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  1. I was getting caught up in the serious topic of COVID vaccines, reliable sources, CDC, statistics, etc.... Lots of emotions.. Reading the posts, I almost passed this one up from Ms. Thomas, "I don't care what side of the political isle they are on." How appropriate for a Royal Caribbean Blog post...??? Made me smile. 🙂
  2. I did a wider search for any ship for August leaving Miami, Everglades, and Canaveral.... Nothing.
  3. Agree. I also look at Perfect Day @ Coco Cay purchases. Cabanas go fast. Aren't Cruise Planner purchases refunded quicker than booking cancelations?
  4. When in doubt; expect Momma Mia..
  5. I like your idea of hand washing station prior to boarding...
  6. Michelle (MEI) just booked us with a February Oasis Cruise (St Kitts, St Thomas, Coco Cay). My first move was reserving a Chill Island Cabana. Second move, taking advantage of a cruise planner sell, the unlimited dining package. What are your next actions when you first book a cruise?
  7. Okay, bourbon guy here. Woodford or Blantons neat (not very lucky on Royal cruises for this). But, refreshing is 150C's cucumber martini. I order 2 every time.
  8. A. No B. Maybe C. La la land. Can anyone picture social distancing after a show waiting for an elevator, on an elevator, muster drills, soft serve ice cream line (most important)? The piano man may not be allowed on elevators any more.....
  9. Cococay... A year ago, I started watching cabana prices for my cruise that departs tomorrow. I jumped and did the Chill Island Cabana at $499. Now it is outrageous at $1000. For my 2021 February cruise, I committed early for the beach club at $79pp. If WAAAYTOOO has an experience that is less than awesome, it is an easy cancelation.
  10. Ref. Miami Restaurants. We loved Farfalle Italian Restaurant. The Lobster Ravioli and Tiramisu were awesome.
  11. Must avoid the temptation to write the day of the week on the elevator floor when it opens.... or relapse will happen.
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