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  1. I think the poster wants to know if they can go to the Trellis bar and get a drink from a specialty restaurant's menu. They obviously have the ingredients and know the mixes if that is where the drinks are made. But are they available or do you actually have to order from within the specialty restaurant?
  2. Wow, this could lead to some serious inflation of the number of Diamond and up cruisers. I'd be concerned about perks getting scaled back a year later!
  3. Points are only based on nights sailed, not who pays or what they paid.
  4. Alternate perspective: Ending contracts probably makes it easier to move people from ship to ship. If someone is contracted to work on Adventure of the Seas, but that ship won't be sailing (for example), then why keep that contract in place? They can rehire the best workers from across the fleet for the few ships that will start sailing first. As new ships are added, these workers are then already trained on the new protocols and can be spread back out across the fleet.
  5. Interesting. I've seen those type of signatures at another major cruise forum, but I didn't think people used them here. So I looked in my Account Settings and found it's an option to view them. I don't recall ever turning them off, but maybe I did!
  6. I bet the new deck plans are supposed to show a different key for the symbols. Notice how 1570 and 1270 go from no symbol to triangle and all the triangles become stars. I bet * on the new plans = triangle on the old plans but someone didn't update the definitions.
  7. Yes, he gets the extra points (3 per night if solo in a JS) but technically, no, you don't also get those those points assigned to you. You keep the actual points you've earned individually, but as a couple, you get all the benefits of whoever has the most points. (Of course, this only makes a difference when your points would normally put you at different C&A levels). The reason I point this out is because once one of you has more points, that person has to always be the person to earn the extra points or you negate the benefit. Check out the math: Neesa & husband start at Go
  8. All the articles I can find basically quote each other that the CDC wanted to extend "to Feb 2021". But does that mean the no sail order would have ended Jan 31 or would it have extended all the way through Feb? I don't think I'd be looking at anything before March 2021 just to avoid the frustration of another move.
  9. Is it truly automatic though? Probably better to call and make sure your C&A accounts are linked.
  10. The flu vaccine is probably the worst example to use for comparison. There are many strains of the flu and each year the vaccine in the USA is made up of the 4 strains the scientists believe are most likely to circulate in the USA. (Other countries choose a different set of strains based on their research for their areas.) Sometimes the research is wrong so the vaccine is ineffective because a different strain spreads the most. Sometimes the research is right, but you happen to get sick from a different strain. You might ask why they don't just put every strain into the vaccine every year
  11. The boarding benefit is only relevant if you are fully checked in before boarding has started and there isn't much difference between being first or last in that group. Once boarding has started, you just walk onto the ship after checking in. The whole process may be different once things restart if you end up needing to follow reserved check in times. So buy the Key because you want and will use the other benefits.
  12. It's not clear from the article, but my impression is not that the infant got sick the day of boarding/departure. It says they visited the infirmary "5 times that day" and says they got off at St Martin. It's not even clear that the 5 visits and getting off were the same day, they could have gotten off the following morning. If the ship departed Florida, could it even visit St Martin on the next day? I would think there would be a sea day or stop in the Bahamas first. Either way, the child almost certainly picked up the disease before arriving. If it was departure day, I would think
  13. That's some excellent PR deflection. Only one piece of info has to be wrong to claim it "featured outdated info". Everything else could still be accurate!
  14. They sold the Key and drink/dining packages for all the cruises from March through now right up until they canceled them. They certainly knew the ones over the summer weren't going to happen because they were in the process of sending the crews home while selling those add-ons. I'd love to book a cruise (or any other vacation) but I'm not locking up my money with any travel related company until after they've restarted their businesses. I realize prices may rise by then but I'm willing to pay more later to have extra "just in case" money around now.
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