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  1. Find it a very convenient way to get cash without incurring a fee. Unless you play the one arm bandit.
  2. That's the same screen I got when trying to create my account. Although mine came with the suite.
  3. Thought I'd mention this. Needed some cash so stopped by the casino cage to ask where the atm is. There's a sign there (I'll post a pic as soon as I go back to the casino) that says Allure no longer does cash advance from the cage. Now you get cash from the table or slot machine. There's no fee I'm aware of as when I took some cash it showed up as a normal charge from Royal. Don't know if it's available on other ships but you might visit the casino cage and inquire.
  4. Went on the all access tour today. Propulsion is still the same with the starboard azipod at reduced speed. As we head to Nassau the waves are at 1 to 2 meters according to the quarter master. While touring the engine control the guy working there said all 4 engines were online but one was overheating so speed may be reduced. We were at 17.9 kts. Definitely interesting walking around and standing today.
  5. So after thinking about the chaos. Think the side entrance was for people that needed extra time to board not sure because it's not the main entrance. Side note Coastal kitchen is amazing!!! They bend over backwards for every guest. No request is turned down. First night we really enjoyed our waiter Richard asked to be seated in his section every night we are there. They rotate every night so initially they said they couldn't. Then the manager came over and asked the maitre d what was wrong? Afterwards the manager said no problem they will try. Tonight we are in Richard's section again.
  6. Oh well it was really chaos. Thanks @twangster but it shouldn't be that disorganized. They were more confused me!! Lol!! Anyway it's all good just curious if it is always that way. Coastal kitchen ROCKS!!
  7. Don't know if I can watch the game. Hopefully Hulu works onboard I'll watch it later.
  8. So I'm on the Allure finally, waiting for our suite to be ready. My question is embarkation day at the terminal always disorganized? We arrived and saw the suite guest entrance proceed through check in, security and then another line. That was confusing sign said "expedited" but there was another open area and several empty lines. We went there and made our way to have pictures taken. Then headed upstairs and the chaos ensued, first employee looked at my set sail pass and said go over to general boarding. While we headed over to general boarding another employee asked to see my pass and I mentioned I'm in a suite Sky class. Then we were told to go back the other way. Another employee looked at my pass after we got to the Star and Pinnacle area and said wait there. Finally another employee asked if we are Star or Sky? Said Sky then told to go to the Sky section. The chaos continued when they announced boarding would begin and employees started ushering people from every class, Key and B2B to a side entrance and after a couple minutes they came pouring back out and ushered back to their respective areas. They again announced that they would appreciate everyone's cooperation in sitting down. We were just told to stand up and board? Finally they got it straight I guess. B2B went first followed by Star, Sky, Sea and Key. The thing that I'm amazed at is how little people knew where people were supposed to go!? They do this how times a week how many weeks a year? As I boarded the ship no one asked where are we going? Offering directions. It was literally a free for all. We got on an elevator that doesn't go to our deck so we got off. Wandered around and asked an employee walking by where's our elevator he said the other end of the ship. I'm so glad this blog exists because I knew we were going to the wrong area to wait in the terminal and that there's another set of elevators once on board. All the videos and information everyone has given has been a tremendous help. Thank you everyone for your kind input!! Lunch Time!!
  9. She's getting a kick out of me asking advice. She has just below shoulder length hair I'd say it's average thickness I guess? Her Dyson takes about 5 minutes so I think she needs a better one then the ship has. It's our first Royal cruise and I packed every activity in our trip. There's little time to waste drying one's hair.
  10. Well her hair dryer is a Dyson so she's afraid it will grow legs! Lol!! Think there's a Walgreen's near us maybe a quick stop there. @AshleyDillo too late had to bring a second checked bag. So much electronics guess we're not unplugging! Lol!!
  11. Oh right my mistake. Well hope it happens so I'm not flying for 6 hours.
  12. Where can you get a decent travel hair dryer in Fort Lauderdale? Told my wife to bring hers now I'll be shopping for a dryer tomorrow.
  13. So Royal is planning on 4 and 5 night sailings? I'd give it a try if it's Cat and Ens.
  14. Wouldn't you have received an email about any changes? I'm going on the 15th from Everglades hoping the storm does. Royal's homepage doesn't have any news either.
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