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  1. Interesting. The lunch menu on the website is smaller and doesn't include kids menu. Does anyone know if Lunch and Dinner are the same?
  2. Nice! You live in a prime location or viewing. We are thinking of going to Shiloh's but it will depend on when we wake up and how bad 50 is. Kids insist they can deal with traffic and waiting. Parking is my main concern.
  3. I would want to see what kind. Sometimes they do sirloin and then tend to overcook it making it so my kids are very meh about it. They prefer nicer cuts and medium rare to rare which is hard to find with certain cuts at places.
  4. Thanks everyone. Without them listing the kids menu I don't want to even attempt that one. So guess we will do no specialty this cruise. I don't like how they don't list the children's menus online.
  5. I mean this post is literally started with a picture of fireman and clearly the person taking the picture was not where they should have been and looked to be very much in the way.
  6. So it says when I go under lunch for Chops that kids must eat of the kids menu, but as adults we can have unlimited entrees, right? So I could order extra for myself and give to my kids? I wasn't going to do any specialty, but I could do lunch for around $60 for our family, but it won't be worth it if my kids can't get steak themselves.
  7. I have done that route on launch days before and you need to give yourself some time. We are planning to go to launch but plan to stay far away from beeline as that is a mess on launch days.
  8. OK, so I had read from someone that it wouldn't be a big deal we have 5 since my son is only 5. But then I read somewhere else that they are super strict and have bands and you can only get into the bed area with bands as there are attendants. So which is it? Is it super strict or if my 5 year old son is with us they won't blink an eye? I mean we don't need two beds. I understand capacity issues but my husband and I can clearly fit on the bed with our 5 year old and the two girls in the chairs. So while 5 adults wouldn't work, with 2 adults and 3 kids it seems silly they would want us to book 2 beds. It isn't like we are getting a free service per person or anything like specialty food or drinks.
  9. It has been listed on my November cruise for months now, but at almost $200 pp we passed on that. Not worth it.
  10. I guess I like to play around with options more. See which decks have which cabins I may like and where they are on the boat and the different prices Like how much extra is it to do a small upgrade or move locations. Websites allow that without a lot of back and forth.
  11. Still have to talk to the travel agent lol I am a techie so for me anything outside of being able to do it via a website is annoying to me. Back and forth with a travel agent is annoying. We just did two rooms this time as that looked to be the cheapest, but with Kids Sail Free I imagine one room would be the cheapest. Would be nice to price compare cruises and rooms more easily on RC. I used Costco this last time because I saved a TON of money.
  12. Which again is a dumb thing about RC. There are a lot of family of 5 out there and it would be nice if stuff could be done online. I really don't like speaking with people over the phone lol
  13. Did they require floats for the younger child? If so that is also something to consider. My son isn't a fan of life jackets (they ride up to his chin) and he is too big for puddle jumpers now. So that would be good information for parents to know. It is one thing on a boat not in water, but in water he is not a fan, luckily he is a very strong swimmer so he very rarely needs them in water.
  14. How do unvaccinated have it easier? They have always had to do more testing than vaccinated. Also, why do you need to test again at port? My understanding is only unvaccinated test at port to get on ship.
  15. Supply and Demand. If there happens to be a tour that is less popular that one excursion may go down, but the norm is prices go up as they get more booked.
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