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  1. Michelle @ MEI is my superstar.
  2. Welcome to the the Boards! I was the same - I did all the planning. Obsessively looking at the ROYAL's web site, building ghost reservations, calling RC Agents (unbelievable how much time was wasted) I let that go with MEI. Now I focus on excursions and activities while MEI handles the rest. Wow. What a difference. When you know you have a good TA, cruise planning is so easy and I can focus on what is important.
  3. Waaaytooo. After re-reading your post, I think you said the same thing. Oops.
  4. This could be supply and demand. Check out this post and discussion: Coco Cay Beach Bungalow Cancelled 7/13-7/20 sailing. It appears that South Beach is where the over the water cabanas will be constructed. I think your issue and South Beach closure, could be connected. Trying to connect the dots.
  5. I am an Ultra Monster guy. ON the cruise - Red Bull. In the absence of RB, I bring with me two MiO Energy "Liquid Enhancers" and add it to my water.
  6. We did the same thing Ray did and loved it. We stayed at the El San Juan Hotel - and that was great too. Using cabs were a breeze. AND how can you not stop at the Restaurant Barrachina (birth place of the Pina Colada - at least that is on the plaque). Also, the Flamenco Show is worth it. Ole'
  7. Lanyard believer; one that has additional slots for cash and other IDs. By our stateroom door, I place a magnetic hook/clip. When we enter, they get hung up. When departing, it is by the door. Also, it is a visual signal when my wife or I leave our seapass card in the slots. 😃👍
  8. We eat at Sabor at least once during a cruise and this day fits our schedule. Matt provided an awesome post. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/07/18/review-sabor-taqueria-tequila-bar-harmony-of-the-seas
  9. On the Allure, it was open. Just a few people - easy to get a table.
  10. MarvinS. Thanks for your post, helps in preparing for our Harmony cruise.
  11. Felt the same about the count down to set sail date with a guarantee cabin and not knowing. Even not being able to print my luggage tags really bothered me. AND my spreadsheet was in limbo. 😖 Remember RICE for your ankle. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. Wish you a speedy recovery! Envious about 14 days; 7 months and 1 day for me. Bob.
  12. We did a repo on the Radiance from Honolulu to Vancouver (positioning for Alaska itineraries). Going to the different ports in Hawaii - awesome and no issues. The repositioning from Maui to Vancouver was 5 long days and we had rough seas. We thought there would be more balcony and pool time - weather prevented that. I don't know if that is the norm.
  13. From the RC website. Surf + Stream package. One device per person for each guest booked in a Sky suite. Access codes will be provided upon arrival. My wife has used multiple devices, but only one logged in at a time.
  14. We are starting our excursion planning for a January 2020 Harmony Cruise. I've searched for the Infinity Beach Break with a Champagne and Lobster Lunch reviews and could not find any on Trip Advisor or Viator. This looks interesting. Any experiences with this excursion?
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