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  1. Yeah I mostly have them for a backup also. My son does use them first though. Our CVS tests got cancelled the day before we needed to take them and I had to scramble for alternates but it worked out. I've still got two tests that expire mid December which I'll use for my solo cruise this Sunday. I was worried about the tests that came in today because initially they FedEx site said they were delivered yesterday afternoon and I couldn't find them, they sometimes just drop packages at the end of my drive and it being in the 20s I was concerned the tests could be affected. In the end they were delivered today and were not in the cold for more than a couple minutes.
  2. I purchased a 3 pack of tests from Optum on 11/26. They came in today, expiration date is 11-05, a flyer included in the order clearly explained how you determine the expiration date and that you then add 3 months to that date. So my kits will expire 2-05-22, great for my 1-9-22 cruise but won't be available for my 3-25-22 cruise. Sure wish they had more coverage but guess we won't see that until they start manufacturing again.
  3. I've put the date of my second shot as that is when you're considered vaccinated. There has not yet been any mention of boosters. Got my booster on Friday and sail next Sunday.
  4. Aha, I figured out the method for the Internet. When you select the Voom Surf + Stream, you can then select the number of devices. I wanted three devices it doesn't break down the per device prices but after some math, it worked out to 9.33 per device per day. The single device was 13.99. I've started not booking DBP+Zoom because getting the three device internet package seems to work out better. I haven't tried this on a cruise yet and am assuming that having three devices under one name still allows all three of us to connect with one device.
  5. Since the Black Friday sales are pretty good for some options I've been working through four upcoming cruises getting a few things. When I got to my June Alaska cruise it's cruise planner is the "new" format. In beverages there is no DBP+Zoom option. In internet there are no multiple device options? Have others seen this or is there someplace else I could see these
  6. Related to testing, anyone know if getting a COVID Booster 7 days before testing for a cruise would affect the test results?
  7. I'm not sure exactly how long mine took, it may have been two days. However I've found that when using the app you need to log out and log back in to get the latest data updated. Often the Vaccination line fails to display which is an indicator that you need to log out/in.
  8. When checking the status of the Vaccination, yesterday it was still being checked, today it disappeared. Had to log out and back in again to see it come back and it's now green checked. So it seems to make sure you have the latest info in the app you should log out and back in.
  9. I was wondering why I didn't have the option to load my vaccination card for my Dec 5th cruise, logged out of the app, logged back in and there it was. The message board strikes again.
  10. My Anthem itinerary changed the day and time we would be in Nassau. I cancelled the excursion I had booked that left at 10am, the ship doesn't arrive until 12:30pm. It took a couple of weeks before that same excursion showed up with a 2pm time. So I don't know if it would have been automatically updated.
  11. I flew home from FL Jan 21st, was sick by the 28th, Covid. Got my shots Feb and March. I had five flights since without obvious issues. I did have a couple days of fever in Sep, but who knows these days, could be a cold the flue or my darn allergies.
  12. I always prefer to drive. We're 5 hours to NJ where our next three cruises are. Then we have Ft Lauderdale, we currently have flights, but I've driven it twice before. It will depend on whether we decide to spend extra time in FL. I've driven to FL every year for vacation for the last 30 years. Used to be a two day drive, now that I'm retired and have the time I take three. Seattle in June, will definitely have to fly that one. An earlier comment about luggage is one reason having a mini-van to fill up means the DW can bring just about anything.
  13. We're on this sailing, my son was actually trying to figure out if he could get on Wonder in Asia, he doesn't understand how long a flight there is, I do. Then when it came to FL we jumped on it. Last couple of times we went out of FL we stayed at the Sheraton Four Points, but we always use points so I have no idea actual cost. My wife and I drove down and my son flew, he seemed to have no issues getting airport shuttles to the hotel. Since we had a car I'm not sure of the cruise port shuttle, but I did see lots of folks waiting in the lobby.
  14. I was in the Beach Club on Oasis last week, we got it for 96, I loved it but would not pay much more than 100. Now my Anthem cruise in Dec has switched the day we'll be there so that Freedom is there as well. I suspect that with two ships available for guests the Beach Club price is not going to drop much if at all.
  15. Well great, I'd totally forgotten about the changes to my Dec 5th Anthem cruise. I just booked today a Nassau excursion. It correctly selected Day 4 which is when we are there, but it's for 10am and we don't get there until 12:30pm. Cruise planner even knows I won't be there
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