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  1. Is Royal Caribbean Planning to Homeport in Cozumel? Is this the result of the CDC dragging their feet? https://www.cruisehive.com
  2. Clear the gangway here I come vaccinated and masked if required. I need a vacation. Getting second shot this Thursday.
  3. Our plan is to resume sailing on May 1st. Please know, we do not currently have a timeframe or sail dates established for volunteer cruises. I removed the name of who they responded to. This was in the comment section for the video of Navigator of the Seas recently posted. This was a comment from Crown and Anchor moderator responding to a members question.
  4. So any thoughts on the CDC asking about RCL’s technology they are using. Could this mean there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon?
  5. Wait a minute Matt has to pay for his cruises?..
  6. Matt that shows up during the check in process.
  7. That would be for May8th SOS from Miami. But I am not holding my breath that it will go
  8. This may answer the testing question. But it could be by sailing as stated. still kind of vague You are required to select an arrival time for your wellness check Your arrival time is an appointment to complete the required wellness screening prior to boarding. At the Terminal We’re doing everything we can to ensure our ships sail with healthy guests and crew by implementing wellness checks for all guests. Make sure you: Have your test results in hand: We require all guests to complete SARS-CoV-2 (rtPC
  9. I checked in the other day for a May 8th probably not sailing cruise ? It assigned my time for 11-1130. It specifically stated do not arrive out of the time specified since that will delay your boarding. The only other time that was available was 3pm. I
  10. check in process has changed in the app. Not sure why the date is wrong.
  11. I just completed our check in for May 8th cruise on SOS. We were assigned a 11:30-12:00 arrival time. Only other info so far was we have to complete a survey the day before using the app. It stated there will also be a wellness check before boarding. I'm curious if this sails if and when they will require a negative test or if that's included in the pre cruise wellness check. The other thing I noticed was the other time for check in available was not until 3PM. We are both vaccinated and trying to be optimistic that the third try is the charm.
  12. Speaking of vaccines wondering if they will identify passengers who have been vaccinated. Wife is done I get my second I three weeks.
  13. Finger we have a cruise on SOS May 8th. So there is talk of possibly limiting the number of passengers. I’ve done mock bookings just to check the price. What I’ve noticed is there appears to be very few cabins available. So if they have to reduce the number of passengers any thoughts on how they would do that.
  14. Tomorrow night Jan 5th at eight they feature Symphony of the Seas on the show. Maybe we can just imagine for a while when watching.
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