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  1. My last Cruise in May the tags showed up at exactly 30 days out as well.
  2. I don't have any luck when it comes to gambling. I even lose on my own machine but this way I can get my money back and try again.
  3. My favorite Slot Machine is the one I have in my "Game Room" at home.
  4. I guess you need to book it during the GOING GOING phase and before the GONE phase? Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
  5. What! No link? You are slipping Twangster. That and I am Lazy.
  6. I always purchase packages for myself (Makes it sooooo easy) This is for the relatives that are going. I purchased everyones cruise tickets to join us for our Aniversary however, I am not so rich (I wish I was) as to pick up everyone's bar tab as well.
  7. I am good with that. Thanks! Is that Just the Wine or does that mean the water and Soda has to get crammed into the carry on as well?
  8. Anyone with advice for Soda and Water. They seem bulky and a pain to carry onboard? Would they allow a small foldable hand cart? I am almost regretting that I invited my relatives along! :} So much easier when it is just the wife and I.
  9. I will be sailing on Friday 9/2 and would like clarification on bringing wine onboard. Must I carry the wine onboard with me or can the wine be placed in my checked luggage. Or do I run the risk of them removing it from the luggage and "Storing it." I have never brought wine or water/soda onboard and any advice on how to handle Wine, Water, and soda "SOON" will help. Thanks!!
  10. This is me on Formal night all dressed up for my Birthday!
  11. We have a Sept. 2nd 5 day cruise scheduled and until today RCCL stated for 6 days or less NO Covid test required for this sailing. Does this still count because the new rule, No testing after Sept. 5 for 9 day sailings or less would make my cruise 3 days before the new rule? RCCL just loves to confuse us I am sure of it!
  12. The wife and I do not drink alcohol and I usually don't require it to act a fool. Stop watching me @AshleyDillo! LOL
  13. Some see the glass as half full. Others see that same glass as half empty. I see the glass and think, who has been drinking from my glass?
  14. There are no webCams on any of the PC's onboard that I have encountered. I also used my IPhone using VOOM (Slower if you use basic VOOM instead of surf & Stream but still works). You can then use the Shipboard PC and printer to access your email to print a copy of the results if you are like me and want a hard copy in case you cannot get the original email to display when asked to show your results on the phone. It has happened to me at the airport in Copenhagen when I was unable to access their wifi and thus unable to show them proof of a negative result.
  15. I have a major complaint! I have recently learned that I have absolutely nothing to complain about so that is a legit complaint right?
  16. My Guess: Vaxxed = No pretest for 5 nights or less. 6 nights or more a pretest is required but now can be up to 3 days prior to sailing (Used to be 2 days prior) Unvaxxed = required testing for all sailings but still remains 3 days prior. The same testing rules i think are for the required days prior to sailing. It used to be Unvaxxed were allowed 3 days prior and Vaxxed were only allowed 2 days prior which made no sense to me.
  17. We are looking at the options for the Dec 9 sailing to mexico and found this. Didn't know Rodeo drive moved to Mazatlan Mexico.
  18. My Father is named Carl and my son is Karl III. No relation To Carl Karcher
  19. You are correct and I can clearly tell by looking at the excursions. They have not been corrected either as it shows on day 4 I can get an excursion to Rodeo Drive on the day we are in Mazatlan LOL
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