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  1. That's not good. Hope celebrity isn't planning on canceling the cruise. According to the news story I watched the ship was just making circles in Puget Sound for more than an hour. Maybe the Coast Guard wants to make an inspection of the ship since the ship called for help.
  2. Think it's trying to go to pier 89 or one of the piers there. Probably need some tugboats to help it get into the pier then.
  3. Well it seems to be moving now according to what I see on cruisemapper. Seems to be coming back to Seattle. It was heading to Alaska, not good if that's true.
  4. According to local news the Celebrity Solstice has lost the majority of its propulsion and is stuck in Puget Sound. The Coast Guard is responding to assist. It seems the ship can only go in a circle.
  5. Thank you so much I will do that.
  6. The one available to book is 1718. The YouTube videos only show symphony and oasis and the downstairs has a dual head shower not a full bath. The allure has 2 full baths?
  7. I'm not dead set on any upgrade as I think the Crown loft seems fine from YouTube videos. If I do it it's because of the balcony size and going from Sky to Star class. We don't cruise much so when we do it's the best we can afford. Thank you for the information I'll try that and see if that's a reasonable offer to make.
  8. Sorry yes the minimum bid is $800.00 I was thinking the same that $1000.00 is a fair bid probably not a winning bid as there's only one Star loft that I know of on Allure.
  9. Got an email the other day saying that I can bid. Question is how much would one pay to go from Crown loft to Star loft? $500,$1000? The price difference if booked is about $5400. Also it's a Caribbean cruise so is it even worth doing? When in port we are only doing one excursion per port so lots of time on the ship. My wife doesn't want to be "one of those people running for the ship"
  10. Thank you for the information. That's what I'll do so he/she can get what they want instead of me guessing.
  11. Thank you, just sent my ta email to inquire about that. That's really strange that they would list a suite available but when you try to book it you can't. That would make me believe that someone just purchased it.
  12. After thinking about it and the opinions of @AshleyDillo, @WAAAYTOOO, @twangster and @Lovetocruise2002 I'll keep my Crowne loft (L1). The reason the ATS was even considered was the balcony. Originally when we looked at Suites the price difference was $2,000 between those two. Thank you to all for your input it really does help! Much appreciated! On a side note anyone know why RCI lists suites that aren't available to book? There's a Star class suite listed and when trying to book it it says not available.
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