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  1. Think of it like any restaurant on land. You can show up and be added to the current wait list (which could be short or long depending on the time and size of your party) or you can make a reservation so they know when to expect you.
  2. Great news Joe. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!
  3. Today the CDC said that all the extra surface sanitizing precautions (which some call "hygiene theater") are not necessary since most transmission is through the air. Yet somehow don't most of their requirements for the cruise line industry fall into that category? https://news.yahoo.com/end-the-hygiene-theater-cdc-says-173440864.html
  4. I think it was @twangster who gave a more detailed analysis in an older thread which I'll try to sum up in a couple sentences. The extra points given out by this program is less than the number of points that were NOT given out due to the year long shutdown. So the number of people advancing is really no different. It's easy to assume the number of D, D+, & P C&A members is always increasing and yes there will be more of them after the double promotion. However, there are also always people who have taken their last cruise due to age, illness, or death. So it's a balancing act and
  5. It's been long enough since my last cruise, so please remind me...do you HAVE to check-in online? If no, then this doesn't strike me as a policy change because you can still show up at the port with your birth certificate. Making electronic check-in a convenience only available to those with passports would be a way to encourage more people to use passports but isn't exactly a policy change.
  6. See screenshot below - The text comes from the tab at the top, not the text of the article. Whether it was written by the author or the webmaster of the Miami Herald is impossible to tell. But when you post a link, that's what gets used.
  7. I think an even more interesting theoretical question would be whether it is possible for someone who has NEVER cruised to receive and pass on Diamond status. Let's say my wife and I cruise and attain Diamond status. We sign our child up for C&A but never actually bring him on a cruise. But he has Diamond status right? Fast forward a few decades. My son gets married, has a kid, and signs them up for C&A. They become Diamond right? Now that kid (my grandchild) grows up and at age 30 takes their very first cruise with Diamond status. Does this matter? As Matt points out
  8. As I've said previously, I think the disappearing bottoms of the O and S looks like a mistake.
  9. JS already have access to CK for dinner as long as there is availability so you should be able to make dinner reservations for 6 but it may not be possible every night of the cruise. Someone else will have to answer regarding room service from CK.
  10. Took me awhile to understand the comments about the flash and hex thing. I guess I browse differently than most. I right click on the blue dots next to each thread I'm interested in reading and choose "open in a new tab" which opens all those threads to their first unread post. By the time I start clicking through the tabs, they are all loaded.
  11. There have been news articles about the risks of ID theft from posting images of your COVID vaccination cards. While your photo doesn't show your name, you may still want to remove it. Besides the ID threat, people have also created cards that show they've received their first vaccine with a real lot number which "proves" they are eligible for a second shot. They do this twice to receive both shots when they aren't actually eligible to receive them yet.
  12. Thankfully, it's about 5 weeks too late for a Covid-20 to be discovered, unless one of the variants the like the South African mutation gets tagged as a separate disease!
  13. I take it using the same browser to look at two different cruises causes website issues? Can you use incognito mode for one to get around that?
  14. In my experience, a ditch witch ALWAYS cuts something. I replaced a deck with a paver patio some years ago. My landscaper had to reroute my sump pump drain because it discharged under then old deck. When he buried the new drain around the patio, he cut my neighbor's cable. The following spring when he came back to do our sprinkler system, he cut the same neighbor's cable again. A few years later, my sump pump was creating a flood at the side of my house. While fishing the drain, I found found tree roots had completely blocked it. The roots got in because, you guessed it, while installin
  15. I don't know whether my answer will help or hurt your anxiety. I don't think it's unusual for shore excursions to be unavailable a year out in normal times. As Matt said, with the pandemic, it will be even harder to negotiate with vendors. Some of the local tour companies have probably already gone out of business, others may do so in the coming months, and new ones will be created once there is demand again. It is also not unusual for excursion offerings to change. Even under normal conditions, if you book something a year out, it might get canceled a few months later, and you'll hav
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