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  1. I was sent a Royal Up opportunity as was a friend I am traveling with. The friend has gotten an upgrade, mine still show submitted. I bid the minimum so not very hopeful.
  2. I am a diamond and have never gotten a pin for any level-nor has it mattered to me to find out why. I can't imagine a situation where I would want to wear it.
  3. All checked in and ready to go-once I figure out ArriveCan and get my negative test.
  4. I am diamond status and have the drink package. I am traveling with friends, who will be in a separate cabin, who will not have the drink package. Can I share my diamond drinks with them? Obviously, I know that I cannot share the DBP drinks.
  5. I am trying it for the first time in October. I usually travel in suites, but we are in a regular balcony on this trip. I decided that the Key would replace some of my favorite suite perks-priority boarding with a sit down lunch, reserved seating for shows and easier disembarkation. I will see how it goes.
  6. I am on the same cruise. I would like to go to Baddeck and the Bell Museum for the stop in Sydney, but the excursion is fully booked and I can't find a private tour. Does anyone have any idea about how easy a taxi or ride share would be? Is there anything interesting near the port? Thanks.
  7. My family and I just did a Mediterranean cruise on MSC in the Yacht Club. We had a wonderful time. Drinks are included in the YC and the YC restaurant is very good. They also have a nice grill area on the YC pool deck that serves breakfast and lunch. The interior YC cabins are a very good value, especially on a port intensive cruise. The entertainment is not as good as RC, but we were so tired in the evenings that it really didn't matter.
  8. Once when I was in CK, I asked about the world. The maitre d arranged for us to have desert in Wonderland. Other people in CK had it in CK. This was on harmony pre Covid. On ovation post Covid the maitre d brought 2 worlds for our group of 4 to CK.
  9. The desert-the World-is really good in Wonderland. You should at least pop in for that!
  10. Yes, our joke when the weather reports call for snow is that the grocery stores must be overstocked on bread and milk.
  11. I can relate to this too. Most of NC shuts down with a quarter inch of snow. Several reasons: 1. We get very little snow and none of us know how to drive safely in it 2. We get so little snow that it makes more economic sense to shut down on the rare occasions than to invest in snow plows 3. Most of our “snow” is really ice.
  12. When I was a child (and rode my dinosaur to school-ask my kids), we had no AC in NC schools. We also did not start school until the tobacco had all been cropped because the farmers relied on the high schoolers to help. This meant that we were usually in school through a good bit of June. When temps reached a certain level, they let us out of school early. I don’t remember the temps but I remember it being very hot. Plus high humidity is a given in NC. At a certain point it equalizes but 90 degrees with 98% relative humidity and no rain is really miserable. Our first RC cruise was out of South Hampton in September 2017, a very hot time in London. We spent several days post cruise in an unairconditioned boutique hotel hotel. It was hot but bearable. I cannot imagine what it’s like this week.
  13. Bar Harbor excursions are back in the cruise planner, so hopefully we will go to that port.
  14. This is interesting. I would like to be able to get only a serving of sushi for lunch-the entire meal is much too filling for lunch. I will be Voyager in October and would like to avoid the Windjammer for boarding day lunch. Chops is the only option in the CP, and it is more money than I want to pay and more food than I want to eat. I would happily go to Playmakers or Johnny Rockets but that ship has neither. The app lists Izumi as open for lunch on boarding day, so I will hope that is an option.
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