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  1. I tried search and found nothing. I apologize if this has been asked and answered. I saw a sky class jr suite on oasis for a fall 2025 sailing. Is this a one off or are there other ships and dates offering sky class for jr suites? I love sky class and a jr suite is plenty of room. Thanks
  2. I longed to try a Central Park balcony-until I did. I had thought it would be a beautiful peaceful place with fun people watching. Boy was I wrong-it was really loud! The music from the pool deck was non-stop all day! At night, there was music in the park. I had always heard that the Boardwalk balcony cabins were loud, but I can't imagine that they are any louder than the Central Park ones.
  3. I wonder if the increased price has anything to do with the new MDR menu, with no classic options available. I have seen mostly negative reviews of the menus, though I have not yet experienced them myself. I can look at the menus and know that there are nights where there is little to nothing that I want to eat. I used to rely on the classics to fill that gap-oh well. I only have one Royal cruise booked now. I may also start exploring other lines.
  4. I wonder if the fact that the pricing for refundable deposits is so high compared to non-refundable rates. In the past, I usually booked refundable, but now, the price difference doesn't make sense to do that. If people have non-refundable deposits, they are much less likely to cancel.
  5. We did the train from the port to Rome. It was somewhat complicated. We were glad that we had our son who has a lot of experience with trains in Europe to help us navigate. The station is very close to the port-we walked. I don't remember the time of the train, but we did have to wait at least 45 minutes. We bought our tickets at the station. The train was packed. We had a lot of trouble finding seats and luggage storage was non-existent. We used a car service to get from Rome to the port to begin the cruise and it was (obviously) much easier. With 6 people, I'm not sure how much we saved using the train. It was convenient to store our luggage at the station in Rome when we arrived.
  6. If the price is right, the Key is helpful. I always get internet, so I factor that in. I like the priority boarding with the lunch. It makes the first day much more relaxing. I also like the departure breakfast and the escort off of the ship at the end. Again, it makes the day easier. I also like the reserved seating for shows. When I am on a Quantum or Oasis, my preference (when it is affordable) is Sky Class. (I am sure I would also like Star Class, but that has never been an affordable option.) I find that the Key gives me many of the benefits of Sky Class (except CK) when I travel on other ships.
  7. As a novice cruiser, my family flew into London and arrived about 7 am the day of our cruise from Southampton. We did use Air to Sea, so had some protection. Due to different vacation schedules, this was the ONLY thing that would work to allow everyone in our family to go. We had a connecting flight from JFK out of Charlotte. This was thunderstorm season in the south, so it was risky. Our flight from Charlotte was delayed but we did make the flight to London. We reserved a driver to take us to the port (it was the least expensive way to get 6 people from the airport to the port in a timely manner. We actually arrived and got checked in for the cruise prior to boarding. I would not recommend this, though, nor would I do it again. Last spring, we were sailing out of Civitavecchia and wanted to spend some time in Venice. We were booked from Charlotte to Madrid to Venice. Our flight to Madrid was delayed several hours and we missed our flight to Venice. We were supposed to arrive in Venice at 10 am, but ended up getting there at 7 pm. We missed a lot of time in Venice, but it was not a disaster since the cruise did not leave for several days. We were meeting the rest of our party late in the afternoon the next day in Rome, so we had about half a day in Venice-not nearly enough.
  8. I will give contrary advice. We did this trip last spring. We choose to sail from Rome because it is so far from the port that you will not get to see much, if anything, on an excursion. We went to Venice for a day, then took the train to Rome (beautiful scenery). We had a day in Rome with a private tour guide (there were 6 of us so it made sense) and saw both the Vatican and the Coliseum. We had time the next morning to see the Pantheon and do some shopping before meeting our driver to get to the port. Sagrada Familia was our priority in Barcelona and we had plenty of time to see it and explore some of the city.
  9. I was on Voyager last week, and we had a lot of issues. We bought the refreshment package to supplement our 4 free drinks a day, which we used only for alcohol drinks. We had charges on our account almost every day. My husband's latte, covered by the refreshment package, was charged as a diamond drink. Same with my fresh squeezed orange juice and other non-alcoholic drinks we had through the day. I had to go to guest services almost every day to get charges removed-it was not an issue to have them removed-it was just inconvenient for both us and guest services. And, yes, I know I could have gone to the diamond concierge, but the hours were not convenient, and luckily, guest services was usually not busy.
  10. If they can do it on the ship, it is an inconvenience, but I can't imagine having to disembark everyone in Bar Harbor for customs-it's a tender port. That would be a nightmare!
  11. We have decided that we would like to do the 3 night dining package on an upcoming trip. The only reservations available are for 9 pm on night 1 or 8:30 or 9 pm on night 2. When I look at the availability on the UDP, there are lots of times open on night 1-what are the odds of getting the reservation for night 1 or 2 moved to an earlier time once we board? We are traveling with a group, none of whom what to do specialty dining, so we don't want to do the UDP. Our boarding time is 10:30 am if that makes a difference. Thanks so much for all of the help and guidance this board continues to provide.
  12. I sometimes use it for a quiet space on sea days, when I don't want to be out in the sun. I also use the diamond concierge instead of guest services.
  13. I am a diamond and have never gotten a pin for any level-nor has it mattered to me to find out why. I can't imagine a situation where I would want to wear it.
  14. I am diamond status and have the drink package. I am traveling with friends, who will be in a separate cabin, who will not have the drink package. Can I share my diamond drinks with them? Obviously, I know that I cannot share the DBP drinks.
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