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  1. Looks like the same blue as the Quantum class ships.
  2. With traditional dining, no, you cannot show up that early. I believe the MDR doors are closed until a certain time though I can't recall exactly when they open. They can do this because My Time Dining uses a different floor of the MDR (or even a different room depending on the ship). If you really want to eat at 7:15 you need to move your booking to My Time Dining and make reservations because that time will be popular. Switching your entire party may require getting on wait lists and seeing what happens.
  3. Rooms can be assigned anytime from the same day you book to the day of the cruise. There seems to be no pattern that we can see. (It probably has something to do with how full the ship is but we don't have access to that information so it seems random.) If knowing your room in advance is important to you, you might want to pick your own. Undesirable locations aren't always easy to define. Some people would hate a long walk to the stairs/elevators. Others would love it because there would be no one walking past their room making noise.
  4. Your brother should call Royal and ask to switch to early dining (and ask for the wait list if necessary). Either way, you will also want your reservations linked which requires a request from someone in each reservation (so you and your brother). Then, if your brother gets early dining (or the wait list is successful) they will actually put you at the same table. If you can't get it resolved before the cruise, you and your brother should visit the MDR right after you board and the head waiter will try to accommodate you. They usually have flexibility then as plenty of guests will also be asking for some changes.
  5. I don't know if Royal has offered to reimburse change fees but if they do, $210AUD certainly sounds in the range they would typically cover. Whether your travel insurance would cover it would depend on what kind of travel insurance you purchased. There's lots of different types of coverage each with their own rules for cancellations. It may come down to how the insurance carrier categorizes your reason for cancelling. Was this an "Act of God", a safety issue, a voluntary choice, etc and is that reason allowed?
  6. This is incorrect. SMS (and MMS) text messages work over WiFi Calling. A quick google search will confirm.
  7. Of course, if you have to leave the room to get the Bloody Marys, I would recommend saving the cost of room service and just brink a plate of food from the windjammer back to your room at the same time!
  8. You can hear that rumor about plenty of land restaurants too but no one really knows for sure. Waiters will always prefer cash because then no one knows how much they actually received. That lets some of them hide their earnings (whether to avoid taxes or to avoid splitting with others).
  9. First, you should realize this website has no relation to Royal Caribbean. Second, do you have anything in writing saying they would reimburse food? There's plenty of threads on here from people on the current sailing and I don't recall any of them mentioning this.
  10. As others have mentioned, it does depend on the regional rules where you booked your cruise. Most people on this site are in the US so we know those rules best (and yes, we pay the gratuities separately either before the cruise or as daily charges). In other regions, the gratuities are built into the total cost and you won't see a daily charge. What makes it especially confusing is if I book an Australian cruise using the US website, I get the US rules and I will see a lower price but have to pay gratuities. If I book that same cruise using the Australian website, I should see a higher price but no gratuities. (Assuming the other posters are correct that Australian rules are gratuity built-in.)
  11. Even if they do it over the phone, it might still technically be processed as a cancel and repurchase at the same price.
  12. But do the people reporting the numbers lie? I also don't think people outside of China have much to worry about right now. But I don't think we're getting the real numbers out of China. If the death rate is below the flu's death rate, then why are they dragging infected people out of their houses in Wuhan? There's no reason to do that with the flu, you'd just let them recover at home. Therefore, it seems logical to assume the Chinese government sees this as way worse than the flu.
  13. This topic comes up from time to time and the best answer is bring more equipment than you think you need but it still might not work. It isn't even consistent on the same ship because not all rooms have the exact same setup. (Either because they are slowly upgrading the ship or maybe the TV in that room died and they reinstalled a newer model, etc.) The biggest issue isn't even whether you can physically plug something into the HDMI port. It's whether you can actually switch inputs on the TV to use that HDMI port. The remotes Royal provides do not have an input switch button. Some people bring a universal remote and after programming it have successfully gotten the TV to switch inputs, others have found the TVs are locked to the main input from the ship.
  14. I actually like the idea of offering it both retroactively (for those that realize they have already spent a lot on alcohol) and going forward (for those that want to save a little by not drinking much the first few days). Now I'm curious to hear if they actually do that!
  15. In several years reading cruise forums about Royal, I've never seen anyone describe purchasing the DBP as retroactive.
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