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  1. from recent pictures of top deck, curves and inclines, I'm thinking a go kart track!!
  2. not all oasis ships have Playmakers either or a johnny rockets...hahaha I prefer Playmakers, wish Allure got its AMPED done, so I was "stuck" with JR... On Odyssey, the Playmakers is AMAZING! Food and atmosphere...
  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see how BIG the smoking section was on the ALLURE pool deck...longer then any other OASIS i've been on in the past few years as well as the nook.
  4. I'm boarding ALLURE tomorrow, last min booking yesterday, so I'm just going to buy the Soda and VOOM package when I board.... So, as long as they have a cup that works with the freestyle machines, I'm cool!
  5. Looking forward to boarding her this Sunday and my cabin is on Deck 11 balcony into central park...
  6. possibly not, since they likely haven't had much rehearsal time yet. Part of being the "inaugural"
  7. Thanks to: Howard William Myones on https://www.facebook.com/groups/wonderoftheseasmarch42022 Got it from their GENIE.
  8. I'm keeping tabs on the app daily planner for the cruise, I don't see much entertainment such as HEADLINER shows, aquatheatre, studio b. Just movies outdoors and a comedy show. Can anyone confirm anything? Or I guess we shall find out tomorrow!!!
  9. I sure wish there was an easier way....
  10. I can't wait to try March 4th!!!
  11. Hey Matt, Sorry i'm a shy introvert, and didn't say HI to you the other day in Playmakers. I was stuffing my face with fried food while you were having a beer while we watched the E60 BARRY BONDS! Next time! -Marc
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