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  1. As I understand it, the daily gratuity charge covers the housekeeping and dining staffs. 1) Does this apply to the staffs at all restaurants on the ship or only the dining room/buffet? 2) Who is not covered by this and should be tipped? 3) Is it really the case that if you pay the prepay gratuity that housekeeping, and dining do not expect to be tipped otherwise? I want to do the right thing, but if I am prepaying gratuity's I expect to get my money's worth for it.
  2. Our cruise is seven weeks out. I tried to book dinner for my time dining via the RC app, and it suggests the only time available, every day, is at 9:15. I find it preposterous to imagine that all of the earlier dining times are already reserved so far ahead of the cruise. I called the customer support and they saw the same information. Something has to be amiss with the reservation process.
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