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  1. In reviewing the current 2021 options, the only cruises that visit St. Petersburg are 12 days or longer. My husband is self-employed and cannot be away that long. There are several 2020 itineraries with an overnight stop in St. Petersburg that are 7 nights. This is a bucket list for me. Is RC still rolling out 2021 itineraries, or is this a good excuse to press my husband to go ahead and book it for 2020? Thanks.
  2. Thank you so much for the effort you have put into this post to explain how the locks work. I am fascinated by the ingenuity that went into the design of the Panama Canal. I now want to re-read David McCullough's book.
  3. I use MEI travel and have never any information about a block of rooms. Does MEI not do this? How can you find out if there are less expensive ways to book a cruise that MEI does not discount?
  4. For the larger ships, one of the advantages of the Key is reserved seating. That gives you flexibility to change your plans.
  5. I don't know. It certainly would not hurt to go by Wonderland and ask. We did mention that we were suite guests when we asked, but you can always ask.
  6. I absolutely love sightseeing by train. My favorite excursion of all remains the train in Skagway! Train travel is great-I wish it were more convenient in the US.
  7. I agree with all of you! I like, but do not love, chocolate. However, I absolutely adore caramel, so the fact that hot caramel sauce is poured over The World made me want to try it-the experience of watching the chocolate coating melt is also really awesome. I have to say that it was good, not great, and I would not make an effort to have it again, but I am really glad I got to try it!
  8. Will you be in the casino on Oasis? Will you still be there for the March 1 sailing? If so, I will stop by and say hello.
  9. I haven't been to Nassau on a cruise, but my husband's friend from college lives there. When my husband visited, they always went to the Poop Deck. I haven't been in years, but the last time we visited, we also ate there-fun atmosphere, but I don't really remember whether the food was good or not-sorry. The cocktails were! And I do remember that the food was local.
  10. I recently sailed Sky Class on Harmony. We did not use room service, but if you have other questions, I will be happy to try to answer them. Overall, it was a fabulous experience.
  11. I promised months ago to report back on this. I sailed Sky Class in August on Harmony. We loved Coastal Kitchen and ate most meals there. Based on reviews on this site, I really wanted to try The World but did not want to pay for specialty dining when I had access to CK. We had the DBP and went to Wonderland one evening for a drink. We asked the bar tender about ordering dessert only. He called the manager over and she said to drop by after 8:30 one evening and she could probably serve us for $10 pp. That was worth it to us, but we loved the desserts at CK and were always so full, we did not try this. The last night of the cruise, there was nothing appealing on the CK dessert menu, so we asked Ace, the CK manager about going to Wonderland. He left to contact the manager of Wonderland. In the meantime, someone at another table had the World delivered to their table. We ended up going to Wonderland for dessert, but saw the assistant manager for CK there picking up more orders of the World for other CK diners. We were not charged anything for the dessert and really enjoyed the atmosphere of Wonderland. Ace gave us the option of having it delivered to CK or going to Wonderland but highly recommended that we go down. I am glad we did! Not sure if this was a "one off" thing or not, but we were able to successfully try the World as Sky Class customers without an upcharge or the dining package.
  12. My husband really enjoys snorkeling. We are going to St. Maarten, San Juan and Labadee in March, and I am looking for a good snorkeling excursion. I did not see anything interesting in San Juan or St. Maartens, but I found 2 on Labadee. Does anyone have recommendations? Has anyone done either of the excursions below? If so, which do you recommend? Labadee Speedboat And Snorkel A unique, intimate adventure is in store on this excursion to one of Haiti's best reefs. You'll ride on a 30-foot, 450-horsepower rigid inflatable boat. It travels at speeds up to 50 miles per hour for maximum thrills. While en route, you'll see local villages and the Bay of Acul where Christopher Columbus first visited. Next, receive your snorkeling equipment and instruction before discovering the colorful marine life in and around the reef. This tour featuring National Geographic Snorkeler gear makes a great snorkeling experience even better. ZL29 Labadee Snorkel Safari Discover Haiti's stunning coastline and discover the wonders that await you under the sea. Your adventure begins on a double deck catamaran fully equipped and ready to take you for a scenic ride to the snorkel reefs. This tour takes your average snorkeling adventure and elevates it to an experience you’ll never forget. After a quick briefing, follow your local guide as you embark on an unforgettable guided tour above the beautiful reef that tropical fish call home. Prefer to keep things above-board? You can spend the day sunbathing on the boat as you take in the beauty of Haiti’s North coast. QLB2 The prices are similar; the first one is 2 hours and the second one is 1 hour. Many thanks!
  13. Always fun to see. Several more months for me but I send wishes for safe travels to all traveling this months and happy sailings to those cruising.
  14. Plus one. Would love to have a Royal ship cruise from Charleston. Easy drive from Charlotte.
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