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  1. I agree completely @JeffB, though I think I have less tolerance for the pseudo-laws written by the CDC than expressed above. I'm particularly worried about what may happen with boosters, etc, and that we may get into an unbreakable cycle with regular shots essentially required to get on a cruise. I worry about society's tolerance for risk in general, and what that means for my children. I was probably among the last to have free reign over my small town equipped with little more than my bike beginning in middle school, and that makes me sad. But anyway, all of that borderline-provincial reminiscing aside, if what @HtownHolly is going through is true (and she didn't just get an uninformed agent), this concerns me because it's yet another clumsy policy change that clearly wasn't communicated adequately to the people effected. Hopefully it gets clarified soon.
  2. Wow, ok, so big changes to policy there: your sailing is below the threshold number of days, and vaccinated guests still need to arrive with a test. Also, the tests you procure for your unvaccinated child is essentially rendered meaningless (and unnecessarily costly) if they're doing a PCR test on site before allowing you to board. Also, that better be one of the 15 minute isothermal ones, or families will be waiting for at least an hour or two in the terminal for a result. Just, ugh. And to think I just made the final payment and checked in for our Nov cruise.
  3. For vaccines, the difference between Florida and NY state is only 6-7% in terms of initiating vaccination. That's why it's particularly troubling for me to read stories or opinions of people from largely blue states pointing smugly at FL and saying essentially that'll never happen here, because... reasons. It's also troubling to see the vax pass developments in NYC. To be clear, I think that's a world apart from cruises as you already have to prove medical fitness and establish that you are who you say you are to travel internationally, but I understand the worry that a level of surveillance like this is creeping into our everyday lives in ways that will be difficult to reverse. I personally am glad this wave came when it did. It will be hard to justify lockdowns anywhere once Florida and the rest of the South is on the other side of the wave with very few changes to human behavior. Had the wave come in the northeast first and lined up more with some of the other expectations around flu season, I think we could have perpetuated the almost delusional stimulus-response mechanism of masks-peak effect for a bit longer. And of course, all of this is biased by my optimism that the situation in FL is decelerating when that may very well not be true. All of that to say. there really isn't that much that separates the average Floridian from the average New Yorker. That's part of why all of the ire in the media sent in one direction is gross. There's also no "magic" percentage of vaccination that can predict when we can remove restrictions and get back to normal. We just have no idea what to expect, and would be better served by a big dose of humility.
  4. It seems to me this is probably a way for them to write off a portion of the cost for test cruises as part of a marketing expense. I also wonder if the "winners" are on the hook for taxes given that it's a prize. I bet it's born partly out of the fact that following the CSO to the letter isn't necessarily required anymore, and the belief that treading this closely to something that could be construed as a revenue sailing will still be viewed by the CDC as voluntary compliance in spirit.
  5. Southern and Eastern Caribbean for the vaccinated, the Bahamas and western Caribbean for the unvaccinated. Only kind of a joke. Wonder what the market forces will be for this kind of thing over the short term. If it becomes too widespread, unvaccinated cruisers may eventually be stuck with 3-night and 4-night CocoCay/Nassau back-to-backs.
  6. I would be careful with this. At least at my primary care in AL, the doctor's note that accompanies test results will give different instructions based on how you answer those questions. If you were exposed and you are symptomatic, for instance, you're supposed to quarantine for a set period of time regardless of test results. I'd just hate for a statement like that to accidentally get in the wrong hands just to avoid the testing fee.
  7. Wow, TIL. We actually have a lot (for us) planned for the next year, so this may make sense. Thanks you all! Edit: I can't believe I didn't know the rates were so reasonable per annum. Just finished up buying an annual policy for our family of four.
  8. We now have evidence that vaccines don't stop transmission by enough to get rid of COVID. In light of that, I do not understand how anyone can support a notional return to sailing that includes testing healthy people (vaccinated or otherwise). If you hold that passengers present a health risk to the ports they visit (which may be true), then we shouldn't be visiting those ports without rigorous PCR testing regardless of vaccination status. Otherwise testing like this offers a sense of security where there is none, and comes at a high cost.
  9. Wow, I guess my reply wasn't liked... I'm not sure why anything that is critical of the way things are unfolding is getting deleted. This is directly relevant to cruising, and a huge area of uncertainty as the rest of us continue to consider booking. I consider the idea that an unvaccinated child, who is a loosely defined close contact but otherwise healthy, at low risk, and *PCR negative*, could trigger a response like this to be absolute overkill and will prompt me to cancel our remaining cruises for 2021 if it remains business as usual. I also question how it can possibly remain business as usual, and wonder if guests will eventually be left to take the 14 day quarantine period in a foreign country on their own. Moreover, I hold we need to begin mentally preparing ourselves for the long view where we treat people as healthy unless they, well... Need medical intervention. The current protocol *are not working* if this is the end result.
  10. Putting that down on my list of life goals: travel so much that a yearly travel insurance policy makes more financial sense than a per trip one.
  11. I'm not sure how long RCL can keep this up. Not sure what will happen first: we collectively learn to live with COVID and stop testing healthy people, or they stop doing anything more than 4 night cruises.
  12. Would an insurance policy really cover a healthy person who is positive for COVID? Under no circumstances could that be construed as an emergency for the passenger... Just a matter of optics for RCL.
  13. People are literally "rescuing" wild squirrels and bringing them indoors on my nextdoor feed. We do collectively make some dumb decisions from time to time.
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