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  1. Anthem Jan 9, just over 1600
  2. Just got a text that boarding time is pushed back an hour due to azipod problems slowing down the ship
  3. I've been trying to search Roll Calls for Wonder and it reports zero matches. Even though I can see topics with that name. I search for Anthem, Ovation and Odyssey and all show results. Anyone else see this, or am I getting picked on
  4. Just completed our Covid tests, Results: Not detected. I'm a bit concerned about that not being the magic "Negative" word. The snow here has stopped, about 12 inches. Will drive down to NJ tomorrow leaving this snow behind, yeah!
  5. Got our test results. I'm a bit concerned because under RESULT is says Not detected. I hope that isn't going to get nit picked.
  6. We have our tests scheduled for 2 pm today for our cruise on the ninth. Right now it's snowing with a couple of inches on the ground with a couple more predicted. Now I have to worry that the testing center will be affected by the snow. Bad enough I have to stress the test results. However I do have my e-med kits as the plan B backup :). I agree with the others I always want paper copies of all my travel documentation.
  7. Wife was insisting on Evian since we still had a couple liter bottles from our last cruise. I would just grab bottles from a bar as we have beverage packages.
  8. @CGTLH Thanks, of course Evian tends to pack their water in 1 liter bottles. I did see they have a case of 24 330ml do you think that I could pull 12 bottlers out and that would work? Of course we're sailing Sunday, and here in NH we're expecting around 6 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow. While that makes leaving for our cruise so much sweeter, it's going to make getting to our COVID test problematic.
  9. I know you can bring a "case" of water on board. What about loose liter or one and half liter bottles. My wife prefers Evian and RC isn't offering it on our Anthem cruise, so just picked up some bottles.
  10. For our Jan 9th Anthem sailing we're supposed to hit San Juan Day 4. I fully expect that they may not make a decision until that day, as things may change at the last minute, as they have for some current sailings.
  11. We plan to be on our 1/9 Anthem sailing. If ports get skipped it'll probably save me money, keeps the wife out of the shops Plus the NH weather stinks.
  12. We're sailing on Anthem Jan 9th, 11 day. This will be the second cruise for the family, (Oasis in Oct), since the restart. I added had a solo on Anthem in Dec. Only my wife expressed any concerns about missing ports, my son and I could care less. He's had some time times the last month and desperately needs to get away so there was never any question about cancelling. On the other hand, we've been thinking about doing a Northern Europe cruise. The way things are in such a state of flux for international travel I'm going to wait until things have been stable for at least a year before I consider it.
  13. @737 Captain The problem I had was that page 3 was just the bottom half of the pass. By adding 2 inches to the bottom margin in the printer options I was able to get the whole SetSail pass pushed onto page 3 and print it that way.
  14. @smokeybanditThanks for the suggestions. What I found I could do was adjust the margin between the second and third pages so that it pushed the whole SetSail pass onto the third page. Really all they have to do is include a page break just ahead of the SetSail pass and there would be no issues.
  15. Getting ready for our Jan 9th cruise. I always like to print my SetSail pass. The problem is that when I try to print it, the actual pass gets split between two pages. I've had this problem on both of the cruises that I've already taken this fall. I do download the pass into my iPhone wallet but just like having paper copies of things. Anyone have any ideas around this? I don't have a PDF editor so can't manipulate the file if I download it.
  16. I got notified that my tests were delivered by FedEx, I was watching carefully because of the cold weather. Never saw them, they dropped them off at the end of my driveway, 300ft long. I was not pleased and hope they weren't damaged. Won't know until we use them in a couple weeks.
  17. We had E4 last month. We checked the map and saw it was on Deck 5 where we boarded, since my wife is in a scooter this looked great. Unfortunately we found that we needed to go up to deck 6 to actually check in to complete the muster drill. They told us that yes our muster station was on Deck 5 but do to traffic during boarding we checked in on 6. It was right at the top of the stairs, but with the scooter had to jump on an elevator, but really, we were cruising again !?!? yeah.
  18. Yeah I mostly have them for a backup also. My son does use them first though. Our CVS tests got cancelled the day before we needed to take them and I had to scramble for alternates but it worked out. I've still got two tests that expire mid December which I'll use for my solo cruise this Sunday. I was worried about the tests that came in today because initially they FedEx site said they were delivered yesterday afternoon and I couldn't find them, they sometimes just drop packages at the end of my drive and it being in the 20s I was concerned the tests could be affected. In the end they were delivered today and were not in the cold for more than a couple minutes.
  19. I purchased a 3 pack of tests from Optum on 11/26. They came in today, expiration date is 11-05, a flyer included in the order clearly explained how you determine the expiration date and that you then add 3 months to that date. So my kits will expire 2-05-22, great for my 1-9-22 cruise but won't be available for my 3-25-22 cruise. Sure wish they had more coverage but guess we won't see that until they start manufacturing again.
  20. I've put the date of my second shot as that is when you're considered vaccinated. There has not yet been any mention of boosters. Got my booster on Friday and sail next Sunday.
  21. Aha, I figured out the method for the Internet. When you select the Voom Surf + Stream, you can then select the number of devices. I wanted three devices it doesn't break down the per device prices but after some math, it worked out to 9.33 per device per day. The single device was 13.99. I've started not booking DBP+Zoom because getting the three device internet package seems to work out better. I haven't tried this on a cruise yet and am assuming that having three devices under one name still allows all three of us to connect with one device.
  22. Since the Black Friday sales are pretty good for some options I've been working through four upcoming cruises getting a few things. When I got to my June Alaska cruise it's cruise planner is the "new" format. In beverages there is no DBP+Zoom option. In internet there are no multiple device options? Have others seen this or is there someplace else I could see these
  23. Related to testing, anyone know if getting a COVID Booster 7 days before testing for a cruise would affect the test results?
  24. I'm not sure exactly how long mine took, it may have been two days. However I've found that when using the app you need to log out and log back in to get the latest data updated. Often the Vaccination line fails to display which is an indicator that you need to log out/in.
  25. When checking the status of the Vaccination, yesterday it was still being checked, today it disappeared. Had to log out and back in again to see it come back and it's now green checked. So it seems to make sure you have the latest info in the app you should log out and back in.
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