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  1. Based on the title, I expected discussion of repainting the Edge red and was all set to agree that it would be a shocking decision by Celebrity. The actual topic is far less thrilling.
  2. I think you're actually asking if the online price is the same as the on board price. Generally, the cruise planner price is cheaper than on board even when there is no official sale going on. However, it is possible to find some deals while on the ship. We were sitting in the Windjammer having lunch on embarkation day and someone was going from table to table offering specialty dining reservations for some sort of discount. Many cruisers (especially new ones) don't plan ahead so this was the first they would have heard about specialty dining. This means the restaurants are often not full
  3. Um, actually, I haven't looked at the first post in years. Thanks for the reminder that I should check it for updates!
  4. The project seems so close to done and then no updates for a couple weeks. Hoping progress continues unseen!
  5. Any chance the June 30 booking deadline gets extended on the Double Points offer?
  6. The further in the future, the less likely it is to be required. All of the onerous health protocols will disappear over time. Of course, we'll get there faster if people would get their vaccinations!
  7. Yep, the ship just does a circle with some people starting/ending in Barcelona and some starting/ending in Rome.
  8. Yes, that's how all the dining packages work - you pay less but wait to make reservations on board. As long as you make your reservations at the beginning of the cruise, you should have no trouble getting the timing and restaurant you want. If you wait, you may have availability issues.
  9. Over the last year, Royal has made FCCs easier to use including combining and transferring them. You will have to call and ask and not every customer service rep will know how to help but there's plenty of threads with people reporting success with similar situations. As for treating each traveler separately, I'd say it is similar to how you can pay for multiple people but you don't individually earn all the loyalty points. Those go to each traveler based on days of sailing and what class of room they are in regardless of who pays (potentially even someone that isn't taking the trip).
  10. Depending on where you want to go, they are valuable now if you want to travel now. But 6 months from now, or maybe a year from now they will be meaningless. Once the whole world has a chance to get vaccinated (talking about supply issues, not anti-vaxxers), there will be no further need for travel restrictions. Some people got really upset over the idea of vaccine passports but I always saw them as a temporary measure for those that REALLY want to travel in a pandemic. Among the reasons they didn't get implemented was the expense of putting together a system that would only be used a short
  11. The blog talks about berths 8, 9, and 10. But all the cruise terminals are "numbered" with letters. Is this article talking about the area labeled "CT AA/AAA - MSC" on that map?
  12. Do you really think what they send you today will still be the rules 15 months from now? For perspective, remember that 15 months ago was pre-lockdowns. If your soonest cruise is in August 2022, I wouldn't take any action today. I'll be surprised if very many Covid restrictions still exist by then.
  13. It's been around. No idea how much it costs.
  14. Since it's a new feature for this website's forum, I would wait and see if this is actually necessary. There were lots of initial posts but we don't know whether that will continue. There are other cruise forums where every single sailing has an active roll call with plenty of people involved. This forum's membership is smaller (and MUCH friendlier). We don't even have every Royal ship represented in the Roll Call forum yet!
  15. I had a sore arm for 2 days after Moderna #1. It went away after that so I figured that was it. Nope, suddenly on days 8-9 I had swollen, tender lymph nodes in my left armpit (same side as the shot). No actual noticeable lump but even my baggiest T-shirt was surprisingly tight around that shoulder. Gone just as suddenly on day 10. Shot number 2 on Wednesday!
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