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  1. The library is a great quite place with a large table. It is upstairs of the 270.
  2. Not to worried about testing. Still have a few emed test kits to use. Going to fill out the travel authorization today and pay my $40 fee. If I was to complain about something it would be about this stupid form.
  3. This cruise must be sold out. It doesn't even show up on the website anymore
  4. You pick up the ferry out on the pier. Usually fairly close to RC ship
  5. Plenty of included beverages(non carbonated, non alcoholic). Multiple choices of included food. You will do just fine if all you did was pay for the cruise and no added extras. Shore excursions are nice but not necessary! Welcome to the boards and enjoy your vacation!
  6. If you have never been to Port Canaveral you should at a minimum take the bus to down town and check out Cocoa Beach and the area.
  7. We did Blue Lagoon beach break with lunch in April. It was just ok. Glad we did it but probably won't do it again. It was nice to walk around and see the island, sea creatures etc... Definitely not enough time as it was only 4 hours including the ferry ride to and from Nassau.
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