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  1. Cruising is the only place I know of where you dine and don't have to worry about tipping, which made me feel strange and uncomfortable. Our waiter was excellent and so at the end or the cruise we gave him a couple hundred dollars. TIPS has always been the acronym "To In sure Prompt Service" at least that's what was taught in hospitality courses way back when.
  2. Could it just mean that you get the same suite attendant for the cruise? That's what we had on Allure. Never seen that listed before? Doesn't say butler or genie so I'm thinking it's just the person who cleans the suite.
  3. Can't imagine any of the performers who are stuck on board wanting to do another contract after seeing how cruise companies "take care" of them. Doesn't matter who is to blame for being stuck on board. The level of frustration and anxiety must be difficult. Read stories of other performers stuck on other ships and technical their contract is over so are they getting paid or not?
  4. Interesting story from Motley Fool about crewmembers: The leading cruise line operators aren't doing right by their current crews, and that could cost them in the future. A lot of the questions surrounding the turnaround for cruise lines are based on the passenger perspective. Will Carnival (NYSE:CCL) (NYSE:CUK), Royal Caribbean (NYSE:RCL), and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NYSE:NCLH) be able to fill their ships again at the other end of this pandemic crisis? How will the experience change? How deep will the discounts be to woo new and former customers as the negative fallout plays ou
  5. @WannaCruise if you wannacruise just do it. By the time people can start cruising the virus should be way down. Don't think the cruise industry would risk it's reputation by having more news stories about more people getting the virus. The thing that concerns me is if there's a vaccine by next year. If not then this could happen all over again according to a medical report I was reading. The virus could mutate that would be bad for everyone. But If I had a cruise this year I'd go and enjoy myself, life is too short to worry about everything, use common sense and you should be fine. Happy cruis
  6. Very sad, these are the people who make our vacations possible, deepest sympathies to those who have passed. Many have no say if they can leave and go home. News story from Fox news: "A person aboard the Celebrity Infinity cruise liner has passed away, Celebrity Cruises confirmed on Thursday. The person’s cause of death was not specified in a statement provided to Fox News, although the ship, which is currently docked off the west coast of Florida, has been under lockdown since at least Saturday following confirmed cases of coronavirus among the remaining crew members onboard, the
  7. To be fair the stimulus package ONLY cover US flagged ships, Royal has already mentioned it doesn't qualify for any monies from the stimulus package. That's why it took out a backup loan. Guess only NCL would qualify as their one ship has been flagged under the USA since 2005.
  8. Here's some information why vessels are flagged in another country: Working for a cruise line which is registered under a flag other than the American can be complicated, especially when there is a need to address certain rights, such as workman's compensation, discrimination, abuse and/or harassment, as well as other work related issues and problems. In the entire cruise line industry there is only one cruise line company which has its ships registered under the American flag, all others are registered in foreign countries such as Panama which are more lenient with big corporati
  9. If I'm reading the coast guards memo correctly NO foreign flagged ship will be allowed to MEDEVAC in the seventh district (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Puerto Rico). Looks like the Rotterdam and Zaandam could be stuck if the governor of Florida doesn't give them and exception.
  10. @Lovetocruise2002 so I just posted the same question on RCL's IG. Those who wish to support Sabrina could ask the same question. Everytime RCL post on SM ask the question the more that know the more likely RCL will do the right thing.
  11. That’s not fair at all! They don’t take into account that you have another 7 sailings with them? How does that effect your future business with them? Hope you get the 125% FCC in the end.
  12. Just my two cents, taking into consideration that RCL borrowed a considerable sum, stock price is down over $100 per share. The suspension of cruise operations, still needing to pay employees at HQ and else where, they need to conserve capital to stay liquid. Won't be surprised if more amplification's are postponed or delayed. They equipment will most likely go into storage. Any improvements to their private islands will be delayed. Just my thoughts...
  13. Well hopefully you aren't coming for a conference or something similar. There's a ban on gatherings larger than 250 people. Hopefully this does down soon. Don't see this kind of reaction when 92,000 people died in the U.S. alone between October last year and February of influenza virus.
  14. Good news is traffic is down severely, no lines to get a table and most restaurants are having specials. Just bring your own hand sanitizer. The city has lost it's mind and people are hoarding hand sanitizer, wipes, toilet paper why I don't get it?
  15. As previously mentioned the Port of Seattle is cancelling sailings April 1st and 5th (https://www.portseattle.org/news/port-cancels-first-two-sailings-seattle-cruise-season) Port of Seattle has now banned Seattle as a port of call, meaning if your ship was to stop in Seattle for 1 day it will not now. (Subject to change) Many restaurants in the Seattle area are closing or reducing operating hours, one of the best know restaurateurs Tom Douglas is closing ALL 21 Restaurants except dahlia bakery for 8 to 12 weeks. ( https://www.tomdouglas.com/restaurants) If you are going to a restaur
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