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  1. Helicopter excursion in Kauai, awesome and it was right after a light rain - hundreds of beautiful waterfalls. Must eat at Sam's Ocean View Restaurant- live music, good food, and the view - postcard type.
  2. I think Matt nailed it. Ovation looks great and round trip from Seattle & junior suite are big benefits. We did the South bound Radiance with a land tour at the beginning (July). This maximized the experience. When I do it again, I would book a similar itinerary.
  3. Stealing your joy... jealous and makes them feel better.
  4. Wow. Intense. Good luck and hopefully the cruise will be your ultimate pressure release valve.
  5. I am 134 days out for my next cruise (169 days since Allure cruise) and we've started the "cruise fever." Flights- done. Hotel before cruise- done. Royal gifts for family for their stateroom- done. Excursion- done. Waiting on entertainment to be posted. Then spreadsheet time. 👍🏝
  6. Is your next Oasis cruise your Grand Panoramic Suite? Anxious to hear your opinion. -Bob
  7. For hubby. I am a fan of light weight convertible pants. Can make them shorts in a few seconds.
  8. This blog has a Cruise Compass section that allows you to sort by ship. For Symphony -Western , it was the third one down.
  9. This is a keeper to remember - writing it down.. 558 days to go....
  10. I used to be a DIY cruise planner before MEI. I recall that not being the "primary" meant the cruise payment option was not associated with my log in. May have changed... ??? BTW welcome to the boards.
  11. We always get a case of water. Totally agree with BTE. And if I need an energy drink, I add mio energy.
  12. Ref. Escape Room. Agree with AshleyDillo. We want to book it also. Always depends on ship, but it appears it may become visible in "activities" about 45 days out. Also, it sells out really quick.
  13. We always have at least one cruise and most of the time 2 on the horizon. We finished a cruise in February 2019 with our next cruise January 2020 on the Harmony (Oasis in 2021). I took about a 45 day "vacation " from cruise planning/day dreaming. Part of the reason is having a MEI TA - no worries about analyzing RC deals and whether or not it is a better bargain. I wondered if there were others that took a break. I gradually start thinking about any lessons learned from last cruise and new experiences to plan for next cruise. Cococay hooked me early and with greater interest. I went for a Chill Island Cabana immediately and followed all the reviews. Does everyone take a cruise vacation planning break after a cruise? If so, how long? Is there a trigger? Is time based? Is it a stress reliever? Is it a new experience (people, ship, itinerary)? Tracking sales/deals?
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