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  1. I guess everyone just has to sit and wait until the other shoe drops.
  2. Yep...that's what FotS reservation on July 3rd still says when I tried checking in.
  3. Well said, but falling on deaf ears. RCG is trying to survive by using the revenue from their loyal customers deposits, cruise planner purchases, etc. and using an old "Peter to pay Paul" scheme as long as they can. I'm 59 days away and can't even check-in. Per RCG, information will be released 30-days prior to departure. I think it's cutting it close but, c'est la vie !!
  4. Have you tried to check-in for you cruise in July or does it state unavailable?
  5. You can also use a "nesting" system which many sites use.
  6. You missed the boat that never sailed !!! ???????
  7. Let's just say your numbers are correct, wouldn't you feel more safer being around 95% vaccinated people rather than 75%?? I know I would. Don't knock it considering that's 20% of un-vaccinated people are the ones that you will be around and you don't know who those 20% are at any given time.
  8. Florida doesnt have a chance based on their argument which states, "that the lawsuit is 'likely to succeed on the merits of the case,' and it is therefore entitled to the injunction due to 'irreparable harm and hardships' created by the CDC’s actions." Moreover, considering that the cruiselines have gotten the go for mid-July pending meeting requirements, the Courts will most likely dismiss and/or adjourn to a date past July to render decision to see if the cruiselines did what they had to do for a mid-July opening.
  9. What stands out to me is why would the CDC all of a sudden would allow sailing "if 98% of crew and 95% of passengers are fully vaccinated" unless the CDC is leaving a "window open for failure", so-to-speak, should there be an outbreak onboard to cover their backside and throw blame on the cruiselines claiming "we told you so". Sounds like a set up.
  10. Yes!!! If anything else, back-up plan now is worth considering!! Love the itinerary on EPIC!!! https://www.ncl.com/return-to-service
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