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  1. I took the e-med online test today using the proctor. I have the eMed Lab results sheet showing I'm negative and I also have the NAVICA result page showing I'm negative. Do I only need to bring these two pieces of paper?
  2. I'm sure this has been asked and I have just not seen it answered. If my cabin steward or MDR server test positive for covid, am I going to get quarantined even if I show no symptoms or only if I test positive as well?
  3. Thank you so much! Coming in the day before our cruise and wasn't sure if this was best or one of the shuttles. Have a great day and love watching the videos on YouTube!!!
  4. We are purchasing the deluxe beverage package on our upcoming cruise and I was curious if you had to take the drink cup everywhere you went or not? We may want a coke every once in awhile (mostly drinking adult beverages) but didn't know if we had to carry the cup with us. Thanks!
  5. We are cruising out of Port Canaveral on January 31st but flying into Orlando on the 30th. What is the best way to get to the hotels in Cocoa Beach from the Orlando Airport. I don't want to spend the big money on a limousine. Thanks!!
  6. Thanks so much everyone! This has been very helpful!!
  7. Thanks so much but I do have another question related to this. Are winter outfits or summer outfits better for the main dining room this time of year? Hate the thought of wearing winter outfits while in the Bahamas but then again, it's late January / early February. Thanks so much for everyone's help!!
  8. We are cruising Jan 31 - Feb 4th on Independence of the Seas. Headed to CocoCay and the Nassau. Will it be cold at night on the boat? Trying to decide how to dress at night in the main dining room and curious how cold it will be.
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