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  1. I looked at her schedule as far as it goes and didn't see a dry dock schedule so my impression is it will limp around until then. That's what happened to Allure in 2017.
  2. Saw that one. Looks really nice but no fridge for meds.
  3. If you used a TA he/she should be taking care of it for you. If you don't use one you might want to consider it. There's a thread on why you should in the discussion section right now. Oh and I just received my docs to sign this morning so that took even longer.
  4. Yup! According to my TA she's had issues. Took a few days for me to receive mine.
  5. @Rochester Rich thanks for the update. Now I think I made the correct choice.
  6. This has been my experience using a TA. Recently I had to move a cruise to a future date and there are FCC's involved, plus I had a hold on the particular suite I wanted this switched to. My TA had to call RC and work with the agent for over 45 minutes (RC has outsourced some or all of it's call centers I don't call so I don't know it's what my TA told me) but she had to give up because this agent didn't know how to do what she was asking. She called again in the morning working with another agent and got it squared away. This saved me all that time and frustration in doing it myself. Also, the MEI TA does have software that lets the TA know when there's a price drop in my particular fare and she reprices it automatically. Can you hold a particular room/suite yourself for 7 days while you decide if that's the cruise you want to do? I haven't found a way to do this. @Matt mention in one of his videos that he got a lower price for a cruise because his TA was able to get him a group rate that's not available to the public I'm assuming. If you don't mind spending time on the phone with RC when there's an issue with your cruise or constantly checking for the best price then maybe you don't need a TA. I'm too busy to do that and it costs me nothing. RC pays my TA via commission to do this for me.
  7. Large rock throws wrench into Skagway’s cruise ship schedule https://www.ktoo.org/2023/04/11/large-rock-throws-wrench-into-skagways-cruise-ship-schedule/
  8. What's your budget? Where do you want to stay? Downtown, near the cruise port?
  9. Cruise lines don't accept insurance, pay via CC or cash, you'll have to get reimbursed. My health insurance says the same but you should call and find out the limit on coverage. I did and it's not a lot for e-vac and my employer has over 150K people worldwide. There's clinics and hospitals I can use but I still but travel insurance.
  10. Does the port actually enforce this TABC to Begin Collecting Taxes at Texas Seaports? Notices to Cruise Passengers | Port of Galveston, TX - Official Website How do they know you bought alcohol or tobacco on the ship or in Mexico?
  11. When I was on the wonder inaugural cruise we had an issue, brought it up to the suite concierge and they took care of it for us. They got us a 20% Goodwill credit for future Cruise. This has to go through the Miami office for approval so it took a couple days to get it done. You do need to take care of it before you leave the ship otherwise it will be difficult to get any help. They sent me an email after I got off the ship about 2 weeks later and I had an actual certificate with a dollar amount to be applied to a future Cruise.
  12. What day of the week are you returning? If it's Sunday all the locals are returning home so traffic is heavier than Saturday. If it's a weekday then it's possible. Just remember ANY accidents on I-5 will wreck any hope of getting to the airport on time. I live here. You can try Google maps it will give you a fairly accurate travel time. More workers here are being called back to the office so I've noticed an up tick in traffic.
  13. I'm so clueless!! I've been looking at IAH flights. Guess I'll be checking hobby as well. Seems SWA is the cheapest since it's their hometown airline.
  14. Never been to Texas. Where does one stay before the cruise? Downtown Houston or by the port? Budget is $400 for 1 day. Thanks in advance!
  15. Has anyone else's itineraries been shorten? Suppose to be on in September.
  16. OMG!! How long has this been going on? I've only sailed quantum and Oasis and buying the internet package for 2 people!!??? Never mind checked pass cruise planner and did it only for a junior suite. Whew!!
  17. Thank you for the information.
  18. Thanks for the information. There a website to see which ships have it? Looking specifically for Summit we'll be doing Alaska in 2024.
  19. Does Celebrity have Starlink or this is just limited to Royal?
  20. Mine was checked and still no emails. They reentered my email and no it's working. Maybe give them a call?
  21. I've had this problem as well, I've been getting my wife's C&A information and ads. Called Royal told them the issue they confirmed the email accounts and now I'm getting my own account information and updates. Perhaps that would help you?
  22. That or CK if there's one.
  23. What if you are in Star class. Do you still have to pay for the 2nd plus tails?
  24. Good points, dollars seems easier all around. It's easy to get on the ship with no ATM fee. Thanks everyone.
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