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  1. Yes I have had many excursions cancelled at CocoCay just for wind issues. If it rains all day, read a book or go to the bar, play BINGO. On your sea day the Capt will do his best to get you to nicer weather.
  2. Yes I was looking at this as well. Started freaking out I couldn't schedule 2 weeks out. My sail date is May 16th so I hope to get something the Sat or Sun before.
  3. How was the cruise? Were they short on any beverages/food items?
  4. Welcome to the message boards. Did you reach out to your travel agent? If you don't have one you will need to call Royal directly.
  5. I always order the Royal Margarita. It has Patron tequila with a Grand Mariner floater!
  6. This may be my fault. I was on a cruise in Feb on the Mariner. I was drinking the Royal Margarita till they ran out of Patron, then Switched to Crown, so maybe their inventory hasn't caught back up yet!!! Deluxe Beverage package woohoo!!!!
  7. I am sure they will be raising prices on a lot of onboard purchases soon.
  8. Yeah, when I was there in Feb they were begging like crazy to come into their shops. For this, I like Coco cay way better, no harassment in the straw market.
  9. I can debate both sides. I like the food waste savings and less chance of spreading Norovirus. I think it will slow down the traffic at peak times and increase the amount of crew needed, or at least add to their already stressed jobs.
  10. Since re-buying is such a headache, I would just buy at a price I am ok with. It will always be cheaper than the on-board price.
  11. I know bottled water is available with the Deluxe Beverage package.
  12. Welcome to the Message Boards! Staff shortage is definitely an issue across all areas not just cruising. Did you bring your concerns to anyone's attention on the ship?
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