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  1. I'd really like to grab some deals for my October cruise, but I've got a bunch of stuff plus OBC tied up in my January cruise that I figure will get cancelled, so I need to wait for that to become available. Hopefully I'll get similar sails early next year, got COCO beach club for 63 in Jan.
  2. We were able to check in for our Jan 10th cruise as soon as it opened in October. Since then, I finally got my renewed passport and wanted to update the check in with that info. Check in doesn't work any more, makes me highly suspicious that they are going to cancel the cruise.
  3. Since my January cruise is probably going to get cancelled, I was looking at an October cruise out of Cape Liberty on Oasis. My wife's first reaction was, no way hurricanes! I'm really not concerned, any thoughts on how I can mitigate her fears?
  4. I think their system is overloaded, or not designed well to handle all this volume. When I did some Cruise Planner re books last November I got my card credited within a week. Currently I'm using CPC 125% credit and have been able to re book in real time, cancel, get OBC right away, re book. I needed to split my CPC credits between two cruises because between three of us I was going to have more than I wanted on the single cruise, that extra 25%. So I put two on one cruise and the third on a second. I didn't want to just spend OBC because I needed to.
  5. Yes it's the total, I actually had no records of exactly what out CPC items were, I went through my credit card statement and totaled up what was spent, did the x 1.25 and our CPC was exactly that.
  6. We got our today and the total correct, however what they did was take the total we spent, multiplied by 1.25 and then divided by three, the total for our party. So we all got the same amount. Now when I go to apply this to our upcoming cruises, my wife is customer #1 so always pays the most, I'm number 2 and pay less, and my son pays even less. SO my wife will not have enough to cover her portions while my son will have too much. I thought we were each supposed to get 1.25 of our individual exspenses.
  7. Wow, looks like I may have lucked out then. I've always had my wife booked as guest #1 and my son as guest #3, so when ever I get my FCC they will work out well to use for my next two cruises. The first cruise gets back two months before final payment for the second.
  8. Has anyone received a corrected FCC without having to call? I got the 5/9 low ball credit. I did get my CPC on 5/14 and it was correct.
  9. I signed up for the CPC around April 4 for our June 19th Alaska cruise, we got our credit a couple days ago, still waiting on corrected FCC as the ones we got last week were way off on the amounts. BTW, I've never had any communication about the cruise getting cancelled. The cruise was still listed in my future cruises, when you went to the cruise planner, then you saw a banner about the "suspended" cruise. Further I had until April 8th to apply for the 125% CPC or it would automatically get refunded. My Gratuities and port fess were refunded in multiple pieces, had to add them up to realize
  10. Well, guess I should have checked today, mine dropped to 71$ and 81$ with voom device, just got my Cruise Planner Credit so I'll have to figure out how to use that, from various posts it seems a bit complicated, too bad it can't all be handled on-line through the cruise planner.
  11. DBP 89$ or 107$ with voom, for Jan 10th Oasis cruise, I might have to wait for Black Friday sales :) Looks like all the deals are just 2020 dates.
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