for a particular cruise that's what that agency did? Block out several categories of cabins? Always thought it was like a new car selling at a really low price and when you look at the details it's only for one car.
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