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  1. We booked a Baltic Cruise over two years ago because we wanted to visit St. Petersburg. Needless to say that port was cancelled but the nightmare was just beginning. We made it to Heathrow from LAX when my wife noticed that the small bag with all of my medications was not in the carry on. I left the bag on the counter at home so that at the last minute I could put my Insulin in it so it would remain cold for the flight until I reached the ship (I forgot and left it on the counter). I was able to enjoy the cruise but my Glucose level Was averaging 500mg/dl and I had to watch what I ate and drank. When the cruise ended we were stuck in Copenhagen due to Bad weather in Canada. We were given a hotel room and they Booked us a Flight back to LAX the next day. To our surprise, when we arrived back at the airport to board the flight Air Canada did not follow through with the new flight booking and we were stuck for yet another day. By Day three in Copenhagen they finally had us on a non-stop flight to LAX Confirmed. While waiting to board the flight I began feeling very bad and started hallucinating but was afraid to tell anyone for fear they would not let me board the plane. One of the ticket counter Agents that recognized me and knew of our plight grabbed our boarding passes and arranged for us to sit in First Class for the trip home. To this day I do not know what my Glucose level was because the meter only reads to 800mg/dl and this time it just read "High."
  2. Now I am Disappointed! Does that mean that my two "Adult" children will be there when I return?
  3. Early/Late doesn't matter to me. What I have done is on Day 1 introduce my wife and myself to the Cabin Steward/ess and Emphasize that we are o.k. with THEM picking their schedule and to let them know that we have Prepaid Gratuities and will be o.k. with their choice. We think that the prepaid gratuities cover basic room service for the Steward/ess and the behind the scenes employees in housekeeping. We then determine if we feel our Steward/ess puts in a little extra effort even if it is a cheerful good morning, how was your day, or you can just see the "Hustle" they put into their job. That is when we give something extra to say "Thank you, we noticed your efforts and appreciate you." I also consider my Prepaid Gratuities as part of the cost of the cruise and understand why it is this way. The amount we pay in "Gratuities" is not considered as income to RCL and is not a payroll expense thus RCL saves in Taxes by doing this instead of just removing these gratuities and rolling the cost into you Cruise fare.
  4. Rum and Coke and you cover both ends?
  5. If you are going to store valuables in a suitcase I recommend you toss your underwear on top before you lock it. No one will bother once they open it. Also Underwear has been securing the "Family Jewels" for hundreds of years.
  6. Starbucks locations are only available on Allure of the Seas®, Harmony of the Seas®, Mariner of the Seas®, Navigator of the Seas®, Oasis of the Seas®, Symphony of the Seas® Currently. They will give "Stars" as usual when you purchase a drink but do not however honor the redemption of any starbucks promotions such as "Free Drinks." None of the Items at a Starbucks Kiosk are included with any Drink Packages as well. Cafe Promenade does have some coffee selections made with Starbucks beans (Seattle's Best) that can be obtained with a drink package.
  7. I giggle every time I read "The Naughty Room." What is the charge to get to visit this room? Can I get a VIP pass?
  8. Did anyone quickly book a cruise just to get in on this deal? I have to wait for my wife to check her work schedule and was going to book another Navigator Mexico trip tomorrow. Lol, I am still going to book the cruise if my wife can get the time off however, If there are people that booked a cruise just for this deal and the deal gets cancelled can they get a 100% refund and cancellation on their cruise by saying "Woops" also?
  9. Sergeant Says to his men in the field, "I have good news and bad news." First the good news: "Today after months in the field we get to change our Underwear!" The Bad news: "Fred, You change with robert." "Karl, You change with Dan....."
  10. You wash underwear? Since they are "Under" my clothes I never wash them. Just a joke, no hate mail please.
  11. Being from Southern California and only a 30 minute drive from the pier we take this Cruise Ship every opportunity we can. We were also given a totally free 3 day cruise in a Balcony Cabin for their "Mock first West Coast sailing Covid Cruise." There were approx. 200 Guests and we had the solarium to ourselves every night. I have taken the full selection of Itineraries and a couple of back to backs. I agree that the ship is fantastic and I also agree that the port services and boarding needs a lot of work. I believe that they need to bring back the Suite and Diamond +/pinnacle Lines but fear this will not happen because of "The Key." The ports and excursions are very Lackluster but we have still taken them all (at least twice). Just my 2 cents! or is it more due to inflation?
  12. Sept. 2023 marks 40 years we have been Loyal to Royal and It all began with that 1983 cruise and our first Sunset aboard Song of Norway. I also threw in the very crowded pool deck pic. LOL
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