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  1. When we were on Wonder a couple weeks ago I saw a couple of younger children crawling through the plants in Central Park, didn't think that was quite right, but they did find one. When I find one I take it home and then hide it on my next cruise, so the one I found on Wonder will be on Harmony in May.
  2. @AlmondFarmer I did the same thing, it's really annoying. I now keep track of the price I purchased items at both before and after they apply the 18% as the % off they show is almost meaning less.
  3. My son collects these from our cruises. He couldn't get Wonder last year in March, but did get it this year. However it's smaller than some of the others he's collected but still quite detailed.
  4. We were on Wonder a couple weeks ago, got to meet Matt . 1800 plus kids, what i noticed was by about day three or four the teen packs start to form, as @Pattycruise said. There are a couple of leaders and then a group of followers. I was riding down the elevator to deck 5 and we got stopped on deck six, there was a teenager making antics to a group in another elevator. When we got to deck 5 and I was stepping out a group of about six went racing full speed by the elevator doors and almost knocked me down. Then you get the groups that sit on the stairs. Your're trying to walk down, I can't do up, and have to make your way through them as they are spread all over, mostly looking through their phones. Still we had a great cruise, after we got the kids in the cabin above us to stop jumping around for hours at a time till 11pm when we called customer service.
  5. On Wonder last week I had bought the 24 pack of water, my wife is always asking about getting water. When we got to the room ans don't recall exactly how many extra bottles we had I'm thinking 6 as we are three diamond in the cabin. I don't think we used more than 3 or 4 bottles of the 24 pack. I immediately cancelled the water I ordered for my next cruise although the black Friday sale price was $12 for the 24 pack.
  6. With the website check in you have to load a bunch of your data before you get to the page where you select your boarding time. With the app you can go straight to selecting the boarding time and then do everything else later. My son did our check in for our last cruise and for some reason he used the website and he only had my travel documents so checked me in for a 10:30 time. When I got up a 7am I noticed this and by then all I could get him and my wife was 11:30, I think he assumed that once he selected my boarding time it would apply to all three of us. So as I've seen sometimes the website is available right away but the app lags behind.
  7. Over all we enjoyed the whole cruise. My wife is still recuperating from knee replacement and found she was unable to sit with her leg bent for the duration of the shows so she missed most of them. My son and I really enjoyed them, quite a bit better than last year when they were not quite ready. Unfortunately my son started feeling off with a couple of days left. At first we thought it was from getting too much sun, he got a bit burnt, but by the last day he was definitely sick. We dropped him at the Hyatt at MCO to catch his flight the next day and started our three day drive home. By the second day I was starting to have the same symptoms, runny sinuses and coughing by now we're all sick, not COVID though we tested, just a really bad upper respiratory. We had the UDP got all our reservations made first thing on boarding day no issues. Since we like to eat early getting 5-5:30 times was easy. Mostly enjoyed the food although it was way too much for us. Some meals I didn't enjoy, partly because I was trying things I hadn't had before and they may not have suited me. I was disappointed at hooked, we had tried it lat year and found it great, this year not quite as good. We did Mason Jar four times, two brunches and two dinners. I had probably my best meal there the last night so left on a high note. The only excursion we did was the scenic railroad on St. Kitts, it was quite nice. We had a casita on board for St Thomas and we've been to Cococay so many times we just hung out on the ship.
  8. This topic brings back nightmares, my last five years when I was working was doing WIFI support. I'd totally agree with @twangster about how difficult it is to manage a large WIFI installation. The things that customers would do and them complain when service was terrible was what I dealt with day to day. Glad I'm retired. On Wonder last week my wife and son had allot of issues. My son was having a terrible time watching some streaming shows and was quite frustrated. I watched Matt's live stream sitting in the same bar, the stream would pause and buffer frequently. Matt indicated he was using his cellular data to ensure adequate internet access
  9. Check in will open at about 12:01am, so late night the 4th or early am the 5th depending on how you want to look at it. Using the app you can just select a boarding time and then do everything else later. We’re sometimes had trouble with check in not opening in the app right away, and have had to use the website.
  10. Saw Matts live stream come up and found him, got to say hi. Was interesting watching the stream and seeing it live, about a 30 second delay.
  11. Update: my sons passport came the day before he flew to Florida. We had all the paperwork for my wife. Birth certificate, both marriage certificates and state I’d. all they looked at was her birth certificate and I’d.
  12. Had to reset my password, phone didn’t have the correct one. We got on board no problem, less than half an hour. Haven’t seen Matt but keep looking. We really enjoyed Effectors and we just saw the first one on Odyssey in January. Intense was terrific. Ice show tonight, they didn’t have their props when we saw it March last year. Hanging out in a casita today, beautiful weather.
  13. Disney Springs can be interesting. I usually just hang in one of the bars and the wife and son check out the shops.
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