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  1. Thank you for the pictures! I was excited before, but seeing those pictures has increased my enthusiasm. It was less than $200 to add a second person to the room (pricing is so weird), so if my daughter decides she will get too sea sick and my husband decides no, I really will not lose much money on a solo sailing. These days, I am not worried about guaranteed sunshine for this time next year-I will be happy with a guaranteed sailing.
  2. @WAAAYTOOO My assumption is that the motion will be roughly the same on the Enchantment as on the Grandeur. My question for you is how rough the sail from Baltimore to Bermuda is likely to be on that class ship.
  3. @WAAAYTOOO, I would love to hear your thoughts on Enchantment. I have only sailed Voyager and Oasis class. My daughter is somewhat prone to sea sickness. Is that going to be a big issue on this itinerary on this ship? Also, should we go for a jr. suite in the middle of the ship instead of the aft ones? I really love watching the wake, so unless you, or someone else thinks motion will be a huge problem, I would really prefer an aft cabin. As always, thanks for your shared wisdom!
  4. I am fairly sure I have a win/win for me. Baltimore is the most easily accessible port for NC, and I have found a 5 day Bermuda cruise in October 2021 that looks great. 2 people in a jr suite is only $150 more than 1 in same room. There are aft jr suites available; my daughter and i need some bonding time, and I have always wanted to go to Bermuda. I am planning to book it for 2-my husband can fight with our daughter about who goes with me, but since it’s not a golf trip, I think she’ll win. I will be happy with either companion. With the double points, this will get me to Diamond at the
  5. The bar in Wonderland is a lot of fun, and usually quiet. It is a fun place to enjoy the view and atmosphere without eating the weird food. I will say that The World desert is really good. When we were at the bar one night, we asked if they could serve us desert only for a price. The bartender called the manager who agreed and said it would cost $10. We were full that night but told them we would we come another night. We were sailing Sky class and ate all dinners in Coastal Kitchen. We did not like the deserts in CK one night and told the waiter that we were going to take adv
  6. Based on this, it looks like I should try to reach Diamond before trying Celebrity. I also will postpone the canal until I make Diamond, then I can choose between Celebrity and RC (although RC seems to transit the canal very rarely). The historical significance is the reason this particular cruise is on my bucket list. The engineering feat continues to amaze me! My daddy was a civil engineer and loved David McCullough's book.
  7. January 2022-I would not think of booking anything before late summer 2021-I'm slightly concerned about my late August 2021 sailing.
  8. Yeah, the only issue with a weekend cruise is that getting to port will cost more than the cruise. I'm slightly beyond driving distance-at least any distance I'm willing to drive! I can tack a short cruise on the January cruise-going to Labadee and Key West to get the point for Diamond, but it won't give me the double points, so I'm not sure it's worth it.
  9. IF the cruises I currently have booked (2) make it out of port with me on them (and the odds are decent since 1 is Alaska 8/21 and the other is Caribbean 1/22), I will have 79 points at the end of the second cruise-obviously one away from Diamond. I have looked at several options to take advantage of the double points, but nothing is jumping out at me, except the Panama Canal crossing, which I am not sure I can make work logistically, even though I have decided a balcony room is fine-what a sacrifice, right? Having said all of this, should I really try to find something to get that ext
  10. Any thoughts on when it might fully load? I am starting to wonder if people jumped on it as soon as it was announced and grabbed most of the rooms with FCC. The good news is that I have researched and found that while Royal does not often traverse the Panama Canal, other lines do so regularly, so I do have options.
  11. Thanks for letting me know. A junior suite would be great. I just want the slightly bigger bathroom.
  12. I just looked to try to book the Panama Canal cruise. It has been on bucket list for many years. I don't want to do a cruise that long in anything other than a suite, and they are all booked on the Radiance in October, and I am just not confident that the cruise in February will go. Even if it does, the minimum suite price is $14,800 pp-much more than I am willing to pay-bucket list or no!
  13. I have sailed Oasis Sky class twice and have purchased the beverage both times. I do not generally drink anything but beer and wine, and while I am not a wine snob, I find the wine available in the suite lounge to be lacking. They have a good wine list, but the ones offered at no charge are not great.
  14. Just think of all the cruises you can book with the salary increase and huge signing bonus when the year is over!
  15. I'm hoping that RC will follow its sister brand Celebrity and continue the double points into the early part of 2022.
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