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  1. Egads! I copied the error from the original poster without even thinking about it. That's what I get for posting before my first cup of coffee!
  2. In the US, cruise lines refer to Port Canaveral as Orlando even though Orlando isn't even on the ocean (it's in the middle of Florida, ~2 hours from the coast). However, most everyone knows where Orlando is located and the theme parks in Orlando are the biggest excursions from Port Canaveral so that's how they advertise it. I imagine the same is true for Ravenna. Non-Italians know where Vienna is located and that's where they'll go on excursions from Ravenna so that's how they advertise it.
  3. There is always a sale going on. The current one will either be "extended" or a "new" one will start but there hasn't been a single day in the last few years when there wasn't a "sale".
  4. Sorry, I don't have time to watch your video, but by "going back" do you mean hitting the Back button in your browser? If so, many, many websites don't work correctly when you do that. If the website provides navigational links for moving through a process, you usually have to use those instead of the Back/Forward browser buttons or internal saved states get messed up. If that's not what happened, then their website (which is known to have plenty of issues) has a design flaw. Either way, the relevant question is what the price for 4 guests should be. I don't see Royal honoring a 50 %
  5. Can you please post a better picture of your card? I can't quite zoom in far enough to read it!
  6. The Lift and Shift and Cruise With Confidence programs have already been extended at least once (I think twice but haven't followed closely). If Royal doesn't start sailing soon, it's quite reasonable to assume they will be extended again. There are plenty of posters who have bumped their cruises into the future multiple times. It's a waiting game right now. Just remember that financially it's better for you if Royal cancels your cruise than if you do it. (Unless of course, you absolutely need some of the money back.)
  7. Well, they should not be saying you can still spread it because that hasn't been established yet. Normally, longer vaccine trials would have reported this information but the emergency approval process meant that so far the vaccines have only been shown to be safe enough and effective enough for the recipient. Until there is evidence one way or the other, we have to assume we can still spread the virus and behave accordingly. That's what should be reported right now.
  8. Actually, I think the sides and rear fences face opposite sides (perhaps because not all sides are owned by melmar02). There's one photo showing a corner where there's visible poles on one side but not the other. Either way, if the poles and this angled wood are on the inside, that would only make it harder to climb OUT which doesn't make sense since the code requirement should be aimed at keeping people from climbing IN to get to the pool! I guess I'm just confused by this.
  9. That's not what I pictured but it certainly matches your description. I guess this would deter most younger kids but being able to reach around the pole would let me just walk up that fence! Is that really the outside of your fence? Every wooden fence I've ever seen puts the poles & horizontal supports on the inside leaving the outside totally flat (and therefore harder to climb in). I just assumed it was code that the owner of the fence had to see the structure. Interesting.
  10. I'm having a hard time picturing how adding wood (at any angle) makes it harder to climb something. Maybe it's the rock climber in me, but that sounds like they are adding extra hand/foot holds!
  11. Chicago area has massive delays on any landscaping projects too. Our rear neighbors signed with a fence company and a pool company around April. They got the pool in late October, used it once, and winterized it. The fence went in the week after Thanksgiving and might have been delayed further if the weather dropped below freezing for more than one night in a row. They were told it was all supply delays from the manufacturers due to Covid. They thought they had ordered soon enough to enjoy a pool during the summer at home!
  12. I believe getting seconds without leaving the restaurant only counts as one visit so you'll have to pay. I also think they would frown upon you walking out the door, turning around, and coming back in. The terms say something along the lines of "visit as often as you like as long as the restaurant has seating available" (not a real quote). I think that gives them the leeway to deny you if you try to find the limits. But in general, yes you can do multiple visits even in the same day. They do not care who eats what so if 4 people come in and order using their credit but 1 person eats a
  13. We cruised out of Puerto Rico for our honeymoon. Yes it is part of the USA in all ways including cell service. I haven't specifically checked the USVI but I would assume the same. Yes, Royal docks across from old San Juan at the PanAm pier. We did an airport pickup & drop-off through Royal so I can't answer anything else.
  14. If I make a series of posts saying cruising will resume in each month between March 2020 and December 2022, do I get to claim I was right when one of them proves correct? No, no I don't.
  15. No one is forced into making final payment. Passengers can cancel, and it's actually in Royal's interest for you to cancel so they don't end up issuing FCCs with 125% of the value. So again, Royal is doing the right thing financially for their company and their investors. It's a game of chicken, who will cancel first. Royal has clearly decided it is better for them to wait until after final payment to cancel. Since that's been the pattern for months, I would say it's transparent, just not what you want to happen.
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