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  1. I have to give a Cudos to the parking lot bus transfer gentleman at the Long Beach California Parking lot #1. My wife and I were running later than we like and I was a wreck trying to get everything together in the parking lot. We jump on the transfer bus and made it to the ship o.k. and I started to finally relax. We are about to shove off for our adventure when I notice that my Camera bag with 2 brand new Canon Cameras wasn't onboard. I panicked when I realized that I had left the Bag on the trunk of my car in the parking lot. We called the Lot attendant and asked if they could check to see if by luck the bag might still be there. It was not. Our phone lost contact as we pulled further away from the pier so we decided to go to the Service desk and ask to call ship to shore to inquire further. Someone suggested that we check the ships lost and found and I kind of lost it trying to explain that I knew that I left it back on shore on the trunk of my car. When all was lost and I Felt so down my wife said what could it hurt to check lost and found. We were told that the transfer bus driver remembered that he dropped us off at the Royal terminal and when he saw the bag on the trunk of my car he drove back to the pier and turned it in to the ships crew and IT WAS THERE at Lost and Found. We never found the gentleman's name but we will always remember to thank this stranger every time we cruise! To make a long story short (To late I know)! Remember to tag everything because you never know.
  2. on my last cruise to Alaska and the second formal Night was on my Birthday. I wore a dress suit as I usually do however, One of our new friends we met on the cruise bought me a gift at the last port we visited and I had to wear it. When I entered the dining room I had all eyes on me!
  3. I ordered my three pack on Sept 1st with "Free Expedited 2 day" Fedex shipping. They finally arrived on Sept. 9th and there were only two in the pack. One of them was crushed and the box was popped open so I was concerned because of the big red square stating in bold letters "DO NOT OPEN until instructed to do so. I called and was very quickly and politely told that they would rush a third kit and a replacement kit for the one that was crushed. Two days later I received a package with the replacement kits. They are very helpful when you call them.
  4. I like the idea of a lanyard but with my luck it would just become a hammock for a meatball I dropped at dinner. I stocked up for my cruise with these cloth "Hanes" masks. They are a comfortable fit for myself and wife and a great price if you can get over the fact that they are made by Hanes and look like underwear material. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hanes-Wicking-Cotton-Masks-10-Pack/783560599
  5. So let me get this straight in my head. They round you up like cattle and bunch you all together. Then check you to see if in the past two days you had a Covid test that was negative. Just a thought but wouldn't that cause a risk in and of itself of exposing that group to someone that may have Covid. Makes no sense but I must add that nothing makes sense at this point in the Pandemic. I am not a conspiracy type person and trying to curb the Pandemic is a good thing in my mind. But please try something that makes a little sense!
  6. My thoughts are that the kit offered by RC show in new packaging which would suggest to me that there is a new expiration date as well? Just a guess as I do not have mine as yet and just ordered them today. With this guess I chose to pay the $99 cost for a 3pack from Royal as opposed to the $150 price abbott offers for a Six Pack in the old packaging.
  7. Then he should use this link? Amazon.com: Men's Velvet Smoking Robe Jacket With Belt Includes Captain Hat and Toy Pipe Costume : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  8. So I will be pinnacle and Matt will be plastered in no time.
  9. next to my Avitar there is an RC emblem that shows as "Platinum 3/7." Is this a Blog member ranking system and how does it work? Do you gain Points for the number of Nights you Book at Matts house? . Does he offer Double points for certain Days? how does one rise in the ranks?
  10. My wife and I usually take our robes to the pool or Jacuzzi especially on an Alaska Cruise. Only once did my robe "disappear" while we were in the pool and our Cabin Steward assured us we would not be charged and brought a new robe for me to use the rest of the cruise.
  11. Is using a Test site such as a CVS or Walgreens still going to be accepted or is this new Binax method going to be the only one accepted? My Insurance will not pay for a Binax test kit. They say it is because the individual actually using the test Vs the one that the insurance pays for cannot be controlled. This is not a very big deal but still a concern for a few of us. Anyone with a bit more knowledge would you please chime in?
  12. I am a little slow so forgive me please. My son has a C&A number since 2004 and is listed as a platinum member. He is also listed within our family group. My question is, in your quote above it says "they will still progress through C&A tier process" yet My wife and I are D+ and he is still listed as Platinum? so, does he qualify as D+ ? Does he only get to enjoy the benefits of D+ if he cruises the same booking with us? will our Progress never show as "His" progress? I am soooo confused.
  13. I have also received both onboard credit options. I have cashed in my Royal Caribbean credit card points for $500 OBC. I must use MY OWN Seapass card for it to take from this OBC. The good news is that this credit is added to my Seapass account via BofA VISA and is therefor fully refundable at the end of the cruise (as long as you don't forget to cash out before you depart!) On the other hand, If Royal offers the OBC it is not refundable and you lose it at the end of the cruise unless you spend it all beforehand or use the methods mentioned above (casino cash out). I have once cashed out almost $700 from having Royal OBC and BofA credits. We used up all of the RCC credits and less than $300 of the BofA. Wife given $500 OBC and Myself given $500. Yes we pay everything we can on our RC Visa to rack up those points. You also get Double Points if you use it to book and pay for anything RC including the cruise cost itself. No, I am not an employee of BofA LOL.
  14. Today marks the 35th Anniversary of our first Cruise and our 38th wedding anniversary. We have taken many cruises since 1986 (30) and thus far my wife has not thrown me overboard. Hopefully we can be healthy enough to take many more! Happy Anniversary dear wife (Kelley). All my love and happy sailing.
