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  1. I'll take that as a no. Oh well. Maybe next time.
  2. Hey everyone. I'll be on the May 23rd sailing on Anthem of the Seas, 9 Night Bermuda & Caribbean Cruise. I'll be traveling with my family, my parents and my sister. We'll be celebrating my parent's 75th birthdays. Just wondering if anyone else was sailing then and interested in saying HELLO? Hope everyone is well. Chat more soon.
  3. This is what I do every cruise, redeem points for OBC.
  4. It was removed! It's never been found again! The comments were comedy gold!
  5. Let's get a wider selection. Then we can worry about that.
  6. Anyone remember the story of the blind woman who had a random roommate who brought a squid on board and stored it in the shower? Classic CC post!
  7. That's an Apple Watch with the Royal app running on it (or a mock up).
  8. The menu is FILLED with lagers. What they need are more IPAs, Pales, Porters and Stouts!
  9. Don't lower expectations. Go to Hilton Rose Hall instead. Book it on resortforaday.com. Hmmm, doesn't seem to be on their website anymore! You can still book it through the hotel, though. https://www.rosehallresort.com/spend-day-hilton-rose-hall Nevermind, found it: http://www.resortforaday.com/Hilton-Rose-Hall-Day-Pass-Jamaica-Excursions-p/mbfmjahr.htm
  10. The perks are available for any type of cabin. They're not particular to suites.
  11. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/11/07/royal-caribbean-announces-new-ship-deployments-2019-2020-cruise-season
  12. It's one of my all time faves! (He's a freshman in college now.)
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