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  1. Anyone else booked on this cruise??
  2. Thats what I was thinking, because airlines and hotels in Miami are not available yet either
  3. Going thru the planner and see that San Jun does not show up as Day 2. We still waiting on CDC or will port be cancelled?
  4. We have a group going for a double graduation celebration. Both are going to be Dr of Physical Therapy
  5. Has anybody used them before? It says Symphony has them. Are they ever on sale before the cruise? June 11th, 2022 Symphony
  6. I am organizing a group of 25...Dont know of a uber that can handle that.
  7. Doesn't RCL offer a service, I thought I remember using on my last trip....OMG 10 years ago. Or better to use hotel service van?
  8. If you twist an ankle or someone elderly just can't make it walking around anymore, are there wheelchairs available to use, OR RENT?
  9. How about cell phone usage, can you use as a hotspot?
  10. Is there anywhere on the ship you can go to log into the internet without purchasing a pkg?
  11. That URL you posted, it only shows as a picture not an actual website. Is this just for TA's?
  12. We saw that RCL put 20% off Alcohol pkg right after we put deposit. But since have taken it down. Will they do anymore % off?
  13. Looking to book on Symphony, june 2022, 5 guys going with a group(30) for a college graduation party. I am the organizer, what do think is the best option for 1 room, 2 rooms, 3 rooms? Defiantly no balconies I don't need these guys doing a swan dive. Can't tell what units have Pullmans, it really don't say. Thanks
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