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  1. This is how we dressed up for the first formal night on Harmony last May. The second formal night we ditched and at at Jamies Italian
  2. So some of you might have followed along from my previous post from our cruise on Harmony this past May, well . . . . . we went and did it again. We just recently booked 2 room for 6 of us on Symphony of the Seas for May 2020 and couldn't be more excited after the fun we had on our last cruise. We are officially hooked on cruises and our kids are constantly asking us if it time for the next cruise and then get sad when we tell them not yet. There will be six of us all together with myself, my wife, our 3 girls who at the time of sailing will be 9,8 and 6, our youngest will be turning 7
  3. So tomorrow we get to book our next cruise for May 2020. Will start a new thread for that, super excited. Stay tuned. . . .
  4. I am a bad influence for sure Enjoy the new gear, look forward to seeing your pictures.
  5. Just went and signed on and there it was. Woohoo I have 7 points, lol
  6. Here's a question, do you automatically get enrolled in C&A after your first cruise or do we have to sign up somewhere?
  7. Hello All, does anyone know when they typically release dates for summer 2020? We are looking at booking Symphony of the Seas for around that time and see its only available up until April 202 as of now.
  8. Yes very true but one big benefit is the savings we would get on food. It costs the 5 of us $50-$60 on for lunch easily at the waterparks, possibly even more if we are at Disney or Universal. And then add on additional $10-$20 for parking depending where you are headed. So i can justify spending the $44 and feel like we got our moneys worth.
  9. I for one am excited for this expansion but im also a huge waterpark fan and am planning our next cruise to make sure this is one of our stops . I was actually pretty surprised the all day pass wis only $44, when you compare to most other waterparks that charge $50-$60 its not that bad.
  10. LOL I get excited taking the photos and look forward to seeing the results so on a typical night we were back in our room 9-10pm ish and would work on a few then for an hour or so. Then wake up and do it all over again. Think I averaged 5 hours of sleep each night
  11. Thank you I don't typically don't do to much besides toggle some adjustments in Lightroom, white balance, lower highlights, raise shadows, adjust clarity, increase sharpness and usually add a little noise reduction. If im working on an HDR photo I will merge in LR and then some minor adjustments. I used to go through a phase where i would do some work in LR and then throw it into Nik Color Efex for some pro contrast and detail enhancements but found that added more noise than what I wanted. The night photos I shot using a tripod to be able to get the longer exposure that I
  12. Some more pictures from our adventure last week. I am really looking forward to booking our next cruise, more than likely will be 2020
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