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  1. The classics are still there just not every night. So like shrimp cocktail is now only 3 nights instead of all 7 for my cruise next week. I am willing to give it a shot and see what happens. Not that I have much choice since with my luck this started on the ship I am sailing. My understanding for GF you should tell them about this allergy and they have special stuff they can sub out.
  2. I agree steak is the only thing I was looking at, however they did get rid of shrimp cocktail every night and that is going to disappoint my son. He absolutely loves shrimp cocktail. They do still have it 3 nights. Also, Salmon was his backup when he didn't like other stuff, so he will just end up with something off the kids menu if he doesn't like the normal stuff. They do have a variety of fish every night so he will like that. Overall it isnt too bad, but people are complaining about the limit on tails, but honestly it is a better and larger tail you are now getting. I wouldn't have gotten more than one anyways. We will probably get one for the kids to share and eat what they don't eat. I planned to pair it with steak anyways.
  3. Not sure we didn't get that perk, I am sure deals rotate around. We did use our OB credit when booking activities.
  4. Because we are going to Honduras testing is still required for non-vaccinated 12 and older. I also received a similar e-mail, but it stated the below: Pre-cruise All unvaccinated guests ages 12 and older must present a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 3 days prior to sailing. Fully vaccinated guests and guests ages 11 and younger are exempt. Which doesn't effect us since my son is the only one not vaccinated and he is 5. So no testing required for us.
  5. This post makes me very thankful that I don't drink a lot. I may have 1 or 2 drinks the whole cruise. That is why the drink package would never be worth it for me. Even if money wasn't a factor 2 drinks max per day would be it for me. I had unlimited free drinks so many times at this one work conference and I had a drink or 2 each day if that. The first night it was one, the second it was 3 that I never finished any of them. The third was 1. Maybe it is because I have young kids, I just can't drink like I did in college.
  6. Agreed, because Carnival and Disney both allow you to do more than 4 under one reservation online.
  7. I was excited too, did you have to call to book it? I noticed you couldn't do 5 people online.
  8. I agree with this. Putting the kids clubs within that kids area will really separate out the ship making it so kid-free adults will be able to enjoy the ship too. They do have the new family room that holds 6, but it is not suite class. I feel they want no kids in the Suites. I was disappointed in the suite options as I always am with RC. Putting them at 4 cuts out my family of 5. This is so annoying. I was SUPER excited that they finally allowed me to put all 3 kids in my booking on the same room only to hit the page where it says call RC. This is a huge miss by RC and I feel if they want to cater to families they need to make their website better and allow families of 5/6 be able to book on their website in the same room.
  9. For me I am getting a large Gift Card, I get % back for having the higher costco membership, and I get a % back on my CC that is thru Costco. I think I determined it was over $1000 I was saving booking thru Costco. So while the cruise itself was the same price with just a little onboard credit, the GC and cash back was too good to pass up. We are booking two cabins so RoyalUp was never something we could do anyways since we wouldn't guaranteed to be near each other if we did RoyalUp. So the one negatives to Costco didn't matter to us.
  10. Interesting. The lunch menu on the website is smaller and doesn't include kids menu. Does anyone know if Lunch and Dinner are the same?
  11. Nice! You live in a prime location or viewing. We are thinking of going to Shiloh's but it will depend on when we wake up and how bad 50 is. Kids insist they can deal with traffic and waiting. Parking is my main concern.
  12. I would want to see what kind. Sometimes they do sirloin and then tend to overcook it making it so my kids are very meh about it. They prefer nicer cuts and medium rare to rare which is hard to find with certain cuts at places.
  13. Thanks everyone. Without them listing the kids menu I don't want to even attempt that one. So guess we will do no specialty this cruise. I don't like how they don't list the children's menus online.
  14. I mean this post is literally started with a picture of fireman and clearly the person taking the picture was not where they should have been and looked to be very much in the way.
  15. So it says when I go under lunch for Chops that kids must eat of the kids menu, but as adults we can have unlimited entrees, right? So I could order extra for myself and give to my kids? I wasn't going to do any specialty, but I could do lunch for around $60 for our family, but it won't be worth it if my kids can't get steak themselves.
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