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  1. Did this last month, guaranteed suite. Been told several times you usually end up with a junior suite and sure enough that's what we got. But for some reason it was a handicap so it was actually a grand suite with ADA devices etc. If you really want what you are looking at get it otherwise you'll regret it. I'll never do that again even though we were a little fortunate.
  2. Yup. seems @Matt's site has finally caught the attention of scammers. Didn't open the one I received.
  3. Where do you find this? Has Royal offered this? I'm not seeing it on their website.
  4. Here's the link to do that, you can do it only if it's less than 30 days since it was booked. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/direct-booking-transfer
  5. Thanks for the link. Didn't know there was such a thing. Have you used this service?
  6. That's what I thought, it's for high limit Baccarat. Seems to be very popular with Asian's the local tribal casinos here have a lot of those tables.
  7. Royal would rearrange the space just for the 5 U.S. sailings? Won't the ship head to Asia eventually?
  8. Located on deck 4 by the diamond lounge there's a space called "Golden Room" anyone know what this is? I'm guessing it a high roller table gaming area?
  9. Always on top of it!!! The link I posted has the details page where it has the sq ft for cabin/suite and balcony. Are you going on March 4th? Do I finally get to meet the Oracle?
  10. Couldn't find this on Royals website but found it here: Wonder of the Seas Deck 3 Deck Plans (cruisedeckplans.com)
  11. @Mattyour going on the March 4th and 11th sailings? We on the 4th booked and so excited!!
  13. Your TA can get pricing with BOGO when they input a SPECIFIC date. That's what mine has to do. If you want to shift a booking to WOS then your TA has to do it through Royal. This is what mine is doing right now. All Star class is gone as of this posting it may change of course.
  14. Did your bill have a tip line? We're on Ovation and there's a tip line so we add the tip there. Seems they don't want to handle money? They also bring the food on a cart and stand behind it and let you take the food. Social distancing I'm guessing.
  15. Went there on the 2nd day and yes they have all those items. If I remember I'll take a picture of the menu tomorrow.
  16. We didn't have any issues with getting a table for the MDR. We had reservations for tonight and while we were looking at the menu we decided to have dinner there again tomorrow night. Just walked over to the entrance podium and asked if there was availability for tomorrow, no problem she said a now we have dinner plans at the time we wanted. It seems that the speciality dining is hard to get after day 1. Just keep checking and maybe someone will cancel and you'll be able to book.
  17. Just saw the brand new Pixels two 70 show. It was the first showing and it was amazing. They put this show together in 4 weeks! Normally they spend 4 weeks in Hollywood FL rehearsing and 2 weeks on board. This is a MUST see if you like 80's and techno. Really hard to taken in up close, we were in 3rd row first 2 are blocked for social distancing. Next time we'd sit further back to see everything.
  18. Doesn't feel crowded at all. No idea on passenger count.
  19. We had GTY ended up with junior suite accessible so it's actually a Grand Suite in size. Only the bathroom is different. We have the UDP as well, we had to book our first night restaurant. Thought they would assign us but didn't. We've had dinner at Wonderland and Jamie's so far. Windjammer was difficult to find open seating at 10:30 AM they blocked off so many tables. There's one way in and one way out. We weren't able to book CK for dinner any night when checking when we first arrived.
  20. My TA Kathy Geiger specializes in Alaska cruises and adventures. Here's her email address [email protected]
  21. Yes it is. My TA was on the previous cruise and said they weren't working on hers either. I'm really hoping it's a staffing issue rather than a mechanical issue. We are doing Ovation and Quantum next year and really hope it's working.
  22. Royal's ship destined for China begins sea trials. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/08/20/wonder-of-the-seas-begins-sea-trials
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