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  1. We leave on Friday. I am in a junior suite. Is there a separate boarding area for suites in Galveston? If so, are those traveling in a junior suite eligible to use it? thanks
  2. On ovation, Sky class got NO priority at boarding. In line with everyone else. Only “perk” was ability to flex arrival time by an hour
  3. We are trying to decide between Mr. Sanchos and Nachi Cocom-what are the pros and cons of each? What are transportation options? We are a mother/daughter group-all adults. Some of the group are dedicated beach bums while others might like a spa option.
  4. All suites above junior suites were listed on the web site as "sold out" as early as June of this year. We found out then that our son would be in Germany for the year and I started trying to book a suite on Allure for a 7 night Mediterranean cruise for 2022 to coincide with a visit to him and there were no GS or above to be found. Perhaps they limited the inventory early in anticipation of this change. Hopefully, this is the case, and it will work out well for those of you who were lucky enough to book early.
  5. I agree with the scoring system being a little off kilter. However, on my recent cruise, I was happy to rate most every employee I came into contact with a 10. They were, almost without exception, outstanding! The one exception, and this was a biggy, was the suite concierge. I have traveled in Sky Class before and have routinely had excellent service from the suite concierges I have encountered. The suite lounge on Ovation was usually empty, or almost empty; even so, we did not have confidence that the concierge understood or acted upon our simple requests-such as the luggage valet forms. She had no idea what to do with them. By day 4, we either just figured things out on our own or went to guest services if necessary. I did not rate her very highly. We would have complained while on board, but did not know who to complain to. The CK staff was aware of the issue because after day 3, they realized that we thought we had dinner reservations each night (we had an email confirming this pre-cruise from the concierge) while they had no record of the reservations.
  6. I'm really enjoying this. It sounds like ya'll are having fun. I will be on Allure in January in Sky Class. I will have the drink package, so the lack of free drinks doesn't bother me that much, but I would like to be able to get a drink in the suite lounge outside "happy hour". Do you know if they will serving drinks that you pay for?
  7. I agree and was disappointed that was not available on ovation last week
  8. Suite perks are very limited right now. I just got off ovation in a 2 bedroom gs. There was no reserved seating for shows. We had to make show reservations for all shows. No priority boarding or disembarking (at end of cruise). Those are generally the things that make a suite worth it to me. In addition to the lack of perks, there was only one concierge and she was essentially worthless. We were not a demanding group. Pre-boarding, I requested beds to be split into twins in both rooms and CK reservations for 6:30 each night. She replied that dinner reservations were made(turned out they weren’t-fortunately, the CK maitre d realized that we planned to eat all meals there and was able to accommodate us, even if the times available were not our preference). I was disappointed and felt bad that the CK staff had to adjust due to the failures of the concierge. She also told us that the second bedroom only had bunk beds, not a bed that could be split. She was wring but that caused a few minutes of concern. Generally, I love suite class, but I did feel we got few benefits this trip.
  9. Best quote I saw today: Facebook group for this cruise, someone posted that they had not been this nervous since their first pregnancy test. Hubby didn’t get that, but every women knows that pregnancy tests are fraught with stress, regardless of whether you desire a positive or negative result
  10. I understand your stress. I was so worried about my test. The nurse said she would call me with the results within a half hour. It took her over an hour. I was sure she was stalling because she she did not want to tell me the bad news. Happily I was wrong. Me test was negative-she just got busy! Flight leaves tomorrow morning. Bags are by the door.
  11. I like to have my kindle with me at all times. I love to read. Thus I like a small pouch, somewhat like a clutch purse, that will hold my kindle, my phone since the app is so critical now and, oh yeah, my sea pass card
  12. Glacier Bay is awesome. I was on Princess in 2011. The inside passage was also great. Skagway was my favorite port. Ketchikan was not so great. I am heading out Friday-assuming a negative covid test tomorrow on ovation. Chose this for ship, Skagway and inside passage. gping with friends because my husband does not want to go again. He got “tired of all the pretty scenery”
  13. I am traveling soon with a group of friends. We booked the 2 bedroom grand suite to have enough real beds for all of us. I emailed the concierge to request that the beds in both rooms be converted to twin beds. The reply was that the second bedroom in our suite (9234) has bunk beds and only one of the beds can be split. The description clearly states that there are two queen size beds that can be divided into twin beds. It sounds like the concierge may be mistaken. If anyone has been in one of these suites on Ovation and can let me know if both rooms can be made up into twin beds, I would appreciate it.
  14. Any idea of number of passengers? Does ship feel crowded?
  15. On another tangent-I was in Sky class on harmony and really wanted to try “the world” from wonderland. We did not have the dining package. The maitre’d in CK, Ace, arranged for us to have desert in the wonderland, which was awesome. I also noticed waiters serving “the world” to several tables in CK, but it was neat to have it in the restaurant. We were not charged and did not have any dining plan-we love CK
  16. Keep in mind that vaccinated people can still test positive and be asypmtomatic. It is possible but rare for vaccinated people to have mild symptoms and even rarer for them to be seriously ill. The goal of the vaccines is to prevent serious illness, not positive tests.
  17. I agree that we probably follow updates more closely than many cruisers but the health attestation form and the cruise contract for the 8/27 sailing, both of which you must sign to check in, clearly state that you must be fully vaccinated. I feel certain that those sailing on 8/13 had to sign similar documents.
  18. I know. I can’t decide if they literally did not read ANY information about their cruise-despite planning it for 2 years- or if they trusted what sounds like an incompetent travel agent. I am on the same ship in 2 weeks and everything I have signed clearly states vaccines are required for everyone over the age of 12
  19. Ovation of the Seas set sail on 8/13 and left a group of unvaccinated passengers on the dock http://a.msn.com/03/en-us/AANiZTo?ocid=sms
  20. I agree with you about the buffet. I might like it better now that the crew serves, but I always felt uncomfortable with the serve yourself method. I still prefer a sit down meal, though.
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