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  1. Thanks to all. With all of the comments about wifes, I feel obliged to say that I am the wife whose husband would rather go on golf trips than cruises. I have 3 cruises planned in the next 18 months-he gots first dibs on all of them and declined. Luckily, he is doesn’t mind me going with my friends, just as I am happy for him to golf with others. In fact, I bought him a mug years ago with the quote, “If you can’t golf with the one you love, golf with the one you’re with”. After 35 years and 3 children, we’re happy to be together and accommodate individual interests.
  2. Thanks. And, yes, I will certainly get there on my own if that is possible. I just want a back up plan.
  3. I am hopeful that I will be sailing to Bermuda on Enchantment this fall. We will be there for 2 half days. I want to book shore excursions in case they are the only way we will be able to leave the ship. I will be with a group of 4. 2 of us would like to do a beach day and a snorkel excursion. For the snorkeling, the Bermuda Triangle Shipwreck Snorkel sounds intriguing. Has anyone done this? How was it? Have you done another snorkel excursion in Bermuda that you really liked? For the beach day, I am looking the Horseshoe Bay Beach Transfer. This one looks very basic. Are there c
  4. I understand your thought process, which is why this is so disturbing to me. Many people will think like this which may make the next pandemic even more lethal.
  5. The New York Times had an article today about the outdoor mask mandate. I have linked it below. The gist of it is that the less than 10% outdoors transmission rate quoted by the CDC is true but very misleading. The actual outdoors transmission is below 1 %. They use the following analogy: Saying that less than 10 percent of Covid transmission occurs outdoors is akin to saying that sharks attack fewer than 20,000 swimmers a year. (The actual worldwide number is around 150.) It’s both true and deceiving. Here is the full article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/11/briefing/out
  6. I feel your pain. Just keep in mind that the pandemic has truly hobbled the supply chain. We bought a new house in late February and had it inspected in early March. The inspection showed that one of three burners were inoperable. We had them order the parts immediately. It remains on factory backorder. It would not be so awful if it were not the only burner that includes the simmer option (it is a gas range-so that really matters.) Hang in there.
  7. Thanks for letting us know. I am sure you have lots of other things to worry about, but I am glad to know that things are progressing well.
  8. Just wanted to let you know that I hope all goes well tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you. More importantly, please remember that beauty comes from the inside out-not the other way around. This, whatever the outward appearance of your foot, it cannot impact the the true beauty of your essence.
  9. I found lots of places along the beach in St Martens that had 2 chairs, an umbrella AND a bucket of 6 beers for $20. Awesome beach
  10. Very stressful! Selling our house was easy! Purchasing has been another story. The housing market is crazy.
  11. I have been really busy the last week or so with my job and finally finding a new house. We sold in December and have been renting. We have finally found the perfect house for us! Yay! I am sure ya'll aren't interested in that, but I obviously missed something. What was the Star Class announcement on Tuesday? Thanks.
  12. The bar tender was always available in the suite lounge on Harmony in August of 2019. In fact, as soon as I walked in for breakfast each morning, a mimosa was ready within seconds of my arrival (whether I wanted or not-although of course, I always wanted it!) All in all, I did not find the suite service on Oasis to be nearly as great as it was on Harmony.
  13. Sorry, I mistyped. I was on Oasis in March of 2020! Second to last cruise before they stopped. And yes, I do think cruises will be operational by March 2022.
  14. I was Sky class on Oasis in March 2020, and I will echo Waaaytooo's comments above. When the bar tender was there, he was great, but he was often absent.
  15. I use Sharla at MEI. She is incredibly responsive. I have never waited more than 12 hours for a response to an email, even on the weekend. She checks frequently for price drops and reprices even if the savings is only a few dollars. She is knowledgeable about both ports of call and embarkation ports. I have used AAA in the past and am far happier with MEI. I am not sure how the payment process works, but my credit card statement shows direct payment to Royal, even though I give the number to Sharla. Best of luck!
  16. I agree with everything said on this topic. I will give a personal endorsement for Sharla. She has been awesome and patient in helping navigate these tricky times.
  17. I am trying to figure out a 2022 Alaska trip, since it appears that our 2021 one is off. The last time I went to Alaska, Skagway was my favorite port because I loved the train trip up into the mountains. It was so beautiful! Plus, I love trains. Several of the 2022 itineraries list Haines, but not Skagway as a port of call. My 2021 cruise planner had both Skagway and Haines and listed the same shore excursions for both. Hence, my question: is the train in Skagway an option for a shore excursion from Haines. As always, thanks.
  18. Even if they can get a waiver for the PVSA, several itineraries sail out of Vancouver, so that would not make a difference there.
  19. I'm glad you're back. I have missed hearing from you and your lovely family.
  20. It looks like the decision on cancelling Quantum in Alaska for 2021 was based on the fact that the ship is in Singapore and is able to sail there. I am booked on Serenade for August 2021-does anyone know where Serenade is now and whether that may impact the likelihood of sailing? I realize this is all speculation.
  21. I have stayed in both a CL and a GS on Oasis class ships. I will go against the majority here and say that I really prefer the GS, unless you want two bathrooms. The CL is awesome, and very convenient to the suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen, but feels removed from the rest of the ship. I like feeling more a part of the ship's atmosphere. I do like Sky Class perks, though. Coastal Kitchen and access to the concierge are wonderful. I also like having the lounge as a place to get away from the crowds sometimes. The sun deck is also nice when the pool deck is really crowded. Not having to
  22. My family group of 6 flew in at different times. We met in the baggage claim area of the terminal that the majority of us flew into. We used a private shuttle because it was significantly less expensive for our group than using Royal's shuttle. You may want to explore this option. For us, meeting in baggage claim of one terminal worked well, but I would imagine that if you used a private shuttle, you could ask them to pick up from 2 different terminals. You will probably save money as well.
  23. I used AAA to book 2 cruises. I was pleased with my first experience and much less so with the second. After that, I switched to MEI (Sharla) and have had excellent advice and service. I highly recommend her.
  24. I have looked at the information on RC's web site, but I am still confused. On ships that have a diamond lounge, may diamond members use it? Is there a concierge available in the diamond lounge for diamond members, or is that only for diamond plus? On ships without Sea Class, a junior suite is my preference, but I like having access to a concierge if there are problems with my seapass account, etc. Thanks in advance.
  25. My husband and I were in Vintages one evening for a pre-dinner drink-around 5 or 5:30 to the best of my recollection-on Oasis. We were the only people there. After we'd been there for a while, a woman walked in and asked if we were there for the singles get together. Obviously, that one was not well attended at all.
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