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  1. Sale prices are always based on on-board prices which fluctuate and aren't published (since they will probably change often by the time the cruise actually sails). Sales aren't always advertised either. By tracking prices, you are in the very small percentage of people who pay attention. Many (possibly even most) cruisers never even log into their cruise planner. So they check it once, see what looks like a great deal and buy it. You know it's the same price that was there last week. So the standard advice is to ignore all advertising, buy when the price looks good, and then cancel and repurchase if you find a better price later.
  2. Biggest bit of advice I've read about the casino is make sure the host knows who you are. Talk to him/her about your play, and the size of your bets, and make sure they see you playing. They will be much more likely to record your play if they know you are part of the casino program. If you're just another face in the crowd, you may not get any credit.
  3. Whoops, sorry for the misinformation. I thought I did that on my honeymoon but I must have used cash since I definitely didn't pay any fees.
  4. If you are playing slots, you just put your Sea Pass card into the machine. What you lose/win will be added/subtracted from your bill at the end of the cruise. For table games, it's cheapest to buy chips with cash. Otherwise, you charge your Sea Pass at the casino cage (is that the right term?) which incurs a fee (5%?) unless you have high enough status in Crown and Anchor or the casino program. Either way, your credit card won't see a charge until the end of the cruise.
  5. All cruise planner purchases (drink or dining packages, excursions, etc) must be paid for at time of purchase. Of course, if you put it on a credit card, Royal gets paid immediately and you pay your credit card however you like. (But don't pay credit card interest on a drink package, you'll negate the savings!)
  6. All reports I've seen say that Royal will fix any discrepancy on Crown and Anchor points if you provide proof you were on the cruise. Their own records are only good back to some date (90s or early 2000s I think) due to a change in their systems. For anything older, you just have to show something. Receipts are obviously best but even photos of you on the ship have been known to work if there's something that indicates the date. I'm not sure why you think you're being conned by being asked for proof. They have to make sure you aren't conning them! As for the casino, their current program is based on your spending/points within a certain time period. I'm not too familiar with the program, but I think it goes like this: based on your casino play within a certain time frame (12 or 18 months?) you earn a certain status that is good for the next time frame. If you don't maintain that level of play, you lose your status at the end of the time frame. So if you haven't cruised Royal recently, you won't have much credit.
  7. Actually, your travel agency is whatever website you booked through. You may not have a specific agent assigned for you to call for help but you do have a travel agent. The only way to not have a travel agent is booking directly with Royal.
  8. Is there even such a thing as primary person in a household? There's a primary person on a specific reservation which would be whoever made the reservation. That person could be different if you have multiple cruises planned but I've never heard about such a distinction for the household.
  9. They do have a few 7 day Bermuda cruises each year. I think both Anthem and Grandeur do them. But they are rare.
  10. Just put your phone in airplane mode. Then you can use your normal alarm clock, take pictures, and access the RC App (depending on ship) to get your menus, daily schedule, and more.
  11. If you buy in advance, you can only purchase for the entire cruise. If you wait until you board, you can choose when to purchase the package but it will be for the rest of the cruise. It will also cost more per day while on the ship so if you want the package for 3 of 4 nights, you probably don't actually save much. (Example with deluxe package $60*3 = $180 on ship versus $48*4 = $192 in advance with 20% off). Packages are charged per night (just like the overall cruise). This makes sense when you consider that bar hours are generally going to be late morning (11AM?) to very early morning (3AM,4AM?). So if you have the package on Thursday of your cruise, it will work through debarkation.
  12. It depends on the ship, let us know and someone will know the correct answer for you.
  13. The rule about everyone in a cabin getting the package only refers to the Deluxe drink package (the one with alcohol). Too many people bought one package and got drinks for their room so they decided saying "no sharing" wasn't working. You do not have to get a soda package if your kids do.
  14. KSF = Kids Sail Free, a promo that Royal runs from time to time.
  15. To the best of my knowledge, they won't care who actually eats what at Izumi. There is no time limit on drinks but you can only get one at a time per person with a drink package. That's the official rule, but in practice, most bartenders only enforce it on alcoholic drinks so yes you should usually be able to get a mixed drink and bottle of water at the same time. If you want to order mixed drinks for you and your wife at the same time, you would need to bring both cards with you (or go together). The Royal IQ App was the first app and when it came out, it only supported the newest ships (including Anthem). They decided they could make a better app and they started by releasing it for the older ships so that every ship would have something. Eventually, they will retire Royal IQ and convert Anthem to the newer app but not before your cruise.
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