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  1. This is how we do any requests in the dining room. Waiter, location, numbers at the table. Always had great luck
  2. Is there a list of Royal Caribbean Blog cruises somewhere?
  3. My last two cruises on Anthem we had to request them to be delivered. But when we sailed Odyssey they came every night automatically. I don't care what they say "everything" is not on the app!
  4. Everglades park was super nice. I would recommend it over the drive to Key West which is my second choice.
  5. You do not have to purchase a pass to get off the ship and enjoy the island. As others have said get off and take a walk around. I am sure you will find a spot to enjoy!
  6. Just relax. I always say if I forget something I probably didn't need it anyway.
  7. I haven't seen it mentioned yet but on return you can bring your car down to level one in the garage before exiting and pick up your luggage right next to the machines where you pay. They have a designated spot just for this. I left the DW to watch the luggage and I went to get the car.
  8. Oct 22-27 2022. Adventure of the Seas. 5night Bermuda
  9. Just booked this one while on Anthem through Next Cruise!
  10. Super easy as Brian B says above! Just got off Anthem this morning. It is exactly as stated. It does get a little busy around 12 on embarkation day. Cost for a seven day cruise is $175.
  11. All shows are still on! No cancelations.
  12. All boarded, had lunch, found our room. Time to relax!
  13. Negative tests in hand and ready for boarding!
  14. I am not sure how often the bus goes. But be aware it is at least an hour ride from the port to Disney. So I would say probably only one bus time.
  15. Yes we are on the April 10th sailing.
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