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  1. Has anybody had any luck getting thru to the post cruise support center?? I've been on hold over an hour 2x now.
  2. Does the casino stay open on Enchantment while in port at bermuda?
  3. DO NOT use this travel company for your insurance. I am still trying to get resolution from them for a positive covid test on child on June 10th cruise. Missed part of cruise, missed a shuttle to FLL, missed flight, well was told by royal that we weren't allowed to fly. Royal took us to rental car company, said goodbye. Had 2 young daughters with no car seats to drive all the way to PA. Royal basically has said sorry we do not cover any of these expenses. AON is refusing to pay for them also. As I am holding while customer services says "no worries" going on an hour this time so far. Royals
  4. i have a casino coupon i can mail to someone to try it. We did not get to use since my daughters family was quarantined for covid. It was still with them when they were sent away.
  5. Can you hold onto a cashout voucher from casino and use it on next trip?
  6. I made copies of our VAX cards and laminated them. Will they be acceptable?
  7. We have several rooms with people that are not couples and wanted to make sure each gets their fair share of the OBC. How to go about it??
  8. 2 days before cruise, do both guests have to cancel the trip?? Can one still go? Is there a change in costs?? Thanks
  9. Our cruise on June 11th SOS has it open that I can schedule dinner. Just wondering how it is, never been to the Solarium Bistro.
  10. I am a 42 yr fire fighter veteran. I know the problem with the cord, but in cruise i am powering a watch and phone and fan next to bed.
  11. Did anyone need to wear a windbreaker at night on top deck on an Eastern Caribbean cruise in June??
  12. Trying to determine if we need to bring our own life jackets for kids for pool and ocean. They are CG approved since we use on our own boat. Thanks
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