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  1. I'm not sure where you got that impression. I think every photo I've ever seen shows 3 prong outlets which is simply the standard US outlet. Yes, grounding is different at sea which is why surge protectors cannot be used (they can cause fires) but that doesn't mean you get 2 prong outlets!
  2. Unfortunately, that "20% off the on-board price" sale is just the standard pre-cruise price. But there's no harm in buying it. Just keep an eye out for better deals. I haven't followed closely but I think I've seen reports of prices in low $50s when there is a good sale.
  3. Depending on where they are, Royal is going to follow US federal law, the laws of whatever country they are visiting, or whatever laws govern drug use in international waters. If they ever allow marijuana use, I would fully expect it to be restricted to the smoking sections.
  4. First, the prepaid gratuities are not 18% of the cruise fare. They are a flat $14.5 per person per day (slightly higher in suites) and they do not cover drinks. When you buy drinks (individually or with a drink package), there will be an 18% gratuity added to those charge. You are not obligated to pay more (whether with cash or charged) but some people do and report getting better service or stronger drinks as a result. You're just going to have to trust us on this. Royal's IT department is notorious for misinformation.
  5. A lot of the drink menus you see are from Oasis class ships where the standard price is $13 and the package already covers up to $13. I'm confident if the standard price for drinks on your sailing is $13, then the package will cover them. After all, the bartenders don't have time to deal with tons of $1 checks. They'll just see you have the package and make your drink. I would not expect to receive any documentation from Royal that they are changing the terms of your package. I think it will just happen.
  6. 7PM shows will work fine for late dining seating since that is 8 or 8:30 depending on the ship. The later shows would be for the early seating.
  7. Well, there's been no fleetwide change, the "wear your best" description has been seen on some shorter cruises. But I wouldn't change a thing. I'll continue to wear something nice that is neither my best or particularly formal because I'm on vacation.
  8. Haven't used it, but I have the general sense that RC's insurance isn't nearly as extensive as what you can buy elsewhere (most likely for cheaper). Things you'll want to compare: allowed reasons for cancellation, medical coverage, medical evacuation and repatriation (the cost to get you home after a serious accident/death), reputation for actually delivering/paying on claims in a timely manner, etc.
  9. Two recent blog posts on the home page: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/11/24/oasis-of-the-seas-live-blog-day-1-embarkation-day https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/11/21/oasis-of-the-seas-live-blog-day-1-embarkation-day
  10. There are only 7 menus. Once you hit week 2, they start repeating, with subtle changes as twangster described, but they won't have 12 completely unique menus.
  11. Ironically, the post just below yours asking about the menus for Oasis has the same answer. Check the following thread for pictures of the current MDR menus. Yes they are used across the fleet and have been for some time.
  12. You would really only spend time in the nicer waiting room/area if you arrive and get checked in before boarding starts. For a normal boarding time of ~11AM, you would only be there for maybe half an hour? Personally, that sounds like the least important of the perks that come with a suite. Of course, if boarding is delayed for some reason, then I see the value, but that's the exception not the rule.
  13. They disappear at the end of the 3 hour Diamond Happy Hour. So if the Diamond Lounge is serving free drinks from 4-7, then you have 3 drinks loaded on your card to use outside of the Diamond Lounge during that same time frame.
  14. When you agree to a guarantee room, the fine print says it can be assigned up to and including the day of departure!
  15. All cruise ships sail at close to capacity these days. That might change if a serious recession occurs, but even then I'd bet they sail at well over 90% full.
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