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  1. I am excited to read this as well. I’m on harmony in around 22 days ( not that I’m counting).
  2. I am so excited for you!!! I can't wait to go on the trip vicariously through you! By the way, where was your son in Germany? Mine just returned in May from a year abroad there. He did an internship in Braunschweig last summer and then spent the school year in Bremen. We were lucky enough to visit him twice: first we took the entire family on a cruise (the first one on Royal and third one overall) and loved it. We sailed out of Southhampton and went to Hamburg, Oslo and Bruges. We went back and did a land trip in March. After that, I told my husband that we will do something warm next March, and gave him a choice: an all-inclusive or a cruise. The all-inclusive would have been his choice but for our great experience on RC. Have a great trip!!!
  3. I will be happy to listen to your complaints (with drink in hand). Cheers!
  4. Right there with you. Hard to complain toooo much because did get the $18 deal for one
  5. Just booked Smart-two for trip from port to airport. Thank you for the tip. We are renting a car for the day before we leave but shuttle seems easiest for return trip.
  6. I ve been to Nassau in March and may and castaway cay in March. I found the water to be uncomfortably cold all three times. Of course, I am cold natured and a whimp. I don’t even like the ocean in NC until July.
  7. Twangster knows MUCH more than me but we did have lobster on a cruise out of Southhampton. I’ve been on 3 cruises and only one RC cruise (although we liked it enough that we have two more booked). We sailed Navigator in September 2018 on a 7 night cruise. We had lobster on the first formal night. I remember specifically because I had to change our 2d BOGO reservation to take advantage of it.
  8. We found the Cafe Promenade to be an easy alternative to the Windjammer our first day on board. We grabbed a sandwich and then a table by the pub and got a drink.
  9. I am gold and still have not gotten it. I wonder if they are sending by ship or by sail date? It is in my cruise planner and i have a screen shot saved, just in case.
  10. I haven't gotten an email yet, but it is still showing in my cruise planner.
  11. Except for the $18 pricing two days ago (which I did buy-we'll see how it goes), the price for the DBP for my March 2020 sailing has remained at $57 since I booked it several months ago. Sometimes the $57 has just been the price. Once the $57 was a 20% off sale and now the same $57 is showing as Buy One, Get One 50% off. The price has not changed-just whether or not it was a "sale" and the percentage of the "sale". The excursion that I was looking at actually increased by $5 with the July 4th sale. It makes no sense to me. I just check frequently and buy when I see what appears to be a fair price.
  12. Are the customer service representatives local or outsourced?
  13. I have not gotten a confirmation email, but it is still showing in my purchases as a "special price". It has cleared my credit card also.
  14. We got a choice between flat (can't remember brand) or sparkling (Perrier) every time we asked for water. We had the DBP, but I would think the Refreshment Package would be the same.
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