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  1. I though I read it was only for 12 and up??
  2. I tip pretty much just like Ashley.
  3. See you on the boat. 4 more days woohoo!!!!
  4. Very nice!! I guess it pays to be a Stubborn Canadian that Lovestocruise.
  5. Scheduled maintenance is the default excuse when they don't know what went wrong. lol
  6. I believe it will be a 5 day charge.
  7. Depends on if you like staring at a tender boat instead of the ocean. It would have to be pretty cheap for me to book and obstructed balcony.
  8. I truly feel bad for the OP. She had a bad experience with RC's website. She is correct in that there are some serious problems with the site and obviously how it is managed. Give it a try with a Travel Agent this time around and I hope you have a better experience and ultimately a great vacation to celebrate.
  9. It has been over 10 years since I have been on a cruise. Back in the day you used to get a coupon book in your stateroom if you were a Crown and Anchor member. Do they still do this or has this been discontinued. I have Platinum status.
  10. Maybe it's you??? Just saying. You haven't supplied enough details as to what happened.
  11. I didn't know this was a bad thing haha
  12. I thought Carnival was for the Bachelor party types!! Just kidding. I would go with Navigator because there are some nice options in Miami for a Pre/Post cruise party as well.
  13. Pay cash on the Beachline (528) to I-95 south. No tolls on 95.
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