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  1. Hope this helps. Things to do this weekend in NYC: Put on your dancing shoes for a parade Saturday, May 18 Flatiron The New York Dance Parade kicks off from 21st Street and Broadway features over eighty types of dance -- including tango, square dance, and “waacking” (that’s a little bit like Vogueing, if you were wondering) -- in a joyous, colorful march that weaves its way down 8th street to its destination: DanceFest at Tompkins Square Park. DanceFest has five stages, performances and lessons, so wear your yoga pants and come prepared to learn a few new moves. Cost: Free See what can get fried at a Manhattan food festival Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, May 19 Hell’s Kitchen The streets between 42nd and 57th are filled with the smell of smoke and oil from gyro carts, empanada stands, and donut shops at the 9th Avenue International Food Festival. Come hungry and without a destination in mind: The crowd’s shoulder to shoulder, but that’s easily forgotten while sipping a cold beer as you walk down the street. Pause to take in some live music, then follow your nose to the fried Oreos, Kobe beef hot dogs, and bacon-topped cocktails. Cost: Free to enter, but bring cash for street food Let an Urban Park Ranger teach you how to canoe Sunday, May 19 Harlem OK, so it’s not the Delaware Water Gap, but you really can row a canoe in the still waters of Central Park. Plus, it’s way easier to get brunch after! Trained Park Rangers will teach you the how-tos of canoeing (oars in, oars out, etc.) in the glassy pond of the Harlem Meer at 110th Street. Get there early if you want to score a spot, and plan for a quick safety lesson before they let you out on the open water. Cost: Free Raise a glass of Dornish red to 'Game of Thrones' Sunday, May 19 Williamsburg This Sunday marks the series finale of Game of Thrones -- and eight years since the show’s premiere. In that time, babies have been born, your friends have probably gotten married and divorced, and George R.R. Martin still hasn’t finished those goddamn books. Whether you’re a fan or just want to watch a bunch of grownups lose their shit over a show about dragons, head to Our Wicked Lady, where they’ll be screening the finale on their rooftop. Speaking of Our Wicked Lady... who will be sitting on the Iron Throne come Monday?! Cost: Free to enter, nightly drink specials
  2. If you do it just for the points, then you are paying ALOT for points just to reach the Diamond Plus level which in my honest opinion, a child who just wants something that another child has. Now, if you have two individuals in the room and love the extra space and tub, then I would say go for it if it's in your budget. This should be something you enjoy and NOT just to get points to get to a level that really isn't worth the extra $$$$. You can spend the extra $$$$ in something you will enjoy on your cruise NOW instead of buying into something in the future that just might not be worth it when you get to Diamond Plus in the future! Just my 2 centavos!!! 😎
  3. Actually, you can fill it directly as long as the "spout" clearly doesn't touch the mouth of the bottle. This is what the employee will look for. I do it all the time and have no issues in the many years of cruising.
  4. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you during this time: https://cruisefever.net/cruise-passengers-missing-after-floatplanes-collide-during-excursions-in-alaska/?fbclid=IwAR0IcRR1UfAHF6_yYVCMA90nj17hjvvBAoCvjUIew2jEzBMO-FBPT9AdGU4
  5. Just got word that the Odyssey of the Seas will be sailing out of Florida and it seems Ft. Lauderdale will be the home port. But as we all know, things tend to change. As of now, the itineraries will be released by end of 2019, but once again, things tend to change. Like so many, I await with bated breath !!!!!
  6. That verdict was back in December 20, 2013. Please keep in mind that even thought that was the verdict for damages, I can almost guarantee that it was appealed.
  7. In 2005, the Enchantment of the Seas was overhauled. Part of overhaul included stretching the vessel by cutting it in two amidships and adding a 73-foot (22 m) long section. Enchantment of the Seas entered dry dock at Keppel Verolme shipyards in Rotterdam on 15 May 2005. The mid-body extension section was built at Aker Finnyards ahead of time, allowing the construction to be done in just over a month. The ship resumed service on July 7, 2005, less than two months after entering dry dock. The new section included 151 new staterooms, outdoor trampoline bungees, suspension bridges, an expanded pool area, a 64-jet interactive fountain area for kids, and floor windows allowing an unobstructed view of the ocean below. During its time out of service, Enchantment of the Seas also received an overall renovation, which included paintings by Paul Critchley for the Windjammer cafe. When the extension project was approved, an extension of Enchantment of the Seas 's sister ship, Grandeur of the Seas was also planned, with tentative plans to extend other ships in the Vision class (and possibly throughout the fleet). However, while the Enchantment of the Seas project was successful it proved to be prohibitively expensive, and all future extension projects have been cancelled. Instead, the Voyager class was extended on paper, and the Freedom class was created, using the shipyard capacity previously booked for the Vision class extensions.
  8. I've been hearing alot of this lately that RCCL is losing it's grip on the market as most cruisers are looking elsewhere due to the way their Loyal Customer's are being treated. I wonder how long RCCL will wake up and respect its Loyal Customers.
  9. Correct-a-mundo! Park West Galleries is the actual owner over several cruise lines including RCCL, Carnival, Princess, Holland, NCL, etc.
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