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  1. I hope this means that RCG will be sailing in Europe in May.
  2. THIS is wrong. NCL shares are up today since mid-morning. How it will end the day is a different story.
  3. Thank you !!! Such "misinformation" from third-party tends to be unreliable, but now we have a good soure.
  4. IF anyone thinks they will see a sale or bargain after what RCG is going through financially, you better wake up and smell the coffee, which you are not getting for free. They lost so much business and are trying to play catch up. Cut them some slack.
  5. Has nothing to do with RCG as RCG was a stakeholder only. Spain-based investment firm, Springwater Capital, owns the controlling 51% stake in Pullmantur Cruises which was headquartered in Madrid, Spain. On 22 June 2020, due to the economic impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pullmantur's owners announced they had filed for reorganization, a form of bankruptcy proceedings in Spain, of the now defunked Pullmantur under Spanish insolvency laws. The controlling laws here are in Spain, whether you get your refund or not. RCG has no deciding factor on the matter.
  6. Nope. RCG just is cancelling cruises longer than 7 days per CDC order.
  7. I'm speaking about "out of or porting in US through October 2021"...didn't see this.
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