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  1. Actually, you couldn't be more wrong. The American with Disabilities Act under Title III (Public Accommodations) ONLY provides "To ensure that people with disabilities are able to reserve specific accessible guest rooms that match their individual needs" and does not regulate pricing or give "special" pricing to those with disabilities. The pricing schemes in any given business is that of AND the sole discretion of the business entity/owners. Inasmuch, RCCL has cabins available specifically to those cruises with disabilities. Online Reservation Requirements for Places of Lodging must adhere to the following: • Persons with disabilities must be able to reserve accessible guest rooms during the same hours and in the same method as other guests. • Places of lodging must identify and describe accessible features of the hotel and guest rooms in enough detail that a person with a disability can independently assess whether the facility will meet their needs. • Accessible guest rooms must be held back until all other rooms of that type have been reserved. • Reserved accessible rooms must be removed from the reservation system to eliminate double booking. • Specific rooms reserved by individuals with disabilities must be guaranteed and held, regardless of whether rooms are held for others. In sum, RCCL can price ANY room as they see fit.
  2. And I have a bridge for sale for $50.00, if you're interested !! 😂😂
  3. On my recent cruise over the holidays on the B2B on the Vision of the Seas, I had access to the Diamond Lounge and the Concierge Lounge and honestly I see no difference between either. They both offer the same thing. I don't know why people prefer one over the other. They are both the same. You are not losing anything by going to either one except that of an ego trip.
  4. I just did a B2B on Vision of the Seas over Christmas and New Years and I can tell you that it was AWESOME !!! I had the Aft Balcony 7652 which wraps around the side of ship and was extremely happy with that cabin.
  5. Now for the bad news ... Jewel of the Seas will be deployed to Galveston end of Nov/Dec. 🙄
  6. Well, I now have a different perspective of Puerto Rico considering those that were on the B2B that I just got off of were really a ... ummm.... handful (being nice 🙄). To just give you a brief of what many witnessed, such as disrespecting RCCL staff, complaining just about everything just to score refund and/or obc, ridiculous lines at Guest Services on the last nite and asking for the gratuities to be refunded and the most upsetting thing I heard from several natives is that native Puerto Ricans do not need America's help to survive and while stating such in Spanish, some of them do not really think things out as MANY individuals on the ship understood what they said. Let's just say that I bit my tongue more than I really wanted to and just enjoyed the great B2B. These guys busted their butt keeping all passengers happy and entertained especially the comedian. He was hysterical!!
  7. Just heard this morning on the news that the White House Administration is monitoring shipping lanes in the region which include cruise lines, oil tankers, etc. and will be determining whether or not to suggest OR issue a travel restriction of ALL ships, cruises, etc. to stay clear of the region. Lets keep our eyes and ears open for any future announcements that anyone might hear and share it quickly on the blog for those cruising in the area so they are made aware of and can alter/change their respective travels.
  8. Thought I share this for those who are searching taxi fares to/from San Juan Airport. This is the most up-to-date from the Holiday B2B cruise in December, 2019. Enjoy!! 😎
  9. January 2, 2020 Norwegian Becomes First Major Global Cruise Company to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Bottles Norwegian Cruise Line has replaced all single-use plastic beverage bottles with plant-based carton containers across its fleet. As a result, Norwegian will be eliminating over six million single-use plastic water bottles a year. This initiative is being facilitated in partnership with JUST® Goods, Inc. a global consumer goods company dedicated to producing responsibly sourced products, contained in sustainable packaging. This achievement is one of the latest efforts driven by Norwegian’s Sail & Sustain Environmental Program, which asserts the company’s commitment to protecting our environment and oceans. In 2018, Norwegian eliminated single-use plastic straws across its fleet and private destinations. In addition, Norwegian is working to eliminate single-use plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles later this year. “This is a very special and very proud moment for us,” said Harry Sommer, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line. “As a leading cruise line, we are thrilled to make such an impact by eliminating single-use beverage bottles across our fleet. It’s just one of the ways we are working to preserve our oceans and the destinations we visit. While this is just the beginning of what we and others can do, we are incredibly committed to our Sail & Sustain program and believe wholeheartedly in the importance of preserving our natural resources. We will continue to strive towards making environmentally conscious decisions to benefit our earth.” Envisioned and founded by American rapper, songwriter, actor and activist Jaden Smith and family, JUST takes an innovative approach to sourcing and packaging the world’s most valued resource - water. The revolutionary company focuses on an impact model, taking into consideration both how the water is sourced and packaged. JUST is 100% spring water in a plant-based carton. The carton is made of 82% renewable materials – the paper carton is made from trees grown in responsibly-managed forests and the cap and shoulder are made from a sugarcane-based plastic. It is refillable and recyclable. JUST has a global presence with bottling facilities in Glens Falls, NY; Ballymena, Northern Ireland; and Ballarat, Australia, thus allowing the company to meet demand around the world without shipping water from a single production source. JUST takes care to use the most efficient shipping options available.
  10. Per staff on VotS, should be announced by June 2021. They are waiting to let the smoke settle on Celebrity's announcement.
  11. Well, I guess you have those people who need to pay for it. I received two for free. 😆😆
  12. I'm currently on a B2B on VotS and according to the Next Cruise Staff I spoke with stated that the dates and itineraries for December 2020 will be released in a month or two.
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