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  1. Check in will open at about 12:01am, so late night the 4th or early am the 5th depending on how you want to look at it. Using the app you can just select a boarding time and then do everything else later. We’re sometimes had trouble with check in not opening in the app right away, and have had to use the website.
  2. Saw Matts live stream come up and found him, got to say hi. Was interesting watching the stream and seeing it live, about a 30 second delay.
  3. Update: my sons passport came the day before he flew to Florida. We had all the paperwork for my wife. Birth certificate, both marriage certificates and state I’d. all they looked at was her birth certificate and I’d.
  4. Had to reset my password, phone didn’t have the correct one. We got on board no problem, less than half an hour. Haven’t seen Matt but keep looking. We really enjoyed Effectors and we just saw the first one on Odyssey in January. Intense was terrific. Ice show tonight, they didn’t have their props when we saw it March last year. Hanging out in a casita today, beautiful weather.
  5. Disney Springs can be interesting. I usually just hang in one of the bars and the wife and son check out the shops.
  6. Works for us, as we're usually 3 adults. On our last cruise we were joining my son on the second half of his B2B. He doesn't drink wine, but I had him bring his two on and then I brought two. So were we"cheating"? Don't think so, it was just the right amount, used two bottles in MDR and the other two for the cabin.
  7. We've got the Unlimited Dining Package and will be doing Mason Jar, Chops, 150 Central park and Hooked. We've eaten in all of these before and enjoyed them, I'm the only one who enjoys sushi so we're not doing Izumi nor are we doing the Hibachi, although we have done that before. I think the sushi is fine, not the best I've had but good. The Hibachi was good and a great show at the same time. We often do Chops but now we just do it for lunch.
  8. Speaking of Port Canaveral how close to the terminal is the parking. My wife uses a mobility scooter which I have to unload and set up. I like to do it after we've parked if it's not too far?
  9. South America is a destination we're interested in. Since we'll reach D+ this May we're already looking at Celebrity cruises and have booked one for 2024. Will look at them for South America.
  10. Still waiting for my Oasis block from last September, I really wanted this one as Oasis was my first ever cruise. Figured out the points and had to add an extra 7 night cruise so that I'd get my next block on Icon.
  11. Well we're bringing everything, but the uncertainty of all this has both my wife and son totally stressed out. My wife is worried she'll be denied and then stuck at Port Canaveral on her own. I've gotten some conflicting answers from Royal but they have all indicate that wed should have the right documents. Fell like the COVID days stressing the test.
  12. Is it actually required to have the divorce papers? We applied for expedited passport renewal, it's been five weeks and application just says in process. We sail on the 12th. We've been scrambling to get paper work, we have my wife's birth certificate. both marriage licences and state ID. We were told by the state where she got her divorce that it would take two weeks at least to get it. So anyone know if it's certain that show would be denied boarding without it? I made a call to Royal and what I was told seemed completely wrong as they said we just needed her marriage certificate and seemed to ignore her previous marriage.
  13. Well I'll definitely keep an eye out for Matt, since I tend to hang out in the bars I'll probably see him.
  14. There are allot of beach chairs. The issue would be if you could get one where you want it as apposed to just getting whats available. Because of my wife's mobility issues she's not really a morning person, so my son would get off the ship early and go claim us a spot and we'ed follow along a bit later. So if you have a preference the earlier you get there the more options you'll have. I checked cruisedig ports and Freedom is supposed to be there on the 18th when we are. Wonder isn't listed but we were not supposed to go there originally it was added back in July as a replacement for the DR port.
  15. Thanks @HAK1906 just one thing to worry about, used to have to sweat the COVID test, once this is done we're good. We have one cabin, my wife has mobility issues so we're in an accessible cabin which gives you a bit more space even though there are three of us. We booked all our entertainment as soon as it was available. This is the fourth time we've been to COCOCAY and the prices were very high. We've done the Beach Club twice and both times paid less than $100, not sure we'll see that pricing again. My son and I are doing a B2B on Harmony in May and it goes to COCOCAY both times he and I got the Beach Club for $98 and on the other week he got the Thrill water park for $98. Since I don't do beaches it's a great time to hang on the ship. I'm not sure about sold out options, but I would head to the excursions desk first thing on embarkation to see what is available I would think that they hold some for on board guests but it could be they just want to fill things up and be done with it.
  16. Two weeks to go and my son and wife have not received their renewed passports. My son has a birth certificate that can be used. My wife has her birth certificate but we don't have any marriage certificates for her name changes, previous marriage was 50 years ago and ours was 40. You would think your birth certificate, your state real ID, and even an expired passport would be sufficient identification, after all you needed to prove who you were to get the State ID and the earlier passport. Will be calling tomorrow to find out status, with expedited service, the renewal time was listed as 3-5 weeks, it's been 4.
  17. Great idea, tough to do though. You could tell her you plan to visit the Conch Republic in the Keys and they require a passport? She'll probably be suspicious though. Or talk about some future trip planning that requires a passport and getting it now would help.
  18. I never lock my bags. I used to travel world wide for business and recall standing in an international terminal waiting for my bags and watching the customs people going down a line of suitcases cutting off all the locks, seemed like they didn't bother to try and unlock any. You used to get a note in your bag telling you it was opened by TSA, either they don't do that any more or they've stopped looking at my bag. I never have anything in my bag that couldn't be replaced. I travel with a backpack that has everything that can't, like electronics and medications. Since I've had to start using a CPAP I carry that as well, although sometimes I will still pack the CPAP on my return leg as I can deal with not having it once I'm home. So I guess I've just never worried about theft from my bags. Now, lost or delayed luggage is a whole different matter!
  19. My wife and I both have CPAPs, it's impossible to find two outlets that don't require an extension cord. I have 12' cords on the CPAPs so they can be strung almost anywhere in the cabin. When we were on Voyager the cabin steward taped the cord down so it wasn't a tripping hazard. I've used multi-prong adapters in the past but recently they've been confiscated at embarkation.
  20. We only had one lunch at Hooked and Mason but it was good and we really wanted to try more of the menu.
  21. Worked out that I would have 198 C&A points at the start of this cruise. So obviously I needed a few more points so I could get an Icon ship block. Booked Allure in Jan for 7 nights so will now cross 210 on Icon.
  22. We're doing our first Transatlantic. It's also the first time my wife and son have traveled outside the US, not counting the Caribbean and Mexico on cruises. Looking forward to it, was just on the phone with my TA working out air travel, hotel, and transportation.
  23. Yes, we're on this. Our second time on Wonder. Last March much of the entertainment was not quite ready, so looking forward to seeing the finished productions. We booked the UDP for the first time because we really liked Mason and Hooked.
  24. And since it's February 2024 book what ever appeals to you now. Then reprice during the 2023 Black Friday sales you can often save quite a bit on beverage packages and internet.
  25. Checked out the cruise planner for lunches so got a much better schedule for what's available to be booked. Makes way more sense as everything is open on sea days as you would expect.
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