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  1. Just booked the repo for October 2022. Woo hoo!
  2. Oasis of the Seas Oct 24, 2021 Cruise Here is the link to the FB Roll Call. The events tab seem to be broken as of now, but ask for some help to find the events.
  3. Actually, I can't. I'm at work. But maybe later.
  4. On the FB roll call (I'm not on CC and can mention this, right?) there's a solo cruisers chat and meet-up scheduled.
  5. My 22 yo old son enjoys playing soccer. He’s not much for basketball, though. He’s also good at the climbing wall.
  6. Chops takes as long as you want it to take. If you really want to be out in an hour, tell your waiter and they will do their best to accommodate. But realistically, 90 minutes is usual. More if you take a more leisurely pace OR if the kitchen backs up.
  7. I think that’s called The Music Hall, the Pub, the Schooner Bar, etc.
  8. I have seen it once on Explorer out of Bayonne. Deck was covered with a couple inches when we were heading out. Was gone the next morning.
  9. Here's a bit of info about NYC. The port is south of Battery Park in Manhattan. https://project.wnyc.org/white-christmas/
  10. Because it could snow? Very unlikely. Not late enough in the season. We haven't had a white Christmas in many years. And I think the last time we did it was a dusting.
  11. You can say the only way to get to Central Park is via the Rising Tide Bar from the Promenade. And the only way to get to the Boardwalk is via the Abyss from the Sports Deck.
  12. I was able to move my time down to 1130 am. Yay.
  13. Facebook M&M scheduled for Monday Day 2 at 1030 AM at Lime and Coconut on the pool deck. It will be followed by a short pub crawl.
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