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  1. Quick questions: I noticed in one of your pics a jet ski in the corner... are they allowed near the area where the OWC guests would be swimming or snorkeling? Did you see any jet skis in the waters around the Beach Club? I also noticed in another pic that there were a couple steps along the wooden walkway going down towards the beach shower. Did you notice any ramps and how much of the wooden walkways would make the Beach Club accessible, or difficult, for someone with limited mobility? Thanks! *jetski is in left-hand end of the frame.
  2. It may not be opened until closer to the end of the month, if on schedule... i’m also waiting to see opinions and reviews about people’s experiences there posted as well.
  3. Pack them in an egg carton, with a bit of tape. The problem with my suitcase is weight, not volume, so there’s extra room.
  4. All good and reputable cetacean facilities do not do dorsal fin tows for tourists.
  5. All cruise lines need to “man up” and make the corporate decision to ban smoking in all public venues on their ships. They need to view it as a duty to protect their employees’ health, at minimum.
  6. Canada’s casinos are non-smoking by law (all provinces and territories by now, I think.) The casinos near where I live are just as busy as ever - packed actually, all the time. 13-14 years ago, when this all came into force, many tourists on a popular trip forums website huffed and puffed and said “buh bye, Canada, won’t be back and spend another dime in your casinos”. We said “buh bye” back, and they were replaced by others.
  7. That’s good. I, on the other hand, find it very buggy. This week-end was a perfect example of that, with plenty of issues. It depends on the device & browser that you’re using... and, nowadays, there is no reason to not be able to fix that.
  8. ... IF they spent their IT budget wisely and actually enhanced and improve the customer booking experience... then they may even increase their revenue even more. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. Yep! I got all the deals I was hoping for (drinks, Internet, & discounted Beach Club day passes) on Tuesday. 👍
  10. Check prices on Black Friday - then again Cyber Monday - then again Travel Tuesday. From a marketing point of view, each sale is considered to be different, so different things will be re-priced. Since ‘dynamic’ pricing is aimed at making more money, that too will play into prices yo-yo’ing some more in the days to come.
  11. I can confirm that the CocoCay Beach Club Day Pass has dropped significantly today: It was originally priced at $71 CAD (bought at that price.) This week, the price went up to $105 CAD This morning down to $53 CAD (cancelled & re-bought.)
  12. Same pricing on our sailing... cancelled and re-purchased. 🙂 Soda package down to $8.65 CAD Refreshment package down to $25.27 CAD Classic soda + VOOM 1 device down to $22.61 CAD We’re not interested in the Deluxe package, but that one is down to $86.45 CAD / $97.09 CAD with VOOM 1 device.
  13. Also check on Cyber Monday, and maybe even better yet on Travel Tuesday to price out your cruise.
  14. Is there a Sorrento’s on Mariner? I see in our cruise planner that Chops is offered on embarkation day, rather than Jamie’s (offered for lunch on one of our Coco Cay days instead.) It has a very limited menu and seems expensive for what is offered. Would this Chops lunch be discounted on the spot? I see it at $30 CAD pp. right now. We are willing to pay an up charge, but the value has to be there too... which is why I was asking about Johnny Rockets. Would Playmakers be suitable, if we have young kids in our party? Thanks for all of your responses.
  15. Not sure how to handle lunch on embarkation day on Mariner, and would appreciate suggestions. I will be using a mobility scooter and my then five-year-old grandson does not do well being crowded in & jostled. From what I’ve read, Windjammer seems to be a zoo that first day and, if so, won’t be a good option for us. Evening meals won’t be an issue, as our family group of 8 is booked with early assigned dining in the MDR. We will likely aim for an early lunch. Will Johnny Rockets be open for lunch that first day? Any other venue that you can suggest for us to try instead of Windjammer? The Key does not appeal to us, esp. not at $150 CAD per person X7, so that special lunch is not a viable option for us either. If we are indeed stuck with the Windjammer on that first day, what will be our best strategy? Will the lines be very long at 11:45? Will the scooter be a problem? Thanks!
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