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  1. While there is a day 9 on an 8 night cruise, there are only eight 24-hour periods (and even if you are the first to board and last off the ship you can't quite reach that maximum). Day 1 and Day 9 combined make a whole "day" so it is simpler to charge by the night. Don't worry, your package will work until you are off the ship. Although finding alcohol will be a bit of a challenge in the mornings since most (all?) bars are closed. About the only exception is mimosas and the like with breakfast. Of course, the non-alcoholic options are available during those hours.
  2. I think all muster stations are outdoors on Enchantment (near the lifeboat you would use in an emergency). I've heard on these forums that you're supposed to report to your station to get your name checked in, and then those that cannot stand at the muster station will be directed elsewhere where there is seating to hear the presentation.
  3. How is what I said rude? Paying cash means your money is gone immediately. Depending on when your credit card cycles compared to the last day of your vacation, the credit card charges won't be due until 1-2 months after the trip. As long as you pay it off in full, you get the advantages of floating your bill and earning rewards. Credit is far superior to cash as long as you aren't paying interest. A low limit on the card would be an exception because you would need to avoid hitting that limit (and in fact might need to avoid hitting the half way point due to the daily holds followed by the actual charge temporarily hitting the limit). This is why I said I don't understand why the original poster would want to add cash to a charge account.
  4. I don't see why you couldn't do this but I'm not sure I understand why you would want to unless you have a very low limit on your card.
  5. I can't even think of a website that doesn't work this way!
  6. The only thing you absolutely need is your passport. You really should have the set sail pass to get in the door but I've heard you can usually get them to print you one when you arrive. The porters will fill out blank luggage tags with your name/cabin number if you need them. The eDocs are pretty useless (at most I'd download a copy to my phone).
  7. 1) JS guests don't have access to the suite concierge. Junior Suites are best thought of as "extra large balcony rooms that give double points". 2) Each restaurant can make reservations for all restaurants so just pick one without a line! Also there's usually a setup somewhere (promenade or main dining room) where people can make reservations for a few hours on embarkation day.
  8. Interesting. Everyone I know that uses the patch drinks alcohol!
  9. Remember you only pay the difference between the drink price and the package max. So those glasses of champagne are only ($15 - $13) + 18% gratuity ($2.36) on Oasis class ships or ($15 - $12) + 18% gratuity ($3.54) on other class ships. I can't say if there are other options. The selections available at different bars are not the same (even on the same ship).
  10. I'll just add my usual comment that priority checkin is only a useful thing if you get to the terminal and checked in before boarding has actually started (meaning you're arriving around 10AM). You might get a nicer seating area or some refreshments depending on the port but once they are ready to start boarding, you get called based on priority (some preplanned order of suites, key, weddings, and descending order of C&A level). If boarding has already started by the time you finish checking in, then priority checkin means NOTHING. You just go get on the ship.
  11. Another reason you want to have a C&A account/number for your wife is so you each get a set of rewards/discounts applied to your SeaPass card. Sure things like "Buy one drink get one half off" aren't going to save you tons of money, but you might as well be able to do it twice! It only costs a couple minutes of your time to make sure you both have C&A numbers.
  12. There aren't that many seats available, perhaps they really sold out that fast!
  13. Probably referring to the cruise originally scheduled for Sept 2, but currently delayed until the 4th, and even that is in question at this point.
  14. Here's the description of Coastal Kitchen on Royal's website: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-dining/coastal-kitchen Note the following section: RESTRICTIONS For Pinnacle Guests only, based on availability. Junior Suites for dinner only, based on availability, except on Quantum of the Seas.
  15. And you can always stop by guest services when it isn't busy and ask them to print your current statement.
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