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  1. I’ve begun solo cruising as well, and find that day three is my “little bit lonely “ day. I spend time at the Flowrider, watching lots of happy folks. I do trivia and dance classes, swim, hang out in a chair on the sundeck. It’s nice to be surrounded by music and sun and people if you need that. Going to karaoke to listen is also a great energizer. But mostly I revel in disconnecting, doing what I want when I want. I’ll go see a show more than once if I like it, or leave early if I don’t. (I always sit in the very back row on the aisle.) I love eating whenever I’m ready, or ordering room service and being lazy. Reading, napping, shopping on the promenade, watching movies by the pool, and walking the walking track are great activities. There’s so much to do—or not do. Relaxation is available and activities are available. You get to decide. I am hooked on cruising solo. I would consider what Traveling Mike said and plan on firm dates with your son. Maybe more than just dinner. And I don’t do the main dining room at all when I’m alone. Too time consuming, and I prefer not to chat up strangers, though lots of people enjoy meeting new folks this way. You’ll be amazed at how often you find people asking if you’re traveling alone, and then want to hear all about it. It has a way of coming up in random situations! check out cruise critic message boards. They have a whole section devoted to discussing solo cruising. And consider blogging here about your journey! I did, and that really added to my enjoyment of the trip—it’s fun to share your day with folks and interact that way.
  2. Enjoyed your blog and photos so much. Thank you!
  3. Last month on the Allure, there were two couples traveling together in two separate cabins and they had similar stories. They paid for their cruises and cruise planner items in full before the deadline. Then each party got a letter stating that they still owed money and their cruise would be canceled if not paid. One person was able to resolve it after a lot of struggle, but the other party had their cruise canceled despite trying to sort it all out with Royal. They were then guided through the process of re-booking and re-booking all of their cruise planning activities as well, but at a higher price. They were convinced that what happened happened on purpose as a way to get them to pay more.
  4. Wowza, your room is gorgeous!! and yes, full capacity….isn’t it funny how ‘normal’ now feels like some kind of travesty? So many people. That hot tub! Yikes! Who wants any part of that? I’m not sure I’ll ever readjust. Food looks delicious! So glad the entertainment is great. On Allure, I scanned that towel code as well and got nothing.
  5. The trip of a lifetime! You’ll need some time to recover, I bet! So many great experiences! And how fortunate to have a smooth trip home with no cancellations or anything. Loved reading about all the ports and sights, the ship, the food! So fun! Have really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for bringing us along!
  6. Wow! Like you, I’ve never encountered a surly room Steward before. Not the way to start things off very well, is it? But oh how special that they brought out that cake with a birthday candle! And you all have a terrific attitude. And it looks like nice weather! Hoping you have a great week and following along.
  7. How fun! The perfect way to celebrate a big birthday! Mariner is on my list of ships I’d like to sail someday. Looking forward to your adventures!
  8. Amazing pictures! They raise so many questions. Great information here about the tours, too. You’ve packed so much into this trip, from even before the cruise began. It’s been so fun hearing all of the touring. Wow! I’ve really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for bringing us along!
  9. Love the towel animal collection! And Minnie and Stitch have had quite a week!
  10. Super! I hope you’ll blog about your trip here so we can ride along! Snuba sounds fun! I would like to try a Central Park balcony sometime-I hear it’s great at night. I’d be interested in how the staff situation is by then. Enjoy!
  11. Sounds wonderful! And those games at Optix sound fun. I’ve never tried an electric bike before. I may do that next time I’m there! Enjoying your blog and photos.
  12. Wow, what a memorable trip so far! Sounds like you’ve chosen perfect excursions! Really enjoying the vicarious trip through your blog!
  13. Great pictures! Amazing wildlife! Sounds like a lot of fun. Glad that Optix has some fun things to do.
  14. Great information. I got to see Tap Factory on Odyssey of the seas last March and I loved it! So dynamic! Sounds like a full and wonderful day.
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