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  1. Thanks for all the info but I can't see paying the same for an 8 year old and an 11 month old infant. Just my humble opinion.
  2. Do they charge for an 11 month old child. And how would you add an 11 month old.
  3. The three sisters in St Marteen this morning.
  4. Our first cruise July 2019 on Allure. Still trying to get on our second hopefully May 2022 on SOS. Happy New Year everybody
  5. Sitting here drinking coffee looking at miserable looking day outside. Crazy idea wouldn’t it be nice if Royal installed a webcam for us to look at. Waiting for first visit hopefully in May on SOS .
  6. Just read that San Juan denied symphony access. Apparently they now require a negative test to get off a cruise ship taken two days before . https://www.cruisehive.com/puerto-rico-implements-strict-requirements-symphony-of-the-seas-denied/62626
  7. Merry Christmas. Santa all I want for Christmas is to cruise next year.
  8. Has anybody done the Toppers rum tour? Was it worth it. And has it ever been available on the cruise planner?
  9. check in your royal app under safety. It shows your station and then click on find on deck.
  10. I just looked at my reservation paperwork seems my TA for some reason put a 5:30 dining time in. Thanks for suggesting that I’ll have her change that in the future.
  11. No children just wife and myself. Just thinking we’re in a junior suite could that effect the dining reservations for my time!
  12. I was trying to select my time dining for our cruise in May. It won’t let me reserve it saying I am not a flex dining guest? Any ideas on what that would mean.
  13. Two ships at Key West port today. Azamara and I believe a Crystal cruise ship?
  14. Speednoodles I’m wishing the best for your husband and your horse.
  15. Talk about deceptive advertising from a major company.
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