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  1. Am I the only one that feels challenged/stressed by the timing of taking the covid test, getting results, departing early (minimum day before), and boarding? Throw in the mad work schedule to cover projects and requirements because of taking vacation. Sigh..
  2. Liberty of the Seas. Our First excursion; Dunn River Falls.
  3. Sorry, I did not see the direct question. As I recall, I did a ghost booking to check full GS price. I split the difference which was over the minimum. I then canceled my UDP and Wi-Fi / internet packages.
  4. Only thing I see is Sprinkles (sweet treats) on Deck 11. This might have been covered before, but Freedom is now up on the Royal Caribbean app.
  5. I wonder when the Cozumel excursions will be posted?
  6. We've bid once and won; JS to a GS (Allure).
  7. Upcoming Freedom of the seas, I purchased this package. First time I've seen cans. Dasani Water Package 24 Cans Total Cost: 27.14 USD
  8. Stayed at JW Marriott Marquis before and it a great stay and easy cab to the port. Booked the Marriott Biscayne Bay for our upcoming cruise.
  9. I lived in Alaska for over 2 years (Fort Richardson - Anchorage) and preferred having a Cruisetour package deal that came with a Guide. For us, it was less stressful in planning and more relaxing during execution (not worried about reservations, transportation, cancelations, etc...). We did go early to do local stuff. Another benefit that we did not think about about was meeting great people that would be on the Radiance too.
  10. We loved Talkeetna Lodge and their back patio. Denali in the background was phenomenal. I haven't checked cruisetours lately, but did they quit going to Alyeska?
  11. Levi_W. Welcome to the blog. We are booked for this cruise. Hopefully, this will be a step back to normal and cruising again.
  12. Great recommendations. One thing that is different for me is Coco Cay. If you want a cabana, you may want to book it early. They move fast.
  13. We skipped 2021 entirely and booked an Alaskan Cruise in July 2022. For the Celebrity Solstice, there is an evening, token stop at Victoria, BC. Would love to get a waiver for the foreign port stop and make it a pure US cruise. I know, wishful thinking.
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