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  1. It looks like the decision on cancelling Quantum in Alaska for 2021 was based on the fact that the ship is in Singapore and is able to sail there. I am booked on Serenade for August 2021-does anyone know where Serenade is now and whether that may impact the likelihood of sailing? I realize this is all speculation.
  2. I have stayed in both a CL and a GS on Oasis class ships. I will go against the majority here and say that I really prefer the GS, unless you want two bathrooms. The CL is awesome, and very convenient to the suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen, but feels removed from the rest of the ship. I like feeling more a part of the ship's atmosphere. I do like Sky Class perks, though. Coastal Kitchen and access to the concierge are wonderful. I also like having the lounge as a place to get away from the crowds sometimes. The sun deck is also nice when the pool deck is really crowded. Not having to
  3. My family group of 6 flew in at different times. We met in the baggage claim area of the terminal that the majority of us flew into. We used a private shuttle because it was significantly less expensive for our group than using Royal's shuttle. You may want to explore this option. For us, meeting in baggage claim of one terminal worked well, but I would imagine that if you used a private shuttle, you could ask them to pick up from 2 different terminals. You will probably save money as well.
  4. I used AAA to book 2 cruises. I was pleased with my first experience and much less so with the second. After that, I switched to MEI (Sharla) and have had excellent advice and service. I highly recommend her.
  5. I have looked at the information on RC's web site, but I am still confused. On ships that have a diamond lounge, may diamond members use it? Is there a concierge available in the diamond lounge for diamond members, or is that only for diamond plus? On ships without Sea Class, a junior suite is my preference, but I like having access to a concierge if there are problems with my seapass account, etc. Thanks in advance.
  6. My husband and I were in Vintages one evening for a pre-dinner drink-around 5 or 5:30 to the best of my recollection-on Oasis. We were the only people there. After we'd been there for a while, a woman walked in and asked if we were there for the singles get together. Obviously, that one was not well attended at all.
  7. Unless they are going to significantly raise single drink prices. I have been my cost analysis on $12 drinks because that is the amount the packages covers and is the basic drink price. If single drink prices go to $15, then a higher price package might make more sense.
  8. I saw a new high for the Deluxe Beverage Package today. It is $84 pp/pd on an 8 day sailing on Allure in January. I have always thought the DBP was a good value, even at $52 or so, but I cannot imagine getting my money's worth at $84. I like the freedom to be able to grab a fun drink anywhere on board and I do drink a lot of bottled water, but I cannot figure out a way to break even (or even come close) at $84 per day. We are in a GS, so I will get extra exercise popping up to the 17th floor unless the price comes down.
  9. Thanks for the information. I decided to go with a 5 day mother/daughter trip in October. We have seen very little of each other this year due to covid and she couldn’t take enough time off to due canal crossing. I’ll save that one for another time tho I am sorry to miss the chance to be on the same ship as the mysterious Twangster
  10. I concur. I asked several times before this request was granted but I was glad it was.
  11. She can tell them she is sacrificing for their sake-since they are still under 18, won't they become Pinnacle when she does?
  12. It has happened to me a few times. It resolves itself within a few minutes, usually. Once it took a little longer to fix, but when I got in, I discovered that my minimal Royal Up bid had been accepted.
  13. Thank you for the pictures! I was excited before, but seeing those pictures has increased my enthusiasm. It was less than $200 to add a second person to the room (pricing is so weird), so if my daughter decides she will get too sea sick and my husband decides no, I really will not lose much money on a solo sailing. These days, I am not worried about guaranteed sunshine for this time next year-I will be happy with a guaranteed sailing.
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