  15. I am very happy to see that RCCL is back In Los Angeles for the Mexico Itinerary. I will be taking quite a few weekend getaway trips now that there is no airfare required for me. But now on this topic. I booked a December Mexico trip and two days later they had a 1 day flash sale for California residents only featuring this exact cruise. Not wanting to miss out on the savings I checked it out. The final result was that I would be paying $11 more for the "Sale." Some times you get lucky and some times you don't.
  16. One thing I have found is that if you buy the luggage tag you should consider the environment in which they will be used. I have found that in the tropical climates where humidity is prominent the printed tickets tend to discolor the plastic sleeves of the luggage tags. I combat this by printing the tags and then covering over them with clear packaging tape. This prevents the color or B&W ink or laserjet ink from marking up your tags.
  17. Is this policy still being enforced? I am a type 1 "Brittle" Diabetic on an Insulin pump and thus far have infected no one with my Chronic Illness. I also understand that it places me in the "High Risk" category for Covid. I am willing to take that risk to be able to cruise once again. Since no one else is at risk because of my condition I would be willing to state my current medical condition even though it is information covered by HIPPA to clear them of any liability. I do not understand the reason to refuse boarding because of a "Diabetic" condition. I hope that this is no longer the case or I will be instantly CURED of Diabetes.
  18. Like this? Sept.1986 Song of Norway. Anniversary Cruise and the beginning of our Love for Cruising on RCCL.
  19. I have been on every class ship Royal has to offer minus the Quantum Class and that will be resolved next year. I have even had the Pleasure of sailing my first Cruise in 1983 on the "Song of Norway." Just a baby ship but for my first cruise I was in Awe! I really do enjoy cruising and each class has its Favorites for my wife and I. We sailed our first cruise as a honeymoon cruise on Sept 3, 1983. Today is our 36th Anniversary and we will be sailing Symphony to celebrate. We were lucky to sail Empress to Cuba while it was allowed. We sailed Vision thru the Panama Canal. Radiance, Serenade, and Mariner to Alaska(can you guess my favorite Destination). Brilliance on a Trans Atlantic. Freedom and Liberty to the Caribbean and Bahamas. Oasis thru the Mediterranean twice. Rhapsody from Venice. Allure and Harmony thru most Caribbean Islands. I give this list not to brag but to give a small glimpse of my ships experience. If you like to cruise and enjoy new experiences then take each class ship at least once if you are able. Small ships give that "You are on the High Seas" experience. By that I mean you can feel the Ocean fall and rise and you are not so high that you cannot hear the waves crashing. You can hear the engines rumbling as the ships dock at each port. The Service onboard has a much more relaxed pace and I believe that the Service staff are less stressed on smaller ships. Mid class ships in my opinion are the sweet spot for cruising. Small enough that you don't feel overwhelmed but large enough that you can take that evening stroll on the deck or promenade. The small and midsize ships do not draw many Families as most of the entertainment on board are more subdued. By that I mean, a Theatre, Rock climbing wall and not much more. I tend to call these the old folks ships (No offense to anyone, I am almost 60 myself). I take these ships for the destinations they take me to and not to Party onboard. Don't get me wrong, My wife and I have a great time on board and I usually get scolded at least once per cruise because of my behavior. I call the Oasis class ships my "Floating City." there is so much going on all of the time. There are times when you cannot even feel that you are moving because of their massive size they are seldom affected by the ocean waves. You can tire yourself out trying to do everything they offer in a day. On the other hand, You will need to learn patience and understanding when it comes to crowds. I think many people forget to pack their manners on these Huge ships. We buy the Unlimited dining package for these cruises because there are 6 dining choices on most if not all of these ships. I find that families (with little ones) tend not to dine in the Specialty dining rooms. I do miss not sitting at a table for 8 with my wife and son getting to know my fellow cruisers and sharing stories. This is where I receive most of my scoldings as I mentioned above. Oh the stories I could tell, as an example I can absolutely tell you how many people can fit in the shower of the "Royal Suite" on Mariner. It is 11 !! Don't ask me how I know this. To make a long story short (Too late I know) I have been on most of Royals Fleet and although they were all unique experiences I have yet to say that we did not enjoy our cruises. I hope that your adventures are happy ones as well.
  20. There are times that you will see that Page pop up just after you have logged in to check for a "Lower Price for your Booked Cruise." It takes their website about 10 Minutes to refresh and kick you out even if you properly back out of a cruise booking (just comparing Prices). At that point, just log out of your account, wait 30 minutes and log in again. Viola!! You are back in and ready to compare your room to the new lower prices!.
  21. This is one post that I am happy to say "I am old and past the Baby on Board years." (Dancing in my chair).
  22. Be careful if you have a RC Visa as I found out recently that the points DO EXPIRE. I had to take a year off cruising due to major illness and received a warning that my points were about to expire. That being said, I use my RC Visa for "Everything" from online bill paying, Groceries, Cruise Bookings (You get the Idea). My next cruise is booked for Sept. 28th and we will have $1000 Shipboard Credit to use. I have even booked one week cruises using my points. I do use mine a lot for the cruising points so for me it is a great fit.
  23. Just a tip from an "OLD" cruiser. I have the RCCL Tag holders and found that in Hot/Humid climates the printed tag ink tends to stick inside the holder. After messing up a few of them I now use clear package sealing tape on the printed tags and then cut them from the page and slide them into the Tag holders. And yes, I cruise enough to get the tags and make them useful.
  24. My wife would probably say "I was the most useful (But not Important)?
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