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  1. RCCL won't be replacing it with any other "character" appearance that require paying a fee to the studios, but RCCL is starting to do a pirate parade with no specific "character" that is copy written. This way, kiddie cruisers get something and RCCL gets to keep their money and Mom & Dad get to keep paying higher prices for cruises! 😅
  2. Now, I'm even more excited!! Did you ever hear any music or noise from the lounge beneath the cabin? How was the wifi?
  3. RCCLs constant chipping away at perks and the increase in nickel & diming will just push their loyal customers to sail with their competitors.I, for one, have no issues moving on.
  4. Are you kidding??? In April it is tanning weather in the Caribbean.
  5. I'm actually booked on Vision B2B for Chrismas/New Years in 7652. I've heard great reviews and I couldn't resist. Below is the video which will give you a look at how big that wrap-around balcony is and the cabin: And... below is the Junior Suite #8088: Now.... the hard part..... deciding which one you want !! Sorry!! 😎
  6. The app is available for Vision of the Seas. See @Matt's previous posting below: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/01/21/royal-caribbean-expands-new-smartphone-app-vision-of-the-seas
  7. Update: Evacuation of passengers has ended as cruise ship travels to port The evacuation of passengers from a cruise ship off the western coast of Norway has come to an end as the vessel safely makes its way to Molde harbor, Viking Ocean Cruises said in a statement. Rescue teams airlifted 479 people from the vessel after it was stranded in stormy seas Saturday with 1,300 passengers and crew on board. The Viking Sky cruise ship, which regained engine power on Sunday morning, is traveling to Molde accompanied by two supply ships and one tug assist vessel. There are 436 guests and 458 crew still remaining on the ship. Twenty people sustained injuries on the vessel, which was being tossed about by wind and waves, Viking Ocean Cruises said. All are being treated at medical facilities in Norway, or have already been discharged. "Throughout all of this, our first priority was for the safety and well-being of our passengers and our crew," Viking Ocean Cruises said in a statement, thanking Norwegian emergency services and local residents for their support. The next sailing, which was scheduled to embark on March 27, has been canceled.
  8. I would agree with @SpeedNoodles. Usually, a passport is the only thing you would need but with the changes that are coming regarding travel, you never know.
  9. When they refer to "non-private use" they are stating that you cannot use any of what they mentioned on certain types of media. For example, advertisement, posters, clothing template, etc.
  10. The key/operative junction here is " commercial purpose, in any media broadcast or for any other nonprivate use". Now, with this in mind, what 5 year old or 60 year old on a cruise vacation will take a picture of something and broadcast it on ABC, NBC or CBS??? And I note: "media broadcast" is used NOT "social media". Insorfar, we, as cruisers, do the advertisement for the cruise lines by sharing our experiences via "social media". No cruise line in the right mind would give up FREE advertisement.
  11. Actually, the cruise ship is deemed a public place as if it wasn't, the ship would be empty. The crew cannot restrict you from taking any photos in the public areas of the ship, but may restrict you in employee/crew areas only.
  12. He was treated for a fractured pelvis and dislocated shoulder. Allegedly, the pelvis required multiple surgeries and a nine-day hospital stay. Given that he is in a wheelchair and getting around pretty well with the news/videos that is being shown and will be shown to the jury if it ever gets to that point which I highly doubt, and moreover, he has not expressed constant pain and doesn't require physical therapy, in my experience, this will settle for $75k - 250k. He will never see $10 million.
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