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  1. princevaliantus

    Banned for Life for Jumping off 11th Deck

    I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad this moron and his friends got banned for life !!! FINALLY!! RCCL got something right!!
  2. princevaliantus

    Attn Suite Lovers !!

  3. princevaliantus

    Attn Suite Lovers !!

    Let's wait and see what Virgin has to offer. They just may surprise us.
  4. princevaliantus

    Transportation from Disney to Port Canaveral

    Best suggestion if it's one/two persons, take uber back to airport and pre-book transfers through royal. That will be the cheapest and fastest way for one person or two, the most.
  5. princevaliantus

    Solo cabins

    There are 4 studio oceanview cabins on Empress.... 4000,4500, 8030, 8530. A little secret many don't know. Guess everyone knows now. 😎😎
  6. princevaliantus

    Attn Suite Lovers !!

    First Look at the Suites on Virgin Voyages’ First Cruise Ship !! Sea (HA,HA!) the article. Any thoughts !?!?
  7. Interesting article that discusses this issue. Thought I'd share it !
  8. princevaliantus

    Solo cabins

    ... and Empress of the Seas also missing from the list.
  9. princevaliantus

    Embarkation time zone

    Yes... Atlantic Time Zone = San Juan Time = Ship Time = Port Time, which just happens to also be my favourite time ... MIMOSA TIME !!😎😎
  10. princevaliantus

    Royal CariBINGO!!

    Thought I'd share ...
  11. it wrong..sorry...thought you wanted to change rooms...blonde moment!!
  12. If it is a fully booked cruise, most likely, it won't happen. IF and it's a very tight "IF", there is a no show and withing your same category AND interior, ocean, etc., you might be lucky. "IF" it is not in your same category, you're lucked out. You would have to go to Guest Services and see. If you see a sing up on Guest Services that the ship is fully booked, I wouldn't even bother.
  13. princevaliantus

    Best website to check cabin availabilty

    Give this one a shot. I use them and they are pretty good. Choose "CruiseFinder" tab to begin research and narrow from that point on. Happy searching!!
  14. princevaliantus

    Best website to check cabin availabilty

    ... and that website is ????????????
  15. princevaliantus

    Contacting Customer Service

    Just an observation, opinion and advice. As for waiting for a call, give them a call after 5 days from initial contact. Goook luck.