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  1. I have done a GS on deck 7 and a CLS on deck 17. I am in the minority that prefers being on the lower deck. When I was on 17, I felt isolated from the rest of the ship. When my suite was closer to the rest of the ship, I felt more a part of things and experienced a lot more of what the ship offers. It is easy to just stay on 17, and you miss a lot that way.
  2. Keep checking for appointments. Mine and my husband’s were months out but I checked the web site every few days. One night I found appointments for both of us the next day. Same thing happened with my daughter.
  3. I use MEI! I was just trying to get some information without bothering Sharla because I know she's swamped right now.
  4. Thank you. You are correct. I should have said FCC, not refund. I do not expect a refund for either, a FCC and a Future Air credit, perhaps?
  5. I searched the site but did not find the answer to my question. I really want something to look forward to and would like to book a cruise for this fall. I like the fact that we can cancel up to 48 hours prior to cruise-it makes me more comfortable on two levels: will it be safe to cruise and will our finances recover as well as we anticipate once the economy opens back up. If we book air fare with the air to sea program, will that also be refunded? Please know that I am truly not trying to game the system. We really want to take a trip this fall, but my husband is self employed and has taken a hit this spring (as almost everyone has)-we are optimistic that things will be fine by mid-summer, but there are lots of uncertainties. I am also looking at a college graduation trip to Europe for next summer for my youngest and have the same concerns re: travel and air fare for that trip-not so much finances but whether travel will be allowed. As always, thanks.
  6. Glad to hear you’re doing well. I’ve been thinking about you
  7. We are sailing on Oasis tomorrow. Got our email Monday morning, 6 days in advance. I sent our reservation requests later that morning and got a confirmation that evening.
  8. We’re sailing with you too! So excited. Sitting in airport waiting to board flight to Miami
  9. Good morning, all. My DH and I leave Sunday on the Oasis of the Seas. We are very excited! I sailed in a GS on Harmony with a friend in August and it was wonderful! DH has never been on an Oasis class ship or in a suite. I bid through Royal Up and won with a slightly above minimum bid (still on the lowest part of the weak scale) a Crown Loft suite. I think DH is going to be in shock-I haven't told him. We have the $18 DBP-thank you intern. We do not have the UDP and have not made any specialty reservations. I really like CK, and we plan to eat there every evening. Having said all that, I am a boring person and won't be taking a computer with me, so I will not be blogging. But if anyone has any particular questions, let me know, and I will do my best to find the answers. When I return, I will certainly give my impressions on the difference in experience in a loft vs. a GS.
  10. I think you should stay on board-better yet, spend tomorrow night in Miami and hop over to spend the week with me and my husband on Oasis!
  11. Interesting. That’s what NC had when I was in law school (and still may). Back in the ‘80s, in NC the standard was that any degree of contributory negligence meant no collection for the plaintiff (unless the defendant had the “last clear chance” to avoid the accident. I can’t see how that applies here but there almost has to be a bit of contributory negligence. However, does Puerto Rico law or Florida law control? I think Florida is a comparative negligence state.
  12. Is Puerto Rico a comparative negligence jurisdiction or a contributory negligence jurisdiction?
  13. I stayed in a Grand suite on Harmony in August and loved it. We ate primarily in the Coastal Kitchen (the suites restaurant) which we thought was very good. We did not feel the need to go to any specialty restaurants. You also have access to the suite lounge, which serves a limited selection of beer and wine from 11 am to 11 pm and a limited selection of liquor from 5 to 7 at no cost. Depending upon your habits, you may not need the DBP if you are in a GS. We did have the DBP because we wanted to sample all the different bars on the ship.
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